Friday, December 31, 2010

Dempsey is Adopted

And the response is simple: "We are in LOVE" said adoptive Mom Barbara C.  Dempsey's new name is Charlie and all is well!  Isn't he handsome!!

Lucy Dell Update

Lucy is turning into a really good girl .  We moved from our Fifth wheel to a double wide with a fenced in yard and she LOVES IT .  Potty training finally kicked in !!!  She is sweet!

Gouda now Buddy Finds a Home and a Sister

Gouda is doing great in his forever home. He takes his job of squirrel patrol quite seriously no matter what the weather. He loves chasing and wrestling with his cairn "sister" Christy or just hanging out and napping. His mom is amazed at what a wonderful boy he is.

Rogers, AR

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ladder Visits the FireHouse

Over the past 2 months, Ladder has done very well!  He is only wearing his belly band while we are at work and when we visit our family.  He has made huge progress.  Here is a picture that we took of Ladder and Aaron and me on the fire truck.  Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ciao arrives in Texas!


In Oct we lost a very dear friend.....our sweet Matty.
She was our 3rd Cairn Terrier to own in the past 30+ yrs.
She had just turned 10 & we were very surprised & sad
when she went very quickly with cancer.

Immediately our grown girls & their husband's began
looking for us a dog.Our older daughter has 2 Cairns & our
youngest daughter has 1 cairn. WE WERE in NOOOO hurry!
As they looked they found several precious Cairns...
and our path's kept crossing dogs at Col. Potter.
So after the application was done the process moved quickly!!

We were introduced to several adorable Cairns through
emails between our Matchmaker & The Foster parents,
but when all was said & done we fell in love with a
beautiful 2 yr black Brindle named CIAO living in PA.
in a wonderful Foster home.
She had 2 foster siblings & had only been there for a couple
of weeks. She was rescued in MO in mid October along
with 5-6 other Cairns & arrived to her Foster on Halloween!

After 2 very intense days of consisting of a home visit and
many emails we were chosen to be Ciao's new Furrever Family
all the way in TEXAS !!
We were very excited & looked so forward to her arrival.
We decided to change her name to DARBY!

The weather between Tx & PA that time of year was very unpredictable
so arrangements were made to fly her to us!
The only flight they were able to get her on as direct as possible,
arrived on the Sunday after Thanksgiving weekend.

She arrived Safe & Sound!!

A Bit scared but very happy to see meet us &
see her new home!

We were told she loved her Crate in Foster care so we made
sure she had 2 comfy crates with soft & cute blankies!!!
She has become very acquainted with her newhome, family & back yard.

She has even become a COWBOYS FAN, much to the dismay
of her Foster Daddy who is a HUGE Eagles Fan!!

Daddy took her for her 1st harness walk a couple of weeks
ago & she did so GOOD!!  She is very curious !!
She does the cutest little dance up on her back legs
flapping her front paws!
We figured out she wants to be picked up & LOVED on!!
We love that!!  She is a real cuddlier & lap buddy!

She loves her ears & tummy rubbed!  WHAT A SWEETIE!!
Darby is still a bit shy around other people,
but she is learning our friends, kids & grandkids.
She has met our youngest daughters Cairn & they played
together really well.

Xmas was A Blast & Darby was quite the Santa Dog!!

Darby loves her new mommy & daddy.
She as come A very long way in 4 weeks!
It's hard to  believe she is ours!
She loves to eat & is very polite when she eats.
We have received a lot of good advise from our Post Adoption Coordinator
and we continue to communicate with her foster parents.
She has found "safe places" to go when she doesn't want to be social
with strangers.  She found her bark her 3rd day here! 

We Thank everyone at Col. Potter for all the hard work they do
& the great job they did holding our hand through this whole process!!




Codita now MacTavish Moves to NE Florida

This handsome boy recently moved from North Carolina to Jacksonville, joining Mom, Dad, and fursib Deuce.  His nickname is "Tav" and he gets lots of playtime, wrestling with Deuce, and cuddling with his parents.  Lucky kid!

Cairn Judy's Empathy Shared

I thought that I would share this Christmas email from the family who adopted Seraphim (now Judy) about two years ago.  This little girl was a very scared mill dog who has overcome so much with the love and patience her home has given her.  As you will read from the email below that Judy is now able to show extraordinary empathy for a little human girl who lost her kitty.   Mary (KS)

Mary; Merry Xmas!! from Kevin, Chris, Jack, and Judy. Sorry still no pictures, one resolution I didn't keep - still don't know how to download pictures. Jack and Judy just continue to thrive. Judy has mastered jumping up on to Chris' bed on her own,with the help of a footstool. (My bed is still too high) We are now working on jumping down..She will, but takes some coaxing.

She has had a few health issues. A couple months ago, she was experiencing some dental/gum problems. The vet had to do some dental work, mostly on the gums, they had to put her out, but she was able to keep her teeth. Last week she was bitten, by an insect, or small rodent. Her rear right paw had a swollen spot on it. I took her to the vet to clean and lance it. She still has a dressing/bandage on it, but it is healing.

Yesterday I took her to the vet to change/check the dressing. While we were waiting , a family came in with an emergency. Their cat (Coco) was deathly ill. Coco died while we were there. Their little girl (Summer- about 6-8 yrs. old) came over and sat down next to Judy and me, while her parents settled business with the vet. She was very somber, and spoke quite frankly, but in a soft voice, holding back a few tears. She started petting Judy as we chatted. At one point, Judy looked up at Summer, with her sad eyes, and scooted over next to her on the bench, and started to lick/kiss her. It was a touching moment. I think it was theraputic for both of them. I almost melted. I knew you would like to hear about this.Hope all is well for You and Yours and all the pets.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Darby, Finn and a Toybox

Darby & Finn (CP's Shooter) wore their CP holiday bandannas for their photos with Santa, and then on Christmas Eve, Santa made an early delivery with a beautiful place to keep all their toys. As I told that pair of Santa's elves that live in NE Pennsylvania, I'm a fan of the American and English Arts & Crafts movement and firmly believe in the William Morris statement: 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.' Brian's toy boxes meet that criteria and save lives.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas Col. Potter

I'm really enjoying my new home!

My people have been acting strange lately though. There is now a tree in the living room and they got me this ridiculous hat to wear. There's even talk of a man in a red suit coming down the chimney with toys. Could they mean dog toys?


Love, Abbie (American)

Jojo is a Sweet Girl!

This is a long overdue message from me. This is beautiful day with the birds working the feeders and the dogs sleeping. JoJo is doing well. She has become a sweet old girl. She is so set in her ways and so predictable in her ways you can set a clock by her. 4 o'clock is feeding time never to be missed, but morning may be when she is ready.
Often after everyone else has eaten.

Last summer was so hot and for a few days she wouldn't eat. I thought that we might be losing her, but I added some wet food and she regained her appetite. (No matter what I do, she will not lose a pound)

A year ago we rescued a male Cairn which is a long story. I did it part to get the bonding that comes with a puppy. He's going to be a sweet heart if he ever grows up. I had forgotten how much work a puppy can be. The good news that it ended up being good for JoJo. She finally is getting exercise that she never would have gotten otherwise. Beau bonded with her immediately, and I thought this might be the puppy she never got to raise. He prefers playing with her to Mack. Sometimes he can be out of hand, but before you know it she will use her weight and put him on his back. We are sending some pictures which I hope you enjoy. As you can see, JoJo is getting a little gray but then what can I say. She has been a blessing and we thank you for rescuing her for us.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Read All About It: CP Girl Bella Makes Headlines!

RESCUED PUPS - Bella, age 4 and Abby, age 2, pose with Santa Paws at the Central Aroostook Humane Society on Saturday as proud 'parents' Jackie and Carl W, of Mapleton, stood by and watched.  Both are 'rescue dogs, with Bella coming from the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (edited - kg) for Cairn Terriers and Abby having been rescued from a house fire at the coupe's home about a year ago.  Jackie said she and her husband lost everything, but Carl saved the most important thing in the house when he got her pup out safely.

The Star-Herald December 8, 2010 issue

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Annabelle is a BIG Winner in Agility Trials!

Annabelle's (fka Kiss #4041) big agility trial debut at the Indian River Teacup Agility Trials in Palm Bay, FL.  She had a great time, with 5 qualifying runs and earning her very first title!   I've attached a pic of her ribbon haul! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Star Burns Brightly and Celebrates Her Gotcha Day

In November 2008,  we participated in a transport for CP Tick and offered the 1st night B&B.  We were in the process of a CP search for a new dog but I told my husband when we agreed to the B&B that she was a puppy (10 mos) and we agreed we didn’t need a puppy so do not fall in love.  When she got here, Bob set up her accommodations and gave her some toys.  She picked up the 1st one and dropped it by his feet, he threw it, and before you knew it, the toy was back.  Say again with me Bob, “we do not need a puppy”.  We were both pretty amazed at how important people were to her and her fetching skills were already remarkable.  Star pretty much did not leave Bob the entire time she was here.  But he reluctantly said good bye the next morning and I continued with the next leg of the transport.  She ended up in Wisconsin in the middle of winter.  We continued our search for a new family member, and Tick constantly entered our conversations but we were concerned that her personality might be a little much for our current CP resident, Maggie.   When she was listed on the available Cairn page, I told Bob and he just lit up.  OK fine.  She had left an impression on both of us.  December 5, 2008, we traveled to a very cold and snowy Minnesota to meet her foster parents and retrieve Tick renamed Star Bright in honor of the Christmas season.   As it turned out, Maggie could not be more thrilled.  She was very happy to see Star and Maggie immediately assumed the Alpha role.   Star had no interest in leadership.  Star would rather be the class clown.  These two could not be better matched.  Bob and Star remain pretty much inseparable.  She is exceptionally smart and very loving.   She is a tad OCD which either provides our comedic relief or downright frustration because she can’t forget about that bunny that may or may not have been on the other side of the fence.  Thank you to all CP volunteers that brought Star into our lives.

Bob, Cindy, Maggie & Star E
Emporia, KS 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pencil "Penny" Found Her Furever Home for the Holidays

Hooray for Penny! She has been adopted by a very nice couple from Milwaukee, who drove all the way to Arkansas this weekend to get her.

I know she will be well-loved and spoiled, but it was still hard to let her go. The house seems empty without her.

Here is a pic of her with her new parents. I wish them a very long and happy life together. 


Cassie's Gotcha Day

is today....5 years ago we picked her up about halfway between Houston and Dallas and brought a beautiful, scared, black brindle girl home.   Then she made her great escape and went on the lam for 30 hours, and our hearts were so invested in her by the time we got her back safely, we adopted her...and we are so very blessed having her in our lives.  She's made such huge strides in this 5 years...we're so very proud of our girl.
Diane P - Needville, TX
Cassie - Cairn Princess
Hunter - Cassie's Servant
Hector - New Fosser in Town

Friday, December 3, 2010

Great Name for a Great Cairn! Tolley Buck Werth Kelly III

I’m sure you noticed the name change, we thought long and hard about his name, we wanted to keep his original name, but we also wanted to include where we adopted him from too. Hence, Tolley (Toledo), Buck (Buckeye State), Werth (original), and the III (Kelly’s 3rd cairn).  We call him Tolley for now but one day it could be Buckie or Werth or whatever. 
He is GREAT!!!!  He is everything you said he was and more. We have only had a few minor scuffles between him and Jesse, they are just figuring out who is who. The cats are figuring out if they don’t run, he doesn’t know what to do with them. Winking smile And even the young cat is starting to ambush Tolley around corners. So all is good there.  Monday, when Jesse and Tolley were out in the yard together, they started chasing each other around. That is great. First time for that.  Something else that is incredibly funny that Tolley does is, you know the laser pointers that cats like to play with? Well Tolley LOVES it, we can get him all the exercise he needs with just that, it is sooooooo incredibly funny watching him chase that little red dot.  Jack loves to do it for him. And then even funnier, Tolley will keep looking for the red dot long after we have quit playing. If we get that on video we might just win $10,000!
Tolley is doing great on potty training, we had a couple accidents the first few days, but we put that to stress and newness. 
Sunday we went to Pilot Mountain to go hiking, and Tolley had a great time climbing up and down the rocks. It is so much fun having a young dog that can do that kind of thing again. Jesse goes too, but since she went blind in one eye she doesn’t go as far and as crazy. When it gets warm again we have lots of great places we can take them to get wet in streams and creek beds.
We are so very much enjoying him, he is the best thing we could have done.  We originally got Tolley to replace Tucker who was Kelly’s dog, but he has adopted me, it mostly has to do with I am here all day and have to alpha them.  Thank you soooo much for fostering him and allowing us the opportunity to adopt him, he is fantastic. 
Will send more updates later.

Ruby and Ollie say "Happy Holidays"


Michelle (loyal servant) here just wanting to wish all happy holidays!  It was Ruby's (fka Shirley) 1st gotcha day on November 26, 2010! It seems like just yesterday Dave and I took the road trip from Massachusetts to Missouri in 22 hours (rose colored glasses now)!!  I got to meet Kathy Hunt and discovered that not only was she my darling “fur daughter's” foster momma but she was also the foster mom to Oliver (fka Tenacious)!  It was a nice reunion and also fantastic to meet someone in person from CPCRN, but I don’t think the hubby will allow me any more road trips for quite some time! I just wanted to take the time to say a big THANK YOU for all that you do and say Happy Holidays!!

Michelle, Dave, Ollie and Ruby… Norton, MA

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Photo from Cassy fka Cassada

Cassy is fine - so precious. We were so blessed to be able to adopt her. I'll include a pix of her. I was holding her and she was looking at my husband as he took the picture. She'll be four the 17th of this month

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Salute to Sally Mae


It is with great sadness that I'm writing to let you know that one of your Col .Potter kids has crossed the rainbow bridge.  Our little Sally Mae (originally known as Willow) came to us on December 27, 2003 and passed on August 10, 2010.

We knew something was not quite right with Sally.  Never very steady on
her back legs, she always seemed to have a bit of a hitch in her
"giddy-up".  Double Luxating patella surgery was a brief reprieve but not a cure for her problem.  Many visits to conventional and holistic vets proved frustrating.  We tried any number of possible solutions to try and find an answer.  Special diets and vitamins, acupuncture treatments, water therapy, CT scans, MRI's, and finally a specialist out of Portland, Maine ultimately diagnosed her with a progressive neurological disorder.  No real cure was available, but we decided to concentrate on helping her stay strong and independent as long as possible.  Over time adjustments had to be made and a little doggie wheelchair was purchased for Sally.  She adapted well and life carried on.

Sally Mae developed into a happy and confident dog.  She loved so many things, but adored walks on the beach, road trips, soft laps, cookies, watching Animal Planet, and her cairn brother Buzzy McDuff.  Her dislikes were few.  The sound of clanging metal, the rattle of keys, a jangle of coins in pocket, and whistling were all hateful noises to her.  No doubt they triggered residual memories from her puppy mill days.

She became certified to visit a local nursing home for Alzheimer's patients and did so for years.  Sally was the only service dog which the nursing staff would say to me, "Just let her go!".  So I'd clip her into her "go-cart", and off she'd roll, stopping into room after room and visiting everyone at her own pace in her wheelchair.  Sally knew she was special.

For the past several months Sally had become quieter and not quite herself.  The vets assured us that she was never in pain, yet the disorder seemed to be catching up with her.  She who had embraced life and enjoyed every minute of it was wearing down.  So much love and personality trapped in a little body that could no longer support her. We worried and agonized over what to do, but in the end it was her eyes that spoke volumes. It was time to let her go.

Sally passed away as she lived - brave and loving to the end.  With the help of her favorite doctor, she gently slipped away from us as I held her in my arms and whispered her name and sang her favorite little Sally song.

Companion, friend, mischevious girl, pal, giver of laughter and joy, and gentle little sweet pea of our hearts.  We loved her so.  It's been weeks and we still listen for her familiar little snoorkles.  We'll hold her memory close to our hearts forever.

Our sincere thanks to the Col. Potter family for entrusting us with Sally Mae these past seven years.  She enriched our lives and for that we will be forever grateful. The photos I've attached range from when we first got her, then to her wheelchair days, and the final photo is of her much earlier this spring.  She was a sweetie with crazy hair.  I finally just let the hair around her ears grow out because was so very "Sally".


Camille  and Chuck
New Hampshire