Saturday, March 30, 2013

Orange & Tangelo Forever Family!

Contributed by their Foster Mom and Forever Mom

Orange and Tangelo with Forever Mom & Dad
The Co. Potter Citrus Delights group saw five Cairns delivered into freedom, including 1 year old Orange, a delightful Red Wheaten female, and 5 month old Tangelo, a terrified little Black Brindle male.  “Orange acted like a surrogate mom to little Tangelo and gave him courage to come out of his shell early on, and then taught him manners on how to behave around her.  They were adopted to the same family,” said Foster Mom, Monika.  “Look at my babies with their new Mom and Dad!”

CP Orange and CP Tangelo nka Gracie & Sammy
“We want to thank the Col. Potter volunteers for making the process so great and efficient to get our loving Cairns to their permanent home,” says New Mom.  ”Every morning Gracie and Sammy end up in the one crate because they love each others company.  They are so cute!  We've just had them two days and they already have made themselves at home!  They love the back yard and are still trying to find a way to escape, but my husband has made it all secure.  Typical Cairns!  Two 10 year old boys came over and they were great with them.”

”Sammy loves to watch TV.  He especially likes to bark back to the dogs!  I guess we can't watch the animal channel, without him going nuts.  Gracie is a pure delight!  She cuddles (Sammy too) with both of us, especially at night.  Right in between us!”

Gracie & Sammy happy Together Forever - and So Cute!
"Sammy and Gracie already have our hearts, and we want to thank the Col. Potter volunteers again for all their efforts to give them to us.  They are just dolls!  Thank you so much!  More news to follow as time progresses…  God bless you all & May you have a wonderful Easter.  We sure will!”

Friday, March 29, 2013

Preston Packs his Bags!

Contributed by his Forever Mom

Preston came to Col. Potter with terrible skin problems.
Remember Preston, the little six year old boy who came to Col. Potter last May suffering with several years worth of skin problems?   Well, bye bye cone!  Those itchy days are gone, and Preston has now packed his bags and moved to Florida with his wonderful Forever Mom!

CP Preston ready to try Forever!
I arrived at Preston's Foster Home on Tuesday afternoon and began the 'get acquainted' process with him.  We played fetch with a ball; walked around the block;  I fed him his dinner; I looked over some of the documents his Foster Mom gave me;  Preston spent the night in a crate in the room where I slept.

Preston gets acquainted with Forever Mom
The next day, we left Virginia at 8:00 a.m. and got home on the dot of 9:00 p.m.! My friends all piled out to come meet Preston, and he was good with everyone!  He was very interested in exploring his new home!  I said good night to everyone and gave Preston his dinner right away - figuring he was hungry! 

I set up his bed with the blankets and my “used” night shirt.  Got out some toys, including the ones he had in the car, and he settled right in.  After a final walk around the block, I went to bed.  He decided he wanted to sleep with me, so I let him - with everything being strange, he probably felt more secure close by.  If that continues to be his choice, that’s OK with me!  He made it through the night just fine and we got up at 8:00 to take a quick walk around the block and then have his breakfast.  He is currently sleeping in his bed next to me. 

This is one sweet boy!  I hope his Foster Mom isn't having 'withdrawal' too badly!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trapeze nka Trapper Finally Forever Home!

Contributed by his Proud Foster Mom

CP Trapeze nka Trapper & Kloe fka CP Libra, together Forever!

Foster Trapeze is now “Trapper” and a resident of sunny California! He flew out Friday, just in time to miss one of the biggest late snowfalls in March for 101 years in St. Louis! LOL

Here's a little history on this boy.  He was one of the Under the Big Top kids, rescued by Col. Potter last June, only about 18 months old, but one of the most damaged kids we've fostered.  In his first few weeks here, he'd pee/poo his crate almost every night, and the instant his door was opened, he'd come barreling out, hitting you in the chin if you were in the way, running away from you in fear.

CP Trapeze at intake, a terribly damaged little boy
For the past nine months, we've tried to get him to overcome his fears of people, flinching at your touch, having to be cornered to be picked up, soaking his belly bands and pooping at least once daily in the family room after you'd left the room, even if he'd just been outside. He was one of the best “snackers” I've ever seen - he knew when another dog here was trotting off to leave their deposit, and he'd have his nose up their rear, catching it before it ever hit the ground.

Outside he was better socially, and he loved to run and zoom with the younger kids here, barking at the silly rabbit that's taken up residence against our fence, and even playing ball. Yes, he loved to fetch a Kong ball, but he could only bring it back to about five feet from you - just not able to approach you any closer.

CP Trapeze made so much progress in his Foster Home!
About Christmas, during all the hub-bub, his rate of progress changed.  Almost daily we had a tiny glimmer of progress - following us into the kitchen, going out the door without being cornered/carried, finding his safe spot to stop and sit/stay to have his belly band removed/put on, wagging his tail, hopping on the far end of the couch and staying as long as you didn't acknowledge he was there.  

I also started tempting him with McDonald's french fries :-)  You had to offer with a closed fist because he'd lunge to get the fry and take your fingers in his haste to make sure he got it and could exit without being touched!   I had bruises on my hand and fingers until he learned "easy".   He started playing fetch with toys in the house, still only able to return them a number of feet away from you, but excited and happy to play the game.

I debated about putting him on meds or even asking he be moved to another Foster Home, thinking he needed a shake up to help him move forward.  I didn't know if we were doing him justice - he's been the toughest foster we've had to try to help find his Cairnittude.  Even with all this extreme fear, he never once has offered to use his teeth to defend himself.  In January, I decided to put him as Available and see what happened - if the right home was out there that wanted to work with him, he could be making these small positive steps with his Forever family.

Trapper & Kloe meet for the first time, all ears up!
Enter Fate and Destiny, working their magic once again!  Much to my surprise, early in February, Suzanne C. contacted me with a family interested!   She said she'd been "totally and brutally honest" with them in describing Trap and his challenges, and they weren't deterred - they'd been watching him for months!   I read their information she sent me, and I wanted to speak with them and asked for the Match. We had the three of us on the line, and I again was brutally honest.  They didn't care about his issues - they were willing to work thru it all, and still wanted him to be a member of their family!  

Don't ever underestimate one of these kids and their ability to adapt!  To the right home, these frightened kids can prosper.  This boy has totally amazed me in his first five days in his Forever Home.  He came out of his crate that first day and sat down and waited to be leashed.  He's explored the house, hopping on the couch with his dads and accepting skritches, even though his ears are back, showing he's still a bit timid about their touch.  He and his sister Kloe are getting along "like cheese and fine wine" to quote his new dad. LOL  He has even figured out how to use the doggy door to go in and out on his own, and he's not had an accident in the house!

Trapper & Kloe hanging out on the couch.
His dads are great with updates - there's nothing better than the smile on my face and the happy tears I've shed as they've reported how well he's doing!  And today I sent them an update on their Kloe, fka CP Libra.   She was part of a group we picked up back in October, 2010, so she was here for her initial vetting before she moved on to her Foster home :-)  I've had both of their CP kids here, getting their first kisses!

Happy Forever, Trapeze!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All is Just Dandy in Forever!

Contributed by Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy

Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy flashing his Big Brown Eyes for Foster Mom!

Hi, there!  I asked New Mom to send some photos of me and my new digs!  I like my new crate – it was already here and it's easier for Mom to open.  I enjoy rolling around on the floor, wiggling all over, scratching my own back - Not that I don't get lots of scratchin's from Mom & Dad!    I’ve been investigating all over the place, and it's all good.  The Bistro pet waterer burbled at me, but I just backed up, looked at it, and decided 'never mind' and finished getting my drink!

Dandy likes his new crate Just Dandy!

Malcolm, the dog that was here, is big (20 lbs) but he's a Cairn, so I’m good with that.  We play a little, and nap together.  There are cats here too, but I don't have much use for them, so we just pass like ships in the night.

Dandy likes a good back scratch    hint!…hint!
I know Foster Mom must miss my beautiful brown eyes, so I asked Mom to please be sure and send Foster Mom a dreamy cheesecake shot of my gorgeous face.  I hope she likes it!  And I asked her to say “Thank You Very Much!” to Foster Mom for all the love and affection, and for passing on all my likes - like what kind of food I likes, the down and dirty on belly bands, "Eas-eeeeee", and everything else!   Foster Mom didn't miss anything, but I miss her, and, while I know I’m not in Kansas anymore, I do check around this new house - just to make sure Foster Mom 's not hiding anywhere…

Dandy investigates, just to be sure…
Oh, and I asked New Mom to say “Thank You!” to that Mary lady who hooked me up with a good house and a good new Mom & Dad, who love me very much, see to my every need, and understand that I’m a special dog who's had a bit of a tough row to hoe, and they consider that all the time - while they spoil me rotten!  

Dandy deciding which toy he’ll play with next!
Mom says she loves to take my picture, but doesn't know how to post them, so if you want to put up my new pictures for all my Dandy fans, that's okay by her.

This is a great forever home!  It's quiet, I have a playmate named Malcolm who shares toys with me.  I get my breakfast & dinner on time (very important, that is!!).  The cats don't pester me, and it's so easy to be good I hardly never ever get scolded.  I got told "NO" when I tried to mark a table leg (darned belly band foiled my attempt!) but that's the only time I've been fussed at.   New Mom sits on a heating pad, and lets me sit in her lap and relax.   I really think I'm in the right place.  

Dandy just checking out the cat bed...
*YAWWWWWWN*  O.K.!…  Now I'm going to go take a nap in the living room with Malcolm while new Mom gets her computer business done in her chair.  New Dad will wake me up when he gets home, and I'll take him outside to the dog yard.

Dandy loves to roll – especially for a good belly scratch!
I hope New Mom remembers to tell Foster Dad and my old Foster mates “Hello!” from me, here in South Carolina!  And that she tells Foster Mom there are FLOWERS blooming here - no snow at all!  This is great!

Thanks again!!!
Livin' the high life!
Dandy fka Jim Dandy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CP Jiminy nka Luther Loves Forever!

Contributed by his Loving Forever Mom

CP Jiminy nka Luther
NOTE:  A year ago, Col. Potter celebrated the miraculous birth of fourteen puppies into Freedom, all raised with tender love and care by their Foster Moms and Dads, and all of whom have just finished celebrating their 1st Birthdays in loving homes with dedicated parents.  Contrast these heartwarming stories with that of CP Jiminy, a little ten month old baby who faced certain death because the human entrusted with his care had frightened him out of a sleep and got a tiny scratch when he turned his little head quickly and caught her finger with his tooth.  Human error, 100%, first by being so careless, and then by dumping this little boy at a shelter, knowing full well it was a one way ticket to death row.  Thankfully, Col. Potter was there to save little Jiminy, and two years ago this past week, he found his Forever Mom and True Love!  This is why we Rescue…

Luther has found his Forever Love!
Luther and I celebrated our 2nd year together this week, March 13-14th gotcha day.  We're doing great!  He loves PA and also loves NYC.  I've been teaching out of my studio in NYC and he's been a very good boy with all the students.  Sometimes he socializes, and sometimes he goes in the bedroom and sleeps.

He got stripped since the most recent photo, but his coat is always beautiful, and no more squinty eyes!  His eyes are wide open now!!

Luther relaxing in the city studio.
Luther came to me after I lost my beloved Cormac, also a Cairn Terrier.  It was a testament to a great relationship that I decided upon another Cairn Terrier.  A few months later, thanks to the wonderful Col. Potter Team, I had Luther in my arms.

He was as scared and as excited as I was! His little head shook with nervousness, causing the fine hairs on the top of his head to tremble.  This still happens when he’s particularly excited.  At first I phoned his Foster Mom, Pam, daily to learn this or that new way to feed, cuddle, or handle him.  I also phoned her just to say “Hi!” and to keep at least one consistent person in Luther’s life.

Luther loves to play ball!
Two years later, Luther (or Lu, or Lulu) and I are a team.  We spend our nights sharing a bed.  Luther enjoys setting his toys at the very edge of the bed so that they drop off.  Then he tosses them and chases them as though they’re alive.  He’s inventive and very smart!  He’s created his own language, which includes over forty sounds.  He likes our city apartment, but prefers our country home.  He loves to run after a ball in the grass and hang onto it with his teeth while I swing him around.  If he hasn’t had quite enough exercise outside, he tears around the house, banking the bed, sofa, and big chair in circle after circle.  He loves to be chased and is thrilled when he avoids my touch as he passes closely.  He loves to chase and “warble” at the flying squirrels that live in the eaves of the house.  He runs from corner to corner of the low roofline in the loft, barking, gargling, and whining at them.

Luther loves his country retreat!
Nothing pleases him more than to please me. And, nothing pleases me more than to see him happy.

He’s a great traveling companion.  We’ve spent the last two August months in the Alps of Switzerland.  Since there’s no dog supply store in the small town where I study, we go to the butcher every third day to get his supply of plump, free range chicken that I cook up in the apartment for him.  His travel meals are chicken, rice, and green veggies.  Hotels between destinations have been accommodating of his diet and kindly prepare it for him.  In the Alps he has a balcony to hang out on while I’m in classes.  He barks at lawn mowers, dogs, gardeners, and kids riding plastic three wheelers.  

Luther befriends a cow!
This past August, we went together in the cable car to the very top of the snow-covered mountains.  He loved looking out the window as the cable car climbed the mountain.  And, if he could have, he would have chased the many marmots that live on the alpine mountainsides.  Last year, he saw longhaired cows grazing in the fields.  He wanted to meet them, but didn’t quite know how.  I watched him consider it for a few moments, then drop his head and graze in imitation of them.  It worked!  Two cows came over and immediately liked him!  One gave him three big cowlicks across his face.  I’m not sure he liked the cowlicks, but he liked the cows.  He also likes the ponies, the domestic rabbits, the other students, and the many dogs also traveling in the Alps with their human companions.

Luther studies the traffic in NYC
He’s learned to handle the big city, walk the crowded streets like a pro, weaving in and around the legs, carriages, push carts, high heels, and steel toed boots. He socializes with the huge variety of dogs in the park and does better when they’re off the leash then when they’re on. He loves Cairns most of all.  If he can, he’ll instigate a game of rolling and nipping and chasing around and around.  He’s a happy adolescent, heading into his teenage years!

Luther is comfortable in the big city.
He goes with me everywhere, rides in the basket of store push carts, and it’s often said he’s “very well behaved!”  Even my ninety-eight year old (ex) mother in law, who was never fond of dogs, looks forward to our weekly visits.  Luther intuits that he needs to be calm around Rosie.  He is a Cairn rascal, but he’s also very dear and wonderfully adaptable.

Luther relaxing in the country moonlight.
He’s truly a good Cairn boy!  He's very athletic and very handsome, just a little devilish, but not much.  He's really very sweet, loves attention, can play by himself, and loves his food - no kidding!  He's independent but also warm and social.  He still sleeps with me and I'm hoping he'll always want to sleep with me - I love having him so close!

Luther has only Sweet Dreams now!
He's my little man and I'm so grateful that he wants to stay with me, and grateful to Pam, and Amy, and Col. Potter for giving me such a sweet boy!

Read all about CP Jiminy’s Intake Story and his trip to Forever:



Jiminy now Luther Flies Home to the Big Apple


CP Carolina & Tales of her Ides of March Puppies!

Contributed by Foster Mom

CP Carolina with her 6 Ides of March Puppies
Just over a year ago, on March 15, 2012, fourteen little Col. Potter Ides of March Puppies changed our worlds forever, but the story didn’t begin there.

In the Fall of 2011, a wonderful group of Col. Potter Volunteers gathered with their Cairns at a home in North Carolina, enjoying a great day of friendship and sharing, and raising money to donate to Col. Potter to save a small group of Cairns in need.   Thanks to their efforts, three little Cairns dubbed the "Tar Heels" found love and freedom with Col. Potter in the second week of March, 2012.

CP Foster, a handsome breeder male, headed North to Minnesota, while CP Carolina went with Kathy and Barney to Missouri, and CP Salisbury traveled to Arkansas to stay with Lori and Mike, arriving on the 14th.

Salisbury, of course, started giving birth to her eight live puppies, and one stillborn, before she had even been there 24 hours, but Foster Mom & Dad, Lori & Mike, well experienced in the art of whelping puppies, did an amazing job under very difficult circumstances.

But the long Ides of March day started back in Missouri, where novice whelping assistants, Kathy and Barney, earned their puppy stripes with flying colors!

CP Carolina nka Millie happy to be Forever Free!
A Continuation of the Tar Heels Group
by Foster Mom Kathy H.

With the adults of this group being named for things in the Tar Heel State of North Carolina, I felt it only fitting that Carolina’s little Tar Heels be given names reflecting that state also.  Kind of giving them a family history.

CP Hatteras nka Selkie
If I visited North Carolina, the first thing on my list of things to see would have to be Hatteras Lighthouse.  I think lighthouses are such a symbol of so many positive things – safety, strength, and hope immediately pop into my head.  I love them and find them almost magical.  So Carolina’s first little girl – the first puppy I’ve ever whelped – is now named Hatteras.  It was a magical moment when she came into this world.  I see her future full of hope and bright sunny days.

Selkie fka CP Hatteras
CP Beaufort nka Bodie
A village full of nautical fun, close to another lighthouse, Cape Lookout, and filled with the folklore of pirates like Blackbeard, is Beaufort.  What little boy wouldn’t dream of the adventures of being a pirate?  So little boy puppy #2 is now Beaufort.

Bodie fka CP Beaufort

CP Bodie nka Callie
Another lighthouse along the Outer Banks of North Carolina is Bodie Island Light.  I’m sure I could spend weeks in that area and never get tired of walking the shoreline, collecting shells and enjoying beautiful sunrises.  Little girl puppy#3 is Bodie.

Callie fka CP Bodie
CP Banks
With all of this talk of lighthouses and pirates and nautical fun, and North Carolina flanked by the Outer Banks along most of its shoreline, one of these puppies should be named Banks! The Banks must be strong and protect the coastal area, so little boy puppy #4 has been given that name.

CP Banks
CP Appalachia nka Piper
But there’s more to North Carolina to explore!  On its western side are mountain ranges and valleys that comprise the Appalachian Mountains.  The beautiful mountain ranges reaching for the sky need the valleys to really be something spectacular.  In art, the beauty in a painting or photo is what the eye sees in the extremes - peaks and valleys of colors – or lack thereof, in the lights and darks.  So much beauty is seen in the mountains throughout the four seasons.  Little girl puppy#6 is named Appalachia for that beauty.

Piper fka CP Appalachia on Adoption Day!

CP Mayberry nka Maizy
And what of little girl puppy #5?  Well, she’s been given a whimsical name because of her fast arrival.  Her birth into her family will always be remembered, as she was born a SHORT and comical eight minutes after her brother Banks.  Barney had just helped me chart and take the photo of him, and he decided to start a load of the dirty laundry that had accrued with the first 4 puppies’ births.  So off he went to the basement with the basket while I was toweling off this newest little boy.  Carolina was restless, as if she was going to whelp again, but I thought it would just be the delivery of the afterbirth of the last puppy.  To my surprise, I watch her give a quick grunt, and out pops another puppy!  My mind was racing as I wasn’t finished cleaning up the boy, but I quickly hopped out of the ex pen and put him in the warmer drawer with his siblings wrapped in his washcloth while I grabbed another washcloth and went to helping Carolina with her latest birth.  I gave a call to Barney a couple of times, but he couldn’t hear me over the washing machine noise with the basement door closed.  So when he emerged, I shouted “record 2:58 before I forget it, and hand me a mineral oil pad for this one”.  He looked at me like the sleep deprivation had finally pushed me over the edge.  He calmly told me he’d recorded the puppy, and it was 2:50, not 2:58, and I’d already cleaned it’s little bum, weighed it, and taken it’s picture…   I said no Barney, this is another one, and he still didn’t believe she’d given birth to another puppy, so I made him COUNT the ones in the warmer!  LOL  That’s when he finally jumped back into action.  It was kind of an Andy Griffith and Barney Fife moment, and we all know they lived in Mayberry, North Carolina.   As in a lot of television, things are made up, and so is Mayberry.  But because of the simple comedy of her quick birth, little girl puppy #5 is named Mayberry.  I can imagine her antics in the future and the smiles she will bring, as will all these sweet little babies.  I’m already in love with all of them and their sweet mother who worked so hard to bring them into this world this morning - it's an honor to have been entrusted with this miracle.

Maizy fka CP Mayberry
Thank you to Col. Potter for giving them the chance to be born in Freedom and know love!

Happy 1st Birthday!
Love, Foster Mom Kathy & Foster Dad Barney