Monday, December 29, 2008

Two CP Kids Travel to Their Furever Home

Hello All, I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that all is well. We had very difficult trip from O'Hare, not because of the pups. They were complete angels! The flight was to leave at 3:30 pm. We boarded and sat on the plane for around 1.5 hours due to "mechanical problems" with one of the wings. At that point they told us to deplane and they would keep us posted as to how the repair was progressing.

Meanwhile it's about 5:30 and these angels haven't peed since 1 pm when we left the hotel. We have to take them all the way back out through security to "refresh" them, in the near 0 degree whether.

We proceed back through security, and lines, to find that our flight is delayed "indefinitely". Now the last connecting flight from Seattle to Spokane is at 11 pm. Seattle is about a 6 hour drive to Spokane over a mountain pass that is very dangerous in the winter. It's now 6:30 pm and we have to get out of Chicago in the next hour to make it to Spokane that day. We stand in line, with the rest of the plane, to get rebooked or standby, on the only plane that could connect to Spokane for that night. We are the last 2 called for standby minutes before the plane takes off.

Meanwhile back in the cramped Sherpas, the kids are both very brave, quiet, and patient. They have and are refusing food. Willy will take treats but Sophie will only take water. When we get to Seattle, we have to run all the way to the opposite side of the airport. When we get to the gate we find that the plane is almost finished boarding and the agent in Chicago failed to book us on it as promised. It is a sold out flight but we apply for standby.

As par for the whole trip Sophie and Willy are brave, quiet and very patient. Again we were the last two called just before take off which was then delayed on the runway due to weather. Alas, we land at 1:00 am and by 2:15 am I have delivered my friend to her home and the kids are sniffing their new yard. They both had a nice meal, did their business and were gracious enough to let me sleep until 9 am the next day. Whew!

Then....the next day, 12-16, it started to snow. On 12-17-08 we had a record breaking, for Spokane, blizzard with over 24 inches of snow and have been snowed in every since. They just finished scrapping my street so as soon as I dig through the behrm we are free at last.

The kids think we took a wrong turn and ended up at the North Pole. Willy likes digging snow caves. Sophie would rather be inside. "Let's pee and get it over with!" Ahhhh... there is no place like home and the kids are settling into their forever home nicely. I have Willy (A.K.A. "Won't He") signed up for "Diamonds in the Ruff" (you can check it out on line), kindergarten starting 1-10-08 and Sophie will start "head start" in late February.

It is clear that I was blessed during this trip and am so blessed to be starting my new family with these angels. Blessings to all of you, may your holidays be full of joy and connection!


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