Monday, December 29, 2008

A Toy and A Spare

Who can resist an adorable puppy?
Here is Jazz in his new furever home.
He seems to be saying "I've got it all!"
Too cute. Here's an update from his mom:

First of all let me wish you a happy,wonderfull NEW YEAR. As for Jazz,he is doing great, he's been taken to the vet, and will be neutered sometime this month. We kept his name Jazz,and sometimes call him Jazzy, and he responds well on both. I'm a music lover so I thought his name is just like his "doggynality" - wonderfull. The atmosphere in the different since he is in it,he is more than full of energy,and funny,we laugh so much.

Even Katiria has accepted him. Sometimes if he bothers her to much, she lets him know, and only sometimes he backs up. Jazz ears are both up already. I'm including two pictures of Jazz,Katiria and me. Wishing you many many blessings.


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