Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Bella & DeDe!

We wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are very thankful for our family and friends, which we include you in both categories, and very thankful to Col Potters for bringing CoCo and Bella into our lives.

We are thankful for the time, as short as it was, that we had with CoCo. We are so very thankful for our new little love Bella and we cannot forget our first little love DeDe.

We have been blessed with two of the best family members possible from Col Potters. Not many people get a family when they adopt a dog but we feel we got that and more.

Have a great Thanksgiving and a most joyous holiday season.

Jim, Cindy, DeDe, and Bella

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lexi's Gotcha Day

Lexi and her family celebrated her Gotcha Day anniversary on October 11th. Here is what her Mom says:

Every day is a celebration having my sweet Lexi here with me. This girl has come such a long way from being the petrified mill momma who wouldn’t come out to eat until Foster parents Lori and Mike went to bed, who really didn’t know how to be a momma to four puppies, who was too scared to play with a toy, who could not bear being in the same room with “Monster Man” Mike, to being a very alpha princess who struts her stuff on walks and goes into cujo mode if she sees her arch enemies, my mom’s neighbor’s two black chows, who loves to run and chase lizards all day in the yard, who meets and greets folks instead of fleeing in terror, who knows lots of tricks (sit, down, beg, high five, give me your paw, kiss, dance, etc.), and who exhibits all the wonderful qualities of the breed which endear her to us.Most importantly, she has filled a huge void in my heart left after losing my cairn Danny to lymphoma in July of 2008. I will always be grateful to Col. Potter for rescuing my sweet girl and giving her the chance for a better life. It’s folks like you who make a world of difference to these innocents. Special thanks and appreciation go to Lori and Mike Rothmeier for taking her into their home and helping her whelp and raise her puppies, to Deb Smartt who helped Lexi get ready for her forever home and for flying her to me in Florida, to my wonderful matchmaker Sydney Dixon who cried with me over losing Danny, and to all of you who give of yourselves so unselfishly to help these cairns get ready for their forever homes. Lexi and I send our heartfelt thanks.I have included an intake picture of Lexi when she came into rescue, pictures of her when she came to my home on October 11, 2008, and pictures taken today. On November 12, I took her, Duffy and Connie to Duffy’s dog breeder to be hand stripped. Her outer coat is gone, but she is still beautiful. I am so proud of her. I tell her if she was a woman she would be a beauty queen! Regardless, she is the queen of my heart!Thank you again, Col. Potter for giving me my sweet girl!

Linda in Clearwater, FL
Mom to Duffy, Lexi, Connie,
and Danny, my golden boy, who went to Heaven on July 17, 2008

Please Let Us Know ....

If you change your address or email.
This is especially important for the dog's Tags registration. If youe dog gets lost, we NEED to have the latest phone numbers and email addresses so we can contact you quickly!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

An update on Lilo!

An update on Lilo!

Just wanted to send an update on Lilo, fka Colpy. I adopted Lilo July 19, 2008, exactly 6 months to the day that she was rescued from a kill shelter. Poor Lilo had gone through so much already, living in a puppy mill for 5 years, and she was only with me 7 months before her life would change again.

My boyfriend of 8 years and I were living in Syracuse, NY and in March of this year, we decided to split up. Between us we had 6 pets, 3 cats and 3 dogs. I took 5 of the pets, including Lilo and we moved back to my hometown of Buffalo into an apartment. That's right- 2 dogs and 3 cats in one apartment! Lilo was my rock, always there for me when I had a rough day. She adjusted very well to her new living situation and enjoyed many sleepovers at "Grandma's" now that I lived close to my family again.

She also had an interesting breakthrough! Lilo was never very fond of men and definitely did not get close to my ex. But in June of this year, I met a wonderful man who Lilo became attached to very quickly. I couldn't believe it when I saw her pawing at his legs trying to give him kisses! Lilo also started getting more playful! She and her "brother", a lab mix, would zoom around the apartment and play until they tired themselves out! It's amazing to see how much she had come out of her shell. Strangely enough, Lilo has also bonded with one of the cats. I catch them laying together all the time. I can't even describe what a joy it is to have this little cairn terrier in my life. She is my world and I don't know what I would do without her! I have attached a picture of Lilo and Bagheera "bonding"... Thank you Col. Potter!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leaves Falling on Cairns

Last Sunday, a beautiful Fall New England day, Munchkin (fka Marvel) and her side kick Ozzie arrived with their chauffeur Marie for a long overdue visit with Murry and Maisie (fka as Rusty/Flopsy). There was lots of sniffing and snorting, sending of p-mail and exuberant frolicking by Marvel with amazed looks from the rest of the gang!

Here are a few photos and a BIG thanks to Col Potter for rescuing Munchkin and Maisie.

Sheryl in Winthrop, MA with Murry and Maisie

Tucker Doubles the Fun!

Tucker just celebrated his 1st Gotcha Day and his 3rd Birthday with his forever family. Last week for Tucker's Gotcha Day, we spent the afternoon at a new park where he and Zoe ran through the leaves, played on the kiddie playground and experienced lots of new smells. His birthday celebration included a party with cake and presents and a trip to the pet store.

This little guy's come a long way from where he was a year and a half ago. Up until a couple of years ago, we had never heard of a puppy mill. It wasn't until we stumbled onto Col. Potter's website that we learned of the thousands of dogs living every day of their lives in unimaginable conditions. Our hearts were touched, and we knew that the playmate we planned to get for our Westie girl, Zoe, would have to be a rescue from Col. Potter.
So, a little over a year ago, we began the process of getting approved to adopt one of these precious little Cairns. Our match was Canada, who we named Tucker, and even we could not have chosen a more perfect match for our family. Our precious "wild child" Zoe and sweet little "laid back" Tucker are a perfect balance and wonderfully compliment each other.

Tucker has come from a shy, scared little Cairn to a brave, happy and playful little boy. He still has some fears that will possibly always be with him, but it is simply amazing what good food and shelter, proper grooming and lots of understanding, encouragement, patience and love have done for our little guy.
There is no doubt, we have forever changed the life of this sweet Cairn boy, but there is also no denying that Tucker has forever changed us. We are firm believers in rescue now, and we are convinced that rescue is the very best way to add new pets to, not just our family, but any family. Our hearts break for all those yet to be rescued. We will always be grateful to those who work with Col. Potter, especially all those who played a part in bringing this special boy into our lives.
Happy Gotcha Day and Happy, Happy Birthday to our Tucker-Man!!
Patte & FamilyTN

Wiggles' First Gotcha Day

One year ago today Bill and I drove to Iowa to pick up our Miss Wiggles from foster mom Tina W. Our lives were forever changed the minute we walked in Tina's house and saw this tiny black brindle gal with her little CP scarf tied around her neck. I was showered with kisses as I got down on the floor to meet my little girl for the first time. We had a grand time of playing and her rolling over for belly rubs. I picked her up and she laid her little head on my shoulder and gave a big sigh. This is a moment that will stay with me forever.

Bill was chomping at the bit to get his turn so he took over Wiggles duty while I signed all the forms. After taking care of all the paperwork we started on our journey home. I sat in the back seat beside the crate on the way home and Wiggles looked at me with those brown eyes and that look went straight to my heart. I just couldn't help myself, so I opened the crate door and layed my arm inside and Wiggles curled up and finally went to sleep.

My youngest daughter had kept our 7 yr. old cairn, Tigger so after we were home a couple of hours and Wiggles had been lead around the back yard on leash and then allowed to explore the house, Kara brought Tigger home. We had blocked off a room so the meet and greet could be done slowly BUT both girls would have nothing to do with that. There was so much crying and tail wagging that we decided to leash Wiggles and see how things would work out between them. It was love at first sniff and they ran off playing together and have been best buddies ever since!!

It has been a wild ride with Wiggles. She was, and still is, the most mischievous and spunky little gal we've ever owned and we LOVE her for it. In fact her middle initial is "T" which stands for "Trouble"!!! She is such a happy-go-lucky cairn and loves all people from newborns to the elderly. She also loves all dogs and is always ready to play with them. Wiggles is the most loving and affectionate little girl and MUST be on our laps if we are sitting down and she LOVES to snuggle.

For whatever reason, Bill and I both know Wiggles is our heart dog. From the first minute we saw her, she captured our hearts in a way no other has. We dearly loved our Shaggy (RB 3/16/08) and dearly love our Tigger, but there is just something about Wiggles that makes her so very special to us. Wiggles means the world to us and she makes each day a very special day.

Thank you so much CP for allowing us to adopt our girl. You are a very special group of people and I'm so happy that you've allowed us to join in the ranks of volunteering and helping out where we can. We will be celebrating with "cheesy wiener cake" and we bought Wiggles a LARGE stuffed monkey in honor of her first year with us. I'm attaching pics of our little gal today. She is still tiny at 12 lbs. She was 11 lbs. 4 oz when we adopted her so she hasn't grown much in the past year in size.

Bill and Pam E
Normal, IL

Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Snaz and Little Maj

Foster Mom reports: Majella or "Maj" is to be doing well in her furever home. She adores her big brother Snazzy. Sometimes Snazzy's not so sure about her and has to put her"in her place" but they DO love to play.

I did the home safety visit for this family and know that Snazzy is one of the sweetest dogs you'd ever meet. Got to get over to meet Maj soon!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Murphy's First Gotcha Day!

I'm very happy to announce that Murphy (fka Peep) has celebrated his 1st "Gotcha Day" with us. It was this past Monday, the 9th of November. The time with him has just flown by. It can't possibly be a year since we met in Lansing and picked up this tiny bundle of fur. Murphy is just a wonderful pup. He has his Cairn moments, but not many and we love him dearly. He does rule the house....Thanks again so much for getting him to us...
-- Mickey - Mom to Murphy in Northern Michigan

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Barbara Mae's Gotcha Day

Amidst kisses and scritches, Barbara Mae met her furever parents, then drove off
to meet her new sister Abbie, who is a very pretty Jack Russell Terrier.
Have a wonderful life, Little One!

Nell fka Lenell "Gets Her Bark On"

I just wanted to let you know how we are doing. Nell got a good report from the vet today her ears have cleared up and she got her lepto shot and her second lyme.

She is so sweet. It has been such fun watching her open up. We are playing in the yard every day and walking about a mile every day. She starts out a little rocky on the leash but after we go past the big barking dog she is fine.

Her tail is starting to come up now when we walk. In our yard it is up and wagging all the time.

She has started to get her bark on. It is a silly bark a cross between a growl and a howl. It sounds so funny coming out of this tiny dog.

She is really is precious and except for a few potty mistakes which I think was me missing the cues we are doing great. Her fur is coming in all nice. The vet was impressed. She thinks she may have just had a litter before she came into rescue.

We sit now when we come in from our walks so I can take the leash off. It is the cutest thing.

I am so happy with her. Thanks again for making the transition so easy.


One Dad, Five Dogs, and a Duck

Or ... How an ex-mill dog learns about living in a family

The way I see it, part of the job of foster parents is to teach these little mill babies how to live as part of a family. The only way I know to do this is to treat them as full family members and to help them to adapt to the customs and patterns that make up our life style.

So last evening Kenneth & I (Deirdre) retired to our bedroom to relax and watch a little TV. Usually I sit in my chair and Kenneth is more comfortable spread out on our king size bed. Under normal circumstances you understand, Kenneth is not alone on the bed. Everyone has to be up there with Dad. Luckily there is lots of space for the dogs to spread out with plenty of room for everyone's feet and tails.

Baylee is our alpha and she is inclined to carry her toy of the day around with her. Yesterday her choice was a stuffed duck that I brought back from the toy exchange at CRAP. So when she jumped up to be with dad naturally the duck went too.

As I have mentioned, Velour (foster girl) has taken quite a liking to Kenneth. She follows him everywhere. In fact, you can hear them coming as her leash makes a kind of dragging sound as the pair of them move around the house. From certain angles it almost looks as if Kenneth has a bright blue leash attached to his ankle or something. So naturally when we went to watch TV ... Val came along as well.

But Val (Velour) had never seen the bedroom before ... and you better believe she had never seen a king size bed either. Because I very much doubt that she had been invited into the boudoir of the mill owner and I am here to tell you that if she had smelt like she did when we picked her up on her Emancipation day, she would not have been in my bedroom either.

Poor Velour did not know what to make of this at all. First, Kenneth picked her up just as he did Lovie (Lovie is kind of old and her jumper does not work too well so Daddy needs to help her with some things, I am sure you understand!!) Val took about two steps on the soft squishiness of the bed and comforter and just about FLEW off the bed. I think she scared herself... I know she scared me!!

So.. OK just let her take her time and figure out what all this is about.
Everyone settled down, except of course Val. She trotted around the bed several times. She stopped and put her paws up and looked at her foster brother and sisters. She went and sat next to Kenneth on the floor... looking up at him piteously. So he picked her up again … and down she jumped. You need to understand that in the week she has been with use she had not jumped on to of off of anything at all... and now two big jumps in maybe five minutes.

Then the young lady went and sat on the floor next to foster dad and looked at him and I could just hear her saying to him... "Please come and sit on the floor with me". But he didn't. Bad foster Dad!!! Then she did it... she has done it two or three times before... so far I have not got a picture but I will... You know the way Toto sits in the WOZ?? Up on his rump... paws folded on his chest?? Well I think she has studied the movie because that is exactly what she does.

So Kenneth picked her up again and just held her in his arms until she relaxed and pretty soon she carefully walked over and lay down next to her best friend Kringle.

A few moments later I turned away from the TV and looked at the bed and everyone was asleep..

One Dad, Five Dogs, and a Duck - and my camera was in the other room.. So you will just have to use your imagination.

Deirdre, IA
Practice Random Acts of kindness
and senseless beauty

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Volunteer as a Home Safety Coordinator

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) is fully staffed by volunteers. Our jobs are diverse but always geared towards rescuing cairns and finding a 'furever' home for them. Intake Coordinators, Matchmakers, Foster Homes, Reference Checkers, Transporters, Fund Raisers, Post-adoption Coordinators, and Crafters is just a short list of the talented folks who make this such a first-class organization. We always have a place for your individual talents. Right now, we have an urgent need for Home Safety Coordinators. Read on ...

Pay: Not monetary, however, very rewarding!

Hours: As many as you want. Work at your own pace.

Experience: None Required. All you need is E-Mail.

Training: Extensive training by renown veteran HSV Coordinator.

Work Environment: Supportive; friendly; part of a group

that plays a significant role in finding good homes for Col. Potter furkids.



Please comment to this post with your name and email
and Pam M will contact you.

Thank You!

Padraig finds his forever home!

The following is a thank you from the adoptive mom to her matchmaker. I had the privilege of being Padraig's foster mom as well as a celebrant to this Gotcha Day.

You Guys are awesome, Kathy! We are safely home with the little fellow. I rode the last 1/3 of the trip from Savannah with Padraig in the back seat -- stroking his little head, scratching behind the ears, gently rubbing his belly. He was so sweet until I could've eaten him, but we had already stopped and grabbed something quick. Fed him, too.

The meeting with the other two went perfectly. I walked Padraig from one end of the neighborhood, and George walked from the other with the other two boys. We were all relaxed (albeit tired), sniffed, wet, sniffed some more, wagged tails . . . no problems, whatsoever. Got home and settled into the kitchen, and all three just blended right in, like we had always been one big happy family. We were amazed.

Thanks so much for all of the effort that went into fulfilling my wish for a little Cairn of my own, and making that dream come true. I want to give him as good a life as what we have the other two fur kids, and he so well deserves. Thank you, too, for the lovely CPCRN calendar. It arrived in the mail, and I carried it with me to peruse on the way down to Savannah . Broke my heart, Kathy, to see the pictures and read the stories of some of these little guys.

NO ONE will get me, or my little dog, too! (to quote the WW of the West)
Sloppy wet Cairn kisses to you all, from me and my new little companion,