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  1. Hi there,This is an update on Prince Charlie. Over the last three weeks, Charlie has not felt the need to "mark" every square inch of our 22 acres and all the adjoining back roadways. He is a wonderful house dog and, due to the "doggy shower" held by the people in my office,he has a bed in almost every room. He is very active and exuberant on the leash and very quiet and passive in the house unless he sees the vocal Pomeranian, appropriately called Tiger who lives across the road, then he stares out the window and whines. He has a thunder shirt, but seems content to lay by my feet when thunder is rolling. He paws my foot if he feels I haven't petted him sufficiently. He loves all of our human visitors. Tiger is NOT welcome, however. Charlie is an absolutely wonderful addition to my life and I'm taking 20 minute walks 4/5 times a day--how can that be bad for anyone?