Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MEEKA & McCOY "Gotcha" Anniversaries

Two years ago, we adopted Mancuso (now Meeka) and McCoy (Willis McCoy.. also called Willie Mac or Will).. our fosters with CPCRN. We count Dec. 31st as their "Gotcha Day".. but guess they "got us" long before. :)

Meeka is nearly 11 years old now, and while still skittish with sudden noises, has come into her own. She is seldom found without a sqeekie toy in her mouth.. and loves to "collect" a dozen or so toys in her crate. She has become very social, not only with other dogs; but will walk right up to people now.. expecting a pet or treat. She is a petite little one and guess she is in her "salad days" as she loves to nibble on anything green in the garden. Meeka will mow a bed of Cosmos (my butterfly garden) down in an afternoon. She barks only at dinnertime, when she dances, whirls and barks BIG!... as food is carried to her crate.

While a shy, scared little one.. she is quite determined at times.. contends for toys with the others in her pack, and can be quite stealthy in sneaking a toy out from under another. Her vision is dimmed somewhat.. from the horrible eye infections she suffered in the mill, but daily meds keep her comfortable and perserve what vision she has. She is our little Meekie-girl, and is much loved.

Willie Mac was pulled from Fort Worth Animal Control, the same shelter shown in Oprah's puppy mill feature. Willie (CP's McCoy) came in with horrible yeast infection in both ears and looked a bit like a harbor seal at 23.4-lbs. Extremely food motivated, Will has been known to move chairs across a tile floor to get up on counters and filch food or loaves of bread. He is athletic, and a fierce stalker of squirrels and the rat that visits from our neighbor's wood pile.

Sadly, this will likely be Willie's last "Gotcha" anniversary. He has been diagnosed with GME, Granulomatous Meningeal Encephalitis, a non-contageous form of encephalitis. It is fatal, and there is no cure. Treatment is to slow the progression, and Will is at the max on all meds. GME is typically fast progressing, and Will is showing new neurological symptoms every couple weeks.

We know his time is very short, but are determined to grab and value every good day and every good moment until that awful decision must be made. Will is an endearing, charming soul, have thought he might be an angel among us. He's not the cute, chubby little cherub kind of angel.. more the John Travolta "Michael" kind of angel. :) We adore him.

THANK YOU to all who help rescue little ones like Meeka and McCoy. Some might say they were lucky to be saved, but George and I know we are the lucky ones. They have graced our lives in countless ways.
Claudia and George in Fort Worth with Honey Girl, Willie Mac & Meeka
Please support rescue..."until there are none... save one."

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