Friday, February 27, 2009

Canada Welcomes Cherubim!

An update from Cherubim, now Tegan's, new family!

Greetings from balmy Kingston......good to hear from you and we are adapting very well I feel - her to us and vice versa. We love her. She amazes me each day with her spirit....despite being so unfamiliar with things and thus somewhat skittish, once she is introduced quietly she is an extremely quick teach and retains things. Going up stairs is about 75%, downstairs only about 20% but she is trying.

Her name Cherubim proved to be too much of a mouthful and so she has been renamed to Tegan - Celtic for beautiful & toy....."Teg" most times. I have updated her name within the tag program. She comes to my voice and a whistle in the house. Her food has been successfully switched to a great organic chicken/brown rice kibble with table scraps/treats -- no loose bowel issues !!! Yahoo

Her leash manners are wonderful and less and less she feels the need to run around my legs in a circle - she has no issues with collar, harness or both and toddles along with no tension on the leash beside my legs.

Slowly she is meeting people in my inner circle although the first week she was kept pretty quiet here at home with just me and my two other guys moving around. My old fella' MickeyD was quite Ouchy at first but is coming around very nicely this week 2. She is very respectful of him and never pushes herself into his space . For him I feel it is slowly sinking in that she is not going anywhere and is no threat to him.

I have appended a few pix and have an appointment to meet Dr Wiley next week for her introductory assessment.

So here we are, "gel'n in K-Town" ....

Miss Annie is "So Loved"

Hi, just wanted to let you know how Miss Annie is doing. She becomes more cuddly as time goes on. She loves sleeping on the big bed but is equally happy in her pup nest under my PC chair. We were able to get permission from the Housing Authority to put up a fence around the front and side of our house so she has a fair sized dog run but she much prefers the in-doors. Hopefully this coming summer will help some of that.

We have also discovered that a closet door in our hallway makes a noise when being opened or closed that triggers aggression in her. We are working on this. It is so strange because it just started a few weeks ago and none of the other doors cause this reaction in her. Everything else goes well and the whole family tries to reassure her when she hears this noise.

She is so Loved and she makes us laugh when she goes psycho with her stuffies!! We are forever in your debt. With Gratitude, Sherri

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Roary!

Today is Roary's (CH Flickwynd's Roar of Woodwynd CD RA) 13th birthday. He is still quite active (though beginning to slow a bit) and loves to go to school (obedience classes).

I've attached a couple of photos that were taken in November. The first one he is getting ready to catch his ball and the other one he is patiently waiting for me to throw the ball. Roary is our perfect Cairn (except he is a poop eater).

When we were actively competing in obedience, we had one judge ask us if he wasn't a Golden in Cairn disguise. That day he scored a 195!!

Nancy B -- Lake in the Hills, IL
Mom to Roary, Callie and Rebel

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dayton Update!

Thank you to all the wonderful people at Col. Potter who helped us adopt our new baby, Willis. His name was Dayton when he was a foster kid, but we changed it to Willis. We've had him for 3 weeks now, and I'm thrilled to say he is a fabulous new member of the family. The first couple of days were a little rough, but he and Lily have worked out their differences and love each other now. They are so cute together. Thanks for all the support and advice. We really appreciate it.

Remembering The Rock Legends

Hello everyone from us here in Canada!

It's been awhile since I've sent in an update on Dilly - formerly known as Wilson from The Rock Legends.

Dilly has been with us now close to 6 months. I can assure you that she is not even CLOSE to the same dog that arrived here in August of 2008. She is no longer the shy, little girl, that hides in her crate or ex-pen. Each day she has become more brave and more confident in herself. She is still a little leary of my husband, who is so patient with her but determined that they will be pals at some point. He recently discovered "the good spot" on the back of her head that makes her want to spend time with him as long as she gets a scritch.

She has also discovered her bark, which is a bit of a yoddle actually. She will run to the back door when an intruder comes over and attempt a bark. She watches from a safe distance but no longer runs and hides in our bedroom.

She has finally started to play a bit with our male Cairn, Hershey. We have play time each morning on the dog pillows where they get belly rubs and massages and Dilly will paw at Hershey and sniff him and sometimes even lick him! He loves that! Dilly will jump on him and what not... it's happening slowly, but it's happening.

Dilly came to our home and has adjusted quite well to our other Cairn Hershey, our cat Viola and 2 girls, ages 7 and 14. That's a whole lot for this little girl. She even tolerates doggy daycare that my 7 year old sets up in her bedroom. Dilly is not particularly fond of the camera but attached is a photo my daughter took at doggy daycare. Enjoy!

Life After Col. Potter!

Katie Rose, formerly Writing #3206, is home with her Mom, in Johnstown, CO. Writing was in Foster Care for almost 6 months getting herself ready for her new life! Boy, did she find it and she is having a blast. She is just a blooming girl!

Katie Rose's new home consists of Mom, a brother, a sister, three cats and a parrot. According to mom: " Katie Rose is bouncing around the house AND has mastered the outside stairs (about 15 of them). She loves going out in the backyard with her brother and sister. Two of them are in my office here with me bouncing around and wrestling with each other! They're flying in and out of my office...she's really feisty!!! She is definitely adjusting to life here!

Thank you for giving her to me.....I will be a loving Mom for her!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Freedom Flier had one smooth landing!

Wonderful news – Zoe formerly known as Towhee #3111– Freedom Fliers 1 group was adopted on January 30 by a wonderful woman!

A recent update from Zoe's mom:

“Things continue to go well with Zoe. She is such a sweetie pie! She finally got a full bath yesterday, and I will say that is not her most favorite thing so far! She did well but after everything was done, even the blow drying of her THICK fur, that was when she sat there and shaked. She has mastered the stairs, up and down after much trepidation. She is still slow but she does it masterfully and is very proud of her self afterwards. Its so cute!"

"Thanks again for all that you have done for Zoe and all your other fosters. Without your wondrous heart, I wouldn't have Zoe in my life and for that there are no words of thanks."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nickie in Nebraska Says "Hi"

Hi everyone ~ Just wanted you to know that I am doing just great!! I am loving the good life in Nebraska--even the snow!! I am almost 6 months old now and Mom says I am a little Pistol!!
I have a sister, a brother and a foster sister to play with. I just love to tease the girls. Mom says I am to smart for my own good sometimes. I already learned to go through the doggie doors, yep there are two of them. I am potty trained and haven't had an accident in a long time. I can sit and come most of the time (I love those Cheerios).
Most importantly, I want say Thank You and God Bless you Col Potter for saving me from a life of being a Mill boy and finding me my most wonderful home that is so full of love, toys, good food and buddies to play with.
With Love,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Dodger and Vivi!

One year ago today, we met Ron K in Bloomington, IL and handed our owner surrender foster Dodger and mill girl Vivaldi nka Vivi to their new dad, Ron. He's given them the best home we could have imagined, and he's become a very good friend, even though long distance. In August, we handed him Imagine, nka Emma, who he fostered to flunk. Ron had read everything he could find on mill dogs and wanted the experience of watching one grow from a scared little wallflower into a regular corn terror! LOL And guess what he's doing now - yep, fostering for CP:-) He's currently fostering Bizchochos (Boo) and Pinta. I thought this was a great anniversary present last year, but it's just building year to year.

Ron's pack on their sofa, left to right: Dodger, Pinta (foster), Vivaldi ("Vivi"), Imagine "Emma" and Bizchocho "Boo".

Another Gotcha Day for Sonia

Hi Folks,Thought you might enjoy seeing this picture - Sonia is a little CP girl I fostered back in 2005 - Her GOTCHA DAY was Friday and I always email her forever family on that day - and they always gratiously respond with an update on "Their Little Sweetheart" as they call her - Sonia is laying on the couch and her brother Sid is on the back of the couch - Truman, Ms. Lilac and I loved loved loved this little girl - I so remember Sonia's and Ms. Lilac's first Christmas - they were just amazed by all of it and could not gather enough toys, toys, toys on their bed!! Many fond memories of this little one - and so nice to hear how loved she is by her forever family. Enjoy!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miri's Got Something To Celebrate!

Today is Miri’s (fka Lena ) THIRD birthday in freedom. She is 11 years young today.

When she came into CP, it was a COLD February day.

February 17, 2006 she was saved. She had her eighth birthday 7 days before Col. Potter brought her in. What a birthday gift it was. Then, not even 12 hours later, she gave birth to her litter of five puppies, and had major surgery to save her life. All under CP’s watchful eye and in CPs loving arms (under the tutelage of Ann and Wayne Stainback).

On February 18th, all four of her surviving puppies: Gerda, Petra, Helga and Hjammer (now Ginger, Gracie, Zoe and Max) will be celebrating their third birthdays. Sadly, one of her little boys, Leif, crossed the RB shortly after birth.

I know I’ve taken better pictures of her, but attached is MY favorite picture of her. Not looking her 11 years at all (and NEVER acting it). She is a testament to WHY ANYONE should adopt a SENIOR Cairn.

(we adopted Miri on Mother’s Day 2006).

Happy 2nd Birthday to Minnie

Dear Col. Potter Family; The Video of Minnie on YouTube is dedicated to Col. Potter for rescuing her at the tender age of 10 1/2 months old, and to her foster mother Christy who whelped her in the nick of time and saved her five beautiful puppies.

Happy 2nd Birthday Minnie & Happy Valentines Day to all of you who have enriched our lives by saving Minnie and making her part of our family. Enjoy!
Colleen K, CO
Mom to Scarlett the Cairn Of My Heart,
and Minnie - Mouse/Stinker/Moocher
& Willie, Frida & Izzy

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lachesis is home!

Look at this pretty face! I would flunk too! It's official - Lachesis has been adopted by her foster family. Here is a brief update on Lachesis and her new family: "Lachesis is such a sweet girl and has fit in here with the others so wonderfully. We are the lucky ones here. She has made our family complete. Thanks for all the wonderful things that Col. Potter does for these wonderful furkids and for all that are involved with Col. Potter, we can't be more happy with our three wonderful kids."

Lachesis new family includes two humans and two Cairns: a brother, Montgomery and a sister (former CP kid) Marti. Happy forever Lachesis!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Duffy and Pumpkin - BFFs

Hello, Just wanted to touch base with you guys and give you an update. Duffy is doing just great. He has learned how to climb the stairs now with no problem, he started that after about 3 weeks. And about 3 weeks ago all of a sudden he just jumped on the bed as big as you please with no problem at all. I think he might be getting a little stronger with all his stair mastering! He and Pumpkin are getting along very well. Hardly any kind of fussing at all. I am very glad about that. I gave them both baths and hair cuts last weekend and they watched each other while in the tub. Pretty cute. Here's a picture of them about a week ago. I am really glad I made the decision to adopt Duffy, he's a very good little dog.

Murphy Grows and Parties

Hi Everybody, It's me, Murphy...fka Peep in Michigan. I haven't written for a while but a lot of things have been happening to me. I'm losing my teeth, I have all my shots and I'm 5 months old already. I was told the last time I went to see my doctor that on March 17th I have to go for "surgery". I think my momma called it neutering. I don't think I'm going to like that very much.

My mom and dad took me to a "SuperBowl" party and there was a 10 month old pup named Rudy and we played and played and played so much that we both slept the entire next day. We had so much fun. Today, it was finally warmer (whatever that means) in Northern Michigan and I got to go for my first "walk". I didnt' want to go at first, but as we were walking (or maybe dragging would be the right term), I saw another dog out with her mom walking and I decided that I really like it.

Well, I've taken enough of your time but I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing good and I'm very happy and I just want to say hi to all my old CP friends and family.
By the way, I weigh 12.12 lbs now. Goodbye for now and I'll write later
Love, hugs and puppy kisses, Murphy

A Wonderful Update on Merri (Meringue)

Just to let you know that Merri is doing very well, she is fabulous on a leash, better than Rocco, and has mastered the stairs up and down. At first she was so afraid of everything that we were worried that she is not enjoying our hourly walks in a park, but now that is all she would like to do, stay outside and observe everything. We are still feeding her and Rocco the food you recommended and thank you so much because finally Rocco has no stomach problems which for 11 years he had to endure. She will eat now in the kitchen when we are present, getting braver every day.

Merri is very good with our daughter Nicole, and all the kids invading our home, but the most she loves my husband Peter and I am so glad because he always wanted sweet little girl like Merri and finally got one.We still have to work on potty training, first week was not so good but now almost no accidents, we are walking with her 5-6 times a day and that seems to work. Today we started to teach her to ride a bike in a basket so we can go for a longer outings, and so far so good. She and Rocco sleep with us in the bed and we are all very happy to have her, she seems to be very happy too.

Skye is now Brenna

Hey everyone! Skye went to her forever home today! She has been my foster girl since Aug 2008 and it was a joy to share my home with her. Her new family has everything a Cairn princess should need and then some. She will have playmates and a Doggie Daddy (and Mommy), even a handmade doggie couch! Have a happy life my little Fudgy.......mumma and Scooter will miss you!
Carla in Green Bay

Scooter (the best foster brother ever!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

An Enduring Valentine's Day Gift

If you have a loving friend or family member who would like to give a truly meaningful Valentine's Day gift, you can use the following link to make a donation to Col. Potter to help the furkids.
You have the option of using PayPal or mailing a donation.

Valerie K, Vice-Preident of Intakes says: "Just something to remember - candy is fattening and flowers will die within a week - give or get the gift that means life to a little Cairn. Donate to CP as this year's Vaentine's Day Gift!!!"

Blanket Aunties Send a Gift of Love

When is a blankie not just a blankie? When it is a special, love filled-blankie made by our Blankie Aunties!

In 2005, Col Potter crafters, a special volunteer group, started making blankets and sending one to a dog that needed some extra tender loving care. Some of the first blankies were knitted, or quilted; today most of them are fleece. And today, every cairn in foster care receives a special package from a "Blankie Auntie" to take with them to their furever home. The blanket is a way to 'hug' the fosters - to let them know they are part of a large family, even if we never meet warm-to-cold nose.

To see how much the cairns love their blankies, watch Karen O's wonderful video "Wrapped in Love".

Bonnie B, Susan , and Kim D-S have all been the 'organizers' of this large project. Over 400 blankies were sent in 2008! The BAs include: Carol L. Karen O, Barbara S, Kim, Kaaren J, Maureen A, Christa T, Betty G, Marie G, Michele G, Lynn S, Pam E, Kathy T, Montez F, Deirdre B, Sandy B, Karen K, Sherri C, and Jenny M (my apologies if I missed you - please let me know!)

A huge Thank You to all of our blanket aunties for wrapping our fosters in love, and to those who contribute to the cost of BA supplies!

Bub's First Gotcha Day Anniversary

On a cold,snowy Sunday a year ago, Mr. Bub (the former Ross) arrived in his furever home. What a great little guy! Even when the girls are picking on him!!!!
Beth Evans in Warrenton, Va Enjoy these photos!

Ellemir has been Adopted!!!

Ellemir was *CHOSEN* by a wonderful family who lives less than 10 miles from our door. They've had dogs with dry eye before this so were not concerned about Ellie's little problem. Their previous Cairn passed away in November and their Westie needed a new playmate so they invited Miss Ellie to join their family. The first photos were taken in the days before Ellie moved away. The last two photos are in her new home. Ellie and her Mom emailed us today to tell us that things are going great!!! Click here to see the pictures:
- Bonnie

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fattigmand is now Chelsea

Hello, Friends -- Chelsea is my new Cairn Terrier. I picked her up Saturday afternoon, and she is a joy already. She is a rescue dog from the East somewhere, and was being fostered in Tacoma.

She came through the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, which has 12 (yes, 12) levels of checking and approval before an adoption takes place -- I could have adopted a child!

She is about 3 years old, and was rescued from a puppy mill. But today, my vet said she was very healthy. Her hair has grown back in beautifully -- she is brindled gray. She is small, just about 12 pounds. She is still a puppy mentally, and has to be housebroken (that's almost there) and trained from scratch. She had her first two walks Sunday and today, and now understands what that is all about and the leash. But she has yet to understand what toys are for, and she won't eat any treats, making training difficult. But she is a joy, and isn't being spoiled at all!

Ivan is Loved In Akron

Ivan is a very special boy! First, he's a cairn, and a very handsome one at that!. Second, he has 2 very loving homes who give him what he most needs. And third, he now lives in Akron, OH (this blogster's birthplace and home for 20+ years).

But best of all,
Ivan is in remission from an autoimmune diseasd that causes severe diarrhea and weight loss. He requires 11 pills each day, plus eye drops every 4 hours while awake for the rest of his life. He is sweet, spirited, and intense.

His new family is with Cheryl and Steve of the Medical Respite team. Ivan has recovered as much as he's going to, but is at risk for sudden and severe flare-ups. In Akron, he has immediate access to his specialty vet where future problems can be closely monitored.

Congratulations to Ivan and his furever home. And I promise you that Akron does get some warmer weather in a few months!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Grooming Older Dogs

There are some good ideas in this article about grooming older dogs for those of you with the senior Cairn citizens.
Maureen B. in BC

January 2009 Adoptions

44 Happy Adoptions in January 2009
Carrie Nation in AR
Swift now Skye in FL
Filipa in FL
Teacher in FL
Sanderling in FL
Tern in FL
Parcheesi now Ginger in FL
Pizzelle in FL
Blackbird in FL

Brookfield in IL
Hymn in IL
Nina now Glinda in IL
Beauvoir in LA
America in MA
Kenda in MA
Roselle in MA
Glitz in MA
Rugelach now Grettain in MA
Joby in MD
Swan now Munchkin in ME
Mancala now Kayla in MN
Erica Kane in NC
Meadowlark now Miri in NJ
Ibis in NY
Bronwyn in NY
Dad's Penny now Penny in NY

Ivan in OH
Susanna now Gracie in OH
Disney in OR
Nixie now Rubie in OR
Speech in PA
Bolero now Brodie in PA
Revere in PA
Skokie in SC
Meringue in SC
Rupee now Ruby in VA
Checkers in VA
Mahjong in VA
Kittiwake in WA
Chess now Ghillie in WA
King Ferdinand in WA
Pecan in WA
Towhee now Zoe in WA
Fattigmand in WA

First Aid and Your Dog

Here is a good article from Dr. Jon at

What should you know about first aid that could save your dog's life? I spoke with several emergency vets and we came up list of 10 things that every pet owner needs to know. Here they are.

  1. Behavior knowledge. You need to know what to expect from an injured pet to prevent injury to yourself.
  2. Vet phone numbers and address. You quickly need to know who to call and where to go.
  3. Phone number of an animal-loving friend. In some situations, like when a pet is lost or if you are trying to transport an injured pet, you need a friend's help.
  4. CPR.
  5. Heimlich maneuver.
  6. How to bandage. This can be easy to do and it is extremely important to protect a wound.
  7. How to stop bleeding. Gentle pressure is the best way to stop bleeding.
  8. Towel or blankets. These can be used to cover wound or help you pick up a pet.
  9. Strong blanket. This can be used to help you transport a pet.
  10. Finances. Finally, it is important to be able to take financial responsibility for your own injured pet. Many clinics do not allow payment plans but do accept credit cards. One good way to protect yourself it to consider pet insurance in advance. Go to for a free quote and more information.Go to this link. It will give you more details on items such as CPR and why you need these items - Go to First Aid - Top 10 Things to Know for Dogs.
    I hope this helps. Until next time, Dr. Jon