Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Etheridge is now Maisie

Good Morning All,
Maisie had a great day yesterday trying to figure out a new household. You can see that she was willing to play with me and is so glad to have her pink dog. Thank you, Corinne, for sending that with her! She slept all night and was ready to get up about the same time as her schedule had listed. I mixed the kibble with a little cottage cheese and she ate the entire bowl so I think we'll use that for awhile. Just keep backing off on the amount of cottage cheese each time. I don't think she likes to chew. The kibble is just too hard. Who knows what she was fed in the puppy mill. I did call and make appt with our vet next week. I know there is nothing wrong with her, but I would like them to get to know her. They were terrific with our prior cairn and always tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now they can meet Maisie and see a sweet little girl. She did go on a couple of walks yesterday and one this morning. She does pretty well and seems to enjoy them. Of course, we didn't go too far and I'm sure the altitude affects her just like anyone else who comes from sea level. During the day she lays at the feet of one of us or follows us around like a little black shadow. We just love her! We'll keep you posted at time goes on.

Tellington T-Touch

Recently, a CRM member posted a request for dog training recommendations for an 8-year old puppy mill mama who is comfortable on a leash but can still be skittish out in the open.

Maureen in British Columbia replied: I would suggest that she check out the Tellington Touch website and look for practitioners who are in Massachusets. Tellington Touch with a private practitioner is the absolute very best groundwork for a rescue dog to do before they go into Pet Manners or Obedience classes in a group. It helps the dog learn to relax and pay attention and gain confidence better than any other dog class I have seen.

Iona T and I attended a 6 day TTouch course a couple of weeks ago, and she brought her CP boy, Danny along. He gained so much confidence and accomplished so much there that the instructor is going to write up an article on him. The touches connect with the dogs and calm them on a cellular level, while the leash work and ground work really help them learn to focus, overcome nervousness and skittishness, and learn the feeling of being calm and in balance with themselves and their person. It is not intended to teach them to sit, come, etc., but it gets them ready to learn and to be with other dogs without anxiety.

This sounds like a terrific program and the website has tons of information and great resources. I love the links!

Please let us know if you have any experiences with T-Touch and how it helped you and/or your pet.

Henri Adjust to His Furever Home

Things are going better with Henri. The belly band that Daphne suggested has worked very well. I don't leave him in the laundry room for the long work day any more. I just put the belly band on him. It's better for he and Rosie to be together.

He's a funny little guy - such a devoted little thing. He sits beside me on the couch every evening, and last night it was so cute he was asleep, stretched out beside me and our big Main Coon Cat Chance, jumped up and lay right beside him snuggled up along side his tummy. I wished I had a camera but of course I was kind of wedged in with cat and dog so I just had to enjoy the nice...(I was amazed that Henri didn't move...) so they have bounded very well.. Well, Walk time and lots to do. Thanks again Tibby

Betsy is Adopted

Betsy's forever mom drove here from IL last weekend to pick her up. Betsy seemed very happy with her new mom, Marti and her daughter Emily. Betsy is doing well, but does miss having her playmate Tootsie. In a short time that won't be a problem, as Betsy's family plans to adopt a playmate for her once she has settled in. See her photos:

After the Rain

Here's a pix of Molly, Cassy (Cassata) and Toby, looking out the window after a rain shower and probably hoping to see a bird or squirrel at the nearby feeder.
Betty in Arkansas, Mom of Molly, Toby & Cassy

Romney's Thank You to Foster Mom

Hi Mary Jean, Finnen asked me to send you an email and thank you for all the new toys and treats. She picked up each one and took it outside, then I bring them in and she starts all over again. I think she has a preference for the squirrel with the big bushy tail. I love the little blanket and I am sure she will find it very cozy once the weather gets cold.

Finnen is doing very well; she is into the Cavanaugh routine and thriving. She spends lots of time outside in her yard just laying in the grass, watching and listening to the squirrels and birds. We have gone on many walks and while most of the time she walks behind me, she is getting a little braver and will walk side by side with my other cairn. The yorkie always has the lead.

She gives me kisses and comes up for scratches all the time now. She is a dear sweet creature. Thanks again for the goodie box for Finn; she really was very happy to know that her foster mom had not forgotten her.

Candace and Finnen

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tenacious is now Oliver

Hi Everyone, Tenacious was one of the puppymill survivors who were rescued in August and it has been one month as of Sept 17th that Oliver has been with us and I just wanted to say thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible. He is the love of my life and now my husband is #2!!!
I also wanted to share some new pictures of him... the first few are before he was groomed and the last is Ollie all clean and so handsome!!! Thank you again.Love, Michelle and Ollie

Bea and Neha are Adopted Together

Today, Beijing aka Bea and Neha's forever Mom came to pick the girls up today and take them home.Video and photos in the Neha and Beijing Get Adopted Album at There are also some photos of Bea and Neha in the Beijing Album.

These two girls meeting each other was "intervention from a higher power". They bonded the day they met and Bea was a God send for Neha. Bea's nurturing and calm nature helped Neha settle down and helped her move past her grief. They started out as best forever friends and now are sisters. Thanks to everyone who helped get them on their forever home journey together.

It's kinda quiet here tonight and Zeus is kinda down. I told him that their will be more girls, but he's not hearing me right now. Marie

The Story of Rozie (fka Rayne)

Sometimes you wonder about fate...

Several weeks ago Lois Q put out an email request for help to transport a couple of dogs from the Bay area to Oregon (Portland as it turns out). I got the message and said that I really lived too far east to help with a transport (2 hours just to get to I-5) but after a bit I came back and said if you get desperate I'll help.
Well, Lois got desperate and asked for help. So... I agreed to meet Denise F in northern CA (a very small town called Morris just south of the OR border on US-97) and transport the two furkids (Rayne and Trooper) to our home in Sunriver, OR (about midway north to south on US-97) for a bed and biscuit before delivering them to Jill W the next day in Salem, OR (back on I-5 and not far south of Portland).
Now you would think this would be a simple thing to do having done so before with some midwest mill kids a couple of years ago, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Rozie couldn't wait to get out of the small crate she came with and Jan took one look and was smitten. But I still took her to Salem the next day.
Now, we already have 4 CP kids in residence, Sara (2003), JD (Just Dog-2003), Reiver (2004) and Digger (2007), [our daughter has another 3 and NO, we are not trying to stay ahead of Mo and her CT furherd] which, considering Cairnitude, is more than enough. But once smitten...
Anyway, two days later, just after doing a home safety visit for the new forever parents of Blanket and Bootie, the die was cast and an adoption application submitted. Seemed like a normal series of events but hold on... A little over two weeks after Rozie entered foster care and after we had received approval to adopt another Cairn, I got a call from our Matchmaker, Karen T. But I almost wasn't home to answer the phone. Jan had gone out and called to ask me if I would come and meet her ASAP to do something but I waffled and begged off. LUCKY US!
It turns out that Karen had decided to contact the foster mom (Debbie Heiser) to find out whether or not Rozie was ready for adoption only to discover that Rozie and foster mom had just spent the weekend in the community where we live and were about to depart for Portland. And would it would be possible to do a meet and greet before they left. OH BOY! SURE!
Now Jan was out and I wasn't able to reach her. She walked in the door about five minutes before Rozie and foster mom arrived. I told her that Rozie would be here in five minutes. Jan just couldn't believe it. Anyway, Rozie arrived and we did a meet and greet with our resident alpha female which turned out to be a non-event. And the rest is history. Rozie stayed and her foster mom went home with tears in her eyes.
Rozie has now been in her forever home a little over two days. She is having a ball with her new furpals despite her coordination problems which she was born with. She runs circles around our other 4 furkids and just loves to play with some pals her size. She is more fun to watch than TV (except maybe for Jay Leno and Monday Night Headlines).
So back to fate. If I hadn't gotten involved in a last ditch transport, we wouldn't have even met this very special girl. Thank you, Col. Potter for what you do! Anyway, Rozie was her name before CP brought her into its heart. We decided to keep it to make her transition as easy as possible.
Bill (aka Woody Waykstwaw and BBB [Big Bad Bill]) & Jan S in Sunriver, OR

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tamera now Sadie is Adopted

Here is another wonderful "foster flunkie" story; this one is from Mary C. in Brookfield, IL. There are several reasons I like this story:
1. Mary C. is a very special lady
2. Cairns, especially those in precarious situations, give lots of love.
3. We never know who the "flunkie" will be

I am flunking again this time with Tamera who I call Sadie. She came into CP when her health was determined to be too bad to adopt out by the shelter she was in and rescue was asked to take her in. When she got to me she quickly developed kennel cough, with runny eyes and nose. She spent three weeks in my basement trying to get better. I took her to the vet and it was determined that her lingering cough was due to heart issues. So off we went to a heart specialist. It turns out that she had Left Valve Prolapse, which means when the heart pumps the blood from one chamber to the next the valve between does not close properly. After it was determined she was stable she left me and went to a foster home, where she did horrible with her integration and came right back to me. When she was at foster home #2 it was discovered that she had dry eye and was mostly blind in her left eye. I had to clean her eye and apply ointment two times a day She hated to have her eye cleaned and sometimes showed her teeth or snapped. She is very food aggressive and did major resource guarding i.e. she would keep the other dogs from the water bowl. Time went on and I worked very hard with the food aggression feeding her from my hand at first with heavy leather gloves on, later off a potholder. Making her work for every bite. Things changed slowly, but you cannot trust her around food and she needs to be crated when people or dogs are eating.

I was getting fed up with this little girl and tired of all the energy I was putting into her at the cost of my other dogs. The day I decided that I was going to ask that she be moved to another foster home she slipped on the kitchen floor and hurt her leg. So off to the vet we went an x-ray later the vet said that she had arthritis in her hip and if it weren’t for her bad heart she would be a candidate for hip replacement surgery. You could see on her x-ray that the hip that was supposed to be a nice smooth ball was really oval and worn down. The muscle in the leg was strained from her need to walk differently on it. So with pain medication, some Glucosamine and lots of rest her leg got a little better. She could do the stairs but sometime needed to be carried up the stairs. (The pet sling that we sell on the CP mall is really wonderful) I was feeding her in her crate and had it far away from the other dogs when everyone was eating.

One day as my mother-in-law was putting her food into her crate Sadie bit her on the thumb. It wasn’t too bad of a bite but a bite nonetheless. Feeling very frustrated and over whelmed I e-mailed Mo who gave me a bunch of really good advice on how to handle her. I ended up (on Mo’s advice) giving Sadie “her own space” in an ex-pen with her own bed, toys, and water bowl. She really liked this arrangement. I would often find her in the ex-pen she seemed calmer and less stressed. Yet, I worried about her constantly what if she bit someone else? What if the forever family had a child visit and she took food from the child’s hand and bit the child? What if she hurt a dog? It was possible that she could get into a fight over treats, water, or food. My fear was that she was going to really hurt someone and be put to sleep. For the most part she is a good dog, I felt that it wasn’t her fault but her previous owners who must have let her get away with too much, and she was never socialized to other dogs. She had a routine at my house she was managed well. One could tell by looking at her that the routine was good for her and she was less stressed.

I thought to myself I really don’t want 4 dogs as I still wanted to foster for CP. I prayed long and hard about it, I asked for a sign. I knew with everything going on with her that being 10 years old with multiple health issues she was not going to be around a long time. Yet, I didn’t want 4 dogs I also felt that I did not want her end of life issues to be by committee.

I asked for a sign. Well it came I was sitting in my back yard with the dogs, thinking about what I was going to do when Sadie came up to me and put her two front paws on my knee something she never does because of the hip pain and just looked at me. I thought to myself well there is your sign. Sadie AKA Tamera is home.
Mary - Brookfield, Il furkids Charna, Jeffery. and Vonnie Leeca at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nugent is Now Teddy

Nugent (now Teddy) is a lucky little boy. He is happily in his furever home after he escaped and spent several days hiding in the bushes. Here is an update.

Hi Everyone! The first night went really well and Nugent slept in my arms. I love this little dog!!!! He is becoming my tight little buddy. He never leaves my side and seems quite content sleeping in my arms and next to his "family" on the couch. He enjoys exploring the yard and I sit out there with him. We (all 3) had a walk today and it was great. Stuie let Teddy eat all his food and stood there and watched him. He will not let Frank get away with that. There is something about Teddy that is very non-threatening to other animals, don't you think. Its like they go out of their way to be nice to him.

I was lying in bed asleep and what do I awake to but little kisses from Teddy. These were the first "official" kisses and they were wonderful. He is like the Mother Teresa of Cairns. So sweet and kind! He'll sleep with anyone, even the cat. She does not know what to make of it but allows it. He loves the deck and sits out there and watches the bugs fly around for hours. He is getting into the squirrels. He enjoys the back yard and takes his lead from the other dogs about going out and doing business. His tail has started wagging. He is very sociable to guests and goes right to them. He is eating well. I have added some ground turkey to the mix and its making everyone happy. He is so beautiful and so sweet. He is now seamlessly a part of our household.

Newman and His Fursibs

Newman fka Denny DiNozzo now lives with Westie Fester and Yorkie Beanie. Here is an update:

Well, Fester still runs circles around Newman, it'll take awhile before Newman has the kind of muscle tone that gives Fester his amazing speed and energy:) Beanie has finally reached the stage where she's comfortable letting Newman jump up on the sofa and sleep right next to her. I think he's built her confidence up by letting her knock him around a bit. She bounces up on her hind legs and actually pushes him right over off his feet by sort of boxing him with her front paws! It's so funny.

Newman never gets testy no matter how often she knocks him over, it's funny because she only weighs 6.5lbs and Newman is at least 14! He's such a jolly fellow. Fester has taught him all about chasing birds out of the yard. I can't wait to see Newman in the snow:)

I've attached a few photos of the gang sleeping together and at their favourite post in the house, watching out the picture window. It's kind of a milestone in the pack dynamic that Beanie trusts Newman enough not to move away when he lays next to her. She still growls a bit when he jumps up on the sofa to remind him to be careful with his big clumsy feet, he's stepped on her by accident a few times:) but she went right back to sleep when he settled in.

Newman's also starting to get comfortable enough to remain sleeping in the living room while I go into the kitchen but he can still most often be found right at my feet:) We couldn't imagine life without our little Newman clown:)
Linda M

Confession of a Foster Flunkee

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) is run by many wonderful volunteers who fulfill many diverse tasks. Since all of our "kids" must be evaluated before they find their "furever" home, Foster parents are critical to our success. Private homes across the States and Canada temporarily house our cairns, and usually send them off, as told in the happy-ever-after stories on this blog. But sometimes, the kids never leave the foster home. We lovingly call these families "foster flunkees". What follows is one families "confession". Or is it simply a Love Story? You decide.

This is my confession speech. I'm here in front of all you other Cairn lovers/adoptees/ fosters/flunkees to proclaim my guilt. First, I do have to say, it wasn't my fault. And really, we weren't looking to increase our pack. (I can hear you all laughing at me and chiding me with yeah, right!) I never thought it would be a redhead that wormed her way into our hearts as I'm a sucker for those little black faces!
This little girl chose us - I think from the first time she saw us at the auction in that cage where she sat at the back, cowering in fear, her little moon-slit eyes giving me "that look". (Juneau has his momma's eyes, for sure, so be careful Julie.) She came up to my fingers and licked them furiously, telling me she wanted out of there - PLEASE! Then, she's giving my chin licks as I'm squeezing her belly trying to determine if she's full of puppies as she'd been in heat the previous month and had been put with the male - just another I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER if you just help me!
Then out on the enclosed carport, we didn't even put her in an ex pen - she followed at my heels, her little wet nose touching my calves to remind me she was there. Every time I would sit in the lawn chair, she would put her feet up on my leg wanting up, this little scared mill momma with no tail.
I knew on her second day in Freedom I was fighting a losing battle, and I confessed to Barney that I really hadn't been looking to adopt another, but Sitka was telling me she'd already chosen US as her Forever Family. And Barney said he'd already seen the signals she was giving and knew what it meant.
Then my Auntie came to see the new kids, and she took one look at Sitka and how she acted and looked at me, and she made the statement "that little girl ain't goin' nowhere - she's already found who she wants for her Forever home". I knew I was toast - my Auntie is rarely wrong about anything. I confessed my dilemma to Valerie before the kids were even out of the vet's office from their "spa" treatments. And a week after she arrived, I had my application in to adopt her.
So I'll blame my flunking on FATE - you know the guy - he's part of the Intakes Team, and he's the one that showed me the flier from the auction house listing those cairns and had me report it to Valerie. He's also the guy that told the BOD they needed to budget the money for us to go and try to get those kids out of that lifestyle.
And then his partner DESTINY took over. Destiny had me tell Valerie that I wanted to foster one of the girls if we got her. He also told Valerie to let me name them, and Sitka was my favorite port city on our Alaskan cruise this summer - it was just a beautiful little town.
I thank Destiny because he must have known about how hard a time she was going to have with her spay - she was allergic to the dissolvable stitches and had to have a second surgery 4 days after her spay to remove what was left of them after her body was destroying them and she was about to open back up - they removed a bunch of necrotic tissue and then used the old style sutures that had to be removed in 10 days. She was one sick little girl, on meds and not wanting to eat for a week and piddling all over. I can't imagine what shape she would have been in if she'd had a two day transport somewhere. She and I spent nights on the couch together during all this because I was afraid to leave her alone in her crate for fear of what I might find in the morning. Ellie the Belly's story kept coming to mind.
We fretted over Sitka's constipation and her incontinence and her oozing belly and not wanting to eat anything. But one week after her second unplanned tummy tuck, she decided to eat. And then she had a quick moment of zoom. She finally got to feeling better to where I could have a meet and greet with the other kids in the house. And everyone's accepting the new kid in the house!
We've received the official notice that she's ours. I've just filled out the info for the contract. Funny, it would have taken an Act of Congress to have moved her out of here! I'm just giggly at having this girl officially as part of our family.
She's wanting to shed her fears, but she's still scared of just about everything that moves or makes a sudden noise. But she has picked up toys and carried them around - she has a little red bird she especially likes, and a nylabone fish. And outside, she spends less time sitting by herself on the patio and mingling with the other kids. She even has little fits of zooming :-) And the River Birch has low limbs that the others like grabbing and tugging on, and she's jumped up at them with the others now, playing tug.
Sitka and Randall and Stray have also had small play moments. Sitka is at my feet right now in a bed, and when I move to the family room, she'll follow me in and either come put her little feet up on me wanting up, or she'll find her way to the steps and come up on the couch on her own. She's my little shadow, and I love her to pieces.
She's still leaking a little pee, but we're hoping that will clear up once she's totally healed inside. She's a pudgy little thing from laying around nursing puppies most of her 3 years of life, having had her last litter in April. I think once she's zoomed around with this pack, she'll trim up with time and be a svelt 12 pounds instead of a pudgy dozen :-)
So that's the story - yes, I've joined the ranks of all you other members of Foster Flunkees out there. It's funny how these things happen when you don't expect it. I've been sitting here quietly the last couple of weeks secretly laughing at all you foster homes that are flunking over these sweet kids, and I think it's reaching epidemic proportions :-)
And I'll just warn you others out there laughing because you don't think it will ever happen to you - you just don't know when that Intakes Team of FATE and DESTINY are going to work their magic on YOU! Hehehehehe!
Kathy H in MO

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ally's Babies are 1 Year Old Today

Here is a years worth of Ally's puppies Fannie & Sara

Happy Birthday, Little Ones!

The Adoption of Bonnie Blue

We picked up Bonnie Blue, now known as SOPHIE, yesterday and she is do adorable. What a loving, affectionate little girl. She seems to have always lived here. She just fits right away.

We took the Victoria Clipper over (it is a three hour passenger only ship ferry). Iona and Jim met us at a little park right by the boat landing with their Danny boy. We talked about the information she had brought and then signed everything to make her our forever dog.

During the trip home on the ferry she went in the Sherpa bag and never whimpered or anything. When we got to the ferry terminal in Seattle we let her out and she went potty. We got almost to the parking garage and there was a train that was making screeching noises with the brakes and scared her so we held her the rest of the way to the car. We put her in the crate when we got to the car and she went in with a gentle nudge. Not one peep on the way home either.

It was eleven PM when we arrived at the house and we walked her around the front yard then brought her in and fed her . She gobbled it right down. We tried to potty her before we put her to bed in the kennel but she didn't have to go. She slept very well and Mike took her out about 7:00 and she did her business. She curled up in his lap until I got up about 8:45, then she came in my lap for awhile. We made breakfast and she played and amused us with her antics. I think she wore herself out as she is curled up on her little pad I put in the office for her as I am writing this.

We think that our little Fergie is looking down from the heavens and smiling that we have found another little princess as sweet as she was. Sophie has adapted better then we ever dreamed. It is like she has always been here. We are sending a few pictures so you can all see her. Thank you all so much for letting us have this little treasure in our home. You have all been so supportive, it has been a great experience for us. Mike will send the pictures from his computer as that is where they are stored. Thank you, Carolyne and Mike M

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bannock fka Kisses Update

Kisses is now renamed Bannock. Bannock is doing very well in her new home. Bannock is a 3 month old female that came in a large group of dogs from a puppymill in the Midwest. Like a few other puppies from this group, these dogs are known by their hatred of their crate. This does cause some problems when it comes to housebreaking but they are managing by keeping her in an ex-pen. Also, Bannock does have some separation anxiety. Furever Mom Julie has been following conventional advice such as not making a big deal about leaving and she has seen some improvement. Julie's husband has most of the day to day care of Bannock and their 7 month old westie, Bailey. Julie mentioned that Bannock is not particularly cuddly, preferring to play with toys and run around on her own. She gets along fine with her westie sister.

Addy Update

Addy is doing great. I took her to some more classes with me and Trixie, and she follows me anywhere. She's sitting for treats, but still goes the other way if you're trying to pick her up. But sometimes and only if she wants to, I'll stop and tell her to sit, then she'll let me come near and pick her up.

I've never seen any dog as excited about food as she is. She's looking good. Has put on more weight and has some tone to her now after walking every day. She's much fuller than she was before, so her new nickname is Chunky Monkey, although she's far from overweight. She's grabbing her toys and shaking them, and she actually initiated play with Trixie the other morning. You know she can walk right under Trixie's belly, and she started nipping at Trixie's legs and making little growly noises. So Trixie head-butted Addy and it was on. It didn't last long, but it's a start.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bixby - a B-12 Shot for His Family

Thank you all in our efforts to give Bixby a Permanent home. He has been here two days and has already changed the dynamics of our family group ...we are all young again !!!! He is an inspiration , and like a vitamin B12 shot , we are all active again, looking after and trying to keep control over this little investgator. He is the sweetist little guy and so far has meshed well with our 9 year old Cairn, Sport .

He is a delight and I would advise anybody to go through Col Potter to get a dog. It is the first time I have done anything with an organization that was a pleasant experience from day one. Never a snag or problem developed, that was not professionally approached and solved with little effort on my part. I definitely will spred the word of your organization.

As a volunteer group , you all act and respond as if this is your primary job - and some how I think it might secretly be that !!!! I am sure you feel a lot more rewards for a successful adoption, than what you get on your careers on a daily basis. I know we thank you all for your efforts ,and appreciate all your contributions no matter how large or small they may have been.
Don , Denise , Sport and BIXBY H

Happy 1 Year Old to Rocky & Willie

Hi eberybody! I was one years old dis week too!! Mom-mom has attached a picture of me -- I'm Rocky's brofer, but I didn't hab no wine on my birfday! Happy bewated birfday, brofer Rocky (on the left). I'm glad you had a good day! Willie (formerly Schubert) in Jones, OK

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maisie Celebrates Her Birthday

Our little girl is 6 today! We had a nice romp at her favorite park, Belle Isle and it was high tide, so she got in a few strokes. Not to worry - even though you can't always see it, she's on the leash. These photos aren't great, but it's kind of hard to get a great shot with 2 leashes and active pups. Enjoy!

Maisie sings:
Happy birthday to me,
I’m as cute as can be
With my buddy, Murry,
A kitty and a mommy,
It’s so good to be me!

See my photos:

Romney is (S)Elected!!

My little foster girl Romney ("Spuds") flew out to her new home in Denver last Sunday morning.

She has overcome a lot of adversity in her life - coming from a puppymill - and her trip out of here was no different. With flooded & closed roads to O'Hare and weather restrictions, I knew her new home was meant to be - that is, if she made it there. She did, of course - silly me!

Romney was one of the "Presidential Candidates" and she was one of the last to be adopted. She was very skittish and afraid when she here. She really did improve but she still has a ways to go.

Romney was great with my dogs. Always respecting their space and hierarchy. I think she will be better off not living with her arch-enemy Foster Dad although he does miss her! (Actually, they did start to warm up to each other near the end thanks to turkey hot dogs.)

We miss her terribly. Her whooo hooo bark and her sweet face. I know she will find her happily ever after and become a true cairn princess as it should be.

Thank you Colonel Potter for saving my Spudsie. Hope you like my video.

Mary Jean (IL) with resident cairns Maggie, Casey & Duke

Good Cars for "Dog" People

This article was recently posted on's newsletter. It might be helpful to one of us. Also, this website has a new medical reference and I've added the web address under Links.

DogCars that are low in price and high in mileage
High gas prices have forced many dog-loving families to take a second look at the fuel-efficiency of their current canine carrier.
At, we pledge that no dog shall be left behind, so our team of expert reviewers came up with a list of economically-priced vehicles that are high in fuel mileage and versatile enough to handle multiple mid-size pups.
DogCars “Five at 25” list features the top five (six because of a tie) dog-friendly vehicles that have an MSRP base of $25,000 or less and get an average of at least 25 mpg on the road. We also add some other top choices to check out.
And please don’t forget to crate or harness your dog for safety before you hit the road, no matter what you’re driving.

Update on CP's Cutty

Cutty's Furever Mom writes: The little man is doing great. We haven't taken any pictures in the past few weeks because I gave him a terrible hair cut. He now has an apppointment with a professional. Samantha did take a picture of him in his Halloween costume. He loves it. He is going as Peter Pan. He had a very busy summer. He traveled all over with us and did great. He loves hotels (lots of noises to bark at all night). He must have come from a very warm climate because he just loves to sit in the sun. We have to force him to come in out of the heat. It's been getting a bit chilly at night here and he has started to climb under the covers. He hasn't had any problems with his skin. The vet doesn't think he has a wheat allergy (we figured it out after he stole a pb&j on wheat off the kitchen table and had no problems). You have to be pretty quick around here now or Cutty will help himself. I truthfully can't imagine what we would do without him. I can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt him. I will have Samantha upload some pictures soon. Take care, Jill

Kaleb is now Brodie

Patti, Kaleb's new mommy e-mailed me to say he is doing really good. He is getting along with his new brother and they like to play tag. She said he really did not know his name and said, do like Brodie? And he turned his head and jumped up on her lap so I think his new name will be Brodie. I am so glad he is doing well but still miss the little guy like crazy.
Michele in NY

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bixby Finds His Home

It is about midnight and we just got the Bixby home. He couldn't be any cuter than if I picked him out myself ...hey wait a minute I did!!! He is so adorable I can't begin to tell you. Of course he has been with Sport for only 5 minutes and the two of them are fighting over Sport's toys but I think in the long run they will get along just fine once they have learned to share. Sydney , I can't tell you how well worth it was to go through all the hassles for Bixby. I am so pleased with the outcome I can't tell you how much. Once we get him house trained and the "two boys " are aclamated to each other, it will be one of my better investments. From the time we picked him up at the airport until we got home , he was laying in my lap, and not a word out of him!! How anybody could abandon them or mistreat them in any way is beyond my comprehension. I just want to Thank You again for your endeavors in making this coming about.

Welcome Home Dilly!

We are so very happy with our decision to adopt Dilly. She is a delightful little Cairn! Wilson came to us as our first foster. Our family wasn't certain what we were getting ourselves into other than the fact that there is a Cairn that needs a temporary home. We decided to open our door.

We already have a resident male Cairn, Hershey, who has been with us for 2 years now and is such a pleasure to have in our lives. Hershey is the reason we opened our door to fostering. We just can get enough of one Cairn - now we needed 2!

When we arrived at the airport, our family stood in the cargo area waiting anxiously. Finally, this crate is brought to us and these 2 little eyes peeked out at us! With a sigh of relief we brought Wilson into our car and allowed her to sniff our fingers through the crate door. Once home, we had a tiny, little wheaton Cairn looking up at us wondering "who are you people?" We told Wilson "we are your people, and we will take good care of you". (That includes Viola, our 22-lb cat!)

It took Wilson approximately a week before her anxiety lessened and she became a little more comfortable within our home. So many changes had occured in her life in such a short period of time. Well, it has been a month now and some drastic changes have occured for this little girl! Dilly will now walk around the house freely with more confidence and she will explore other rooms in the house even when her people are not with her.

Dilly also shows a tremendous amount of enthusiasm when someone comes home from a day of work or school. Dilly will run across the kitchen floor, tail wagging, jumping all around making a gulping sound similar to a seal! Her behavior is quite similar at feeding times - we call it a feeding frenzy! She races to her ex-pen and jumps, bounces and boings until her food bowl is placed in front of her.

My husband would ask me daily "what are we going to do with this little girl?" He always somehow managed to incorporate "she's just so cute" into every sentence that came out of his mouth. Mind you, he's always had a weakness for blondes! We finally made the decision to adopt her. Honestly, I can't picture our household without her.

Our family is proud to say that "we flunked!" Dilly is simply a delight! Dilly came to us known as "Wilson" - she paid tribute to the members of the band Heart - Ann and Nancy Wilson. Well, keeping with a musical theme, our family decided to change Wilson's name to "Delilah" - she was named after the song "Hey There Delilah" - a top 40 hit from earlier this year. Please have a listen - it's a great song.

In short, we call her Dilly. Our family also decided to pay tribute to a very special person at CP - our Match Maker Holly. For a woman we have never met, she has become a very important person in our lives. I can not say enough good things about her. She is a remarkable person and an outstanding volunteer, who has given us countless hours of her time and support. So we decided that Delilah would have a middle name "Holly"..... Delilah Holly....... beautiful isn't it?

Dilly, is doing well with our family - a family of 4, which includes 2 kids, a resident male Cairn, Hershey and our resident female cat, Viola.

I hope you look forward to more updates, because as a volunteer with CP, you are guaranteed to get them!!! Thank you Colonel Potter! We are happy to be part of such a wonderful organization!!! So please welcome Dilly to our family and to Canada! It's been a long journey for this little girl but the journey is over because "there's no place like home!" Welcome home Dilly!!!

Andover's New Family

Andover wants to be the only dog -- at least for now, so that is what he got. His new family are Cory and Jerrica in Washington state. He will have a wonderful home.
Thanks Emily and Kevin for taking such good care of Andover "Dovey" to get him ready for his home.

Wish They All Could Be California Girls!

Just wanted to share an update from CP Augusta (one of the A-List cairns) and her pic with that gorgeous CP blanket from Aunty Barb. Emma is now a California girl and is HOME. Allison in BC

Hi foster mommy, I have a new name and it is Emma. I like it. My mommy called my name when I chased the cat and I stopped and turned and came back to her. It is nice here. I have a lot of toys to pick up and bring in my crate, but I don't play with them yet. I like the ones that squeak. I've attached a picture of me saying Hi with my new bed and toy. Bye-Bye

Hi Allison, Little Emma is just so sweet. She follows me everywhere. I took her out front to walk up and pick up the mail. She seemed to like it out there better than the backyard. But I'm not quite ready to take her out there again, even double leashed. She runs in circles and wiggles all over. Found her place to potty in the yard. She's eating well. She will only eat in her crate and likes me to be right there with her. That's not too much to ask. She takes all her toys in her crate with her. Very possessive with them. I have a pet bed by every chair I sit in so she can be close by. I am trying to break her from chasing the cats. I keep her leash on her in the evening in the living room so I can grab it if she darts. She hears their bells and perks right up. Just wanted to let you know she seems real happy and that little tail sure wags.

Soo-Soo's Gotcha Day

Dere CP Fambly,
My name is Soo-Soo Ashwell. My gotcha day is on Friday, the thrdteenf. I willz be 4. Mom says it no a bad unlucki days cause I was born dat day, so iz a specshul day! Expecially on da day I became mom's berry own. I willz probly gets some stuffies cause I like dem. I will probly get some specshul doggie treats. Ooops, I gots ta do cause mom is coming.
Wubs two all,

Turner's - NKA Amber - Adoption day

Turner (Goldie to us) will be known as Amber/Ambee by her forever family. She was adopted on a day of torrential rain here in Michigan. She was a little nervous at first but relaxed a bit when I wrapped her in her CP blankee and got her favorite toy out.

Her new Daddy was quite smitten with her and just melted when he saw her. Intros to her new sister went very well. Her new home is on gorgeous Lake Michigan where she gets to walk the beach every day. Dan sent me an update this afternoon which is below. Great job by our MM Deborah and everyone who helped Amber escape the commercial breeding facility with the rest of the Rock & Roll kids this summer.

From Dan & Judy:"As you can see from the subject we are going to be calling our new little girl Amber (Ambee for short).She has been here almost a full day now and is doing very well. She traveled just fine in the car. So far we have had no accidents in the house, which is remarkable. since we have had over seven inches of rain here since Friday night. She must think we live in a rain forest - every time we go out it is raining.

We have her crate setup in the living room which she is uses as her refuge but since we have an open floor plan she can keep an eye on everything and she certainly does. We put the crate next to our bed at night and for now we are keeping the door closed at night. She seems fine with that.

Amber is settling in really well considering all the changes in her life. She loves Judy and is really quite comfortable with her as you can see from the attached pictures. She is a little wary of me but once I coax her into my lap she is a little lover.

She really is a sweet girl. She and Jenny are doing fine together. The rain from Hurricane Ike is supposed to be done by late afternoon and we are hoping to take them for a walk in the park then.

Goldie/Amber wants us to thank her foster mom for doing such a good job getting her ready for her forever home.
Thanks again!

Rufus is Adopted

Rufus made it yesterday thanks to a great transport. Here are a couple of pictures of this little sprite with his new family Deb & Ed Burd and fur sisters Lucille and Bonnie. Robin in Blackhawk, CO

CP Kid Sissy Wins Local Contest!!

Sissy, fka Almond was adopted in December 2004. She was rescued from a puppy mill with the group of "Nuts". It's so wonderful to see that she has been recognized in the contest!
Congratulations Sissy!

Happy Gotcha Day Scarlett!!!

Please celebrate with Scarlett by clicking here:

How You Can Help Make Blankies

If you adopted one of our CP kids, then you know that he or she came with his or her very own fleece blankie. These blankies are lovingly made by the very special "Blankie Aunties".

Within days of the CP kid arriving in their foster home, their blankie, customized to their gender and personality arrives in the mail. Or as the kids tell it, the Brown Truck brings it (of course, you have to own a Cairn kid to understand why they say this!)

When they leave the foster home with their furever family, their blankie goes with them, carrying the special smells of their first safe landing. How cool is that!!

All the Blanie Auntie are, of course, volunteers. Would you like to help out with this project?? Deirdre has shared a detailed video "How to make a tied blankie". Just click here:

Thank you Deirdre for the video, and thanks to all the future Blankie Aunties!! Oh -- and thank you Wellington for showing us how much you love your blankie!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Warning: Sugar-Free Gum Xylitol Danger

Warning to all dog owners - pass this on to everyone you can.

The xylitol in sugar-free gum causes dogs to secrete insulin so their blood sugar drops very quickly. The second thing that happens is liver failure. If that happens, even with aggressive treatment, it can be difficult to save them.

Chloe, a 24-pound Daschund, foraged thru an open purse to get the some sugar-free gum. Her owner rushed her to the Vet. With just 2-3 sticks of gum, her blood sugar dropped from 90 to 59 in 30 minutes. She was rushed to another hospital that has a critical care unit operating around the clock. They continued the iv, monitored her blood every other hour and then in 2 days tested her liver function. Chloe spent almost the entire weekend in the critical care hospital. Happily, Chloe is back home with no signs of furher damage.

Please tell everyone you know about xylitol and dogs. It may save another life
This is true:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Breven-Bear Goes Home

Breven-Bear went to a wonderful family on Monday. They both work from home so, someone will always be home with him. They had a cairn for 10 years from a puppy and totally understand a cairn. I know that this is the prefect home for Bear. He will be loved and spoiled but, also taught manners. His new mommy was so overcome with joy when she saw him that she was crying. When she held him in her arms he was totally relaxed like he knew she was his new mommy. He has made there family complete again after loosing they other cairn from kidney failure. I know that he will bring them lots of joy. My house is much quieter without him and my heart has a little empty spot in it. When his new mommy called me that they were home, he was following her around the house and he was sitting with his daddy when she was talking with me. He has landed in high cotton for sure! Foster Mom Marsha [MI]

Baxter's Furever Home

Baxter is just such a cairn, we have one already and she is just so great! I Love how independent she is! Baxter needs me so much now and he is learning and is so smart. We go to private lessons every Thursday and he is such a good boy. his housebreaking is slow, but so was our other cairn. Baxter is so cute and is sitting next to me now as I type this. Right now I am still very busy teaching riding lessons and judging horse shows, when my life slows down a little, I would love to be a helper and a foster family! We have a beautiful home and plenty of land and we are all animal people! Please keep me in mind. I am so please with the Col. Potter network and so glad I found it and Baxter!

Bennie and the Chipmunk

Bennie has been introduced to the house and office staff, as I take the dogs with me to the office. Bennie is quite an active dog - who we think is only a teenager.

Today he ran through the fish pond chasing a chipmunk. Had his first of what I suspect will be many baths! We will be taking Bennie to obedience training.

I would like everyone at CPCRN to know that the rescue mom, Roberta, was extremely accommodating and a super person to work with, and I know many tears were shed on her part as she sent him off to us. I'm sure, through her and her husbands efforts, that they were instrumental in making Bennie such a great rescue for us.

The whole rescue network has been so helpful and a pleasure to work with. Having owned the breed for over 45 years it certainly was heartening for me to see that such an organization of volunteers existed, especially after loosing Tori (at 14) July 4th.Mary and I will be signing on to volunteer to help transport cairns as needed.
Thanks. Bruce and Mary

Dogs Wagging Their Tails - Learn What it Means

This is from the Dog Crazy Newsletter - pretty interesting!!

I had someone ask me the other day if dogs really wag their tail because they are happy.
What happened was that they were in a situation where a dog was wagging his tail and attacked someone. And they wondered if dogs wag their tails other times besides when they are happy.

A dog's tail is a part of a dog's body language and allows them to communicate.

The answer is yes; dogs wag their tails when they are happy but also when they are feeling "alert" or "agitated".

A dog's tail is part of a complex system of body language that the domestic canine uses (along with "verbal" cues such as barking, growling or whining) to communicate.
A wagging tail indicates excitement or agitation - but whether he means it as an invitation to play, or to warn another dog or person to stay back, depends on other body language.

A wagging tail that curves down and backs up into a "U" usually indicates a relaxed, playful dog. If his ears are erect and pointing forward, and he is in the classic "play bow" position, he's inviting you to play.

A tail that is held higher, whether wagging or not, indicates dominance and/or increased interest in something. If the end of the tail is arched over the back, and is twitching back and forth, you may be faced with an aggressive dog.

The tail is a purely social indicator for other living things. A dog doesn't usually wag his tail when alone. For instance, say you pour your dog a bowl of food. He may wag his tail excitedly at the prospect of eating. But if he comes upon the bowl already filled - without anyone being around - he most likely will not wag his tail. He may still be happy to eat, but there's no one around to whom he can communicate his state of mind.

A dog's body language is very interesting. Learn more about your dog and read this article - "What is Your Dog Saying - A Key to Canine Body Language". I think you will find this article interesting and will help you to get to know your dog better.

Until next time, Dr. Jon

P.S. Another thing to consider, what does YOUR body language say to your dog. Yes, your body language does communicate different meanings to your dog. Find out what you are saying to your dog. Go to: What Does Your Body Language Say to Your Dog .

Another Lilo Update

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my Lilo (fka Colpy)! It has been almost two months since I adopted her and I could not have been matched with a more perfect dog. She is the light of my life and has made things so much easier for me after losing my first cairn, Louie, back in February. There's something special about adopting a puppy mill dog. You look at them differently; you see the world the way they see it. Lilo has opened my eyes to so much! Everyday she learns to be more and more brave and I learn a lot from her too. To know she had suffered in a puppy mill for almost 5 years and to come as far as she has with first her foster mom, Marsha, and now with me- it's such a blessing! Recently, we had our foster Kiki, now Maddie, come stay with us for a week. Maddie was adopted back in June by a wonderful family who lives nearby. Although Maddie doesn't care much for other dogs, I managed to snap this picture during some down-time. Maddie is on the left and Lilo on the right. Don't they look cute together? Just wanted to thank CP again for the wonderful job they do in helping these precious pups find their forever homes!
Amy in Syracuse, NY

Monday, September 8, 2008

Carbohydrates - Good or Bad?

B-Naturals Newsletter, September, 2008
Carbohydrates. Good or Bad?
Lew Olson PhD Natural Health

I occasionally get questions from folks on which carbohydrates are best for their dog’s diet. These questions are asked regardless of whether they are feeding home cooked diets, various commercial dog foods that use grainless recipes or for dogs with special needs.

Carbohydrates include all vegetables, fruits and grains. Carbohydrates are made up of chains of sugar and there are differences in these chains from simple sugars (white refined sugar, honey, and molasses white flour and fruit juice) to complex carbohydrates (grains such as oats, rice, barley to vegetables, beans, lentils, pears and potatoes).

Commercial Pet Food
Commercial dog foods all contain carbohydrates. These foods offer fiber (to help with firm stools), a less expensive food ingredient and to aid in the ability for dry foods to maintain a longer shelf life. While they serve a purpose in this regard, they also add some liabilities. Carbohydrates make stools larger and have more odor, and they offer less nutrition. It is important to do your research if you use commercial food. Shop for a food with the least amount of carbohydrates offered and with a good primary animal based protein. Some foods are now being offered as grain free. But remember, other sources offered are still carbohydrates, and the most often used is potato. This can be of benefit to dogs with certain grain allergies or gluten intolerance. Some dogs can have digestive issues when fed food with gluten. And commercial foods that are grain free can be a novel food source to try for dogs with allergies.

Home Cooked Diets
Carbohydrates are also used in home cooked recipes. The main reason for this is to offer a fiber source. Most carbohydrates are high in fiber and this helps keep the stool firm. When using vegetables sources, fully puree, blend or cook them. Dogs cannot digest grains or vegetables that aren’t fully cooked or pureed. They do not have the ability to break down the cell wall of carbohydrates, nor digest them well in their short and simple digestive tracts. When using carbohydrates in home cooked diets, I generally recommend using about 75% animal based protein, and 25% carbohydrates.

High Glycemic (Sugar Content) Vegetables
Equally important to note is that the type of carbohydrate used affects stool size. In most of the recipes I offer in the B-Naturals articles (in the newsletter directory) use low glycemic carbohydrates. These are vegetables, which offer the lowest sugar content. Dogs are carnivores, and genetically speaking, they do not have systems that need or adapt well to a constant influx of high sugar foods. Dogs need fat and animal protein to survive and thrive. High sugar foods contain more calories and also add unneeded and unnecessary weight gain. They may also offer poor health conditions, such as diabetes, allergies, yeast growth, propensity for urinary tract infections and may contribute to seizure activity in dogs with epilepsy. For more information, see the article on low glycemic recipes:

Raw Diets
Carbohydrates are not necessary in raw diets. Raw diets contain bone, which offer fiber and help create firm stools. Some may wish to add some vegetables to the diet for variety, but I would feed no more than 10% of these of the total diet. They may not add to the nutrition of the diet, but they aren’t harmful either. Adding more than 10% of carbohydrates to the diet will only increase stool size and in some cases may cause gas.

For further information on carbohydrates and more references:

It is also thought that grains and starches may aggravate incontinence in spayed females and senior dogs. Incontinence is leaking of urine, and chronic conditions can lead to rashes, irritation and urinary tract infections. Removing grains from the diet can alleviate the problem and sometimes completely stop the incontinence, without having to resort to prescription medications. Also adding the herbal tincture blend, Kidni Care can help strengthen and tone urinary tract muscles.
For more information on incontinence and diet, see Aunt Jeni’s article:

Dogs with arthritis or other inflammatory affected problems need to avoid grains and starches. The sugar content of these foods may aggravate inflammation and cause pain. This would include avoiding fruit, as well as vegetables in the nightshade family, such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant. I have had many emails from people over the years testifying that moving their dogs to a raw diet or a low glycemic cooked diets has reduced arthritis pain in their dogs.
Other ways to help reduce inflammation in dogs with arthritis would include:
Bromelain (an enzyme from Pineapple) found in either the
ProBrom or the Quercitin/Bromelain capsules. Both of these can also aid in digestion and help reduce gas.
Yucca Intensive, which is a liquid tincture made from fresh yucca. This plant contains saponins, which help reduce inflammation and pain. Use one drop per ten pounds of body weight, twice daily WITH food.
Bertes Flexile Plus is a blend of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, bromelain, manganese and green lipped muscle. These ingredients can help to lubricate the affected area and reduce inflammation.

While carbohydrates are not necessary in a dog’s diet, they can be useful in certain conditions. This would include the benefit of adding fiber to a home cooked diet and in certain liver or renal issues that need carbohydrates to add calories, absorb ammonia or reduce phosphorus in the diet.
Using too many carbohydrates can cause larger stools with more odor and gas. They are composed of chains of sugar, so they add calories, and can adversely affect dogs with diabetes, seizures, arthritis, dogs with incontinence and dogs with hypothyroid conditions.
It is important to know these variables, to make the best decisions on whether carbohydrates can help or hinder your dog’s health. It is not a question of ‘good or bad’, but rather about the individual needs of your dog.

I hope September brings cool fall weather and safety for all from the tropical storms. See you again next month!

Frosty Sends a Thank You

Der Kurnel Poterz peeplez
I want to fank u fur wesquing da gwoop ob sebenty-eleben corn cuszins from dat mill in mizzuri and sendin dis little guy Oasis (Opie) to lib wif me n mom. He iz a weally fun little pup an I’m beggin mom to let him lib wif us 4eber. Wen he 1st arribed he wuz bery skared ob eberyfing, but I ben teechin hem da wopes an hes a quik lerner! He lobs da tois and haz eben lernt how 2 pluck da fur off dem (see da bideo ob hem “stripping” de hedgehog toi) an da bideo ob hem pwayin wif mi
Lubs, Frosty in Parrish, FL

Bodie the Soccer Player

Hi Everyone,
I have had Bodie for about 2 months now and he is just the greatest dog. When I first got him, his foster mom warned me about his excessive barking and mouthing habits. Bodie has now broken the habit of barking just to hear himself bark. On his walks he doesn't pull and when he sees a dog he doesn't pull to go see it or even bark. He sometimes whimpers because he wants to bark, but he knows that it's not the right thing to do. His biting/mouthing has certainly changed too. In fact he has picked up a couple new sports. Bodie is quite the soccer player. He finds the soccer ball a mystery because he doesn't quite understand why he can't get his mouth around it. I bring him to the park when I have pick up soccer games on Tuesdays and when people are warming up, Bodie loves to play defense until he gets that ball. I'm a lacrosse coach so I'm trying to get Bodie to shag lacrosse balls but he's not too interested in that yet. If he can't play soccer, he'd rather steal the shuttlecocks when I play badminton in the backyard. He is the most athletic Cairn I've ever had! Now that it's football season, we'll see if he takes to that. Maybe he'll try to be a punt returner.
All the best,

Kalli in Bloom

Dear Aunties,
Kalli (fka Frappe) here. It has been a little over one year since you rescued me and the other Ice Cream Treats from that bad place in Georgia. I wanted to send you a special thank you for starting me on the Col Potter path to better days and my forever home. My mommy and daddy just love me to pieces and as you can see I haven’t missed a meal since I came to live with them. Mommy says it's ok for a princess to be a little plump. If not for wonderful people like you, little princesses like me would not have a chance to bloom! It's hard to believe that is me in that picture you took of me that night.
Thank you again for all you do,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hattie's Kids are 2 Years Old

Hi Evorybodies,
I wanted to tell all my brothers & sisters happee Birfday to us today! We are 2 years old. Mommy says my brothers & sisters do not post. But she said they might just lurk & read what others have written. So I hope they all know I am finking of dem & hope them the best for their birfday's. I got a big dog bone cookie & meat pizza for dinner.
Fank you Col Potter peeps for rescuing my Mommy Hattie so I could be born in freedom & live the good life. Foster Mommy Lori & Foster Daddy Mike thank you for spoiling me soo rotten my Mommy wants to give me away daily. In fact she tried the other day & Daddy said where ever I go he would go too so if Mommy gives me away she gets rid of Daddy too:)
I also want to send my prayers for a swift finding of Nugent. And to let everyone know eben though Mommy & i do not always post we light candles & say prayers for everyone.
Yay Nod! Yay Twins! Mommy finks you are cutie pies.
Wags & Kisses, Shelby LB

The Gift of Feirin

Feirin has joined seven, yes seven, much loved dogs in Susan's home. He has been to the vet and was pronounced to most likely be a cairn-scotty. What a wonderful mix. The vet said he was very healthy. Feirin means gift, and Susan said that is just what he is. He has blended well into the group and seems happy and content. He responds well to his name and is as his foster mom said is a real wiggly butt. Susan said he is just a real sweetie. Sounds like a very lucky little cairn-scotty to me.

I met Susan and her "8 luvs" when she lived in Jax and before she adopted Maddie Mae. I had the pleasure of doing her HSV. You would never know there were 8 dogs in the house - they are so well-behaved. Susan has a special gift for adopting the most needy furkids and nurturing them individually to be their best. Maddie Mae went to the Rainbow Bridge in May and Susan's home was just "too empty" before Feirin came. Enjoy your family Feirin!

Grimsey Now Cassiopeia (Cassy)

Grimsey is now graced with the beautiful and lyrical name of Cassiopeia or Cassy as she is called. She is doing well in her new home and adjusting to all the changes. She was initially terrified of Bill, but is slowly losing some of her fearfulness. She will now stay in the room when he is in there. She lets him pet her, but still has a ways to go before she fully trusts him and bonds with him. Elaine said Cassy can hold her pee longer than any dog she has ever known! Cassy goes out into their dog yard but so far has only pooped. She is not peeing in the house so she must be peeing somewhere. Cassy gets along well with their three other Cairns. Their alpha cairn died not too long ago and one of their dogs has moved into the alpha spot so the dynamics are still a little fuzzy. But no fights or anything hostile between the dogs. Cassy is eating well and is well behaved. Cassy just loves Elaine and loves to be with her. Elaine knows that progress might be slow on the accepting of Bill and they are very aware of having to accept Cassy just as she is and she will get closer to Bill as she learns to trust. Looks like Cassy is in a great home.

I'se Mom's Co-Pilot

We've had entries about many of the jobs our Cairns do. Today, the multi-talented and many-titled Monkey, tells us about one of his duties.

Col Potter Aunnies and Onkles I helpt Mom wid some fosser corns taday. We driveded dem from our houze ta meet Mr Bill anna I helpt alls I cud. I gabe Mom sumbody ta talk to, I watcheded da car wen Mom hadda go to da Laddies Rum (whadeber dat is) anna I helpt Mom eat her brakfest. It sure es tirin bein Mom's co-pilot! Herez a pikture uf me Mom got a few minutes go. I habes ta cach up onna my naps! I misst a few taday.
Lubes Monkey CGC, MB-RE - terrier athlete

Kaleb has Found a Furever Home!!!!!!!!

Kaleb has found a home with a wonderful mommy of his own and alot of room to run. He will have a 5 year old Sottie brother too. I am so happy for him but alittle sad too, I will miss him very much and it will be strange just having one dog again, hope to get another furkid soon. Kaleb has taught me alot and I thank him for that. I know he will just love his new home.
Foster Mom Michele in NY

Puppy Martha Goes Home

Today we met Martha's forever mom at the airport. Martha will be a Floridian, and have a mom and dad and two teenage sisters plus a canine brother to play with. I have a feeling she will never lack for attention or someone to play with her:) Foster Mom Lori R, AR

More photos:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rodeo is now Ozzy

All is well with our little Cairn adoptee "Ozzy". He has adjusted very well to his forever home and his brother Otis the Westie has kept him in line from the very start. We take two long walks daily and many potty breaks outside always on the lease and halter and Ozzy goes into his crate whenever I have to be gone for a short period of time. Ozzy is so much fun and keeps us busy just being cute, he loves attention and provides us with lots of love and kisses. His Foster Mom, Marsha B was wonderful, Everything went smoothly and we have recommended Col. Potter to several people we have seen when we are out walking Otis and Ozzy. I will keep Col. Potter updated. Thanks, Kathy B

Update on Sam (fka Carlin)

Greetings All !! Well it's been two weeks since Sam (formerly Carlin) has been with us and we cannot tell you how much we love this little guy. He is such a cuddly little teddy bear that just loves to give kisses and curl up next to you for belly scritches. We really loved the foster name Carlin, but we decided to keep Sam as he responds so well to it, and seems to prefer it.

We had an interesting ride ride back from CT when we first brought him home. Though his crate seemed nice and comfortable and Daisy was by his side he barked, howled and cried the entire 2-1/2 hour ride home. It was rough going and nothing we could do would soothe the little guy. But when we arrived home, and we took him out of his crate, he took care of business outside right away, (in the backyard Christine, can you believe it ??), and he followed Daisy into the house as if he always lived there. He explored every nook and cranny with his tail wagging a mile a minute. He has been the perfect little gentleman with Daisy.

The first few days he was constantly trying to "mount" her to initiate play but she growled at him which prompted him to get off right away. He has learned that he cannot initiate play with her that way and they have both been play bowing, head butting and doing the paw swipe thing. Daisy, who never learned to play with other dogs, is now learning to play from Sam. Sam, who never knew how to play with toys, is now learning from Daisy, and loves to toss around a Nylabone and chase after it. The squeeky and furry toys still don't do much for him, but they are both learning from each other a little more each day.

Sam's absolute favorite thing is going up to the Park to meet all the other dogs and people. Daisy was the favorite at the Park since she came to live with us last December, but now it is Daisy AND Sam !! Everyone loves them both. Sam is learning a great deal about play time and socializing with all the other dogs, small and big alike. Our dog walker just loves him too and she is always telling us what a lovable little gentleman he is, and how wonderful they are together.

Their breakfast and dinner are still fed to them on the opposite ends of the kitchen, as Daisy, not Sam, tends to want to steal his food, and though she is not growling or aggressive with him, she will quickly eat whatever is still in his bowl if he doesn't eat it all, and quickly. Sam still waits to be invited before jumping up on the sofa or chair next to you. And Daisy now lets him sleep on the bed with all of us with no problems.

We will still occassionally put him in his separate gated room, if either of them need to relax and get a time out from the other, but they are really comfortable with each other and we are needing to do that less and less. He does still have issues with car rides, and cries and howls no matter if they are short or long, so we are trying to figure out how best to calm him. Sitting in back with him, giving him treats or constant loving doesn't seem to help. We've even tried playing different music in the car, but still no luck. The only time he seems peaceful and happy in the car is when he is sticking his head out the window catching air, but that is not always safe or possible and he doesn't always put his head out even if the window is open. We are open to ANY suggestions that can help !!

His hair is growing back and we can see lots of little peach fuzz coming in even at the base of his tail and on his back knees. A lot of the dark skin areas are starting to turn pink again as well. So Christine's (Foster Mom's) change in his diet seems to be a huge success. Some bald spots may never fill in, but it certainly doesn't bother him. He's such a handsome and happy go lucky little fella.

Daisy and Sam both went to Shea Stadium last night to watch the Mets play at the "Take Your Dog to the Game" night along with our new CPCRN friends John, Carmen and Tally Steele. They paraded nicely with all the other dogs around the perimeter of the field before the game and stayed the whole 9 innings happy and content. It was a lovely evening (except for the Mets losing) enjoyed by all. Hopefully the attached pictures can be properly viewed... In the pics with both Sam and Daisy, Sam is on the left, Daisy on the right.

A million thanks to ALL of you, especially Aunt Kathie for her persistence (VBG) and for telling us about Sam, and Foster Mom Chris who just gave him so much loving and great care!! CPCRN rocks!! More updates and pictures to follow in the near future. our best regards to all,
Kimberly, Frank, Daisy and Sam