Thursday, April 30, 2009

Felicity, Coconut and Their BrianBeds

My girls have had their Brianbeds for 3 months. Obviously this is long enough for new habits to become ingrained. For instance, after our first outdoors around 5 am, Felicity runs to her Brianbed, digs around for a minute and goes back to sleep until breakfast is served. In fact breakfast has to be ready and in its serving place before she gets up. It is then engaged during early evening whilst awaiting dinner. We all know that a nap before a meal is a good thing.

Coconut, never a follower, finds her Brianbed more to her liking in the dinner nap location is how she describes hers. I moved it from the bedroom to the living room last week and all Coco did was stand beside it and discuss the folly of my move. Once it was back in the bedroom at the foot of my bed, she stopped lecturing me. Upon occasion, when the girls are roughhousing, Coconut finds that jumping into her Brianbed signals time out which of course ends when she jumps out. I don't understand my boss very often, but I sure do get these girls' messages!

Oh, one other things of which to be beware, these beds can be shared with the neighborhood collie at 110 pounds (picture did not come out) and cairn, altho perhaps a wee bit cramped!
Gail S in NC
Note: to order your own "BrianBed" visit All proceeds benefit cairn rescue.

Favre is Now Mishu

Here is Mishu (fka Favre) in his new home. Favre looks very happy and so does his big human brother Teo!

KoKo Turns 4

Hi Everybody, I'm 9 today! My mommy and daddy fostered me when I was 6 and flunked and my life has been happily ever after since. We are having a birthday party and getting hot dogs tonight since we had cake a few weeks ago when my brothers turned 4.
KoKo C.

Gracie's First Agility Trial

Gracie (fka Daisy Bumstead) competed in her first agility trial 2 weeks ago, along with her brothers, Quincy and Charlie. She was the very first dog to run on Saturday morning and was a bit overwhelmed, but got braver as the weekend went on.

She and her pair's partner, Feather the Corgi, both did 12 weave poles and she tamed the teeter monster, so I was one proud Mama.

On Sunday morning, she had a lightning fast Snooker run, filled with lots of jumps and her favorite obstacle, the tunnel - she earned her first Q (Qualifying run) and came in 2nd in her class!

Pam in So Fl

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Italian Riviera Way of Life!

Benson is one lucky fella let me tell you as he is now a more accomplished traveler than most people are in a lifetime! Since leaving his CP foster home, Benson has been to Switzerland and is currently in Italy! Benson's new mom reports that Benson is a happy boy and now travels calmly in the car, on a plane and on a train. She says he loves the Italian Riviera way of life (excuse me, but who wouldn't??) and they walk a lot and enjoy going into the cafes and stores and meeting lots of people.

Truly a happy ending.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eva Swimming

Here is a short video of Eva swimming in a lake at Lackawanna State Park in Pennsylvania.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Cairns

Izzy is Susan B's puppymill girl who is still pretty timid. I brought my CP girls Bea and Neha to visit her overnight. Everyone had a great time. Izzy warmed up to my girls and seemed to love having some other dogs around. Please take a look at some of our photo memories from the trip!
Bonnie in SC
Mom to Bea CP and Neha CP

Izzy's Mom Susan reports:
Izzy is still sniffing everywhere, taking in the sweet scent of Bea and Neha and missing them.
Bea is the cutest little bear I've ever seen and when she rolls over for the smiling tummy rub, you could just melt it is so cute. And the first time I heard her "roo-roo" I couldn't believe a dog could make that noise, lol.
Neha is such a cute little waggly-tail doll. I wanted to keep both of them!!!
I think having them here did Izzy a world of good; I can tell she is walking around more freely today than she was prior to your visit.
Thanks so much for taking the wonderful photos and for sharing these here. It was so wonderful to meet you in person and to spend time with you and your sweeties! Hugs,Susan

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

National Pet ID Week April 18 -24

Not only is this "Earth Day" but it's also National Pet ID Week. Here are some tips from, including their recommendation for registering your dog.

Of course, we believe that the best program is the CP Tag Program. Click here for the details:

  1. Take a picture of your dog. Right now. Not only is it important to have a recent photo of your dog, but you should make sure that it is stored online somewhere, so that you can access it from anywhere at any time, if you should need to print up posters or show people what your dog looks like. Whether you choose to store your images on Flickr, Snapfish, Photobucket, Dogster, or on your dog's pet ID and recovery service profile page, you'll be glad that you can access them when you need to.

  2. Get your dog microchipped. Every vet's office will now do it for you, so what are you waiting for? As our own Dr. Barchas says, "Microchips cannot be lost, and they remain the most effective way to identify your pet permanently." Enough said.

  3. Make a contact list for your pet. Take a few minutes to write down the names of people who know your dog well. This should not only include friends and family members, but people who see your dog every day, like the dog walker or friends at the dog park. Then, make sure that you have a current phone number and email address for everyone on the list, and make sure that they have yours. These are going to be the first people that you contact in the event that your dog goes missing. They may not only have tips for you when you need them most, but they will be of great benefit when it comes to helping you keep an eye out for Sparky.
  4. Register with a pet ID and recovery service. While having an ID tag on your pet is a great start, you should make sure that your ID tag is connected to an online pet ID and recovery service, so that your up-to-date contact information is always easily accessible to the finder of your pet.

A Pets Only Airlines

Beginning in July and flying to/from Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and New York. Check it out: Some good general travel info too!

des Peres - Another Missouri River Kid Find Forever

Just received a note from des Peres' dad - he's intrigued by the doggy door and will go out if they hold it open for him.

And he's met their cat - it weighs more than him - they touched noses and both then walked away, so he's being a smart boy!
He did get them up at 4:00am this morning - that's when Barney would be going out the door to work and they'd all be going back to bed from having breakfast and a trip outside to potty. I hope they can get him acclimated to a later wake-up time as they're retired, but the mill kids I've had seem to rise with the sun.

Kathy H in MO

Eva Loves Agility

I posted a couple months back that I was thinking about doing Agility with my 2 year old Cairn. Pam V. from FL highly recommended it as well as a few others of you.

Well, we did it. Next week will be our last Beginner class and we are signing up for Intermediate. Both Eva and I love it and it really has done wonders for her attention on me, reinforcing all the things we did in obedience class in a fun way.

Eva is the smallest dog, one King Charles Spaniel, a Brittany, all the way up to a large Golden. Our trainer is so positive and the pups are still at the stage where they get 'cookies' for at every success. If anyone is thinking about doing agility with their dog, I highly encourage it.

A friend came with me last week and took this short video of Eva taking on the weave poles

The instructor still holds the leash and so she doesn't get into bad habits or make a mistake, but she is doing them perfectly. The tunnels are 50-50, depends on her mood, and she loves jumping.
Jana in PA

Reid Has a Chocolare Lab FurSis!

I just wanted to let all of you know that Reid is settling in very nicely here and Kia, the chocolate lab, seems to be accepting him. She decided yesterday when we were out in the back yard that she wanted to play with Reid and Reid tried it out, but wasn’t sure how he was supposed to play.

Just now, I wanted to take a picture ofthe two of them, but my camera was not right there. They were both settled in side by side on Kia’s bed in my room basking in the sun! It was a precious sight to see.

On our walks, Reid has met a number of neighborhood dogs and people. He certainly is sociable, but will need basic obedience work. One of my neighbors is a teacher and is finding out when the next opening in one of her classes will be.

I will keep you posted and if I can get some good pictures, I will certainly post them.

Fear: How to Help Your Dog Overcome It

Here is a link to a good article that discusses fears your dog may develop and how to overcome them. HINT: Treats will be involved! The article discusses the genetics, physical health, and early life experiences that cause dogs to develop fearful behaviors.

It Works!
Chances are good that at some point with every dog you'll have the opportunity help the dog overcome a fear. Some dogs go through most of their lives with barely an apprehensive moment, and then get hit hard in old age when their bodies begin to fail and they don't know how to cope. Now you know how to help your dog develop the ability to cope, at any age

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barrett now Andy - First Gotcha Day Anniversary

On April 19, 2008, Deb and Jim S secured freedom for 7 Cairns. On the same date in 1775, Americans began their fight for freedom. So, how appropriate that Deb and Jim gave these rescued Cairns Revolutionary War themed names.

They also fostered the one named after Colonel James Barrett, whose farm was used to hide arms and food supplies from the British troops.

When we were looking at Col. Potter rescue, we weren't thinking about a puppy. But Barrett was suggested to us, and how happy we are that we have this beautiful little guy. It must have been that date--April 19--that made it happen. At the time of his adoption, we didn't know that his actual rescue day is also our granddaughter's birthday--she's 16 this year.

So Barrett was meant to be ours! We call him Andy, but when he begins competing in agility later this year and starts to earn his titles, all of his certificates will have his full name--Aberdeen Andrew Barrett.
Linda and Pat B

Friday, April 17, 2009

Zelda the Gardener

"For Pete's sake, when I moved to Arizona from Chicago I thought I'd be warm! Where did all this snow come from in the middle of April? This wasn't what I put on my adoption application. Pine trees and snow in AZ? That wasn't on the travel brochure foster mom showed me. I was ready to own people with a swimming pool, sun every day, cactus, maybe a peek at one of those movie stars.
I've been here with my new family for almost 3 months now and even though it's been cold here, I like it a lot. I have a special bed of my own next to the wood stove, but I'd rather lie on the big blanket that's there too. I let my 2 Lab sisters, Trixie and Zoey, share it with me because they keep me warm and they have big ears to bite when we play.
I think Trixie is upset because she's not the baby dog any more, but she plays with me more than anyone else. My Cairn sister Addy has her own bed too and mom is happy because I got Addy out of her bed and taught her to play. We all have lots of fun!
Mom has been planting lots and lots of seeds to put in the garden later, and I like to be in the greenhouse with her. I look out the window and it's still snowing but these plants are growing and growing in the greenhouse. It smells good in here, especially after she got bags and bags of cow poop! I don't know why she did that when I see cows every day on our walk. Mom said I can eat some of the vegetables later in the summer, but I'd rather eat the poop now!
Oh no mom, not the leash! Gotta go chase the cats and chickens.
See ya, Zelda."

Get The Message ... Please!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daddy Frank and Ms. Munchkin

"Furever" families come in all shapes & sizes, ages & places. Consider Ms. Munchkin, (fka Swan) who moved to Maine and now lives with her Daddy Frank in a Senior Living Facility. She is the apple of Frank's eye as well as his family.

Daddy Frank celebrated Easter and his birthday all in one day, so the excitement and the many family members that filtered in and out for the weekend was wonderful for everyone. The house was filled with adults, children and animals of all types. Daddy Frank’s granddaughters were mostly excited about the Munchkin spending the weekend with them.

Munchkin was wonderful over the holiday weekend, stationed in the kitchen in her beds. With the door open, she could come and go as she pleased. She was well-mannered and she didn't make any fuss or beg for additional food. She did crave a lot of attention though and of course got plenty of it from everyone - very spoiled in that sense.

Ms. Munchkin is a spry 5-year-old who is thankful to be living such a great life - so very different from previous years in a puppymill. She loves taking 4-5 walks a day with Daddy Frank, meeting new people, and enjoying all life now has to offer. We're so happy that Daddy Frank and Ms. Munchkin now have each other and we wish them many many more wonderful years together!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things by Penny Lane

Penny Lane (fka Peggy Lee) continues to love her balls, but has found great fun other things as well! I thought that since I've been such a poop about staying in touch...with good reason but no excuses ... I would let Penny Lane share about her favorites and her new life here!

Hi there to everyone back at Kaaren's CP Rescue, I know you are really taken good care of but I just wanted to let you know not to be afraid of being adopted by your forever family!! It only seems scary 'cause your 'comfy there and you know how everything is. But your new life will be full of fun, and unconditional love.. So you gotta trust me on this one.

To let you in on a few of my fav's, we'll start with sitting right next to mommy on my butt, with my back leaning on the back of the chair. I like watch the screen on mommy's lap as she types Finally when mommy should be smart enough to be going to bed, I'm smarter and I sack out, right along side her no matter how long she stays up, I love being snuggled right beside her and the arm of the chair.

Yesterday was sunny (yes it's colder here) Daddy told Mommy to look at me, I was asleep in the ray of sunlight right in the middle of the floor, with all four of my legs straight up! Talk about what they say about a dog’s life...well right then I had to agree!!

I love to take my tennis balls and drop them into anything! A pile of packaging is great fun so I can jump into it and find it. (Mom is sure I will love the fall leaves for the same reason). If mom is working on anything like a pile of clean laundry that she is folding, now I simply can not resist hiding my ball in there to go after. I wonder why mommy seems a little put off when her clothes piled up fall down and get messy again??? Once Mommy was working in a box of dirt, repotting plants job (as I was on duty) was to drop that yellow tennis ball into the box of mud as many times as possible....I now have a great mud smelling brown ball! I even find it fine to go into the bathroom with mommy, after all, we ARE both girls...but just this one time I jumped up and before mommy could move quick enough, my tennis ball went into the potty!

Oh, sorry I still just kinda have to potty inside sometimes...but almost all the time I go over to the door and ring the bell to tell mommy I have to potty outside. Oh and don’t worry at all, I know where my yard is and I don't ever run off. Mommy used to be really afraid of this, but I taught her not to worry. I also taught her sit, down, stay, leave it, no, drop it, catch, pounce, speak, sing pretty and probably more things, I just can't remember all of them. I love to eat peanut butter out of my kong toy... and speaking of toys.....I have discovered the total delight in a squeaky toy...and the wonderful feel of the furry toys....and mommy has got me lots of differentkinds of balls, soft balls that she hides in this soft ball box, and then it's my job to rescue those loyal soft balls out of that ole box! There is one ball that really freaks me out...when I roll it different animal sounds come out of it so I have to do my alarm bark and guard it. I love the balls that when you roll them the treats randomly fall out!

Can't get enough toys! Toys, toys's a good thing Grampa Pepperdog does not even care about balls anymore, mommy said he used to ball crazy just like me. But I am perfectly fine being the only one in the house that understands the fun in toys (the cat, being rescued from the swimming pool as a kitten, well his ancestors lived in the wild, so he is a scaredy cat, and is afraid of my toys!) So Yea! More for me!!

Toys are one thing, but now treats...that's a whole different story. All the animals gather around mommy at treat time. But I understand that I get my fair share...and then some extra, cause I am cutest. I don't even sit up or beg, I just wait, it's easier that way. Sometimes Daddy will send me upstairs to wake up mom. I do my best...jumping on her, oh I am soooooo excited, I lick her face real clean, but after awhile I like to just curl up and fall asleep with her. Naps are good, but even better with mommy in her bed. I love to play, I have to have my mind on something, or be on duty somehow...this is what really keeps me at ease, and reassured.
Every week we go shopping at Petsmart and I get to pick out a new toy, then we stay for doggie class. It's a breeze, the lady trainer usually picks me to be the one to show the other dogs how to do the new trick. This is the same place I get to go to get groomed. The first time I came here the groomer lady wanted to keep me, she did not even put me in a crate like all the other dogs She had two pink little bows on my head and held me the whole tiime! I did not snarl or growl even when she clipped my toe nails. The lady really asked if she could keep me when my mommy came back, like I knew she wouldl.
I also love to jump into the bath or with mommy, one time I fell asleep in the bathtub with mommy after I was all clean I am such a girl, I love having my fur brushed, and all the attention. . I am so happy, sometimes I just sit, panting, with my tongue hanging out...smiling! This place is just the greatest forever home a dog could get!I cannot thank my other rescue mommy for taking such good care of me for a long time. But good ole mommy Kaaren and the great CP Rescue are the best! Every Cairn should get a chance to have a forever family to love. Just think, because I had a bad habit and used to growl and spin, I must have scared families away,...and maybe I would never have been adopted.. Even though it took me really a looooooooooooooong time to find my family to love me, Auntie Kaaren never gave up, she would have kept me forever...and then in took me another really, really loooooooooooooongtime to understand that I do get to stay here - my new mommy never gave up either. BOW WOW!! My mommy says that I am just a great dog... really well adjusted, adorable, funny, smart and very happy. As for me?...I just think I am one lucky dog...I got it made in the shade with a glass of lemonade!
With love and appreciation,
Penny Lane (aka Penny Lee)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Murphy is Growing Up!

Just thought I'd show off my 7 month old baby....he just had a bath. Murf is doing wonderful...has gone through the nasty surgery with no adverse effects. I know that many of you were very instrumental in getting him up to Michigan for us so I just thought we'd show you want a handsome young man he is.

Hope everyone is doing good with wishes for a very Happy Easter. (Maybe spring really will arrive someday.)

PS. Poor Murphy didn't know what to do when all the snow melted. He didn't know that he could potty on grass...that's living in Michigan.

Mickey - Mom to Murphy in Northern Michigan

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Capitana is now Bella

Capitana recently left Yuma, AZ and became Bella in Jacksonville, FL. Here is a video of her with fur brother Barlee - the gentleman cairn. The fursibs also have 3 human brothers, a Dad, and a Mom who is VERY glad to have another female in the house. Enjoy their first video together.

Maggie & Stewart - Earfdogs Extra Ordinnaire!

Dis is your boi Stewart, here. We had a berry exciting weekend. Maggie and me gotz to go OUT OF TOWN!You see, Aunt Nancy told mama about an earfdog play day for Saturday. And LET ME TELL YOU, it was da best! Furst we drove and drove and drove and DROVE! Maggie sat in her seatbelt, but I rode in a cwate. (I getz carsick in da seatbelt.) Den, when we gotz dere, I wuz such a good boi. I sat beside mama and lets people pet me and was berry polite to eberybuddy. We met Brenna and her sister Skyla and her mama from up near Chicago. Brenna used to be Skye when she wuz at CP. She eben let mama say hi to her. Dere were cairns, a schnauzer, a couple ob dachunds, a few white cairns (huh!), border terriers, and more dat wanted to be earfdogs! Outside dere wuz dis nice man standing in an expen in da shape ob a bone wif a wooden tunnel it da skinny part. Da man had a lazy ole rat in a liddle box and Mags and me gotz to sniff and snarl at da rat. I growled to show him I wuz berry dangerous! Eberybuddy said, "Good dog, good boi" when I barked at da rat. Dey never say dat when I bark at home!Den dey put da rat in a hamster ball and I gotz to push it frou da tunnel! Maggie didn't want to go in da tunnel, so I pushed it for her too. She went frou jes fine wif me. We went back and forth and back and forth. Dat was fun!Den finally da nice man put da lazy rat away and got 2 rats in one cage, one black and one white. (I fink I scared da other rat! he, he,!) He had a tunnel in da ground and at da end wuz da rats. But I took one look at dat dark hole an had SECOND THOUGHTS. So Maggie saved da day. She said, "Now this is the REAL THING." She zoomed down da hole, right to da rats! So den, ob course, I had to do it, too! Eben when da nice man made it a little harder and added another tunnel wif a turn in it, Maggie and I still just ZOOMED down da tunnel to get da RATS! One ob da rats tried to bite at Maggie frou da cage! Well, you know how SHE is. Dat jes got her dander up and she REALLY let loose. She told dem dat she wuz going to eat dem for lunch and she prolly had dere brudders for breakfast! (She was berry fierce!)It wuz a berry fun day. Mama sez we can go again sometime. She sez sometimes dere are tests for earfdog, but for now, we're jes playing. Eberybuddy kept telling us all day, "Good dog, good boi (or good gurl fur Maggie)! I lob it wen dey tell me I'm a good boi! Dey said we wuz berry good earfdogs and we had POTENTIAL! So watch for more news from da earfdogs extra ordinnaire - Maggie and Stewart! Lots ob Lobs an Kisses, Your boi Stewart p.s. My birfday iz in a couple ob weeks - April 17th. I'm gonna ask for a hamster ball and hab mama put rats in it to push around da family room. Wouldn't dat be FUN???

Dina the Dynamo!

Foster Mom Bonnie B sends this:
Dina's new Mom has been great about sending me a little update every now and then. She finally sent me a photo. Her neighbor took it with his cell phone and then couldn't figure out how to get it to her computer for a while. ;) Attached is a photo of the beautiful trio and below is the email she sent to me. :) I am a very happy foster mom! Bonnie

Dina is great and I just love her. I am spoiling her rotten and giving her lots and lots of affection, hugs and kisses. She loves it. She sleeps next to me and kisses me in the morning. Then she plays and rolls around before we RUN outside to potty. (She is getting better at the ”potty outside” thing.)
Her coat is growing so nicely. I found out she loves to play in water and puddles like Chevis! Also, DINA BARKED FORTHE FIRST TIME the other day at the same cat she growled at recently. Her tail was wagging away and she wanted to play with it, but it ran away.

I am wondering if Dina could be a bit younger than 10 and if you know if 4/13/99 is her real birthday or a given date?? The reason is that she jumps up and down so easily off beds and furniture and has gotten lots of energy, which is great!! (She walks fast and trots when she is with Chevis at the park. If I walk her by herself, she is very slow!)

Dina is getting more and more playful in the mornings and is letting out a few barks here and there. She does relapse into her old world by getting scared at noises and movements, but it's getting better. I feel so bad for her when she gets that blank stare in her eyes...but she quickly comes out of it.

Chevis is feeling better now (her stitches are out and the synotic is working) and seems to be happy that Dina's here. They spend more time closer together now (on the couch, bed, etc.).
Yes, we walked the last few evenings in 70 degree weather and it was so nice. I hope Dina will get acclimated to the summer heat ok. We only can walk in the mornings or late evenings when it is so hot.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Maine CP Kids Get Together!

Thought you all would enjoy seeing the Maine CP Kids - We all got together last weekend for a spring walk and a fun time was had by all!! Newest member is Reuben who was just adopted and here he is with his Mom on the left - beside them is Truman, then Misha - and Gus with his Mom Sandi - Ms. Lilac was taking an nap in the jeep!!! Enjoy! Sue

Trudy Update

Hi. Thought that I would let you know how Trudy (Toucan) is doing. She is the Queen of the back yard. She patrols and watches out for anything that might enter her domain. She is getting a little better about her barking. She goes wild when people come close and that is fine with me! I am toning down her vocal response to tiny creatures though. (They would cause her to bark all day long, there are so many.) She also loves to bark at the penned dogs that live behind us. I am really working at interrupting that process and she is improving.

Trudy LOVES to play fetch. I got some mini-tennis balls at Target and she loves to chase them and squeak them. She has learned "sit" and is much better at "come." I am working on "drop it" and "leave it." I am also working on getting her to sit at the back door before I let her out. She has a tendency to run right into it as I open it. I am afraid she will knock herself out one day if I don't train her to sit first!

We went out the other day and SHE picked out her new bed. I put them down one by one on the floor at Petsmart and the one she curled up in is the one I bought. She no longer goes in the crate and is getting used to trotting upstairs and going straight to her bed. In the morning she will get up and run downstairs and bark for us until we come and let her out. That is that Cairn bossiness coming out.

She makes us laugh and is a lot of fun all the time. I am crazy about that little bundle of energy. Codie and she now touch noses at times and often sleep side by side. Tom said he came in one day and Trudy was sleeping against Codie. By the way, Codie has perked up as a result of having Trudy around. I am so happy about that, though we did have to double her pain meds recently and her ability to get up from the floor is much worse. I am gratified that her mood is better and she appears to be enjoying herself again.

We are a very happy family!
Affectionately, Joyce

Update from Alaska! YAHOO!

Goldie has been a wonderful addition to our house. It's like she has been here all along. We were talking the other day that its been A YEAR and it seems as though she has always been with us. She gets along with our other cairn, Robin which we got from Col Potter 5 or 6 years ago. Robin is way laid back and Goldie is such a live wire. She is almost skittish at times. It's an odd mix but they seem to do well. Robin is the alpha and Goldie is always pushing the envelope. She is also sneaky and will work very hard to steal a toy while its being used. She loves playing fetch. She still has problems riding in the car but is slowly getting better about it. We have about a 200 mile drive to get to our cabin and she will be very nervous for the first hour and then settles down. We had no problems with her going outside for potty. She loves to go to our cabin so she can chase squirrels . I have included a couple of photos. As you can see they both like lap time. We are very glad to have her.

Ms. Munchkin's Busy New Life

Hi everyone,

We are moving quite fast lately with all the Birthday parties and Easter coming fast and furiously.

This Friday afternoon, most of my family members [including Ms. Munchkin] will be coming to our home for Easter Weekend.

The house will be filled with adults, children and animals of all you can imagine, there will be chaos and confusion... . my girls are mostly excited about the fact that Munchkin will be spending the weekend at our home.

My poor father, is taking a back seat to his new little girl... Oh My!

Anyway, attached are a couple of pictures from two weekends ago, Ms. Munchkin received a bath [again from the girls] and a trim. She will be going to have her nails trimmed and a better hair cut at the Vets/Grooming session next month.

But, in the meantime, thought you would all like to know that she is doing quiet well. She went through obedience class and the teacher was quite impressed with how smart she is, and how she caught on quickly with the training/commands. Now it's up to dad to continue this the training/commands during their walks..and I am happy to say "so far so very good".

I will send more pictures after Easter..... Hope every one's spring is shaping up nicely.

Happy Easter, until next time.

Best regards,

Signed, sealed, delivered... I'm yours!

A quick update on Wylie...

Just want to let you know that Wylie and I are at my/our home and he seems to have been here all along. He's just plain wonderful, calm, cute, beautiful, well-mannered, fun, independent, I could go on for hours. He was good as gold both in the car and when I got him home. Of course, there is no outside opening he can find, but he doesn't seem to have looked for one. I will send pictures all around very soon.

I changed his tag information about two hours before he arrived. Hey, he's signed, sealed, and delivered. No way he'll ever be returned! I look forward to many years of companionship and smiles. Gosh, he's nice.

My thanks to all of you for your caring for the doggies and for the care you take in placing them. I'm very grateful.


Scotty in NJ - More Than Conqueror!

It has been 7 years since we adopted Scotty, who has a page on your "happy endings" website.
He is the love of our lives, and it was devastating just beforeThanksgiving, when he developed a cough that we quickly found was primary lung cancer. Being the fighter that he is, we decided that, nomatter what the cost, we had to do what we could to help him.
He hadthe XL egg sized tumor, and the lobe of the lung that it was in removed.The hardest part of taking care of him after the operation, was keeping him down and quiet. I even made a ramp for him to be able to get onto his favorite sofa to rest. What did he do? He jumped over the ramp andonto the sofa... 14 stitches and all! No wussy ramp for my boy!

Scotty has spent the past 10 weeks getting chemotherapy treatments, andthis past Wednesday, had X rays to check his progress... ALLCLEAR!!!!!! So, sweet Scotty has made it over another hurdle, with thetypical Cairn spirit, and is in remission. He has 6 weeks of chemo treatments left, and then goes on a 3-month check-up schedule to be sure that he stays in remission. He is happy and acting like he did when he was a pup, playing with his many toys, chasing bunnies and squirrels, and those devilish inanimate objects that move in the wind!!!

Yet another happy ending story for Scotty.
Nancy L

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on Susanna

Susanna's forever mom just sent me pictures of my sweet foster girl. Susanna, of the Columbus group, captivated everyone who came in contact with her, with her sweet, friendly nature and tiny little body that was always in motion. I only had her 6 short weeks, but it was so hard for me to say goodbye to her on New Year's day. Her mom and dad are totally smitten. She has turned into quite a beauty.
Timonium, MD

March 2009 Adoptions

43 Col. Potter Kids found their furever homes in March, including 4 who were adopted by their foster families. Happiness to each of you!
Bourbeuse now Annie in AZ
Current in British Columbia (BC)
Queen Isabella now Magoo in BC
Wyaconda now Bobby in BC
Seraphim in CA
Fabuis in CO
Big Piney now Clyde in FL
Katrina in FL
Majella now Maj in FL
Mallory in FL
Maries in FL

Maywood in FL (Foster adoption)
Nineve in FL (Foster adoption)
Valentine in FL
Abs now Sugar in GA
Dina in GA
Rosemont in KS
Fudge in MA
Gasconade now Cody in MA
Bizcochos now Boo in MD
Couivre now Reuben in ME
Baron in NY

Benson in NY
Clotho in NY

Oropendola now Penny/Oreo in NY
Quinn in NY
Marzipan now Marzi in OH
Coquito now Dexter in Ontario (ON)
Mary Lou in ON
Brexton in OR

Bacca in PA
Kyler in PA

Pal now Alfie in SC
Hoffman in TX
Berwyn now Berry in WA
Beryl now Bailey in WA
Dominos in WA

Kizzy (Foster adoption)
Meramec (Foster adoption)

Monday, April 6, 2009

B-Naturals Newsletter – April 2009

Tick-Borne Disease in Dogs
Lew Olson, PhD Natural Health
In September 2003, B-Naturals featured Gil Ashe’s article on Erlichia. Gil began researching tick disease when her beloved German Shepherd dog, Thunder, was dianosed with Erhlichia risticii. She has generously shared her knowledge with others for many years in memory of Thunder. B-Naturals is pleased once again to bring you another article written by Gil, titled ‘Quiet Killers: Tick-Borne Disease in Dogs’. We will present this article in two parts, with Part I which includes her introduction, the definitions of different tick diseases, their symptoms and disease progression, transmission of the diseases and tick removal. Part II will come out in May and will provide information on tick prevention, testing and treatment. We trust you will find the information in this article not only timely with the season, but also eye-opening and very informative.
Lew Olson.

Bea and Neha in the Sunshine

It is a beautiful sunny day in South Carolina today - I thought I'd share a picture of my girls soaking up some sunshine on the deck.
Bonnie in SC
Mom to Bea CP (fka Beijing) and Neha

Bianca's 2nd Gotcha Day!

Bianca was CP's Laken, and she was my foster. The day I picked her up on the transport, the first thing she did was roll over for a belly rub. At that moment, I was in love. She was an owner surrender at 9 years old. She is now 11 years old, and she is such a good little girl. I knew from the very first day that she wasn't going anywhere. Tomorrow, 2 years ago, I officially adopted her. Click her to see the pictures:

Deb R
Sanatoga, PA

Tiny Steps ... Big Progress

My little Kipper is still a “work in progress,” but this morning, what progress we made!! When I first brought her home (January 8), she stayed huddled in her crate all the time. When she finally ventured out she would bark at me every time I moved. Eventually she let me touch her, but she was always tense, alert, and ready to bolt. Long story short, this morning I laid down on the floor with her and she actually flopped over on her side and FELL ASLEEP while I was rubbing her. Still brings tears to my eyes just sharing this HUGE show of trust. (That was trust, wasn’t it??)
The little snot not only made my day, she MADE my weekend!!
Kathy T
Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is that little voice at the end of the day that says: "I'll try again tomorrow."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Handsome Cairn!

A photo of Couivre, now known as Reuben, sporting his new red jacket after finishing in the bath!

What a handsome Cairn!

Happy First Gotcha Day!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to send an update on Lily, formerly known as Curling.

I can't believe it's been a year! She is wonderful and happy and such a good girl. She and Smokey love each other and play all the time. She doesn't like car rides... she gets nervous and shakes... so we avoid them as much as possible. She loves to go out and play in the yard and go for walks. Their best friend is a Golden Retriever, Tessa, who lives down the street and they play together about 5 days out of 7... they love when she comes over. They run around and wrestle as if they're all the same size.. very cute!

Another silly thing she does is when the in ground sprinkler heads come up out of the ground to water the lawn, she goes running at them from across the yard, "mouthing" at the water the whole time until she gets right to the sprinkler head...then she spins around, runs across the yard and does it again.... it's the funniest thing to watch....people tell us to video her for America's Funniest Home Videos... it really is funny!