Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramsay Update

Foster Mom Mary sent this recent update and photos:

Hi Mary,

Just writing to tell you that Ramsay is doing great. He doesn't have accidents anymore in the house, we still have to keep an eye on him because still chews a bit. He has been great on his walks, basically he has been just a joy to have around. Here is a couple updated photos. Thanks again for picking us to be Ramsay's parents!

Ramsay relaxin'

Ramsay chewin'
Bryan, Michelle and Ramsay

Do Your Furkids Do This??

I know mine do!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bella: All the Love and Comforts of Home

Hello Aunt Mary,

It's Bella. Do you remember me. Of course you do. It has been two years since I came to my forever home and I am just loving it. They say it's a dogs life and they have no idea. It has been a busy summer for Mommy and Daddy. It seems that Daddy is at work a long time lately. We know because he's the one that usually lets us out and we have not been getting out as early. Mommy has even beat Daddy home a few times. He says it will get better in a while. I sure hope so because when he's not here I miss him something awful. DeDe is doing fine and so is Grandpa. Mommy and Daddy went on a trip this spring and Grandpa came and stayed with us. I like that a lot too because he spoils us.

Mommy and Daddy have decided they needed to lose some weight so they started walking and of course you know what that means. They make me walk too. I can go for a little bit but then when I decide that I've had enough, I just plant my little butt and someone has to carry me. Guess who carries me. I kind of do that on purpose because then I get to be in Daddy's arms. Aren't I a little princess?

Here is a photo of me in my little "Princess" nest. Daddy thinks that I am the sweetest. I hope that everything in your life is going great. Say Hi to all your little ones for me. If I am ever traveling through the area I will let you know and we can stop by and play for a bit. Same thing goes for you. Stop by anytime you are in the area.


From Mom and Dad,

We could not have asked for a better little girl. She continues to be the apple of my eye. She is just a delight to have around and has become the sister we wished for DeDe. It is so hard to believe that she came into our lives two years ago. Where does the time go? This little one deserved to have a good home from the start. The folks that gave her up first have no idea what they gave up but we are so happy to have her and we will continue to keep her healthy and spoil her in the manner she deserves.

Have a great rest to the summer.

Jim & Cindy

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Posted by PicasaCrockett was my second foster - Tubbs was the first. The "Miami Vice" as they were known. If I recall, they were both strays picked up near Miami. Tubbs was a handful and eventually went to a new foster mom, but he was a VERY good looking cairn.

Crockett - not so handsome. He had horrible skin and coat and required frequent Malesab baths for a serious yeast infection. But personality and sweetness planted him firmly in my heart. We had a great vet who worked with Bonnie B on the treatment. I introduced that vet to Wellness food which helped Crockett immensely. And after being diagnosed with low thyroid and starting medicated, Crockett's skin and health improved by leaps and bounds.

Eventually, an adoption interest emerged - an retired man and his wife in Ocala Fl, about 2 hours from me. So Crockett and I took a road trip to meet them. They had a little Shih-Tzu, Tanner (so named because he was neither "tan ner white". Crockett fell in love with Bob & Saundra as well as Tanner and the great back yard. Eventually, they adopted my guy and I visited several times until they moved to North Carolina.

Bob just sent me the most recent photo of Crockett, who must be about 10 yrs old now. He's more handsome than ever, thank to lots of loving from Bob & Saundra and his new half-pint fursib. 

The tender- loving care Col. Potter gave Crockett on his road to health and happiness cannot be overlooked. It has been oft-repeated in other CP Kids, and is read daily in the posts we exchange about current fosters.

Just wanted to share another happy-ever-after about a cairn named Crockett Dary!

Thanks CP, Bob & Saundra - Tanner too, who is now at the Rainbow Bridge!

Buddy: Two Years Old; One Year Gotcha

Friday, August 12th:  Today is Buddy's (CP Gouda) second birthday. Also next week will be our one year gotcha anniversary with him. We celebrated with a bone meatloaf with a side of carrots, green beans and broccoli. For dessert we dined on angel food cake with a little butter cream frosting.

Thanks to CP and the loving kindness of his foster family, Lori & Mike R, Buddy is enjoying his freedom to the fullest every day. He runs and play with fursib Christy Ann and gives all the squirrels a run for their money for as long as we will allow him to remain outside. He is such a joy to us and he makes us laugh every day. He is such a loving and happy little guy that it is hard to recall what our lives were without him. He is quite the vociferous little guy and lets us know daily how happy he is to be living a free life.

I just want to thank Col. Potter and all of you loving people for giving Buddy a chance at a happy life everafter.
Gayla H
Mother of Buddy and ChristyNine Mile Falls, Washington

Here are pictures of Buddy and Christy:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Riley and Mollie Go on Vacation

Last week, Mollie and Riley had a vacation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They had a house with lots of windows to survey the yard. When it wasn't too hot, they went kayaking, boating and played in the shade. 

The house was on a creek and the bank was piled with rocks. Riley kept asking "if I'm a Cairn Terrier, why can't I play on those rocks?" She didn't know that mom was worried about snakes or whatever else she might find in there. Her "inner terrier" came out when she realized there were rabbits living under the shed. These rabbits didn't know what they were up against. They just kept coming out to eat grass without any regard for their safety! The man next door kept telling mom to let them off their leashes. Mom said "you don't understand, 
these are Cairn Terriers!" 

They made it the whole week without killing anything except a few bugs that Riley took care of for us. She is quite stubborn when you try to take her away from something she wants to do. She also ran back-up for Mollie when the neighbor dogs got to close. She went trotting off, tail wagging with her little "ruff ..........ruff" behind Mollie's "RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF" It was great to see her coming out of her shell a little more. They even slept together on a chair, something Mom never thought she would see.

Leslie in PA
Mom to Mollie and Riley (CP's Tramp)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bright Shining Star: Katie Bubbles

katie wka bubbles herron died 8 1 11

The Col. Potter Family lost a sweet girl today as Katie "Bubbles" went to the rainbow bridge.

Katie had 2 wonderful homes during 3 short years of freedom. The first was with Foster Mom Corrine and family in Maryland. The second was her furever Mom Celeste.

We never have them with us long enough ... so very true with the indomitable Katie Bubbles.

Run free Sweet Girl.