Thursday, June 30, 2011

The High Value of Dottie's Dollar

Foster Mom Deb in Arkansas says:

Little Dottie's Dollar is on her way to her forever home and happily, it's just a short drive away! 

She will have a mom who is home with her most of the day, plus a 4-yr-old cairn furbrother to play with. I think it will be a great place for her.

Attached is a pic of her new mom Robin and Robin's grandaughter Whitney. Dad Tim was hiding in the car!

About Dottie's name:

A very special Col. Potter member, Kaaren J, is known for her gorgeous Iris gardens. Each year Kaaren opens her gardens to the public and sells some of her prized Irises. Last year Kaaren offered some Irises for sale to raise donations for Col. Potter. A couple stopped at the sale along with their young daughter, Dottie. She had been given a dollar to spend as she wished. Dottie chose to donate her dollar to help the rescued cairns of Col. Potter. What a wonderful heart and soul this beautiful young girl has! This is Dottie pictured with Kaaren's cairn Kelly.

Carthage Cools in the "Pool"

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blankie Royalty: Princess Zoe

Newly adopted Princess Zoe sent this message to her royal subjects:

Thank you Carlene Van Patten and the Blankie Aunties for the beautiful blanket you sent to me - the pink and green one with Cairns on it.

Zeus likes it alot too, maybe too much. Cause it's mine ... all mine!!

Royal Furever Mum Marie,
Zeus (the sweetest boi in de wurld),
Gloria (I haz been dopted by mi fosser mummie),
Princess Zoe ( I has been dopted by mi fosser mummie too),
and Angel Chloe ( Still an empruss and watching over us)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Road Trips with Your Pet

Mustang Sally
Many people go on road trips with their pets during the summer. Pet friendly hotels are more common than ever so it can be a good idea to bring your dog or cat with you on vacation if you are worried about leaving them home.

Here are some suggestions and ideas from the Doctors and Staff at Long Beach Animal Hospital (California)
WWW.LBAH.COM to make the trip a hassle free experience.

I made a few personal edits to make this article even more relevant to the Col. Potter family. And of course, I found a new-to-me blog that looks very interesting!

Before the trip starts:
  • Get your dog or cat used to the carrier or crate they will be in during the trip.
  • Go online and find pet friendly hotels and attractions. They are increasing in number and available throughout the country.
  • Make a basic first aid kit you would use for yourself.
  • Take a list of 24 hours emergency hospitals along your route, along with the phone number of your family veterinarian; include Photocopies of medical records to expedite treatment in case of an emergency.
  • Ask your veterinarian for a recommended hospital at your destination.
  • If you pet is prone to car sickness do small rides prior to your road trip and see if this conditioning helps. Your veterinarian has tranquilizers that stop motion sickness and vomiting. Give one on a trial basis several days before the trip to see the effect and how long it lasts.
  • Get your pet micro-chipped and have a collar with ID on it at all times, including rabies information. Your phone number should also be on the ID. Bring a current photo of your pet in case it gets lost and you need to put up posters.
  • Remember that the Col. Potter Tag Program provides away from home coverage. If you are traveling with or without your pet, you can provide temporary information about where you can be contacted should your pet go missing. This could make the difference in being reunited with your pet if you are traveling with them. Having only your home information in this situation could cost huge delays in locating you. To notify us that you are going on vacation, Click Here.
  • Make sure vaccines are current because you cannot predict exposure to sick animals, and pet friendly hotels usually require them. If you are going into a poisonous snake area talk to your veterinarian about rattlesnake vaccines.
  • Bring vaccine records, including rabies, if you cross state lines. Some states require health certificates, which can be obtained from your veterinarian.
  • If your pet is on medication bring extra if feasible in case of delay in returning home.
  • Start flea products that also protect from Heartworms (spread by mosquitoes which are prevalent in much of the country in the summer) and also internal parasites (worms).

During the trip:
  • Never leave pet in a parked car even with the windows cracked open.
  • Keep the car cool with the air conditioner on, especially for the dogs that have difficulty breathing routinely (Pugs, Bulldogs, etc.).
  • Even though they seem to love it, minimize your dog hanging his head out of the window.  Flying objects (insects) and kicked up debris can injures eyes and ears.
  • Never leave pet in a parked car even with the windows cracked open.
  • Bring your own food and also water in containers. This is more convenient than trying to find it and might help minimize diarrhea or vomiting if your pet drinks water it is not used to. Bringing favorite toys.
  • If you drive in the morning give a meal the night before so they travel on a relatively empty stomach during the daytime. Adjust this feeding schedule as needed depending on what time you leave and how long you will be driving.
  • Never leave pet in a parked car even with the windows cracked open.
  • Stop every 2-4 hours for your dog to relieve himself and get a drink of water.
  • Use car safety seats and harnesses - available on the Cairn Mall, at most pet stores and online.
  • Never leave pet in a parked car even with the windows cracked open.
And check out this blog for lots of great info and articles about traveling with your pet:

Abbie and Gem: CP Girls and Fursibs

My name is Susan and I adopted American (now named Abbie) on 11/13/10. She is now 13 months old. I adopted a second cairn from CP on 4/23/11. Her name is Gem and she is about 3 yrs. old. 

The dogs get along great and we enjoy them very much. Attached is a pic of me with "my girls." We live on Long Island in New York.

Susan W

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's Happening at the Mall?

Cairn people love to shop - for our furkids as well as ourselves. So check out these sites for all the best items. Kiara and Ruthie recommend the bandanas for the coolest summer look! And Kiara will be wearing the Thundershirt for our next big storm!

Hand made Bandanas by Lynne, including some special embroidered bandanas.  Get a bandana for every season and occasion!
Custom made Belly Bands by Florence.  Great way to help house train your young male dog or help an incontinent senior!
Thundershirts in all sizes to help treat anxiety in dogs.  A must-have for the storm-phobic dog!
Hand made tied fleece blankets for pets.  Get your own pet one of our Foster Fleece Blankies!
Healthcare items for dogs and cats, including Frontline Plus, Panacur & Fragaria Vesca.  Great Prices!
Apparel for dogs of all sizes.  Excellent quality and wide selection!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emma and Gracie: Therapy Dogs in Training

I went to Darlene's facebook page and pulled this link to her dogs' PHOTOS.  
Circle is Emma, and Cube - the little Chihuahua looking cairn girl - is Gracie.  They were adopted last year in October, and they are in training to be part of Darlene's therapy pet program.

Isn't it great to know that these little girls that were virtually "cast aways" from a breeder now not only have a mom who loves them, but an extended family of volunteers who help her take care of her dogs, getting them back and forth to the hospital, and working with patients who love on them all day while they're at the hospital? 

I think she had these pics taken early this year, so the girls are a little bigger now than these pics. . . . . . .
Foster Mom Kathy H in MO

Speaking of Summer Health and Safety

Speaking of summer and reading about furkids starting to wander on their own, or picking up worms from jaunts in the parks or those pesky biting bugs - fleas, ticks and mosquito's .....
Remember CP offers a fantastic TAG ID and has awesome results for wandering furkids and they don't have to be cairn terriers, any animal is welcome to the TAG ID program.
You simply fill out the form, pay the ONE time fee and you receive your tag to put on their collars.........
and don't forget to update your information if you have moved, changed phone numbers or changed vets, simply fill out the form with the updated information and you are all set to go.
And to those worms - well, a twice a year treatment will handle all those pesky guys, just sprinkle the powder on top of their food and they are treated!
CP's price beats all other prices..............  and it is delivered to your door!
And for those biting insects - fleas and ticks and mosquito's........... you can order your frontline from CP (again another great price) and CP carries it for cats as well.
So..... maybe you do not care for Frontline....... then order your favorite product through CP's Affiliate programs, a percentage of your purchase comes back to help the cairns in need.  just click on the company you would like to do business with, order your product and your done.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fletch is One Cool Dude!

Fletcher chilling in his furever home

Furever Mom Celeste in IL recently welcomed 2 CP kids to her home and things are going great!  Celeste says: 

Patti exploring her yard
Patti cracks me up.  She walks like a Princess with her back legs going one in front of the other.  She loves to snap at bugs flying in the air, sometimes I think the bugs are invisible because I don't see them!  She is loving and funny. 

Little Fletcher still shows a little bit of fear at certain things but I do believe in time, the fear will disappear and he will be just as funny and loving as my Patti-Cake.  

They both love the other animals and love roaming the big, back yard. 

Patti is eight years old and Fletcher is 7.  Seniors rock!  I love them so very much.

 Here are Patty and Fletcher outside - Fletcher is admiring Patti's pretty new groom job!

Fearless and Friendly: Poppy fka Cress

Poppy fka Cress is very happy, loves to meet other dogs on her walks, affectionate, and now housebroken.  Her Mom said tongue in cheek that she had to be careful telling me that on the phone because "Poppy was listening".

Her Mom also said: We just returned from a walk on the local rail trail where Poppy made friends with a large Doberman.  She has no fear on any dog - large or small.  We were also able to pass on info re the Col. Potter organization to a family walking with their children - maybe they will find their forever Cairn the way I did
Poppy and I will stay connected to the Col. Potter Pals!
Kathy S

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy First Gotcha Day to Gabby!

One year ago, at the MO CRAP, little Gabby was adopted into Amy & Brian's Calliope Family 
Below is Gabby with her Fursib Rocky's ball, which she sneakily confiscated.

The toy is a “foam ball” covered with a canvas-like material (it’s a child’s toy) – Rocky loves larger ball toys.  He could have played with this for hours: See the video here.  WARNING: Bark Alert!!

Gabby's youngest fursib Tess is totally enjoying her life here, and continues to explore and find her fun and herself.  Notice her playhouse aka the S.S. Vermin.

Gabby surely landed in high cotton! Happy Gotcha Day, Gabby!

Forever Mom Daphnes in BC Canada says:

Here's a recent pic of my little angel who was rescued from a Kansas PM in October 2006. Lulu is now 4 1/2 yrs a Cairnadian!  I haven't sent any pics lately, so thought the group might like to see again the little goof I talk about.

The pic is of my sweet girl snoozing the day I got the results of her ultrasound. She is 11yrs and 5 months old.

Lulu started a 7 day induction phase of Lysodren therapy 2 days ago for Cushings Syndrome. One thing I'm learning is that Cushings isn't a death can't be cured, but it CAN be managed and a dog can lead a normal life and return to a better self. It's sure a steep learning curve though!!! 

Daphne in BC

Meet Henry: The Video

Col. Potter kids find the absolute bestest furever homes!! As proof watch this VIDEO - it has everything - humor, water ballet, baseball ....  Henry has a great life!!

His parents say:  Thanks to everyone who assisted us in adding Henry to our home.
Joe and Michelle

Pappy is so Very Happy in Montana!

One year ago, a CRAP Cairn Rescue Annual Partywas being held in Missouri. And it was Father's Day weekend with lots of people in attendance, and many more visiting virtually. When you take Col. Potter people and add a holiday, the natural result is a celebration ceremony – this one centered around those great Cairn Dads and Foster Dads.

Pappy at Intake June 2010
During the presentation, a promise was made that the next mill dog daddy that came into CP would be named “PAPPY” and that “he will be yours – each and every one of you."

Well shortly after, that promise was kept and this handsome shy boy came to be a Col. Potter kid. Pappy was lovingly fostered By Gina K in Kansas.

Susan and Jeff B, Pappy's furever family in Montana, recently sent us this great update: 

I would love to report on our boy Pappy.  WOWWWW! Where do I start? When he first came to us, he was horribly afraid of anything and everything; the slightest squeak, wind blowing, the klink of a fork on a dish;  He would run and try to hide when I came in the door.  
There were moments when I thought he could never be a loving, happy boy- but we didn’t give up and Pappy has turned the corner.

He is happy, and loving.  His fears are being conquered little by little and he is an absolute joy and love of my life.  He sleeps between  my husband and me- along with 2 other Cairns whom he adores.  I cook for 2 of the 3 dogs, the third - Tessy has chronic kidney and liver disease.

He just had His new Summer haircut- I went to the groomer and stayed with him-held him- most of the time. It worked out great because it became a non-threatening situation. I know we will get another”Pappy” from Colonel Potter in the future.

Pappy is in his forever after home and we are so very fortunate to have him in our Life. He brings joy and happiness to me every day and now - finally - we're bringing that to his life.

Pappy with his Fursibs
Cairn TV

Cairn Heaven

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

A father is so much more than daddy, dad or pops,
The daddy-men here today have earned the rank of "tops"!
For every time you pick me up, scratch my ears or wrestle,
You say you love my little self, for that I have to nestle.

It takes a special kind of man to be a Cairn Dad,
Sometimes we are feisty and can make a human mad,
Like when we eat your glasses, medicine, remote or shoes.
But you always end up loving us, and sharing our ARROOOOS!

Thanks for always walking me and filling up my bowl.
Thanks for taking extra naps and sharing bites of roll. 
Thanks for always picking up my poo, and cleaning out my ears.
Thanks for sharing everyday and belaying all my fears.

It is for you dad that this day was made,
For you that today we will celebrate.
For ME that I have to give a cheer,
Without you DAD, I wouldn’t be here!

All the little Cairns that have known a Dad’s love through CP
  By Marla and Amy

My Dad "Popa Ed" with Foster Scupper January 2007

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ella and Walter Demonstrate Cairn Yoga

Ella shows "The Yawn"

Walter doe "The Pant"

Mom messed up her foot and she can't take us for a walk so she ordered us outside to have fun and run around.
She took pictures of us outside having our fun. 
Walter did pretty good he actually worked up a pant.  Me, well I am a Duchess and didn't want to sweat any. 
Mom gave up on us and shooed us back in side while mumbling a lot of stuff  - I think some was not nice.
Ella Duchess of Pensashire
Sir Walter Dog in waiting 

Mickey has a "Staycation"

Hope all is well.  We just got back from vacation yesterday afternoon.  Every year we go to the Americade motorcycle event held in New York State.  We got to meet up with old friends and make new friends also.

My daughter came down from Ma. to watch Mickey and Sony.  She has three dogs also.  Mickey did great while we were away.  My daughter said he is one of the best behaved dogs she has ever seen.  She was able to bring Mickey in with the other dogs and everybody got along just fine.  We did call three times a day to check on how things were going, I guess because we missed Mickey and Sony.  They were so happy to see us when we got back.

Mickey has really settled in just fine.  I'm sure he knows this is his forever home.  His favorite thing is playing ball and we play everyday sometimes fetch and sometimes catch.  He loves to sit and look out the front bay window and has learned that he can jump up to the dining room window sill to look out the side of the house.  Check out the attached picture.  He also has figured out what time I get home from work and goes to the front to wait for me.  I just love this little guy.  We are so lucky to have him.  

We want to thank everyone from Colonel Potter for helping make the adoption of Mickey possible.  I will be in touch soon.

Mike & Cindy

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Riley is a June Graduate!

Congratulations Riley!!  Now we just need an "IF" for Dogs!!!

McIntyre has a Forever Family

After a bump in the road, McIntyre is now home with his forever family.  His original adoption date was to be a couple weeks ago, but the morning after it was set up he became ill with diahrrea.  A quick trip to the vet and the adoption was put on hold while he took his meds and recovered.  Within a day or two he was back to normal, but his new folks had some family commitments so they finally got to have their boy last Sunday.   He will be an only dog and will probably have a name change.  "Mac" is too close to the name of their Westie Max, now at the Rainbow bridge, so it may be Doc or Doc McIntyre.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Champion Bad Bad Leroy Brown of Braveheart

Hi All
I finally got Leroy's picture from his major win that gave him his championship and wanted to share it with you (took me a day to get it scanned into the computer). I wish you could see him in real time as his coat is actually much more of a darker auburn coloring and his face is actually a charcoal grey - the lights seem to bring out the lighter look on every picture I get of him. 
Hope you enjoy seeing my boy!

Sydney D
 Champion Bad Bad Leroy Brown of Braveheart

Huxley Flies to His Furever Family

This morning Huxley started his journey to his new family taking his first airplane ride ever on Delta.  When we got to the airport there were no lines so it looked like it was going to be a piece of cake!  The agent started the check in process only to have a computer blip freezing up the airbill.  When she called for assistance the phone went dead.  A line started to form but Huxley and I kept our cool.  And it was already nearly 80 degrees at 8:30 a.m.!!  After 40 minutes everything was in order and it was time for the 'inspection'.  As the crate was being inspected, I was holding Huxley (still being a good boy).  When the frazzled agent looked up from the crate, Huxley growled over the displeasure of the wait.  I was so glad he said something so I didn't have to (LOL).  Delta changed his plane after the layover in Detroit and called his new family to let them know he was in early when he reached Providence RI.  Huxley will be living in MA with his new mom, dad, 18 y/o son and grandparents.  He will be an only dog getting all the attention which is what he loves! 
Here's some pictures of the little grumble butt.  He especially liked his CP blanket from Aunt Stacie - it matches him and his bed perfectly!  I hope to have photos of him with his new family soon.  Thanks Matchmaker Lisa B for helping Huxley find his new family!!
Ft. Wayne IN

Kisu Kisses Seal the Deal

Yesterday Kisu's new mom drove here from IL to meet and pick up her new girl. Kisu's new cairn brother Riley also came along to meet fursib.  Kisu's mom was smitten by her and I think the deal was sealed for Kisu after a few scritches and treats from her new mom.

As you can see from the pictures, Kisu crawled in mom's lap and didn't move until it was time to leave.
Riley showed little interest in his new sister other than a few sniffs, but I got lots of kisses from him:)
It is strange how the house can seem much emptier with only one less, even though my five kids are still here.
Rogers, AR

Ramsay Plays Ball and Shows His Cairnitude!

Ramsay is great. He loves chasing the tennis ball in his new backyard. During the week we get up around 5:45 and go for a nice walk (getting much better on his leash). He eats his breakfast and we have a little play time in the living room (he doesn't like the wet grass early in the morning). 
I leave for work around 7 and I put him in his crate with some toys and his kong with Peanut Butter. He has been very good in his crate so far. When I get home around 4, I take him out in the yard and he does his business and we play a little ball. Unfortunetly it has been really hot here, so he doesn't last too long.
Then he has dinner and a treat. I have been still giving him a half cup in the morning and half cup in the evening. When it begins to cool off in the late evening we either go for a nice walk or play in the backyard. That usually tires him out. So that is pretty much our routine each day. I have to keep an eye him at all times however, he likes to grab pretty much anything he can get his mouth on, I just distract him with a toy. Everything is great so far. He's my little buddy. He has been sleeping in his crate every night. Have a great weekend.
Thanks again.

Bryan & Michelle

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Run Free Little Hawthorne!

Hawthorne is a CP boy who spent the first 7 years of his life in a puppymill.  We just celebrated his 15th birthday three weeks ago.  Hawthorne is the reason I became actively involved with Col. Potter.  He was absolutely the most frightened and terrified little dog I have ever met.  His journey to freedom continued every day right up until today.  Now he will be completely free of his fears and his demons, but mostly from his physical body that has failed him on so many levels.  I want to picture in my mind, Hawthorne as a puppy, running, playing and rolling in the tall, cool grass and doing all the things puppies do and get into.  Something Hawthorne never had a chance to do as a puppy.  I want him to lose all his inhibitions and take that final step to total freedom.
The last 4 years Hawthorne has suffered from kidney failure, an enlarged heart, a faulty heart valve, Cushings disease and a rapid growth tumor on his eye resulting in the having to be enucleated.  Through it all, Hawthorne has enjoyed his walks, his food, laying in the yard in the fresh air, and yes, finally be loved.  Now his kidneys have finally totally shutdown and Hawthorne has stopped eating and for the most part stopped drinking water.

Please indulge me in a little poem I wrote for my boy:
You came to us
A broken, frightened little boy.
Didn't know what freedom was
Or what to do with a toy.
Slowly, you blossomed and bloomed
While overcoming your demons and fears.
Over time you learned to run, bark and roll in the grass
Hawthorne was becoming a Cairn, it was clear.
Eight wonderful years we had to share
Not near as much as you deserved or long enough
But more years spent in freedom
Than those in the mill that were so tough.
Today your mama's heart is breaking
I know you will be waiting for me.
Until we meet again
My Little Brown Boy, Run Free!
If you would be so kind to light a candle and keep my Hawthorne in your thoughts as he makes his final journey in freedom, it would be very much appreciated.

Valerie K