Sunday, January 31, 2010

Solitaire & Tarot's B&B

Usually the stories posted on this blog are about how adopted Col. Potter (CP) kids are doing in their "furever" homes after being adopted.  But sometimes it great to hear about what their lives are like before they're adopted.

Each cairn who becomes a CP kid spends at least 2 weeks in a loving foster home.  The road to that foster home usually involves a car or plane trip of several hours and multiple drivers.  Sometimes, the distance is so great between the point of intake and the foster home, and/or the weather is so inclement, that a "B&B" is necessary.  Now you may ask "What is a B&B?" and of course it's a bed and biscuit - just what weary travelers need for refreshing before continuing their journey.

So enjoy the following story, written by Solitaire & Tarot's InnKeeper, about their recent B&B:

If you are at least my age you might remember a childhood toy that was a favorite on mine. It was two magnets, and on top of one was glued a white plastic terrier and on top of the other was glued a black plastic terrier. Remember how when you pulled them apart they would come snapping back together again, always wanting to be together?

Well, I have to tell a little story about Solitaire and Tarot.

We arrived home for B&B around 11:00 p.m. Everyone had a potty break and time to drink some water and eat supper. Tarot ran around and Solitaire followed, they were pretty happy to have some time out of the crate and chase each other. About midnight both were crated for a safe good nights sleep. My laundry room opens off of the family room so I put them there to sleep.

Tarot was in his crate facing the north and sitting on a rug I keep there. Solitaire was opposite him, facing the south, but about 6 feet away, not on a rug, but on the new vinyl flooring we just had installed. Now, as Joellyn has said, Tarot is quite a talker. Tarot "talked" (while I tossed and turned) until exactly 1:40 a.m. Then all was quiet and I listened for a few more minutes, and since all seemed to be well I drifted off for a short night of sleep.

When my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. to get up and get ready for the transport, I went out to get the two furkids up and ready. I had to laugh, they looked like my childhood toy. Solitaire had worked really hard, (being on the slippery new flooring) without making a sound, but clearly with Tarot's urging and cheering her on, to bounce her crate across the laundry room floor until the fronts of the crates were perfectly lined up together, and there they slept the rest of the night, right next to each other for comfort and support.

They reminded me of my childhood toy, the two little dogs that you pulled apart, and they would come flying back together again. You have to wonder what these little dogs think that Solitaire would work so hard to get close to Tarot, who must have been a familiar comfort to her, and that Tarot "talked" her into doing it. And how smart is that?!

Garrett, IN

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Katie Rose's Accomplishments

Katie (fka Writing) is such a dear, sweet little thing and has accomplished so much in the time I have had her (February, 2009). Each day is a step in bravery....which speaks of the wonderful character of Cairn Terriers!

She's a little rolly-polly that snuffles with her nose buried deep in the grass and weeds...she has three favorite holes that she snuffles in the park where we take our daily walks....there is one in particular that she puts her head into and all I can see is that little bottom and tail sticking up in the air!! Everyday she checks these same holes... there is never anything there...but she's not going to give up. She pounces on potential victims in four foot weeds (personally I think that they are imaginary)! Where she used to have to take breaks during our walks,,,she now charges ahead. I walk her on a lead rather than a gives her a little more freedom to investigate and gain confidence...but always wearing her halter!

Her walks in the park have now become a fun time for her...she has come a long way from jumping in terror when she hears a loud noise or encounters the unfamiliar! She LOVES car rides...and makes funny little noises of happiness in her throat and looks out the car window at everything! and then comes over and gives me a kiss or two on my cheek and snuffles my hair! She is a happy bundle of energy in the morning and holds my fingers in her mouth as a way of showing affection!

Obviously, I could go on and on about her accomplishments and character...I not only love her dearly, but admire her greatly for the brave little creature that she has become. Hooray for Katie Rose!

Current is now Ceilidh

Hello to all of the wonderful people at Col Potter. You knew me as Current, one of the Missouri River Kids who was rescued by you wonderful folks one year ago this week! Mom and Dad sang happy birthday to me on the one year anniversary of my rescue, because the day you saved me was indeed my "birth" day.... I will never be able to thank you enough!

My name is now Ceilidh and I have been living with my family since February of last year. I am still not too sure of some things, and hesitant, but I sure have come along way. Every day, I surprise Mum and Dad with something new. When ever they come home from work, I greet them at the door, and run out the pet door, and run circles in the yard, with my tail up and they cheer me on... we call this game "ceilidh girl" Then Dad will lay on the carpet and I will come over and sniff him and sometimes give him kisses.

Last June, they got me a sister from Col. Potter, who was an owner surrender. Her name is Betsy and she is 6 years old. We have great fun together and she is 'showing me the ropes' and how to be a dog... I never used to use my nose to smell, and now I am sniffing out all kinds of things. She is also showing me that it is okay to trust and love our family, so I sit on the couch with folks beside me now. Maybe one day soon, I will let them pet me.

I have a wonderful life, thanks to you... warm house, good food, people who love me very much and a sister - even the 3 cats are sort of fun. I have a large fenced yard to run in, deer who come to the fence and I bark at them to keep them from eating Mom's flowers and a woodstove to sleep in front of on my colonel potter blanket.

Thank you to everyone who helped give me this life, from the rescuers, vets, transporters, foster care home and all those along the way.... you have made us all very happy!

Ceilidh (the wheaten lass), and Betsy (the brindle)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge

CPCRN is now participating in the Shelter Challenge.  We hope to be a recipient of a generous monetary award and will use all winnings to recue and rehome Cairn Terriers who are in need.  We invite you to join in the vote and thank you for your support!
How to vote for Col Potter in
The Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge

1. Click this link to get to the voting page:

2. Search for Col. Potter in MEDINA, OH. (include the period after the L in Col.)
**** If you vote for us any place other than Medina OH, it will not count for us in this contest.****

PLEASE use MEDINA, OH as the place to vote.

After you have voted for Col. Potter the first time, if your browser is not set to clear cookies, every time you return to this page Col Potter will already be there waiting for you, as in the example to the right. Just click on the vote button on the bottom next to where it says Medina, OH 44256 and it will take you to the next page.

3. The "verification" page validates your vote by showing a photo of an animal and having you type in the animal's correct name (must be spelled correctly) makes sure you are a human and not a machine. You will see a randomly generated picture of an animal. Type the name of the animal (must be spelled correctly).

4. Please vote for us daily. If you want a reminder, the Animal Rescue Site has a reminder tool. Better yet - vist this blog daily and click the link to vote.

If you got here because a friend or relative asked you to vote and you do not yet know Col. Potter, take a look at some of our currently adoptable dogs at

We have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 2500 dogs since our inception over 7 years ago. In our first year we rescued 21 dogs. Last year it was over 400. We need all the funds we can get to help needy dogs.  Your click might bring one more cairn into the loving arms of Col. Potter to be rehabilitated and rehomed, then to live happily ever after.

Please share this with your friends. Thank you so very much!
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network
a National Not-for-profit, 501(c)3

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playful Padraig Toto Lee Moore

The following was sent by Padraig's furever mom, who you may notice has a great sense of humor - a very important characteristic for a cairn owner.  In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that Padraig, who is now also known as Toto Lee Moore, was one of my CP foster kids, and one of my favorites at that.  It's not so hard to let your foster kids "go" when they find such "high cotton" as Padraig Toto Lee Moore did.  Still, it helps that the furever mom loves to keep us updated on the little guy almost as much as she loves him!

Now, to use a few cliches, if it's true that 'owning a dog adds years to your life,' and 'laughter is the best medicine,' then it follows that I will live to rival Methuselah. There's the 'clown fish,' only to be out-clowned by Padraig.

How fortunate I am that my day starts out with a laugh, continues through series of guffaws, and ends with a tickle.

I come down the steps, first thing in the morning, to a black little Cairn, looking for all the world at the foot of the steps, like a helicopter on a landing pad getting ready for take-off. It is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the day. If you ever wonder if you have a friend in the world, or are 'loved,' get a dog. Should I not be coming down the stairs fast-enough for Toto, he's coming up them, then, to meet me -- sideways. What's that all about? NO carpet on the stairs, and after tumbling down them once, no -- twice, he's smart enough to not make that mistake, again.

Then, it's the mad dash, and this is with his trying to find traction on a slick tile floor, or even slicker hardwoods, until Toto hits the carpet and gets some traction. In the meanwhile, if I am heading in the opposite direction, it's like watching a locomotive come to a screeching halt on the tracks. Toto doesn't wait to 'switch' the track -- he jumps it.

Meal times, twice a day become the march of not the penguins, but all three of the dogs, little Padraig leading the pack. They'll settle, hineys planted firmly on the kitchen floor at the end of the island, where I 'cook,' and Toto leads a chorus of what appears to be Charles Schultz's Snoopy's-Meal-Happy-Dance. I guess these feeding times rival a McDonald's Happy Meal. Toto adds sound to the scene: an almost inaudible whine that builds to a barking crescendo if breakfast/dinner isn't coming fast-enough. The only thing that keeps the ASPCA at bay is the dog's weight. Hard for him to make the argument he doesn't eat regularly, if not steadily.

The day then proceeds to watching for intruders, guarding the door, running for leashes -- I know before long Toto will be watching the clock, fetching his leash, and Maxx's, and meeting me at the door. Mark my words. There's the romp around the house, with me in pursuit of him, while he teases me with his toy(s). "Catch-me-if-you-can" as an AFV tape.

Even quiet, and still, at nap-time is funny, with the little fellow, stretched-out his full length, on his back, paws in the air, and eyes rolled back in his head. I keep looking for that cartoon cloud above Toto's head, "ahhhh, but life is dog. . . err, g-o-o-d."

And so it goes.

He is content, if not cracking-me-up in the evenings when we relax on the sofa, and he gets his belly rubs or scratches, or brushing. Like with the leash, I fully expect him to start bringing me the brush, the slicker, the comb and the furminator, and I suppose if I want to save him the three or four trips, I could find a nice little bag in which to keep the tools, so he can bring them all at once and lay them within arm's reach.

Bedtime is, in his mind, 'c-o-o-k-i-e t-i-m-e,' and there is the scurrying across the slick floors again, gaining some momentum and traction on the carpets and throw rugs, until he's at the end of the kitchen counter where the treats are. Mind you, this is not the island where the meals are put together, and he knows that, too. Treats not getting out of the jar, and off the counter, fast enough result in bruises to my right hip where he bounces like a spring-loaded child's toy. I know if I turn too quickly one day, he'll probably get as high as my head, knock me out in the jump, and I'll awaken to a dog on the counter, the treat jar demolished, and treats, h-i-s-t-o-r-y. There IS that momentum. He makes it to his crate in zero-point-zero-one -- heaven forbid if the door he can't open (then add sound)-- jumps onto his blankie in his bed, turns around at least once to face me, tail just-touching and beating the back of the crate, while he awaits his good-night cookie. As I close the door, I well imagine his dismay -- "what, Momma, NO lullaby?!"

Lest Toto beat me to the punchline, "Life IS d-o-g."

Humbly submitted for your own pleasure, and edited by Padraig,
Cary, NC

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miss Belle is home!

Hello dear friends from the Colonel Potter Network,

I am very pleased to provide you with a photo of Sweet Dumpling ( now Campbell but we call her Belle ) taken last evening at the end of her first day with us.

Belle is one amazing little girl. She is hesitant, but not at all intimidated by her new surroundings that include two new Cairn brothers and a senior cat. They pass in the hall - sometimes touch noses - and then keep on to their appointed destinations as if they had always been together. Wonderful.

Our neighbours have come by to meet the new addition and Belle is the perfect lady - she sits on whatever lap is offered and then curls up to receive copious amounts of affection. Given her life in a puppy mill, we all marvel at how willing she is to trust - totally unexpected. Another unexpected bonus is that her time with Dilys' family of five Cairns resulted in her being fully house-trained when she came to us.
Can't thank you enough!

Once I can get all the fuzzy bottoms to line up for a photo, I will send you a family picture. Until then - thank you for all your guidance, support and encouragement toward our adoption of this little girl. You have given us an amazing gift.

With best regards -
Rosemary in Pender Harbour, BC

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Celebrating Kayla's Gotcha Day Anniversary's hard to beleive we were in IL on this day one year ago, picking up our sweet little Kayla fka Mancala from the Santa's gift's group.
Kayla has been a dream to be owned by - she gibs me lubbing, and such sweet care, shares her house with us, and gibs us good food !!! WE are so lucky.
She shares her special day with my Molly (RB 3-21-08) - today was also Molly's B-day. AND she allows us to sleep on the bed !!! Golly gee what a good girl :)
We are so very happy with her and lucky, she has adjusted to our life so perfect, Her sister Sadie and Kayla get along like they'd been together all their life.
Thank you Colonel Potter and all involved with the rescue of Kayla.


LynneSweet Sadie JoKayla la la la

Skywalker: Cairns as Marriage Wreckers?

Skywalker has been in his furever home in Oregon since mid-December (I'm behind posting to the blog!). Here is what his Dad (jokingly) reports:

After 52 years of marriage I was replaced in less than 8 hours. Sky Walker spent the evening in tired bliss on Shirley's lap bonding together setting on the recliner. He slept all night in his crate without a peep. He got up this morning ate breakfast, went outside and really came to life. He enjoyed every minute watching the kids going to school. He is presently overcoming his shyness by investigating the nooks and crannies of the house. Hope you enjoy the new pictures. We will keep you informed of his progress. Thank you.

Truman: In His Furever Home One Year

One year ago today we traveled home from AR with Truman, leaving his wonderful, caring foster mom and dad, Lori and Mike R. When we left Chicago on Jan. 9, we traveled away from a snowstorm that had begun. We returned to 10" of snow. We were sure the little guy wondered why he left AR!! We have had a foot of snow in the last few days with frigid temps, as many of you have been writing recently. Truman still does not like the cold and snow and often camps on his orange blanket in front of the fireplace.We think he and his sister Betsy, also fostered by the Rothmeier's, are pretty special. Their moms, Connie and Lexi, live in FL with Linda.

Marti C in Arlington Hts., IL with Betsy - 20 months and Truman - 17 months

Pablita - the Cairn Snuffleupagus

We did it again. We took Pablita in this summer as a 15 year old owner surrender. Her Mom was taking a job overseas and couldn't take her so she contacted Col. Potter.
Can't imagine what poor Pablita must have thought when she got here. I think she was confused for a while but she's come into her own and she's way better behaved than the other three. ;-)
When she turned 16 in October we started talking about the possibility of someone wanting to adopt her and figured if by some long shot someone did, it would not be fair for her to move again. So we put in to adopt her last week and the contract goes in the mail tomorrow.
She gets along fine with everyone (even Rissa, which is no small task ;-)) and Mandy really likes to pal around with her so she was really telling us she wasn't going anywhere.
We're happy she's staying and that we can offer her a nice cushy couch and a bed to snuggle in but sad that we won't be fostering for a while. Only did a couple a year because of travel but with four here now and me traveling a lot this year, we can't really handle any more.
So that's the story of Pablita, the senior snuffleupagus.
Denise in Albuquerque with Rowdy, Rissa, Mandy and Pablita

Maisie's Second Gotcha Day

Hi all - I don't post a lot, but do try and keep up by reading CPCRM regularly. Always a wealth of great information to put into practice.
My Maisie (fka Rusty) was fostered by Karen O for almost 9 months as she was very, very traumatized by her PM life. I traveled to Karen's to adopt her, with my BF Jim who lives in Phoenix providing local transport, and then we flew home to Boston.
This past week we celebrated Maisie's 2nd Gotcha Day, so I thought I'd share some photos. In some pics it looks like she might be dreaming of warm Arizona weather, now that she's living in snowy, cold Boston! She's certainly a lot less frightened of the world than she was 2 years ago, but unfortunately, she still has a "haunted" look in her eyes.
Jim was just here for three weeks and she continues to be quite relaxed with him. She sits between us to watch TV and he passes the sniff test. He follows our modified military policy. Instead of "don't ask, don't tell" we have "don't look at me, don't speak my name". This also works quite well at the dog park. My friend's little Norwich terrier passed away recently at age 16 and my gang (Murry & Maisie) inherited her crate which they just love. They are so funny, racing to see who gets in first - you'll see they have no problem sharing it. She may always be a nervous girl, but she is happy here and couldn't be more loved. Thanks to Col Potter for bringing her into our lives. - Sheryl in Winthrop, MA

A Sad Good-bye to Miss Zoya

Miss Zoya hasn't been doing well lately. Over the last month we've run all kind of tests, none of which gave us any answers.I took her to the vet this afternoon and after a long discussion with Her Vet, I decided to let Zoya go to the bridge.
She's just so stoic it's hard to judge how she is feeling. At least now I know for sure she isn't in pain. Zoya was a puppy mill breeder dog. She got out when she was 5 years old.
It still angers me to think how her life was stolen from her. Given a different start in life, Zoya would have been a force to recon with. She had the makings of a true alpha cairn queen. She could have ruled the world.
DeniseCitrus Heights, CA

Zander's Progress

Zander leaned his little paws up over the side of the bed last night and when I turned over, he leaned his head forward and gave me kisses for the very first time! I was so excited.

He has even more hair and the groomer noticed how much better his behavior was.

At his obedience class the other night, he actually walked between a man's legs to sniff his dog...and drum roll please- no snarling! He keeps turning another page.

Bonnie in SC, Mom to CPs Bea, Neha and Zander, foster mom to BG aka Snickers

Joey's First Month Update

Wish we had some recent pictures, but we’ve been too busy having fun with wonderful Joey. (The attached one is from Dec. 31.)
We did remember that yesterday was her one-month “forever” home anniversary and thought of you and how much you helped with our adoption. We continue to be delighted with Joey, and we think she likes us, too.
Joey has learned a new trick in addition to the “sit” and “shake” that she came to us with (taught by her foster mom). The new one is “sit down.” She does all three very well. We’re still working on “Come, Joey,” but she responds much more frequently and is no longer afraid of it. (The squeaky toys are reliable substitutes).
She has learned to like sitting on our laps as well as sitting on the back of couches behind us. Her coat is coming in very nicely and I’m going to lose the bet about color – it’s definitely wheaten, just kind of reddish along the back. She lets me comb it daily though I can’t say she volunteers when I bring out the comb.
Last week she discovered a new mirror and barked at us and herself in it for a while until she realized that strangers weren’t going to pop-out at her. We haven’t missed a day of hiking (most of the time Joey and I go, but some days Barb has substituted for me when I had to rush out early for work). The crusty snow forced us out of the forest and onto the neighborhood streets. That’s been fun because she’s met some neighbors and neighborhood dogs – all the local dogs seem friendly, too.

Thanks so much! Ann H

IMPORTANT: Recall of Certain Veterinary Medicines

Click here to read this significant recall:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Very Special Place

There is a very special place in north Michigan - yes, I said Michigan! It's called the "Oz Project" and it provides loving care to rescued Cairn Terrierists - oops, I mean Terriers.

Read about it here:
Be sure to check out the many links.

A BIG THANK YOU to Kathy & Company for all you do!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Neha!

Neha turned 8 years old today and as you can see, she is wearing a pretty pink bow and enjoying a toy. She belonged to an older woman who died and we have had her since September of 2008. We are taking her to a puppy obedience class because she jumps up on everybody and is SO excited and the trainer told us that it is because she has always been loved, knows she is loved and thinks everyone else loves her too!

Thanks to CP and Marie F who fostered her and got her through her grief - she wasn't available for adoption for over 3 months.
Bonnie in SC, Mom to CPs Bea, Neha and Zander, foster Mom to BG aka Snickers

Saturday, January 9, 2010

SnuggleBunnies: Ollie and Ruby

Hi there!
I just wanted to send along a new picture of Oliver (fka Tenacious) and Ruby (fka Shirley Temple). Ollie and Ruby are getting along well and they usually don’t snuggle… but sometimes Ruby waits until Ollie is asleep and then snuggles next to him!!! It’s very cute! (notice the many toys scattered around them!)

Love, Dave, Michelle, Oliver and Ruby near Boston, MA

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A StoryBook Ending for Oliver Twist

Ewan, who is now called Oliver Twist, sent this update to his foster mom:

I love my new home! I get snuggled every day and get my belly scritched. And I just got groomed and all spiffy for Christmas! I didn't so much like the blow dryer OR the two Westies that came in to the groomer either! But I love the new squeak toy you sent me. It tasted really good while it lasted. I was excited 'cause I know it came from you. And I potty outside all the time, and it makes Mom and Dad happy. I like to sleep in my crate at night with my Col. Potter blankie 'cause it reminds me of all the people who helped rescue me and loved me (including you!).
Love, Oliver Twist (Ewan)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It is a Merry Christmas!

I have to say that this has been the best Christmas of my young life. I was adopted by my furever mom and dad in September from my foster mom Mary, and never in my wildest dreams could I have dreamed what Christmas was supposed to be like. Those years in the mill are forever behind me. I got a new ball, chewy toy, stuffed toy, a bunch of goodies and the best thing I got was a mom and dad, and a cairn sister that loves me. I have never been so happy and neither have they. Thank you Col. Potter for everything you did in helping find me my mom and dad and my furever home. Bella, (fka Abelle from Topeka), Jim & Cindy

Friday, January 1, 2010

Miss Annie ... A Christmas Update

We have dubbed her Miss Annie Broadbelly!

She is so very at home here now that she spends a lot of her beauty sleep flat on her back which causes her belly to spread out and broaden. She has become such a cuddler! She sleeps plastered against me all stretched out lengthwise!!

She shadows my every step but is okay if I have to go out for awhile. She has completely mastered the dog stairs up to the big bed.
She is embeded in my heart!

She decided that Dad didn't need his stocking anymore so she dragged it to her bed......... . Thank you again for everything you do. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas from Glinda!

Happy Holidays to your Family from Ours!

I bought a house in Baltimore at the end of September. Glinda moved in with me the next weekend. The rest of my pack (Cody and my ex-husband's two dogs Rascal and Pepper) moved in at the end of October). Glinda doesn't have much use for Pepper, the other female, but she loves Cody and Rascal. She often curls up with either one of them, just resting her chin on one of their backs. She will share a dog cot with any of the three, though.

I got the front yard fenced earlier this month. The dogs have lots of space to run around, and I think Glinda has gotten the idea of doing her business outside. I only find messes inside if I work a 10 hour or longer day. That gives me lots of motivation not to work too long! It's too bad that the fence went up around the same time the days got short and the weather got cold. I think we all miss taking walks together.

Glinda loves to be held and hugged. She's also the first dog I've had who likes to be sung to. Maybe that means she's deaf. ;) Really, though, even though I sing to the dogs all the time, she's the only one who watches my face while I sing. It's really noticeable now, during the holiday season, when I have Christmas music playing, and I'm singing all the time.

Here's a picture I took of Glinda in her little Santa hat. I trimmed her face so she'd be cuter. It's just from my cell phone, so the quality isn't great, but I hope you like it. She's such a sweetie. She sleeps on the extra pillow on my bed. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't have such bad breath. She's getting her dental done next week, so I hope that helps!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lauren, Pepper, Rascal, Cody, and Glinda (FKA Nina)

Merry Christmas from Canada!!!!

Merry Christmas from all of us here in Canada!

Love, the ever handsome Hershey (left)
Princess Dilly (middle), FKA Wilson (CP kid)
and Theedore (right), FKA Kilo (CP kid)

Cyan's Christmas!

Amber and Emmie look sooo beautiful after their grooming. I couldn't wait to take pictures. It took Mike, Sarah and I and about 30-45 minutes to get a few somewhat decent pictures. Sarah took the best pictures but Emmie is still so dark that you can't see how beautiful she looks. We don't know how you do it!! It was all we could do to get them to look toward the camera at the same time---forget about capturing their personalities. We are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas. Amber and Emmie are very deserving of their many presents--from Santa, Grandpa, three Aunties, and our 6 yr old niece. Amber just adores Emmie. Funny--Emmie is wary because it took so long for Amber to warm up to her. They still haven't rough housed but Amber has tried to engage Emmie!

Merry Christmas and Have a Very Happy New Year!

Mike, Sheri, Sarah, Anna, and of course Amber and Emmie

(Cyan, KNA Emmie)

Winston - the Calendar Boy


I adopted Winston about 5 years ago in Atlanta. He is a wonderful dog and I wanted to share his picture. He's a calendar dog. Unfortunately
Winston has a detached retina and is going blind. He is well taken care
of and I wanted to share his beautiful face (he's in bed with us in this

He needs his own facebook.

Jonesboro, Ga.

Christmas with Munchkin!

This year was our most fulfilled year, as it was Munchkin's first Christmas with her forever family.
Munchkin could not have been happier spending time with us. Santa gave her two large bags of rib bones to chew, two chew toys, and a full bag of bully sticks. She loved her pony stuffed animal. Munchkin just had to have this in her bed.
As an additional special treat, she was given cheese and scrambled eggs with her breakfast. What a happy dog! let me tell you.
We got some snow so it was a little tough going to get through it for potty breaks, but once we hit the side walks she was off and running.... loves those walks with the family. At one point we tired her out too... couldn't believe it. Taking a break by laying down in the middle of the road at the end of the cul-de-sac.
Out next big event other than New Years Eve. Will be to organize a birthday doggie party for Ms. Munchkin she will be January 24, 2010. She'll be 6years old.
From our home to yours - We would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year! And may 2010 be better for all of those wonderful Cairns that are looking for a Forever Family/home, like Munchkin.

Love to all

Bailey Loves the Pacific NW

Hello Col. Potter.
Wanted to send you a few pictures and an update on Bailey (Beryl #3586). She has really adjusted well to the Pacific Northwest. We've found that she absolutely loves anything to do with water, Chasing waves at the beech seems to be her favorite. She has gone through three different classes here including agility and has really done a great job. We are still working on getting her comfortable around other dogs as she spent her first 8 years as a single dog with little to no socialization. We have been having a blast bringing her into our family.
Thanks, Matt H

A Tribute to Toby Thomas

It's with great sadness that I must tell you that " Toby Thomas with the Big Brown Eyes " passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
In July, he became bloated, had a bout with diarrhea, he was lethargic and no Happy Dance.
After 7 months of various treatments, his body was no longer responding to treatment. Toby had developed a form of lymphoma which had spread from intestine to liver. It was no longer possible to keep him confortable.
I believe he is with his Mom, Queenie, and is a happy, healthy, little guy. He was our Baby and it was an honor to be a part of his life. Our "Tobs" went through such a change from the gruff little giant to the sweetest little imp.
He has left us with such great memories-his favorite thing to do- canoe around ponds and lakes. He had become a true "Maina"!
Kathie T in Raymond, Me

Some Photos from Joey's New Home

We’ve finally had time to edit a few photos of Joey’s (fka Jenna) first week at home.
Thanks to all of the Col. Potter volunteers who made this possible!
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Ann H

A Greeting from Kerrigan and Emily

I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Great New Year. I am also attaching a photo of Emmy and Kerrigan. I sent photos to you when we first adopted Kerrigan. Thought you would enjoy seeing an update~this picture is from last spring. I can't believe it will be 3 years next July that we got her. Kerrigan is sweet, funny, very playful and and a very smart dog (also protective). We love her very much. Emmy and Kerrigan get along fine. Hope you are well. Take Care, Teeny

Sophia Maria's Third Gotcha Day

It's my sweet Sophia's 3rd gotcha day!! She is such a sweetheart!! I can't believe it's been 3 years, time has flown by. Thank you Kathy C and Bonnie B for giving her a great start to her new life, and thank you Col. Potter for allowing me to adopt this wonderful girl! I love her more than mere words could ever describe!!

Toby D with BodieZeffa - I'm the Westie dude...SophiaMaria - I'm the Cairn principessa and GinaMaria - I'm the Cairn contessa in Livonia, MI

Providing for Your Pet’s Future without You

Written by the Humane Society of the United States
Because pets usually have shorter life spans than their human caregivers, you may have planned for your animal friend’s passing. But what if you are the one who becomes ill or incapacitated or who dies first?
As a responsible pet owner, you provide your pet with food and water, shelter, veterinary care, and love. To ensure that your beloved pet will continue to receive this care should something unexpected happen to you, it’s critical to plan ahead. This information sheet helps you do just that.
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Will Provisions for Leaving Cairns to CPCRN

Because most if not all states' laws treat animals as personal property, a good way to handle this
issue is to include in your will: "I give, devise, and bequeath my cherished Cairn Terrier, (name),
to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, a New York not-for-profit corporation

A more global bequest, which would prevent having to rewrite a will after a Cairn has crossed the bridge, would be "I give, devise, and bequeath any and all Cairn Terriers in my possession at the time of my death to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, a New York not-for-profit corporation"

To help assure that the bequest is honored, the gift of the Cairn should include a gift of money to provide for care of the Cairn. This could be accomplished by establishing a simple trust, in a money amount of your choosing, in your will. Such a trust might read:
I give, devise and bequeath the sum of ___________ ($_______) for the care of my Cairn Terrier(s), to be paid over to the Board of Directors of Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, as Trustee, for the use and benefit of the objects of the Trust established as follows:

A. The Trustee of this Trust shall be the Board of Directors of Col. Potter Cairn
Rescue Network (“CPCRN”), a New York not-for-profit corporation
( This Trust shall run for the benefit of my Cairn Terrier(s) until he/she is placed in a suitable adoptive home selected by CPCRN. During the continuance of the Trust, the Trustee shall pay to or for the care, support, medical needs, and maintenance of my Cairn Terrier(s) so much of the net income and principal of the trust estate as it, in its sole discretion, shall determine to be in my Cairn Terrier(s)’ best interests. Any undistributed income shall be added to and made a part of principal.

B. Upon placement of my Cairn Terrier(s) in a suitable adoptive home by
CPCRN, the Trust shall terminate and the Trustee shall distribute any remaining funds to CPCRN for its Cairn Terrier rescue activities, to be used as the Board of Directors of CPCRN shall determine .

C. This Trust may be terminated earlier than the time otherwise provided herein if
and when the Trustee, in its discretion, determines that such action should be taken due to circumstances not known or contemplated during my lifetime, including, but not limited to, significant depletion of trust assets or changes in laws which may negate trust purposes.

D. The trustee is vested with full title to all of the property and estate hereby
given, devised and bequeathed to the Trust until the termination of the Trust and until the trust property shall be actually paid over, transferred and delivered according to the above terms.

It would be best to discuss the suggested provisions with your attorney, if you have one, who could modify specific language in accordance with a given state's laws, if necessary.

Pamela S. Burt, Attorney at Law, CPCRN Legal
POB 186, Harrisville, MI (T) 989-724-7400