Monday, June 30, 2008

June Adoptions

Twenty-six little cairns found their forever homes in June, including 5 who were adopted by their foster families. How wonderful!

Adair in AZ
Agassi in OR
Auril in NY
Barrett in NC
Beeny in SC
Boston in WI
Gibbs in MI
Hetty in DE
Kendrick in ME
Kiki in NY
Laurie in MI
Lotte in NE
Major Wilkes in CA
Miss Annie in
Monroe in GA
Mozart in OR
Myron in NV
Newman in MA
Tatum in FL
Wellington in MO
Windsor in OR

Training Advice: Sensitivities to Handling

Sandy, Col Potter Cairn Rescue Director of Foster Homes, writes:
Recently we asked a trainer to work with a home where the new dog was not wanting the new mom to leash him up or put the belly band on him. Below is the advise that the trainer gave for him and I wanted to share with all of you. This is the epitome of positive training.
The trainer's advice concentrated on the leash but could be used for other things that a dog objects to.

From the Trainer:
Here are my suggestions for dealing with sensitivities to handling. This process allows a dog to feel like they have some control over the feared event, and conditions them to actually like handling. The leash and the belly band will become predictors of good things - treats. Progression needs to happen slowly. Aggression means you have gone much too quickly.

I would suggest that she go through steps 1 through 3 many times each day for now. When she actually needs to put on the leash or belly band, she will do all of the steps, but take as much time as necessary. She may need to go through all the steps each time she puts on the leash or belly band for a few weeks, but as she progresses with the dog, it should happen much quicker. In other words, it may take her 10 minutes to go through all of the steps for now, but a week from now it will only take 30 seconds. The dog should be completely comfortable with these two events after 2-3 weeks. I wouldn't do a muzzle if it's not necessary, and I don't believe it's necessary at this point. She may have to do the same process with other fear handling events as they arise.

Putting on the Leash:
Step 1: 1) start with the leash behind your back 2) present the leash to your dog and immediately give a treat 3) put the leash back behind your back 4) try again 5) practice until your dog looks for the treat just as you present the leash.
Step 2: 1) present the leash 2) now wait until your dog reaches towards the leash and then give a treat 3) practice until your dog reaches for the leash just as you present it
Step 3: 1) present the leash 2) wait until your dog touches the leash and then give a treat 3) practice until your dog touches the leash just as you present it
Step 4: 1) present the leash 2) wait until your dog touches the leash, then put it on and take it off quickly and give a treat 3) practice until your dog will readily allow you to put on a take off the leash with no difficulties

Putting on the Belly Band
Step 1: 1) start with the band behind your back 2) present the band to your dog and immediately give a treat 3) put the band back behind your back 4) try again 5) practice until your dog looks for the treat just as you present the band
Step 2: 1) present the band 2) now wait until your dog reaches towards the band and then give a treat 3) practice until your dog reaches for the band just as you present it
Step 3: 1) present the band 2) wait until your dog touches the band and then give a treat 3) practice until your dog touches the band just as you present it
Step 4: 1) present the band 2) wait until your dog touches the band, drape it over him and then give a treat 3) practice until your dog readily allows you to drape the band over him
Step 5: 1) present the band 2) wait until your dog touches the band, drape it over him, fasten it on and off, and then give a treat 3) practice until your dog will readily allow you to put on a take off the band with no difficulties

A Big WOW! for Windsor

Forever Mom Deborah writes:
Wow! He is doing spectacular. The trip home was good and when we got home we went on a tour of the house and yard. After he acclimated a little, we went upstairs and had a nap together and he snuggled right up:) After it cools down we will go for a walk around the neighborhood. He loves contact with us and seems to enjoy the shady spot under the tree out back. His ears are perked up and he wags his tail so he appears to be happy. He met our older cat Buddy. They rubbed noses and that was that! Like it was no big deal.
Foster Mom says about Windsor's "Gotcha" day:
Deborah and Tom picked up Windsor this morning and it was LOVE at first sight for both of them and Windsor. Deborah got down on the floor, Windsor went to her, she started petting him and he never left except to offer Tom a little kiss on the nose. How wonderful to see. Thank you for your part in this truly great forever match. Like our daughter said, "Windsor isn't broken, he is just lonely." Now he has 2 people to love him. Hooray!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Skylar (fka Dagny) - Every Kids' Cairn

Hi to all-
Just thought I'd send some updated pictures of our little man, including some with his stepbrother Nero, a 12 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback. We'll be getting Skylar his female Ridgie in the fall or winter, so Nero has been good practice for him. They wrestle around like two boys of any species - eventually someboday gets the better of the other and we have to pull them apart. The best part is, who ends up on top is pretty evenly split, even though Nero is already 3 times Skylar's weight. I'm pretty proud of Skylar for holding his own. They love to hang out together, it's been fun to watch.

We've also discovered that, despite his neutering, Skylar has a very devout attraction to lhasa apso and shih tzu girls. Thankfully the girls' people have been good sports about it, it's actually been pretty amusing.

Skylar adores both Grace and Erin, and follows them around all day long. He loves that they're home all day now that school's out, and when I get home at night he's pretty much exhausted from playing with them all day. He went to Erin's classroom on the last day of school and helped us explain the evils of puppy mills and the need to get pets from shelters and rescue groups. The kids absolutely loved him. It's funny, he really does have a strong affinity for kids, and when we're at soccer or softball, he invariably trots over to one of the quiet little girls sitting near us and climbs into her lap. I think he's figured out that they'll pet him for as long as he wants!

The coolest thing is that Skylar's Aunt (the doggie daycare queen from LA) sent him a collar that has his name and our phone number embroidered on it. We figure between that and his CPCRN tag he's in good shape. He now comes when he's called, and is learning to sit for a treat. We try to think up games for him, he's definitely got that cairn need to figure out a problem, and if he can't find one, he creates one for himself!
Thanks again to all - we'll stay in touch-
Laura, Grace & Erin C

Hetty's Gotcha Day by Foster Mom

Our little friend Hetty has been adopted and is meeting her family this morning on the Eastern Shore. She is going to a wonderful situation with another active dog to play with and 3 teen-age children. This should surely keep her busy :-) Hetty has come from a frightened and defensive mill dog to a wonderfully sweet, loving, and submissive lady....many thanks to the great couple who first adopted her a couple of years ago. It's obvious she was loved, cared for, and taught so much in this home to have turned her into such an adorable girl. She is again, taking a huge piece of my heart with her, but hopefully the family will stay in touch so I can be sure she gets what she needs and adapts well to her new companions. Thanks CP for again helping this girl and keep your fingers crossed this is her final destination....the real FOREVER HOME! We hate so to see her leave knowing if she comes back again.....she will never leave. I'm gonna have to pry Wayne's fingers off her when we release her :-) I'm so glad to have had her in my life again, even if for just a short time and wish her happiness forever....besides....who wouldn't love Hetty.

Lotte in Nebraska

My name is Pam. My husband and I just recently adopted Lotte. We live in the very southeastern corner of Nebraska. We are so thrilled to have Lotte as part of our family. She has a furbrother by the name of Winston, age 14. She is such a sweet girl--we just love her! She has been here 5 days now and has had a few challenges. The first morning out the doggie door she was greeted with lightening and thunder--thus, no more trips out the doggie door that day. Well, 4 days later, I can hardly keep her from going in and out. The third day she met a bunny rabbit and the chase was on. This morning she found the two squirrels that were "thinking" of taking of residency in the large tree we have in the back yard. For a second I thought that girl was going to climb right up that tree.

Nellie - Adopted in 2003

CPCRN recently received this adorable update on Nellie who was adopted in 2003. For some more photos of Nellie go to Here's what she's been up to:

Nellie was a rescue and as being such, was extremely shy and timid with everyone. She finally warmed up to us, and ONLY us after a few months. After a year time, she had fallen in much as love with us as we had her. When it’s just the three of us home, she’s just a completely normal happy Cairn - FUN to be with, loving, loves her belly scritches....LOL.

Here's just one example of how her love and trust have grown so immensely: A year after we got her, if thunder moved in, she'd be under the bed for hours after it was all over. Now, when it's over, I'll go tell her "It's all over Nellie" and raise the skirting on the bed. Within about 5 minutes, she's out from under the bed and has rejoined us and gotten beyond it.

Another example of her personal growth and confidence. Up till even a year ago, when anyone came over she ran to her bed and there she stayed till they were gone. Again, sometimes even hours after they were gone. For a time, she'd be shaking like a leaf. The shaking stopped after a year or so, she just continued to want to be away from the people and stay in her bed. Recently, recent being in the last 6 months or so, she started poking her nose out to take a look see what was going on and what these people were doing in HER house. A couple of months ago, she went from poking her nose out, to actually walking all the way out and even into the room a few feet. Then came several more feet. That turned into actually slowly approaching people.

All our friends and family knows how Nellie is/was so no one ever tried to approach her so as not to scare her. She will now actually go UP to may of the people, smell their hands and stick around for a little bit. And should anyone offer her a Yip-Yap (her favorite treat) she'll gently take it right out of their hand. By the way, she is ALWAYS gentle. When the 2 granddaughters were over a couple weeks ago, she actually SAT on the floor with them and were part of the program for about an hour.

She also SAT with one of them in one of our patio chairs for some time enjoying the petting and company. Personal Growth! Still growing, it's just such a wonderful thing to see and be a part of!!!! ALL of you would be so proud of her!!!!!

It is not a stretch nor is it an overly proud Pa when I say Nellie is darn near the PERFECT dog. She loves to snuggle with my wife in her chair in the evenings, it's part of her ritual. She'll even sometimes fall asleep on her lap, sprawled out on her back. Just like a human baby. She does next to nothing wrong. Maybe an occasional roll in the yard after a ran when the worms are active (yuk) or catching a bird of given the chance. And while she's very good at following commands, she is still a Cairn and may easily decide to just completely ignore me for such things as "Give me that bird". Well, she does more than ignore me, she'll run to keep it away from me!....LOL

Earlier I mentioned Nellie's perception of this being HER house. Now while she's perfectly behaved and respectful of our home, just witness the mailman or a stranger approach. It's unbelievable the way she gets! To see her and what she tries to portray as viciousness is a sight to behold. You would swear she would or could rip them to shreds. She just HATES the mailman. And it's any mail carrier, not just our regular one. I've tried working with her on this issue but it's been for naught for the most part. In her mind, this is her home and by golly she is GOING to protect it.

For the longest time, we asked ourselves and each other how we were so fortunate to end up with Nellie, and Nellie with us. The only answers we've ever come up with are fate and good matching skills on the part of Col. Potter staff. It's hard for us to imagine life without or before Nellie. To say she's the perfect fit for us and us for her would be a major understatement.

A little over a year ago, we had decided to adopt another Cairn to keep Nellie company. We still weren't sure if this was the right idea or not but decided there was only one way to find out. So, we went through the process, got approved again and were on a watch list to match another Cairn to our family. We think more so now than before Nellie would do well with a pal to play with, spend time with and above all, lay in the sun with. She LOVES sunbathing. Now she might NOT want a pal when it's time to load the dishwasher. you see, Nellie has created the position of pre-wash dishwasher assistant, as in licking the plates as my wife loads them into the dishwasher. Even though they are scraped and rinsed first, she still needs to examine them closely seeking any evidence of any actual morsels or flavors that may have escaped the rinsing. Not long ago, when my wife and I had our backs turned and were talking, she actually got ALL THE WAY up on the open dishwasher door!! (See photo)

So, I've probably rambled on the point of boredom for any reader of this, it's just my way of again saying THANK YOU, from Nellie and from ourselves, for the perfect match of the perfect dog into her perfect forever home. THANK YOU all for doing what you do, working as hard as you do and caring as much as you do. Thank God for folks like you!!!!!!!

By the way, we just discovered your videos on You Tube. GREAT idea and NICE job!!!!!

Again, Thank You and our best to you ALL!
Craig, Karen and Nellie in Toledo OH

P.S. Nellie may be getting a Cairn sibling in the near future!! Luck four-paws!!

A Nala Update

From her forever Mom.. Nala is a cairn princess who bravely faces life with diabetes, and proves it doesn't have to slow her down:

We finally moved in for the summer at my mother's place (huge yard, nice neighborhood, lots of other dogs) and things have been great. Nala has yet to have an accident in the house since she has unlimited access to the yard. She's been barking at planes (we are near Newark Airport), but my mom thinks it's cute.

The boys and Nala have been getting along great. Snowball and Nala still get into minor scuffles, but it's more like they enjoy picking on each other than actual fighting. In fact, my sister saw Nala, Titan and Snowball all crammed into Nala's crate the other day (she said they looked like clowns coming out of a small car). She's been sleeping on their doggie pillows in the morning after their walk too.

So yesterday morning, I woke up at 5, gave them some breakfast and a quick walk around the neighborhood. My mom walked Nala and I took both boys. My mom tries to leave first, because when Nala has to go, she has to go! But she wouldn't leave! Every time my mom tried to get her out the door, she would pull herself closer to Titan and was whining! Once we all got outside together, she was barking at the boys because they were ahead of her (they like to walk side-by-side).

So we get back home and it's back to bed. Titan went to sleep in my mom's room and Snowball was with me. Nala stayed in the living room. SHe started barking, so I went downstairs to check on her. When I got there, she lead me to the kitchen, then to the basement door and started walking down the stairs. The little stinker wanted to go to sleep in the basement where it's really cold and there's a bed, a doggie bed and a yellow stuffed chair (aka Snowball's chair)!

My mom finally went downstairs with them and took a nap in the basement.My mother loves Nala! She calls her her princess and scratches her ears and rubs her belly (which Nala loves). The boys are protective of her. They walk on her "blind" side and keep others from getting to close to scare her. They can't be separated! We tried to take them outside one at a time, but the other two left behind start to howl.

AND the most amazing part....Nala sings to now! When my mom sings to the boys, Nala has been joining in! If we get it on video, I'll send it.So that's Nala's life as of Wednesday. Hope you and your crew are having a great summer.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Update on Miss Annie

Miss Annie is adjusting very nicely to her forever family. She has a fur-brother, Lincoln who is a mixed terrier, and he would love to play with Miss Annie, but she bosses him quite a bit. Miss Annie and Lincoln go on walks together, and all is well. Miss Annie has won the status of a loved dog.

Raven's Mom Reports

Raven is the little black cairn terrier that I adopted in April. Raven will be 4 December 13th and she is a little sweetheart, her favorite thing is to chase squirrels, then FOOD. After everyone eats, she goes bowl to bowl to make sure the dishes are clean, a good little girl. She loves going for walks at night and she has a blast running all over daycare playing. It is funny to watch her playbow to my cat Osgood. She always wants to play with him.

Her Westie brother is Otto; he is 3 years old and has autoimmune polyarthritis and is on a daily Prednisone & Aziathiaprine regiment. I call him my little lamb chop, although he looks more like a pork chop on the steroids. Otto is a sweetie. He lets you do anything to him. He has been through a surgery to remove a lump on his foot, luxating patella surgery on both of his rear knees, plus the arthritis. He does not play as much as he did as a puppy. He still loves to go to daycare, but he takes lots of naps while he is there. He is his grandma’s boy, he loves his grandma.

The little Black and Red guy is “My Little Dude,” Hunter, an Australian Terrier. He is my baby and is a bit jealous of Raven. He will be 4 on December 4th. Hunter is allergic to all poultry and eggs, so everyone eats fish, lamb and beef in my household. I also call Hunter my Pinhead because he has so many “Issues.” He does not like people to approach him at all, if they ignore him, he will approach them. He has to be drugged to go to the vet for his annual blood draw – otherwise he rips out the needles and has to be bandaged. I also give him a little dose before his nails are trimmed at the groomer. He does not like anyone to touch his feet, not even me. He loves to snuggle under the blanket/sheet up tight to my side at night, especially during storms.

I also have 2 cats, the grey and white cat, Osgood (Red Wing Goaltender), was raised by dogs and knows how to get along with them. Sebastian, my orange tabby screetches and runs away, which inspires a good chase as far as the terriers are concerned.
See more photos of Raven and her fur sublings here:

Update on Noah (fka Frost)

Quick update on Frost, now named Noah. I had spoke to Diana a while back and Noah is afraid of thunderstorms. So I suggested Rescue Remedy as so many of us use that with some success. It has been helping a bit and he seems to be better in that regard. Also, even more spectacular news is that a limp that Noah presented upon coming to his new family has gone! Diana is so glad she did not bother with an x-ray. Noah is also getting along just great with his fur-sibling.

Update from Cora Bumstead (Now Chica)

As you can see in the picture below, Chica (fka Cora - one of Dagwood & Blondie's pups) is almost all grown and is lighter than we thought she’d be when she was a puppy. We love her so much and she seems to love everything about her people, house, yard, food, neighborhood dogs, all dogs and anything else. She smiles all the time and tests every limit (notice the paw on the rug where she is not allowed!). Her personality is perfect.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

HONEY: HOW GOOD IS IT FOR WINNIE THE POOH?(and for your dog too?)

From Sydney Dixon, a CRM Member:

I have always thought the pictures and stories of Winnie the Pooh with his paw sticking in the Honey Pot were cute and that his love of honey was something that was made up for his character. I have found out that there may be some real reasons why Winnie loves his honey and that it just might be something that is really good for our pets!

I show some of my Cairns and at one of the shows we were attending, I heard a very experienced dog handler say that he sometimes gives his dog a teaspoon of Honey about a half hour before going into the ring. I thought to myself that this must be to perk the dog up since I have always believed that eating pure honey was a lot like eating a chocolate bar – it gives you a very fast shot of energy. I decided to do some research on the use of honey because if it is not bad for the dogs, I thought I might try this little “trick”. Here is what I have found out about this easy to find and use condiment:

First of all, I found that I was correct – Honey IS the greatest of the natural energizers. Since it is predigested by the bees that make it, honey is absorbed immediately into the blood stream of the consumer. A diet of milk and honey can sustain life for months in humans and animals. Honey has also been proven to be a very good medicine that will inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. This was especially good for me to learn because I have found that my dogs love a bite of toast with honey on it.

Some uses for honey include:
- Allergies - feed your dog a tablespoon of honey 2 times per day. You can mix it in with their food or let them eat it right off the spoon. You can also do what I do, spread it on a piece of buttered toast – your dog will love it. NOTE: in using honey to help with allergies it is really important to buy from a local producer who has bees in the area where you live. It appears that honey used in the raw form, is particularly good for the seasonal allergies that our dogs, like ourselves, get in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. Raw honey has Vitamins A, B-complex, C,D,E and K and has about 63 calories per tablespoon.

- Make a Shampoo out of honey. It will soothe the dogs skin. Take clear natural organic shampoo and mix in equal amounts of honey. You can add things like aloe vera, orange, lemon grass and citronella. What you now have is a very gentle shampoo that is good for disinfecting, deodorizing and insect repelling. The honey will make the shampoo into a very low lather. Put it on your pet and rub it in. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse well.

- Use honey to treat cuts and wounds. The high sugars in the honey make it a good infection fighter and wounds may heal faster as well.

- You can use it to help remove wart-like growths on your pet. Rubbing the spots with thick honey will help soften the growth and eventually it will become removable.

- Honey used on burns will both soothe the pain and help prevent bad scarring. After completely cleaning the burned area, thickly spread honey on it. Keep applying it every 10 minutes until the pain subsides.

- Add honey to those home-made dog treats – most dogs love the taste of honey and you will be giving them a treat that can be very beneficial So, the next time you go to a county or state fair or to a local flea market, look for Honey – your dog will thank you!
Professor James Amrine, Division of Plant & Soil Sciences, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
The Complete Herbal Handbook for Dogs & Cats by Juliette de Bairacti Levy

Shampoo for a Cairn

Recently, an owner posted this question to the group:

What is the best brand as far as all you cairn-lovers are concerned for just regular bathing? Not for kids with allergies, but just in general and what do you use on their face close to the eyes?

Many posted their recommendations:

- No Allergies? No Shampoo! That is my rule and I stick to it with all 5 of my dogs. Once in a while, Diva gets a hot spot and pre-spay, she got a greasy coat about twice a year and it had an odor. On those occasions, I used dandruff shampoo to give her a bath. Ozzie is 3 years old now and has NEVER had shampoo on him. He is a Listerine and Water boy. Ozzie has a Gorgeous coat of hair too! He has the best of the 5 but all of them respond well to the Listerine baths and they love the massage portion!!
Listerine & Water:
Use only the Gold but generic is fine. In a plastic bottle, dilute to 60% - 50%.
Liberally spray to soak dog; hold a washcloth over eyes.
Once dog is wet all over, rub in just like you do when washing your own hair.
It doesn't do as much good to just spray them with this as it tends to sit on the outer coat.
Once dog has been soaked and it is massaged down to his skin, lightly dry him with a towel.
You can rinse this off of them if you want but it is not totally necessary to do that!

- Lew Olson of the K9Nutrition list who has a PhD in Natural Healing and has studied canine health for many years says NOT to use a human shampoo on dogs. She says the Ph or acid/alkaline
level is wrong for dog's skin. However, I guess if you rinse with 50/50 white vinegar and water every time you use human shampoo it probably wouldn't do too much damage.

- I like Bobbi Panter's Itchy Dog Shampoo. It's very good on all dogs, itchy or not and rinses out pretty easily. I bought it somewhere else but here is a link to show you what it looks like.

- I have tried many shampoos over the last 30 years. Recently I discovered one made from natural oils and herbs that I really like. It leaves my current resident female Molly fresh for weeks. I tried the oatmeal for itchy sensitive skin like Mollys but it just leaves her oilier than usual. I gave it to my neighbor who has a toy poodle and it works great on her coat though. I get this shampoo called "Buddy Wash" from the "Direct Pet Superstore" catalogue out of Marysville, KS. (800)360-4838. Or you can order direct from the manufacturer in CA (800)361-9079. It comes in a 19 oz. bottle in Lavender and Mint, Rosemary and Mint, or Green Tea and Bergamot. I love it!!! For the pampered pet @ $8.95 a bottle. I also use a little bit of the Buddy Rinse just on Molly's feathers. Has a lavender and mint scent. A 19 oz. bottle is $7.95. The rinse goes a long way. So far so good. No skin irritation at all. I have been using it for a year now. It is NOT SOAP.

- I try really hard not to bathe a cairn or any dog unless it's absolutely necessary. I'll do butt baths when needed rather than a full body bath.

- Vet Solutions Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo. You can get it at your vet or order it online. It is very gentle and goes a long way.

- Lambert Kay - Oatmeal Soothing,(shampoo and sometimes conditioner) and LK puppy shampoo for the faces.

- SUAVES ORANGE SPLASH CHILDRENS SHAMPOO.. it is tearless, kills fleas and does not dry them out.

- Espree Aloe Shampoo. it's all natural human grade and doesn't burn the eyes.

Using an ExPen and Making it Stable

There are some very clever members within the CP group. Jerry B of the Injiana Corn Terror Society suggested an ingenious way to stabilize an expen so the furkids cannot move or collapse it.

To use your ex pen as a framework that the little fur terrorists cannot collapse:
· Buy ¾ inch PVC pipe – one length for each panel of the expen
· Buy connectors – 10 inch to 12 inch nylon cable ties – 3 to 4 for each expen panel
· Using a pipe cutter, cut pipe to length
· Using a wire cutter, cut holes in pipe for the cable ties
· Set up the expen
· Attach pipe to the inside bottom of each expen panel using the cable ties; also use cable ties to attach each pipe to the next.

Now the ex pen cannot turn into a worm. The furkids will be safer and happier!

If you'd like a photo of the project, please send a comment to the blog-master and I will send it to you.

Badger in Wisconsin is Doing Great!

He is sleeping all night in his crate...not even a peep out of him until morning. He has learned how to 'DO" stairs - both up and down. He goes up and down like there is nothing to it. He is mostly housebroken and if he has an accident it is usually because a signal was missed. Duane is still learning Badger's ways and sounded very happy with the new furkid. He related that Badger growls at his food in his bowl, but has shown no aggression. He is getting along OK with their other dog, Bailly. Sounds like a happy family!

Xylitol Warning - Don't Let Your Pets Eat It!!

I checked this out on Snopes & it is true. Here is the link to further information:

Warning to all dog owners - pass this on to everyone you can

Last Friday evening, I arrived home from work, fed Chloe, our 24 Lb. dachshund, just as I normally do. Ten minutes later I walked into the den just in time to see her head inside the pocket of Katie's friend's purse. She had a guilty look on her face so I looked closer and saw a small package of sugar-free gum. It contained xylitol. I remembered that I had recently read that sugar-free gum can be deadly for dogs so I jumped on line and looked to see if xylitol was the ingredient. I found the first website below and it was the one.

Next, I called our vet. She said to bring her in immediately. Unfortunately, it was still rush hour and it took me almost 1/2 hour to get there. Meanwhile, since this was her first case, our vet found another website to figure out the treatment.

She took Chloe and said they would induce her to vomit, give her a charcoal drink to absorb the toxin (even though they don't think it works) then they would start an IV with dextrose. The xylitol causes dogs to secrete insulin so their blood sugar drops very quickly. The second thing that happens is liver failure. If that happens, even with aggressive treatment, it can be difficult to save them. She told us she would call us. Almost two hours later, the vet called and said that contents of her stomach contained 2-3 gum wrappers and that her blood sugar had dropped from 90 to 59 in 30 minutes.

She wanted us to take Chloe to another hospital that has a critical care unit operating around the clock. We picked her up and took her there. They had us call the ASPCA poison control for a case number and for a donation, their doctors would direct Chloe's doctor on treatment. They would continue the iv, monitor her blood every other hour and then in 2 days test her liver function. She ended up with a central line in her jugular vein since the one in her leg collapsed, just as our regular vet had feared.

Chloe spent almost the entire weekend in the critical care hospital. After her blood sugar was stabilized, she came home yesterday. They ran all the tests again before they released her and so far, no sign of liver damage. Had I not seen her head in the purse, she probably would have died and we wouldn't even had known why. Three vets told me this weekend, that they were amazed that I even knew about it since they are first learning about it too. Please tell everyone you know about Xylitol and dogs. It may save another life.

Update on Maggie (fka Obama) in Kansas

Maggie's Mom wrote:
This past weekend I went to Topeka to see my parents. My Mom has been having some issues lately so I went alone so I could focus on whatever her or my Dad needed. I left Bob and Maggie here in Emporia.

Well I pull up to their home and my Dad is in the garage tinkering dressed in his overalls and farmers hat. I smile, give him a hug and wish him Happy Father’s Day. “Thanks”, he said. “Where’s the dog? Did you bring the dog?” “No, I left her at home with Bob.” He’s not smiling anymore.

So I walk in the door to my Mom. “Hi”, she said. “Where’s the dog?” “She’s at home”, I said. So we sit down. Lil Bit (their dog) jumps up and starts sniffing around as she always does. Dad said, “She wants to know where the dog is.” I honestly thought I was going to have to get back in the car, drive an hour back home, and come back!

They have only met Maggie once but both fell in love with her. My Mom generally likes it when I dedicate my time just for her but I guess next time, I better take the dog! They will be down this next weekend as my kids and Granddaughter will be here. It will be a challenge for Maggie to have that many people in the house but I am sure Dad will pick her up and sit her in the chair with him to keep her safe.

Maggie is doing well. She loves the doggie park and pretty much every time, goes into her “Georgie run”. She is half way through obedience class and is doing pretty good. She would be doing much better if the people went home and left the dogs but she is trying! We have already mastered basic commands, like sit, down, up, etc. The obedience class is more about exposure, socialization, etc.

We have conquered any fear about riding in a car. She loves to go anywhere we take her and even with the gas prices, we try and take her out even if for just short trips. We are still working on the thunderstorms but I really do think it is getting a little better. We finally got a CD and will be playing that tonight. We have had so many storms lately; I want to keep her in the mode. She, at least, doesn’t bark at every rumble anymore.

Maggie is definitely a top dog!

Update on Angus (fka Agassi) in Oregon

"Angus is a BALL OF FIRE! He is so smart and we just love him." This is what forever Dad Mike B said when asked how Angus was doing. They are still working on perfecting the art of housebreaking and Angus is doing much better. He is still wearing his belly band during the day. He has finally got the hang of doing his business when he goes out for a walk with Mak. Mak, their resident Westie, and Angus have gotten along very well. No fights or arguments so far. Their daughters just love him and Sheila said they will have to check their daughters' suitcases before they leave so they don't take Angus with them. All in all it sounded like everyone was very happy and sounds like Angus found a wonderful forever home!

Lacy's Game

Lacy, a cairn princess in California, created a new game, well one that’s been in the making for awhile, but that just makes my heart giggle like a little kid when she does it. Lacy plays the game only when Mom Kim is with her, or if Dad Steve is far enough away that she doesn’t feel she needs to keep an eye on him.

Ms. Lacy Princess is a work in progress – she’s the most precious, loving, sweet, and gentle dog I could imagine – and I love her to pieces for this, as well as dozens of other reasons. But when I come home, I open the bedroom door, kick off my shoes, put on my sandals, grab a leash and off we go, Lacy and I for a little walk before dinner. She started doing this periodically before moving to the new house, but it is a daily routine now, and on some days, it’s everytime I come in from outside.

She jumps up on the bed, sits up pretty, her two front paws waving at me… and I bend down and pretend like I’m going to kiss her but pull away and make silly little kid noises (come on, you know you all do these noises with your furkids too!) Anyway, after 2 or 3 times of pulling away, I finally let her give me a kiss and I do smooches all over her face and mess up her fur really good. She then plays the “Kissy Game” – getting close and pulling away, getting close and pulling away – until she finally decides she’s going to be a little comedian, she chomps down on my nose... of course not hard at all.

I swear, every time she does this her smile gets bigger and bigger – until she flops herself on her back, belly in the air for a good tummy rub before we go for a walk. LOL She’s such a character! Don’t you just love when these little scaredypants start doing silly “normal” doggy things and start to forget about the boogeyman that could be around the corner?

Give all your kids a smooch for me for that special little silly thing that they do ONLY for you and that just makes your heart giggle like you were 6 years old again. - Kim

Monday, June 16, 2008

We Have Tunes!

Working on this blog is a labor of love - love of course for our Cairn kids, but also for the two-foots who rescue them, as well as the blessed forever families who adopt them! Love as an emotion needs music to better express it. So I am very happy to now have music on the blog!!

Turn on your speakers, and enjoy the tunes while you read the happy-ever-after stories of our adopted cairns, or get some great behavior advice. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to select another track. Have a favorite you'd like to nominate? Then just leave a note and I'll check it out.

And while you are at the bottom of the page, check out the slideshow of our adopted kids. As always, thanks for visiting the blog!!

It's 11 pm - do you know where your Cairn is??


Beeny went to her forever home yesterday She's such a happy little girl and I know she's going to have a wonderful life and be spoiled rotten by her mom -- well, spoiled more that is. She was my first foster, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. She was a "perfect" cairn princess. Happy forever, sweetheart!! Susan & Ken, foster mom & dad. .

Eleanor's Fourth Anniversay of Her Gotcha Day!

It was four years ago today (Fathers Day) that we made the six hour drive round trip to pick up Eleanor to be our very first foster. By the time we arrived home that evening, we knew she would never leave us.

She has blossomed from a timid little girl to a slightly over weight Queen of the house! Her love of life and zeal for adventure have kept us all young at heart! But then, isn;t that what we all yearn for? To belong and to feel totally loved and accepted? Eleanor has given us the gift of her unconditional love and we celebrate her fourth anniversary with hearts full of love and appreciation for the entire Colonel Potter rescue miracle!

Dee and Galynn
Eleanor and Teddy
Spring, Tx

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shelalegh is now Raven

Another update from Pac MJ:

Last night I spoke to Sandy Stone who adopted Shelalegh back in April. She reported that Shelalegh, now Raven is doing very well. She has discovered her prey drive and is very interested in what the squirrels are doing. Raven and her two male siblings go to doggy daycare once a week and all three come home tired and worn out - a good benefit! Raven is very sweet and well-mannered. Sandy's other two terriers have not engaged her in play, but Sandy feels it should be very soon. Sandy fell and broke her hand and nose (ouch!) so she hasn't been able to type very well.

Howard Update

From Mary Jean, Howard's PAC:
Monday night I spoke with Paul DiPasquale who adopted Howard in May. Paul is very happy with Howard and described him as a delightful dog. He is very good on walks and is friendly with everyone he meets. Howard has no housebreaking issues and doesn't seem to mind when Paul is away at work. Paul has a pet sitter when he travels and the pet sitter loves Howard, too. (Personally, I think Howard is one of the cutest cairns to come through CP this year. I love the dark ones!) Paul is interested in attending the CRAP being held in Rome, NY, so I will send him some information.

Organizations that Offer Help with Pet Medical Expenses

Thanks to Patti for crossposting this information!!

Blind Dogs
IMOM Blind Dogs Fund:

In Memory of Magic (IMOM) is dedicated to insuring that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged. IMOM, Inc PO Box 282 Cheltenham, MD 20623 Phone (866)-230-2164 Fax (301)-599-1852

United Animal Nations established the LifeLine fund in 1997 to aid companion animals in times of life-threatening emergencies when their caregivers, with low or no incomes, are unable to afford the entire cost of treatment. United Animal Nations P.O. Box 188890 Sacramento, California 95818 Telephone: (916) 429 2457 fax: (916) 429 2456 LifeLine Fund -

Help-A-Pet is a nonprofit organization, which provides financial assistance for the medical care of pets whose guardians are unable to afford the expense Help-A-Pet P. O. Box 244 Hinsdale, Illinois 60521 Telephone: (630) 986-9504 fax: (630) 986-9141

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Programs provides financial assistance for emergency medical care for cats. FVEAP 1641 Elizabeth Lane Yuba City, CA 95993 Fax: 888-301-4264

IMOM Diabetic Pet Fund
Diabetic Pet Fund:

Special Needs cats
Cats in Crisis:

Blind Dogs
IMOM Blind Dogs Fund:

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)
IMOM Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) Kitties Fund

Cats in Crisis Mesa Fund

Cats - Heart and Thyroid
Cats in Crisis Stripes Fund

Cats - Neurological conditions and mobility impairments
Cats in Crisis Gillie Fund

Assistance Dog Partners

FUNDING FOR ORGANIZATIONS (Specific animals needing veterinary care):

If you have a specific breed of dog, contact the national club for that breed. In some cases, these clubs offer a veterinary financial assistance fund. Here are a few websites for groups that provide financial assistance for specific breeds:

Bernese Mountain Dog
Doberman (special needs)
Great Pyrenees
Labrador Retriever
Pit Bull/Staffordshire Terrier

American Animal Hospital Association "The heartbreak happens all too often ? a pet owner is unable to afford treatment and their sick or injured companion animal pays the price. If the owner is elderly, disabled or on a fixed income, the cost of care may be too much of a stretch for their pocketbook. Perhaps they have been victimized by crime, property loss or a job layoff and are experiencing a temporary financial hardship ? making it too difficult to afford pet care. And some animals, brought to clinics by Good Samaritans, don't have an owner to pay for treatment. Whatever the situation, the fact remains the same: When sick or injured animals are unable to receive veterinary care, they suffer. Through the AAHA Helping Pets Fund, veterinary care is possible for sick or injured pets even if they have been abandoned or if their owner is experiencing financial hardship."

Angels 4 Animals "Angels4Animals, a non-profit organization and a program of Inner Voice Community Services, has a mission to serve as the guardian angel of animals whose caretakers find themselves in difficult financial situations. At Angels4Animals we believe that animal owners should not have to say goodbye to the animals that they love. Our work is accomplished in conjunction with veterinary clinics across the country, eager to assist as many animals, and their owners, as possible. Our services range from financial aid to complete treatment to those pets and pet owners in need."

Care Credit A credit card company for health care, including veterinary care. "CareCredit, the leader in patient/client financing, has helped more than 3 million patients/clients get the treatment or procedures they needed and wanted. With a comprehensive range of plan options, for treatment or procedure fees from $1 to over $25,000, we offer a plan and a low monthly payment to fit comfortably into almost every budget."

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (FVEAP) "The NEED & The HELP: Seniors, People with disabilities, People who have lost their job, Good Samaritans who rescue a cat or kitten - any of these folks may need financial assistance to save a beloved companion."

The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save their companions when life-threatening illness or injury strikes.

Help-A-Pet "Our efforts focus on serving the elderly, the disabled, and the working poor. For lonely seniors, physically/mentally challenged individuals and children of working parents, pets represent much more than a diversion."

IMOM "Mission Statement: Helping people help pets. To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals. We are dedicated to insure that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged."

The Pet Fund "The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care. Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or emergency vet visits. Companion animal owners must often make the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect urgent medical needs because of the costs involved. The purpose of the Pet Fund is to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost."

United Animal Nations "The mission of LifeLine is to help homeless or recently rescued animals suffering from life-threatening conditions that require specific and immediate emergency veterinary care. We strive to serve Good Samaritans and rescue groups who take in sick or injured animals. In certain cases, LifeLine can also assist senior citizens and low-income families pay for immediate emergency veterinary care."

UK Assistance with Veterinary Bills "Most of us can cope with the financial commitment involved in the day to day care of our pets. However, how many of us come out in a cold sweat when our pet is ill or injured and we know we have to take it to the vet? Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford it but, some of us who love our animals dearly cannot. Unfortunately we do not have a PDSA or a RSPCA Centre within our area, but there are a few charities who may be able to help."

Other Groups Who are Breed or Injury Specific:
Corgi Aid
Dachshunds Needing IVDD surgery <> "From time to time, recognizes a caretaker of handicapped pets that need some special attention, and a little extra help. There are those who are so selflessly dedicated to their animal families that they give up a little more than they can afford."

Labrador Lifeline
LabMed: Rx For Rescued Labs

Meatloaf - A Foster Flunkee

Meatloaf was a former pet store puppy who found his way to Colonel Potter when his family moved. He had been in his foster home just a short time when foster dad decided this boy was already home and would be going no where else. Thankfully the matchmakers agreed that he could stay. Since then he has been having the time of his life! This guy loves nothing better than playing with water and once flooded the kitchen while playing in his water bowl. He now finds himself living on a lake and while he is not fond of being submerged in the water he does love playing in the shallows and chasing the floating toys in the kiddie pool. His very favorite activity is chasing the spray from the, fun, fun! He also loves zooming with his westie brother and cairn sister, adores the little grand child who visits weekly and thinks boat rides are the absolute best! Every day is a new adventure for this boy and he constantly brings smiles to the faces of his family.

Rooster Cogburn Update

Rooster Cogburn was a sad and stinky little boy in a shelter when he was discovered by Colonel Potter. He came in as a guardian angel dog due to his numerous health issues including bladder stones and a severely damaged eye which had to be removed. He was an older dog who would need a special diet and we all worried about this sweet little one eyed dog ever finding a forever home. Silly us!

He was spotted on the website by his wonderful forever mom who knew immediately that nothing would do but for this little guy to be hers. The rest of the family agreed that he was the perfect one for them and happily foster mom and the matchmakers thought so too! In no time at all Rooster was packed off with his new family to live in VA.

Recently his mom reported that he is healthy, happy, and enjoying his summer at the shore and...he is truly the "Prince" among a family of sisters, both the fur kind and human. His dad is also very, very happy to finally have another male in the house. His mom said Rooster now has a spring in his step, smiles all the time, enjoys going for long walks on the beach and is loved by all who meet him. Happy forever little man!

Andy (fka Barrett) Update

MatchMaker Sydney received the following update from Barrett, now Andy's family:

It looks like you're a pretty good matchmaker! We met with Deb and Jim on Saturday in Little Rock to pick up Barrett. His new name is Andrew (Andy). He is a real sweetie!

Deb and Jim did a great job with him--he is comfortable with me, my husband, and both Scooter and Piper. I really appreciate all the hard work they put in getting him ready for a forever home. Scooter and Piper went with us to pick up Andy. They got acquainted walking at the rest stops. In the hotel, they interacted really well--no problems.

Piper was a little standoffish -- Andy didn't mind because he was focused on Scooter, who tolerated all the pestering quite well! Now that we are home (for less than 24 hrs), Scooter has let Andy know a couple of times when he's had enough!

The only issue Piper has with him involves toys, but that will work itself out.Anyway, thanks for all your hard work. As you know, I didn't start out with a puppy in mind. But I think it's great because he's not fully molded--he will learn a lot from Scooter and Piper. I know that an adult dog would also, but in a different way.

Thanks! Linda

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Barrett is now Andy

Saturday was Barrett's (now Andy) adoption day. Here's a pic of him with his new parents.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Leo Does Doggie Summer Camp!

Bobbie sent an update on her former foster Ambrose, who is now known as Leo. Leo originally came into rescue as an owner surrender because of his extreme storm phobia. It took a bit of work but his mom and dad report that he rarely even reacts to storms at all anymore and has turned into a very happy and self assured little boy.

He recently spent a week with his former foster parents at Doggie Summer Camp on Lake Harding while his family went out of town. Leo arrived at his old foster home, threw down his bags, greeted the three resident dogs and hopped right up in foster mom's chair. He had a great week zooming with the residents who clearly remembered him, participated in brisk games of "Diving for carrots" in the kiddie pool, went boating on the lake and spent a good bit of time lounging around the grill while foster dad cooked. His favorite activity of all was playing with his buddy Meatloaf. He looked just beautiful and is clearly happy and well loved in his forever home. Foster mom and dad hope he will be back for the camping experience next year.

Here are Leo and Meatloaf enjoying a boatride...that's Leo on the left.

Bobbie also spoke with Rooster Cogburn's mom (was hoping they'd make it to NY for crap) and she said he is absolutely perfect! He has settled in, seems to realize he has reached the end of the road and is in his forever home, and her whole family adores him. She said he is soooo happy to see everyone who comes through the door. They apparently have a busy household and he loves it.

Rooster is special to both of us - I pulled him from the Jax shelter and he received excellent medical care from Drs. Jones, Waters & Staff here in Jax; Bobbie expertly fostered Rooster!

About Wellington - Going Home Soon

Usually, we don't post updates until the kids are in their forever homes. But Kathy's post about Wellington is too touching not to share! And Wellington will be in his loving forever home very soon and you'll have an even better appreciation for what these kids endure.

I don't know if I ever posted a thank you to Deirdre for Wellington's beautiful blanket. She sent it with him on his transport to me just about 6 weeks ago.

Six weeks ago, this boy went in his crate at the vet's office head first and rode the first three hours of his transport too scared to turn around and face the world. Tomorrow he's going to his Forever Home in Kansas City.

We are meeting his mom, Peggy Lewis, and brother, Winston, a nine year old cairn who just lost his brother Christopher in April.

Christopher needed a buddy after losing his brother to cancer - he's moped around the house looking for him ever since. So Peggy found CP, and she said when she saw Wellington, she knew he was the one :-)

This will be foster number eight for me to have adopted in the last eleven months, and only the second time I've got to meet the new family. So even though I'm sad about him leaving, I'm thrilled he'll have a buddy to help him continue on his journey realizing what joys life holds for him outside a puppy mill and that awful cage in a barn he was in for three years.

He's come a long way in those six weeks - he enjoys the human touch instead of flinching when a hand comes his way. He loves laying on the couch next to me, and he'll even seek me out in the rest of the house.

Since Randall came almost two weeks ago, we've been working him into the kitchen to eat his meals with the other dogs - a very scary step for a boy unsure of himself and scared of the slightest noises like the other kid's tags hitting their bowls and the bowls themselves scooting across the floor as they're emptied.

He still can't walk on a leash - you're like a puppeteer moving him where you want him to be, and he can come in thru the doorway from outside if you prop the screen open and move out of the way, but he can't go out as it's still just too scary. But his new mom knows of his fears and is willing to work with him thru them until he finds that peace inside to have that true Cairn spirit.

Thank you, Auntie Deirdre, for his lovely blanket and for rescuing him from Hell. . . . . . . Kathy H in MO

Newman Arrives at His Forever Home - from Mom Mo

First I want to publicly thank all of the many, many volunteers who helped bring my little man home. This was a long transport and you all made it seem so easy.

I know Marge was worried but not me, I know our teams handle each and every baby as if it were their own and this was no different. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, Mr. Newman is currently occupying a large expen in my cool bedroom, babygated from the mob for now and has eaten supper and sucked down a half bowl of water with gusto. He seems a bit stressed but I guess I would be too if I traveled the distance he has in a crate.

He is currently communicating with Lily through the babygate. She just does not understand why he cannot come out and play right now! There will be plenty of time for that, he needs to settle a bit and we will see how the introductions go on a one on one basis tomorrow or the next day.

Every member of the herd has taken a turn at sniffing at the gate and cocking their heads looking at their new brother. I can forsee no problems integrating him in with all of them. He will need to be watched carefully to make sure no one gets rough with him.

Thank you, Marge, for doing such a wonderful job fostering him and agreeing to let him go - I know that must have been difficult.


Update on Laurie in Michigan

Laurie (part of the Revolutionary group) is now living in MI with Jill and Don and furbrother Toby!! Laurie didn't take to Don all that much, but they said Toby is the same way so he will be the feeder and treat-giver in the house! I have received two emails from Jill so far. Laurie at first didn't like Toby at all, growling and such so of course they kept them separated. Jill said that Laurie cried for about the first hour or so on the way home but finally settled in. Jill said she is a climber as they babygated her in a room, Jill came around the corner to find her halfway out, put her back in and came back five minutes later to find her out and she and Toby sniffing each other and acting like they are life long friends. She signed off by saying they were both sitting between them on the couch!! This may be a little more difficult transition than Jill was expecting, but it sounds like they are on the right path! They were both wonderful to meet and I know that Laurie is definitely going to be a princess in the house!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

May 2008 Adoptions

Nala in NJ
Howard in NY
Mona in SC
Graham in TX
Dagny in MI
Hedda in BC
Beacon in IN
Jersey in MA
Kale in VA
Emmylou in IN
Obama now Maggie in KS
Kirsty in MD
Banjo in PA
Nigel Thomas in OH
Carissa now Chloe in FL
Galileo in MI
Clinton in MI
Cutty in MI
Frost in NY
Imena in NJ
Badger in WI
Snickerdoodle in VT
Gingerbread in NY
Hunter in TX
Mickey D in TX
Reggiano in IN
Cormick in PA
Hannukah in MO

Dunham in KS

Gingerbread Update

Hi, Ginger is doing fine. I took her to the vet yesterday and all is well. She only weighs 15.5 lbs. but I'm sure she will gain weight slowly, the vet said she should gain 2-3 lbs. She loves the backyard and this morning it was raining when I let her out to go to the bathroom but she ran back and forth several times and didn't want to come in. She finally came in and then sat by the door until I let her out again. She is very sweet and lovable. She sleeps now with my son on his bed but her crate is on the floor so if she wants to go in she can. We are very happy. I will keep in touch. Sincerely, Jodi

Update on Banjo #3203

I spoke with Erica this evening. Banjo is doing very well. He has settled in as part of the family. He sleeps with the daughter, but sometimes comes in with Erica and Rudy. He has a little anxiety when left, but that seems to be getting better. Erica was concerned that he did not eat well in the morning the first week, but that is improving as well. They talked to Becky and decided to leave the food down so that he could eat freely. She is scheduling his meet with the vet next week. They absolutely love him. Erica said that Banjo is a wonderful dog. They are keeping his name.

Aisling, Class of February 2006

I just received this from Linda: By the way, Aisling (rescued Nov. 2005; adopted by us Feb. 2006) is doing great. She just went to the groomer's on Monday so she's a clean gal to go see her "grandma" in Cleveland.

Snickerdoodle Update

Well, I never thought I would have the chance to say this but I got to go see Snicks in his new home - 2 weeks anniversary tomorrow!! How great is it having a long-time foster living nearby - I'll tell you, it is beyond great.

I had ordered a bottle of Frageria for his new Mom so that was my "excuse" to stop by and get an update and of course a hug from my favorite foster Boy. He is doing SO super - I think he was actually worried I was going to make him leave... LOL. At first he was a little shy but all of a sudden he realized it was me and I got a wonderful greeting.

Of course his new brother, Brodie who's just a baby (1.5 years) had to get in on the action. They are becoming best buddies and play together and sleep up in the window together. And at night they get beds put on their Mom and Dad's bed and they sleep together all night too. Then we all went down and checked out the completely fenced in backyard which was 3/4 done when I did the home visit. Snicks Mom said they just love it and are constantly racing around - they even had a bunny trapped one day before she took pity on it and put them in the house so the rabbit could escape. She said Snicks sat near the place where the bunny disappeared for AGES - that boy always did have a good prey drive.

She is very much in love - he is the perfect dog - she wanted a cuddler, which Brodie is not and she sure got one with Snicks. He is no longer following her every time she moves which is probably a good thing - that also means he is more comfortable in his surroundings. And get this, my little guy who was always so scared on walks and also scared of younger kids, has at least one walk every day and LOVES it and he is learning to be friends with the kids in the neighborhood - slowly - still a little cautious but he does that - he just needs a little time to adjust to anything. He had a great report at the vets. Allyson has gotten all the grooming supplies (Thanks Danielle for getting her order to her so fast!) - table, Coat King, etc. and can't wait to learn to take care of their coats - Brodie is in need of some grooming. She also uses the grooming table to put him up and brush his teeth daily.

His two new human siblings who are older teens, love him too and he is crazy about them. I couldn't have found a more perfect home for him if I walked around and hand picked this one. I'm so blessed these folks just happened to be looking for a dog and he was not just scooped up because he was a prize. And he must have been in foster care longer just so the perfect family - HIS family could come along and find him. And of course they have my offer to pet sit he and Brodie ANYTIME...
Susan in Vermont

Angus (fka Agassi) is Home

Agassi (now Angus) went to his forever home yesterday. His new mom, Sheila, loves him so much already. Angus has a new brother, a ten year old Westie named MacKenzie. A big thank you to Valerie, Stacey, Allison, and the many others who helped get him there! Here is a picture of him with mom Sheila.

Zuri is in Her Forever Home

Thanks to all who helped in approving our request to flunk! Zuri is officially home! She is the Cairn/Pom mix with diabetes and pancreatic insufficiency who was kept outside on an Illinois farm and slept in a barn.

Through a lot of detective work and with the help of a great vet, we found the diabetes diagnosis was wrong (a lab error!). The EPI (pancreatic failure) is chronic and incurable - but treatable. She'll need enzymes mixed in every morsel of food that goes in her mouth the rest of her life. She has to have 4 meals per day and be monitored carefully for complications. Already, the diarrhea has stopped and she's putting some meat on her skinny bones. For all she's been through, she's a sassy, sweet girl.

Vet said Zuri would not have survived another 90 days if she hadn't been rescued. Thank you, Col. Potter!

Cheryl (Norry, Cassie, Beanie, Mac, AND ZURI)

The Rescuer's Final Reward

Unlike most days at the Rainbow Bridge, this day dawned cold and gray. All the recent arrivals at the Bridge did not know what to think, as they had never seen such a day. But the animals who had been waiting longer for their beloved people to accompany them across the Bridge knew what was happening, and they began to gather at the pathway leading to the Bridge.

Soon an elderly dog came into view, head hung low and tail dragging. He approached slowly, and though he showed no sign of injury or illness, he was in great emotional pain. Unlike the animals gathered along the pathway, he had not been restored to youth and vigor upon arriving at the Bridge. He felt out of place, and wanted only to cross over and find happiness.

But as he approached the Bridge, his way was barred by an angel, who apologized and explained that the tired and broken-spirited old dog could not cross over. Only those animals accompanied by their people were allowed to cross the Bridge. Having nobody, and with nowhere else to turn, the dog trudged into the field in front of the Bridge.

There he found others like himself, elderly or infirm, sad and discouraged. Unlike the other animals waiting to cross the Bridge, these animals were not running or playing. They simply were lying in the grass,staring forlornly at the pathway across the Rainbow Bridge. The old dog took his place among them, watching the pathway and waiting, yet not knowingfor what he was waiting.

One of the newer dogs at the Bridge asked a cat who had been there longer to explain what was happening. The cat replied, 'Those poor animals were abandoned, turned away, or left at rescue places, but never found a home on earth. They all passed on with only the love of a rescuer to comfort them. Because they had no people to love them, they have nobody to escort them across the Rainbow Bridge.'

The dog asked the cat, 'So what will happen to those animals?' Before the cat could answer, the clouds began to part and the cold turned to bright sunshine. The cat replied, 'Watch, and you will see.'

In the distance was a single person, and as he approached the Bridge the old, infirm and sad animals in the field were bathed in a golden light. They were at once made young and healthy, and stood to see what their fate would be. The animals who had previously gathered at the pathway bowed their heads as the person approached. At each bowed head, the person offered a scratch or hug. One by one, the now youthful and healthy animals from the field fell into line behind the person. Together, they walked across the Rainbow Bridge to a future of happiness and unquestioned love.

The dog asked the cat, 'What just happened?' The cat responded, 'That was a rescuer. The animals gathered along the pathway bowing in respect were those who had found their forever homes because of rescuers. They will cross over when their people arrive at the Bridge. The arrival here of a rescuer is a great and solemn event, and as a tribute they are permitted to perform one final act of rescue. They are allowed to escort all those poor animals they couldn't place on earth across the Rainbow Bridge.'

The dog thought for a moment, then said, 'I like rescuers.' The cat smiled and replied, 'So does heaven, my friend. So does heaven!'

Update on Chloe (fka Carissa)

Chloe is doing wonderfully in her home. For a seven-month old, she is learning very well. Has some potty accidents, but is making progress. Because of her age they leave her in a large crate when gone and will gradually increase her freedom as she matures. She and the resident Yorkie (about 2 yrs) play very well. After a few days, the Yorkie taught Chloe to play tug of war, chase, and tumble. These two girls seem to be getting along well and are becoming best buddies. Gary said that Chloe actually listens to "no" and is eager to please. They will be meeting the vet in the next week or so. Chloe is doing well with routine. She loves to go on walks in the morning and evening. I stressed using two leashes.Chloe has started guarding her home. I could hear her barking in the background while looking out the window at passersby. Gary said that they are absolutely thrilled with her, and she has brought such joy and fun to the home.

Update on Skylar (previously Dagny)

Hi to everyone-
Just thought I'd send an update, Skylar was neutered yesterday, so we'll be sending the documentation out for that. He did just fine, was a little wobbly, woozy and sleepy afterward but is back to his normal Cairn self this morning.

At six months, he is now 7.5 lbs - I was expecting him to gain more since we brought him home because he's been eating like a horse and loves the new Merrick food we started him on shortly after we brought him home. But he expends a lot of energy going for walks with me and playing with his sisters, the neighbor dogs, all the dogs at the soccer fields, and his new step brother, Nero the Rhodesian Ridgeback (the girls' dad just got him). It's great having Nero around, because this is giving Skylar practice for when we get our Rhodesian Ridgeback girl in the fall.

Once the neuter recovery is complete, we'll be starting obedience, although he's super smart and already knows "no," "leave it" and "come." Now we're working on "stand" and "stay." He still loves going for walks, but just recently decided to make a fool of me by planting his feet and refusing to walk further after about a mile, so I had to carry him home the last half mile. Love that Cairn stubbornness!!

Skylar is adored by all here, and we're just so happy to have him as part of our family. I'm going to try and get a picture of him with his buddy Nero to send along - they love to wrestle, and you're just as likely to see Skylar sitting on top of Nero as the other way around! Thanks again to everyone for helping to make this happen. We can't tell you enough what a wonderful thing you've done.
Laura, Grace & Erin

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grover Update

Grover & Sydney are doing great! She adores him, every day when she gets home from school she lets him out of his crate and gives him a hug for as long as he'll sit still for her. He really is a great little dog :) I'm attaching some pictures of him from over the past year in a zip file. Thanks again for everything, Cassie, Syd, & I couldn't imagine not having him around. He's become a very special part of the family.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Limping, Xrays, Supplements

Here is some more great advice from Bonnie. She is respondng to a new adoptive Mom whose 8- year-old male cairn has been limping, and may need an xray.

If you're going to have an xray done, try to work with Noah before doing that to see if you can get him to lie still in various positions for short periods. There is really NO reason why a dog HAS to be put under anesthesia for xrays. The vet wants to knock him out and do the xrays as quickly as possible for his own reasons which may not be best for the dog. I'd see if another nearby vet might be willing to do xrays without anesthesia.

I'd recommend positive training like clicker training where you> get him to lie still for just a second and then give him a treat. Work on extending the time he will lie still. Of course, I'm assuming that he doesn't lie still easily. You can also give a short massage after the treat to increase the time relaxed.

I'm going to give you a link to one of the websites I use all the time. It is owned by Mary Straus who has been a great friend to Col. Potter dogs and is likely to get a Cairn in the future. Here's a link to her section on supplements for arthritic dogs.

Dental Procedure for Our Senior Kids

Bonnie, our resident nutrition expert, recently sent the following advice to a concerned Mom. Queen Scarlett, a 10-yr-old puppy mill survivor now happily living in her Colorado forever home, needs a dental.

Anytime our kids require a medical procedure, especially anesthesia, we are concerned. A first step is to check out Mary Straus' list of pre- and post-op recommendations:

Here's a link to one section of an excellent series of articles on dentals by either Nancy Campbell and/or Christie Keith both of whom are on the K9 Nutrition Yahoo list and are awesomely helpful ladies!

Remember that Acepromazine aka ACE is not recommended to be used with terriers as instead of being a calmative it often has an opposite reaction. ACE is not an anesthetic so it may not be considered for usage but some vets use it either before or after.

Since Scarlett may lose one or more teeth, post-procedure, I'd either offer her canned food or feed things like baby food meat the first couple of meals, then you can go to scrambled eggs with cheese for a couple of meals. By then you can probably give her cooked, shredded chicken or you can make her cooked ground beef or ground turkey with way overcooked rice (use double the normal amount of water when cooking the rice and cook it for double the normal time). Then you may start to add kibble back into her meals and if it'sa largish kibble you can beat it to death with a hammer or put it in the blender (but it'll be loud).

I hope Bonnie's advice and the other resources are helpful if your Terreirorist faces a similar procedure! Stay calm while you're waiting for the Vet's office to call with results; post lots to CRM if you need our support! Let us know when your Baby is safely home.

Saffy (fka Gershwin) the Talking Toy Thief

Saffy is doing wonderfully...and continues to be a complete delight...and she now has a HUGE collection of toys! I am sure I will be buying one of Amy and Brian's toy boxes very soon....She (and Ollie and Olivia) just spent three days with my stepfather...while my mother and I went on a Elderhostel trip....all did very stepfather just dotes on them when he has them. Mom and I got back and I was getting all the dog gear together so we could all go home. I was putting Saffy's toys in a bag and as soon as I put the toys in; Saffy would take them out and run off with them...and while I went to go and get the toy and she would take out another one, and then I would go and get that one.... etc, was so funny we were all laughing. Will be sending more pix of The Princess....she has started funny..looks right at me and "Rrrourfghgh"...very meaningful and insightful comments I am sure!!! What a hoot she is!

Etta Update

Every now and then we are blessed with a "long ago" adoption update. Just recently, foster mom Bonnie shared this story:

I contacted the Forever Mommy of our former foster Etta. I wanted to share with her the video that has some photos of Etta being a surrogate mommy to our puppy foster Rowdy:

I always choke up when I think about Etta. One of our wonderful volunteers got to the shelter on what would have been Etta's last day on earth. They said no one would want an 8 y/o dog with hair loss from a flea infestation who circled all the time.WRONG!!! Etta came to my home for fostering and with decent care her hair quickly grew in and with love and attention the circling behavior mostly disappeared. When I got a call that someone was interested in Etta we talked about all her good points and I said I couldn't think of even one bad point to mention. A young professional woman drove 10 hours to adopt Etta in November of 2004. She stayed overnight at a motel and drove 10 hours back home. Every time we talk she says Etta is still *perfect*. Here's what her mom says now:

Etta continues to be wonderful! Right now we are living with a 1 year old Bagle (Beagle/Basset mix) and after working out a couple differences they get along well. Etta had some minor surgery in April (to have a cyst removed), but other than that she is incredibly> healthy and the vets think she may even be younger than we originally thought! Seeing how wonderful Etta is really inspired my parents to become involved with Colonel Potter. They'd always believed in animal shelters, but after getting to know Etta so well, I think it put a personal touch on the issue for them -- they absolutely adore her and cannot believe that she could have been euthanized!

I've included some recent photos of Etta for you. The first picture is of Etta running around in my parent's back yard. The second picture is of Etta after chasing my parent's dog, Mac, around the back yard and diving into a mud puddle, and the third is of Etta 'sitting pretty' for a spoonful of yogurt with Mac in the background.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Reconditioning to the Phone Ringing

Hi All, A co-worker of my daughter bought a cairn from a pet store about one year ago. (I shudder to have to say that on this website. I actually didn't know there were still any mall pet stores that sell puppies in Maryland.) Scruffy was about 2 months old when purchased so he's a little over a year old now. The owner knows that I have cairns and asked for help with a problem.Scruffy goes totally crazy when the telephone rings. He barks at other loud sounds but does not go crazy like he does when the phone rings. He has had this issue since they got him and it seems to be getting worse. They are concerned for his safety and health. If he is in his crate when it rings, he moves the crate across the floor because he goes so wild. Does anyone have any suggestions (in addition to never buying from a pet store again)?
Thanks,Kathleen, Duncan, & Buddy in MD

You know, telephone conditioning is really easy to recondition, especially since most people either have more than one home telephone number or a home and a cell. You can call yourself on the big bad phone, and pre-condition . . . calm down, good boy, NO BARK, and if he goes nuts, it's crate time. If he stops or at least holds off at times, it's meaningful treat time. Recondition them that the phone is a good thing because it's treat time, and then keep treats by the phone. Danielle