Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clare is now Annie in Wisconsin

Foster Mom Mary Jean sent this very happy news:

On Saturday we met Clare's new forever family in Burlington, WI. I was quite surprised how quickly she took to Joe & Chris. I thought she would be scared and shy but that was not the case at all. She jumped in their car and never looked back.
Clare, who is now called Annie, is a quiet girl who came from a Wisconsin puppymill by way of the Humane Society. She was seven when rescued.

Clare will live with two young scotties and an 18yo westie. Although we miss her very much, I couldn't be happier for her, she deserves the very best. I know they will take great care of her.

Thanks to all who helped with her rescue,

Mary Jean (IL) with Maggie, Casey & Duke

Monday, June 29, 2009

Vinny Flies with Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws is a group of volunteer pilots and other volunteers who help to transport rescue animals by air. Their motto is "Saving the lives of innocent animals"

Col. Potter kid Vinny recently flew to meet his Texas dad from the little airport in Sullivan, MO to Searcy, AR via a Pilots n Paws volunteer.

Jerome, the pilot, is working on flight hours to be able to get a commercial pilot's license. His wife said these dog transports are a great "excuse" for him to get out and fly for the day. You could tell Jerome and his wife love dogs. Vinny gave them lots of kisses before he had to go into his crate for the flight. They'd not flown a puppy before, just large breed dogs, but they said Vinny was the perfect passenger.

You can view the Kodak album which has more pics of Vinny, the pilot, and the plane by clicking here:

Kathy H in MO

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy First Gotcha Day Addy!

One year ago Monday (6/29), Patty and I jumped in our truck and headed to Flagstaff AZ to meet with Karen and Tony to pick up the little girl we'd been waiting for. I had checked on the Col. Potter site every day for 2 months, looking at pictures, reading updates, hoping I'd see "The One". Well one day I looked, and there was Addy (Adair in AZ). Did I fall in love with a picture? You bet I did - the soulful eyes begging me to adopt her.

The staunch process for adoption almost did us in though. Patty didn't want to let a stranger in our home for the inspection. If I knew then what I know now......Sister Bubbles was the Carol setting up our home safety visit. We live in a remote area, and as fate (?!) would have it, Carol has a friend just "down the way" from us. OK, can you get much more safe than the friend of a former nun coming to your home? A couple of the kindest people we'd ever met, and therein lies the beginning of meeting my Col. Potter family.

We next met Karen and Tony, and Karen is so much more than Addy's foster mom. She has become a friend. In the past year, I've started volunteering on the Post Adoption and Updates teams, went to a Cactus Cairn Roundup in Phoenix to meet other Cairns and their people, adopted another CP Cairn (Zelda), and we're having internal negotiations (me and Patty) about fostering. Since Addy's adoption, I've felt that kinship with the Col. Potter family, and I hope to meet many more of you over the years. Thanks for being there!

It's been baby steps for Addy. She was in a mill for the first 5 years of her life. She's made a lot of progress in the last year, and she's doing great. We love her so much!! Here are some of her tremendous accomplishments:

Learned to play with toys.
Learned to play with dogs, and I mean PLAY!
Loves to go for walks, and is starting to walk out in front.
Will come for scritches.
Goes up and down the stairs (in the past month).
Every night she'll put herself in her crate, and when I reach in to pet her, she licks my hand.

Here are some pictures of our girl Addy's first year in her new life:

Sherry W
Show Low, AZ

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wonderful Memories of CP's Wesson

Last week, we learned that Sparky (CP Wesson) crossed to the Rainbow Bridge and was freed of her tortured body. She is now flirting with the boy cairns at the Bridge.
Forever Mom Lori in AR, who also fostered Wesson, said she was "a very special wise soul, who had stubborn cairntude... ..something the bastard millers could not torture out of her even after 11.5 years in a mill. I often wished I had known Wesson in her younger years."
Wesson was so much a part of our lives, that it seemed like she had always been with us instead of a short 3.5 yrs. I will miss the way she would follow behind the boys to mark over their peemail. And the way she would strut her stuff and nose poke the fellas. Or the occasional frisky moments when she would strut across the yard with tail held high.
But what I will most is her magnificent eyes that would look back at me intently and reflected such an amazing wise old soul. I have hundreds of pictures of Wesson and have put a handful of special firsts in the album below. Wesson is proof that senior PM kids have SO much to give.
Here are some photos of this very special girl:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chad's New New Hampshire Home

Hello Everyone at CPCRN,
My dog Chad and I have moved!
I adopted Chad in 2006 (from NY) and brought him to my home in NH. We have now purchased our own home and are happily settling in.
I've attached a cute pic of Chad testing out our new couch in our newliving room!

Best, Andrea W

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Day of Summer Calls for Cool Cairns

Deb in New Mexico sent these photos and comment: Beaz said to hurry and take his pictures before he got cold feet! Bows got in on one of the pictures. They are loving this. It is in the 90's with humidity. See more photos:

How to make the Kool Dogz Treat!
1 or 2 hot dogs sliced; 1/2 cup green beans; 1/2 cup sliced frozen carrots; 3/4 cup largely diced apple - 1 apple is usually enough; 1 can of Swanson's low fat chicken broth; treats.
Put some treats on the bottom of your bucket; add a layer of crushed ice - about an inch to 2 inches thick - put another layer of treats on top of the crushed ice; continue to do this until your ice cream bucket is about 1/2 full. Mix one can broth and one can water; pour over top of your treat bucket; add more water if needed. Freeze. Dip in warm water for about 30 second. Flip onto a plastic dish and set out in the yard! Your fur kids will love this Kool Treat!

You can also make these using small containers such as cottage cheese, sour cream, or other small containers. Just do the same thing on a smaller scale. This will give each of your fur kids their own treat. This is great for those kids who do NOT like to share!

MacKenzie and Allergy Relief

Poor little MacKenzie, who lives in Yuma, AZ, suffers from severe allergies and wanted to share her successful treatment with others.
Furever Mom Karen says: "We have struggled for years with her allergies and have tried everything, including a raw diet, allergy testing & shots, prednisone, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Malesab baths, and a full-body "space suit". This poor girl just didn't get any relief and we hated to see her so miserable.
One thing we have discovered that seems to really help her itchies is Genesis Topical Spray. You need a prescription to get it from the vet and you have to wear gloves to apply it, but it works! I know others have posted about itchy Cairns on here and I thought MacKenzie and I would share this with you.

Fursibs Sugar fka Abs and Scout

I got a great little update from Linda in GA who adopted CP Abs nka Sugar. She had to shave her little boy Scout and I guess Sugar got a big kick out of it. Have you ever seen such a big smile on a dog?

Scout is still very handsome!!

Happy Fathers Day!!

To all the great Dads who do so much for their 2-footer kids as well as their furkids!! Here is my dad, Ed, or "Popi" as the grandchildren call him. This photo is from January 2007 when we fostered Scuppers, now Toby. He gives lots of loving attention to Kiara and Ruthie, not to mention keeping the cookie jar filled with their favorite treats. Thanks for everything you do Dad!! Love you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Katydid - Lost, Found, now Home

I had the pleasure of matching Katydid with her furever family, Richard and Georgia Y. So Katydid's foster dad, Ron K., and Richard met halfway between their Illinois and Michigan homes.

Richard was immediately smitten with the cairn princess and later took Katydid for a walk. But he fumbled with her leash and the little skamp ran off to explore the neighborhood.

More than a day and a half later, "Katie" was found, safe but tangled around some bushes barking her head off. Her rescue angel had seen the lost posters so quickly called the 1-800 number. Richard and Katie were reunited amidst tears of joy thruout CP-land.

Richard sent this note:
Thank you and your tremendous organization for the assistance and tools in locating lost Katie. I was so freightened and depressed when she disappeared. Thank God she is back and safe. I will keep you informed of her progress.

Kanya is now Kiki

We're so happy!
Everything has gone very well so far. Because Kiki came in on a late flight, we had to meet at home. But absolutely no dustups. Butchie was a little interested, but mostly stand-offish. Got Kiki fed and watered and out for a walk around the backyard on her leash and then we investigated the house. We stayed up for awhile, but were in bed by midnight. I had her crate in my room with the door open and she went in on her own and slept well.

We get up early around my house, but slept in till almost 6am on Wednesday. Out into the yard on a leash to see it in the daylight and then in for breakfast.

After that, the leash came off and Kiki was free to investigate the very secure backyard. We had a good day checking everything out. Butchie slept most of the day, so didn't really interact with her until after dinner. Late in the day, we took a car ride to KFC and that went well.

Kiki had a lot of fun playing with me and the fuzzy toy I have and once she got going, she tried to encourage Butchie to interact with her, but he was kind of grumpy. She actually jumped up on the couch a couple of times to talk to him, but then he did get more aggressively vocal. But no snapping or lunging. And Kiki is very good about backing off quietly.

We had another good night with Kiki sleeping in her crate with the door open. She wanted to sleep with me on the bed, but I'm not good surrounded by dogs, so until she can sleep on the same side with Butchie, we'll have to make do with the crate.

Yesterday and today, she laid on the bathroom rug while I took a shower and this morning, she stayed on the rug with me while I got ready for work.
We took another ride in the car this morning as I brought both dogs to work with me. I work for a small non-profit in a small office building that allows dogs. I have a baby gate across my office door and only a couple of women work in the office and they are all very nice and low-key.
Considering how little time Butchie and Kiki have spent together, I am not comfortable leaving them home alone just yet so they will come to work with me again tomorrow.
Butchie already has his pillow and blankie in my office and now I have a big towel folded for padding with the very colorful little blankie that Tina sent along with Kiki for her office bed.
She really is a very well-mannered, beautiful little girl and I feel very lucky to have found her!
Thank you all again for your help and thanks so much to Tina for all the wonderful transition work you did with her.
Warmest Regards,Trish

Happy Birthday to Lacey fka Breeze

Thursday, June 18 marked the 6th actual birthday of my Lacey (fka Breeze), the CMO* girl brought to Las Vegas from New York by Ali S.

Lacey (upper photo) is the bomb--feisty, stubborn, and a joy to have. She rules the roost like a true Cairn--well not princess, more like tomboy-rincess.
She and Cagney (left) got some fine New York steak off the grill to celebrate the event.
As I am now formally retired, both girls are so pleased that they are not alone as much as they were last year.

Greetings all from Las Vegas.Bert and CP Mill Girls--Cagney and Lacey

A Warm Welcome to wee Betsy Mac Cairn

Ceilidh is very happy to announce the arrival of her new big sister “wee Betsy Mac Cairn” (her American Kennel Association registered name). Too much for the wee lass so we call her ‘Betsy’

Betsy was born on August 30, 2003 and resided in Portland Oregon. Unfortunately her owners were no longer able to care for her, as they were travelling a lot and leaving her in a kennel was not an option, so they surrendered her to Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue.

She weighs in 16 lbs and is very friendly, loves to play and give cairn kisses. She is a great mentor and sister to Ceilidh. Already Ceilidh is becoming more trusting and is letting us occasionally pet her. She and Betsy love to run through the yard at full speed - you can actually see them smiling.
We all would like to thank all of the wonderful people in Col Potter who helped Betsy come to our home! You are all terrific!

Please join us in welcoming Betsy to the Arberry Clan.

Iris, Brian, Ceilidh
Boots, Shadow and Skeets

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fulton is now Jake

And his mom Linda is a "foster flunkie" - yep, she just could not let him go! Here is Jake (fka Fulton) and a picture with fusib Dude.

Linda said "Someone at one time spent a lot of time with him. He is very well behaved and knows commands. He is on meds that he sits and take the pill with no problem. He is housebroken, loves to play with toys, takes his place in the pecking order of the pack, and is very friendly with other dogs, people and kids. These past few weeks we have been taking him in the pool. He is officially a Florida dog. Thanks to everyone that rescued him and loved him along the way."
Linda in Port St. Lucie, FL

A Cairn is "The Littlest Sled Dog"

Jana Phillips a few months ago recommended a children's book, "The Littlest Sled Dog". I purchased it and received it a couple of days ago, and it's a great little story inspired by a real cairn owned by the author. The illustrator also owns a cairn :-)
Here's the link - I got mine thru Borders, but it's also been sold at Target if you can find it. It's a hardback picture story book with a simple but cute little story (I think the author could read the mind of his little cairn - LOL) with cute illustrations.
I'm glad I got a copy for my shelf of kid's books to share with my grandkids one day.
Kathy H in MO

Cairn Comfort Chair

I would say this ranks high on the "lazy, comfort, and don"t bother us" List.
I wanted to get rid of this chair, but not sure I dare !
Lynne with Sweet Sadie Jo and Kayla la la la

A Tip - Blood Test Results for an Emergency

Here is a great tip from Kathie, CP volunteer and mom to Spanks da Man:
If you have done a blood panel on your dog, make a copy and put it in the glove compartment of your car. Actually if you have more than one vehicle put it in the glove compartments of every one. Also put a copy somewhere safe in your purse.

We all know that dogs get very sick or have accidents only when our regular vet is closed. That is just the way is goes . In an emergency, when rushing to the emergency vet, having a copy of your dog's blood panel gives the e-vet something to compare to the bloods he or she probably will be taking at the time of the emergency.

I say put it in your glove compartment because in a panic we can forget our purses but we can not forget the glove compartments of our cars. So we will have the info to give the e-vet. I keep, in the same envelope, one of the insurance reimbursement forms as well. This way in my panic I will not forget that also.

Kathie - Long Island, NY with Spanky (Iz a 4 eba corn terror enna wurk n prah gess) with The D ruling with a velvet paw at the Rainbow Bridge

Meet CH Cairncroft Yankee Rebel of Wolfpit RN

We have a big brag! Rebel is now known as CH Cairncroft Yankee Rebel of Wolfpit RN. (new photo coming soon)

Mom Nancy says: Rebel did me proud this weekend. Yesterday in the Rally Novice A class he tied with a score of 96 and got second place because the other dog had a faster time.

Then later at the Cairn Terrier Specialty (where he finished his conformation championship last year), he scored a 97, got first place and Highest Scoring Cairn (well, he was the only Cairn).

We got a stuffed toy yesterday, and a darling Wizard of Oz Door Stop today.
I am so very proud of our little man. He got his Rally Novice title in just three trials. Now the hard part starts - learning Rally off-leash!

Nancy B-- Lake in the Hills, IL and
Mom to Roary, Callie and Rebel

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Little Sun Goddess

Thought you would appreciate a little update on Gigi AKA Magpie. We call her Gigi which is short for Georgie Girl or Good Girl as she is such a wonderful little girl! She is doing extremely well. Here is a picture of her I just snapped - enjoying the sun - she loves the sunshine!

Mom's Pride and Joy

A recent update on Reuben, formerly known as Couivre.

Reuben is doing quite well. He is such a joy to have around. He is playing with toys and running all over the house. He is still scared of loud noises, but is getting used to the regular noises around the neighborhood. I just love him so much. He is my pride and joy. I bring him where ever I go. Loves to ride in the car. I have brought him to work with me, and has loved meeting new people and the other pets that visit with their moms too. He is right by my feet right now at the computer, waiting for me to make my next move.

Thanks for everything. If I had to do this adoption again, I would in a minute, no questions asked.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


While in her very loving foster home, Miss Dina almost always had a very serious look on her beautiful face - probably still rememberign her abusive past.

But now Dina is smiling in her forever home - having learned about love while with foster parents Bonnie & Alan. And experiencing that same love with her new family.

The photo (below, right) with the stuffed toys shows how serious she used to look while the earlier photo (below, left) shows how injured she was when she arrived.

Foster Mom Bonnie wrote: "I would have loved to have kept Dina but obviously being adopted by Lynne K was exactly the right thing to do for Dina."

Mia Chariton Down on the Farm

Hi, just wanted to let you know that Mia Chariton has been here at the farm since Sunday while my grandmother is in Florida with my sister and I cannot believe what an awesome little dog she is. Her personality is incredible for a dog who missed out on puppyhood and Kathy, I must tell you, I know you deserve all the credit...The fostering concept is incredible. Little Mia loves all the big dogs and they do not view her as "weak"....She acts like a big dog, just small. She does not kick up my Olive's prey drive at all! They all just get along so well. She makes us laugh with her pushing around the ball routine. She has destroyed 4 vinyl toys so far! Her favorite is the jolly ball...the one for the horses. She can actually pick it up and it easily weighs 2-3 lbs. Her tail has been up and wagging the entire time and she is not really cowering too much...She loves my husband and is not afraid of him. She hops up on the couch to be with us at night and has laid on the arm of the couch. I'm really enjoying her and thank you for helping her make the transition, she was very blessed to have you! She is the perfect dog for my grandparents because she is active, affectionate and playful but not hyper or destructive and she is not a YAPPER!!!!...It's just a really great match! I'll send some pictures in a few days!

Maggie - A Different Dog

Hi everyone. I am the proud Mom to Maggie (fka Obama). Maggie has been with us for a tad over a year now. She is a great little dog.

Oh, she has had her “issues” for sure but we have worked through them. My husband and I look at her from time to time and realize how far she has come in this past year.

The fears she has overcome are many - from the can opener to a full flight of stairs. Thunderstorms are still the worst but we just have to accept that and move on.

She pretty much owns the dog park and must tell anyone and everyone hello.

Oh no one is allowed to touch her but she still must bounce up to them, tail wagging, to welcome them to her park.

Today, however, it was also quite apparent how comfortable she has become. My parents came to visit. Maggie has obviously met them before and has always respectively kept her distance. She might give them a conciliatory sniff and once even allowed my Mom the very brief opportunity for a quick pat on the head but that is about it. But today—what the heck—she crawled up on the sofa right next to my Mom, completely stretched out and took a nice little nap. We were all amazed. Not even the resemblance of an evil eye! Nope!

No more hiding in the corner for this one. The little accomplishments that make us all smile! We are so proud of her!

Emporia, KS
Mom to Maggie and Star

Manny, Mannyisms and some Photos

Six months ago today, I flew over half way across the country to meet Karen and pick-up my new baby boy, Manny. It was one of the longest days of my life, but it was worth every minute!! I can't imagine life without him :o)

He's earned several nicknames - Manny the Nose, or Mr. Nose for his habit of poking you in the back of the leg with his nose when he's following you down the hall or the way he has to sniff along the toilet bowl to see what you're doing on there.

He's also Manny the Maniac or simply "The Mannyac" for his silly puppy behaviors. My favorite nickname is Manfred - no specific reason for the name other than it's cute.
Another favorite Mannyism is the way he will not go through the door when it is open - he insists on going through the doggy door, even if he has to wait for you to close the door.

He's a wonderful snuggle bug, unless he's in his favorite spot on the back of the couch. He's a wonderful addition to our family.

I've put together a photo album of his first 6 months in his forever home. It's a bit long, but I hope you'll enjoy it.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Furkids - Thunderstorms and Storm Anxiety

My first cairn, Lady Sassy Frassy, was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. If she was outside, she would run the fence line frantic. Once we got her in the house, we put her in a small bathroom where she would cower behind the toilet. We did not know how to help - and that was long before Col. Potter cairn expertise.

It's once again storm season and many furkids are experiencing severe storm anxiety - and their families searching for ways to help them.

Charlotte wrote on CRM:
THANK YOU to whoever posted the link for the Thundershirt. After reading your post and a few endorsements on the site, I took the leap of faith and ordered a shirt... Twice
now, my nine year old Bogey (aka CPCRN's Brigey) has relaxed enough to sleep
through storms. I consider this a minor miracle -- what a find! We love it!

Charlotte in Lawrence, KS (where it's thundering just now), Mom to Bogey and Pearl (rescue Westie)

Others have used the Anxiety Wrap. available

Then Pam in FL has been using Melatonin:
We also are having some whopper thunderstorms with lots of
noise and lightning flashes and my terrier mix Charlie gets quite frantic, so I
tried it on him - I think its making a difference! Its fast acting, so I have
been giving it to him at the first rumble. It just seems to 'take the edge off',
but doesn't knock him out. I have the Schiff's Melatonin Plus w/ Theanine
( and give one pill.

And Sheryl in Winthrop, MA suggests:

You might try a combination of 2 of the Bach Flower Remedies:
Rescue Remedy and Mimulus for "Fear of worldly things, illness, pain, accidents,
poverty, of dark, of being alone, of misfortune. The fears of everyday life.".
10 drops of each in the water bowl. Effectiveness varies from dog to dog, but
might be worth a try.
Here is a link to an article by Dr. Jon on Dr. Jon also offers melatonin dosage

I hope you find a solution to your furkids storm anxiety - so you can both enjoy these seasonal light shows!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Camaro is now Brodie

Hello to all from The Pearcy Pack in Arkansas...Camaro, of American Car fame is now answering to the new name of Brodie. The Resident Dog, Lulu, needed a new "Brother" so it seemed like a good fit!!
Brodie & Lulu have taken up with one another like CRAZY!! It was love at first sight!! Brodie's never missed a step transitioning to his new home. He's still eating the bottom out of his bowl & loves playing with everything he's presented with.
The first time he heard the Donkeys bray...well... he wasn't quite sure about that but he's getting used to it!! He is registered in Obedience Class that will begin next week.
I can't thank all of you enough - Jerry, Diane, Liz and precious Foster Mom Pam...and many others I'm certain that participate in the Adoption Process that I'll never know about.
THANK YOU for everything you do that "put Cairns that need homes in homes that need Cairns".
Pictures will be forthcoming when I figure out the technology :-)!!

An Invitation to Our "Almost Heaven(ly) WV Fall CRAP


. . . would like to invite all our Col. Potter friends and supporters to our
“Almost Heaven(ly) WV Fall CRAP” Event
at the home of our long time CPCRN members, Sydney & Larry Dixon
and the Braveheart Cairns; Diva, Maxx, Annie, Patches and Rosie, along with Master Ozzie and in spirit, dear departed Gertie;
in Hurricane West Virginia.
Hurricane is between the larger areas of Charleston and Huntington WV.
This year’s event will take place on
Friday through Sunday, October 2, 3 & 4, 2009 and
will include four meals (Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday brunch).
This event also includes our wonderful auctions, sales, and demonstrations, prizes and awards, and clinics.
What is a CRAP you ask? It's a Cairn Rescue Annual Party!!!!
We’re all ready to greet you. The pumpkin seeds have been planted so the pumpkin patch will be ready for some beautiful pictures.
The campground is being set up for those of you that would like to stay right here with us on the party site,
And we have made sure the motels nearby know you are coming.
We even have a very special “Mystery Guest” coming to the party
(but you will have to be here to find out who this is)!
There is no place more beautiful than West Virginia in the Fall.
The air is crisp and warm (average temps are 75 day time and 55 night time) and
the mountains are alive with the most beautiful colors you will find anywhere.
So, please make your reservations now and meet us here in Hurricane, WV
You won’t be sorry you came and we will keep the light on for you!
We need to know if you are coming to CRAP as soon as possible. Col. Potter has a Yahoo Group set up to send out auto-sends which will explain by CATEGORY all that you will need to know about the event. For example, we will have information that tells you about the available hotels in the area as well as about the airp We invite you to join this Yahoo Group if you are planning to come.
We look forward to seeing you in Hurricane!
If you feel you will be able to attend, or if you have any additional questions,
just click on this link and send us a note:
Col. Potter and the BRAVEHEART Cairns await your reply . . .
Col. Potter and the CRAP Management Team

Nodaway is now Naudia

With her forever parents!
Posted by Picasa

Bianca is now Halle

Halle - Scandanavian (with her being a blonde bombshell) for Heroine is doing great. She is the perfect one for us - what a lovebug, eats well, pottys well, sleeps well in her crate and seems to be adjusting to her new name. Prey drive, not so much so far - this is good. She had no prey drive this morning when there was a GIANT black bear in the back yard by the bird feeders - smart too!!! She just alerted to it with a quizzical look that said NO WAY.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Castor's Adoption: "No Regrets Here!"

Little Castor arrived in her Yuma, AZ foster home a very frightened and confused little cairn. You see, she had been kept in a dark wooden shed and did not understand grass or sunshine, let alone human kindness.

But when she became a Col. Potter kid, she was sent to a foster mom and dad who have a lot of experience with frightened cairns and know just what they need - lots of love, understanding, patience and time to adjust. Soon they were calling Castor the Celtic name "Bree" and falling more in love with her brave spirit.

Two weeks ago, on foster mom's birthday, Karen and Tony officially adopted Bree. We call this foster "flunk"ing and it's the 3rd time Karen & Tony have flunked in 4 years of fostering - lucky furkids!! Bree joins fursibs MacKenzie, McDuffy, Starry Night, and Holly.

Here is Karen's latest update and a link to more photos:

Well, Bree (Castor) has officially been a part of our pack for almost 2 weeks, and everyday, Tony and I fall more and more in love with her. She is such a special little Cairn. It's so hard to get good shots of her outside, because she is always moving, and so focused on our door, so she can escape back inside the security of the house. I do have to say that she is doing better when it is dark outside and will even zoom in the yard, but during the daytime hours, she is on full alert and doesn't enjoy herself. She will get there, though. Bree fits absolutely perfect into our Cairn pack and definitely respects her elders. She and McDuffy have a little love affair going on right now, it is just so sweet to watch the two of them together. I was home sick for 5 days and little Bree discovered that she loves to lay on my stomach and nest her head on my neck. Did I say that I love this girl?? We feel truly blessed that Bree found her way into our home, and we have high hopes that with a lot of love and patience, she will overcome her fear of the outdoors. In these pictures I took this evening, you can see that she IS a part of the pack. Oh, and Starry Night said that she didn't want to be left out, so I included a cameo of her, too!

I have long thought that AZ is actually OZ - that magical place where the rainbow ends and a little cairn can find love! Congratulations to Bree and your forever family.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Shelter Dog's Poem

I know we can all relate to this Dr. Jon post on June 2, 2009:

I received a very sweet and thoughtful email from Angel Wells in Martinsburg WV. Angel wrote a poem about her dog that I'd like to share with you. Angel wrote, "All of my dogs are shelter dogs, but I wrote this poem about one of them in particular. He is my chihuahua/papillon mix that has become my therapy dog. He is very special to me and I couldn't live without him. Fate brought us together, and I think if other people would take the time to look in their local shelter, they might find their soul mate as well."

All good dogs deserve a chance. Here is her poem: :

A Shelter Dogs Poem

Once upon a time, you see,
There was this little pup
For reasons unbeknownst to me,
His family gave him up

Maybe it was chewing
Everything that he could find
Maybe they were busy and
Just didn't have the time

They took him to the shelter
And they just left him there
Outside, alone, in the cage
Shivering and scared

Even though they knew inside
If he went through those doors
He may never have the chance
To find a home like yours

He sat there crying silently
Wondering what he did
That was so bad that they just
Had to leave him like they did

However fate was smiling
On that little pup that day
Because a lady saw him
And she whisked him right away

He got a second chance at life
That others may have not
And now he's in a loving home
With everything he wants

Every day he gets that love
That he was looking for
And silently is thankful for when
She walked through that door

Others may not have this chance
So open up your heart
And adopt a shelter dog to take
And give a brand new start