Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meatloaf celebrated his second Birthday on Wednesday with a breakfast tea party attended by our 4 year old grandchild and his two fur siblings Tori and Duffy.

Boiled eggs, hoop cheese squares, Newman's Own peanut butter dog cookies and little individual lemon rosemary tea cakes were on the menu.

Later in the day he was treated to a visit to Petsmart where he picked out three very loud squeaky toys. A wonderful time was had by all!

Tenor's First Family Thanksgiving

Tenor gives thanks for the bestest Thanksgiving ever....the first one with his brand new family!

He is now living the good life in MA.

Friday, November 28, 2008

An Update from Finnen fka Romney

Hi Mary Jean, Here is little Finnen all dressed up for Halloween with her black kerchief with pumpkins all over it. Gosh, she is cute.

Anyway, wanted to let you know that she is doing great. Spends hours outside chasing those squirrels. Her brother, Coilean, loves to chase squirrels too, so now he has a partner in crime and they are hilarious to watch. Because they have this shared passion, they have become good buds, sleeping on the same pillow and playing with each other's toys.

Their older brother, Keegan, is pretty grumpy now a days so she leaves him alone. You must have taught her "to sit" because she knew that one straight off, however, I have taught her to High-5 me. It was really easy because she has the tendency to lift one paw anyway.

Winter has not come to Colorado yet which is very strange. Usually by now we have had numerous days of frigid weather and at least several snow falls. The few cold days we have had does not seem to effect Finn at all. Even with her thin hair, she doesn't get cold- she still wants to spend lots of time outside.

I bought her the cutest sweater, to only have it be like 4 inches too short-- stops at the middle of her back. She doesn't mind wearing it though. I will have to break down and get her something better once it gets reallllly cold. Well, I hope you and yours are well and happy.
Have a wonderful holiday!
Candace & Finnen

Puppy Jazz Flies Home to Puerto Rico

Our little Jazz singer has been adopted by a WONDERFUL new mom who will spoil him rotten! When Jazz met his new mom for the first time he ran right up to her tail wagging, so excited he could hardly contain himself. He also bestowed her with kisses, which he is not as free with as some of his siblings.

Jazz will be a resident of Puerto Rico and enjoy warm weather year round and he will have a 9 yr old Cairn sister to help keep him in line:)

Galina's Four Years in Furever

From Foster Mom Heidi Z:

Galina, Zoya, Pytor, and several others were from the "Russian" group that was rescued from a horrible puppymill in September 2004. I just got this note from the lady who adopted my foster Galina. It's always so heartwarming to get these kinds of updates!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

From Furever Mom:

Remember? It's Galina's and my anniversary!!! Remember that day? What a difference four years makes. I'm more wrinkled, saggy...oh, wait - what a difference in Galina!

Thank you again for all you and your family did for her! Of late, she is either jumping UP to sit with me in the chair or tapping me with her paw for attention. Even barking to be let in, sometimes. So she's still making progress with regards to relating to me/humans and communicating what she wants.

Her other latest thing is to go way under the covers to sleep. I wake up and she's way under, I'm afraid she'll suffocate so I pull her out. Finally, I called the vet, and asked if they'd ever heard of a dog dying under the covers. They laughed at me, and Dr. Roxanne said her dog sleeps under the covers and they've never heard of a dog suffocating. I don't disturb Galina's sleep moving her around - for which she is grateful.

Thankful Archie & Lucy

My dogs show their thankfulness by the unending unconditional love they share. Archie has always had the good life and has excepted Lucy with open arms. This morning, he got a big icecube, broke it in half and carried a piece to Lucy. She just learned to like ice cubes.

I hate to think of her life before Col. Potter rescued her. She is such a joy. We are just as thankful for her as she is for us.

Here is a picture of her and Archie laying in our bed the other day. He wanted us to see how much he loves her and gave her a kiss.:)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Staciein Houma LA

Colleen's Holiday Cairn Dog Treats

I just made up a batch of doggie treats & promised several members that I'd share. When I go to swimming therepy, I pull these out of the freezer and put into the silver bowls (shown) with a few frozen pees & cherios. Our dogs are in their respective crates doing a happy dance. They look like ice cream treats.

- use cleaned & boiled marrow bones (none w/sharp edges)
- put dollop of peanut butter (natural) in the bottom of bone to seal
- put mango or peach slice in middle
- add a drop of organic honey
- smear yogurt on top and sides
- add a wheat & corn-free dog biscuit on top of bone
- freeze
- take one out when needed and feed to your favorite dog.


A Boy and His Dog - Cullen Finds His Forever

Once in awhile you find the home with the young person who was raised with Cairns and understands the Cairn personality.

Well, Cullen hit the jackpot and got a great mom who understands Cairn male snotitude and her son who loved him from the start getting his face washed at their first meeting.

Cullen will be staying in snow nose country and living right here in Colorado. Good job matchmakers.

Happy forever Cullen! We will miss your morning rantings for breakfast and running thru the house like a baby mammoth.

Foster mom Robin and the snow noses in Blackhawk, CO

Heidi Gives Thanks for Her Special Day

Heidi is a very special puppy mill survivor who nows lives an idyllic life in CA. Her Foster Mom Karen O from Yuma, AZ sent this greeting and video:

Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Heidi!! Here is Heidi's video, what a courageous little one she is. Lois, thank you for loving this special baby, and giving her such a wonderful forever home. You too, Jack!!
Hugs, Karen O, Yuma, AZ

Then Heidi's Furever Mom fills in:
Ah, Karen - thank YOU so much for everything you did to help Heidi be able to trust and love. I just did get to watch this lovely video again, and am so very grateful to you for sharing your fabulous pictures of her. I think this will be the best gotcha day ever for Heidi. First, Fred and Zoya came to stay for a few days while Denise helps Carol search for Franz (no news yet). Denise had been gone for just a while when Antee Steffi and Oncle Tony arrived with lots and lots of wonderful smellin' food. Oncle Tony is the world's biggest softie, and he was in charge of doling out the package of Zukes that Denise brought as a hostess gift. The bag is significantly lighter, and Fred has found his newest best friend. Zoya, poor baby, preferred to 'nap' in her crate - until she found her voice (think Talullah Bankhead/Bette Davis/Lauren Bacall/50 year smoker), and commented on what she heard. So Heidi got to dress up today (first wonderful thing), then got doggie company that is exceedingly polite and nice, and then her favorite family folks came over and she got treats all day, pets and pets and pets, and it was a lovely lovely day. Thank you so much Karen, Sydney and all of CRM - especially Danielle who spends so very much time on all of us.
Hugs,Lois in CA

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Princess!

Four years ago today, Karen Pee and Monika brought a beautiful wheaten cairn girl to me to foster. She was my first CP foster. Recently released from a puppy mill, where she'd spent 4 years outside in a cage, she flattened herself on the ground when they took her out of her crate in the car (on a leash, of course).

I bent down and she turned her little face up to me, the sweet, scared look saying, "can I trust you? Will you be nice to me? Will you love me?" I picked her up and said, "why you are a little cairn princess!" And so she was, and is.

I brought her in, and my little cairn boy Tiger, a former petshop boy, started to play for the first time. "Mama, she is just my size!" My former mill mama found a little cairn brother to run and play with, and together these 2 puppymill kids found a friend who was just like them. I had to adopt her, how could I not??

So, she became my forever Princess, and I became a foster flunky. I've never been happier. Thank you Col. Potter for bringing my beloved girl to me, and allowing me to be her forever mama. Happy Gotcha Day, Princess!

Patti M
Mom to Ping, Tiger and Princess

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your Dog! You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart! You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I rescued a human today.
Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels.
I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her.
I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn't be afraid.
As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage.
I didn't want her to know that I hadn't been walked today.
Sometimes the shelter keepers get too busy and I didn't want her to think poorly of them.
As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn't feel sad about my past.
I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someone's life.
She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me.
I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the bars to comfort her.
Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship.
A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well.
Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instantly jumped into her arms.
I would promise to keep her safe.
I would promise to always be by her side.
I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes.
I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor.
So many more are out there who haven't walked the corridors.
So many more to be saved.
At least I could save one.
I rescued a human today.

And some wonder why we so love our pets and miss them when they leave us.
This explains it all.

Alto is now Allie

Allie has been walking very well and is learning from Saydy to pee on a leash. I am leaving her harness on for now, since we are outside so much. She does not seem to mind the cold. She likes to be outside. She had a great night. Slept in her crate. Did not move until she heard my voice. Then went outside for a little walk with Saydy, had breakfast and laid in bed with Paul getting her belly rubbed. She is quite content. Has made herself right at home. All is good, No need to worry.

Angus and Morgan

Foster Mom Karen M in Parrish, FL received a wonderful update from Jennifer who adopted Magnet (nka Angus) in August, 2008. She and her husband (Lorne) drove from Canada to Florida to pick him up. They got off to kind of a rocky start, but Jennifer, being a terrier kind of person, persevered. (In the picture, Angus is on the right.)

Hi Karen, Hope you are keeping well. Thought I'd give you an update on Angus's progress. It has been about 3 months now, and he has settled down quite a bit. Even our friends have mentioned how much he has changed. He experienced his first snow the other day. We had an early dump at the end of October - he loved it, he wanted to be outside all day, and kept looking up at the trees as the snow was melting and falling off.

He loves exploring in the fall leaves and has honed his hunting skills pretty good. He is learning that most dogs will not be a threat, especially if he meets them and has a chance to sniff a little. He and Morgan took about a month to sort out the pack hierarchy; they don't really play too much, sleep a lot during the day, and look forward to their walks.

Morgan usually likes to be where we are, or where the food is, Angus would be outside 24/7 if we let him. He is in squirrel paradise right now. His coat is getting a little thicker. We have a jacket for him for really cold days, which he seems to like wearing. He has turned out to be a real lap dog, loves to drape himself across your legs. He can jump about 3 or 4 feet in the air, he would be great at agility if you could get him to focus.

He swallowed a bee this summer over by our raspberry patch, and got stung in his throat. I took him to emergency vets right away, and he was fine, just had and allergic reaction. Needless to say, he has not really bothered with that area of the garden since! Angus has many qualities I wish Morgan had - If we could roll them into one animal, you'd have the perfect dog!

Go ahead and post the email and photos. I'll try to send you some snow shots when I get them downloaded. I guess I didn't really realize just how tough adopting would be. I thought maybe Angus would be just like Morgan, but if all dogs were like our own (we raised him from a puppy), the shelters would be empty!. This experience has taught me more about myself than anything. I have new patience and compassion that I did not have before.

Talk to you soon, Happy Thanksgiving, Jennifer and Lorne


Capt. Butler, formerly of the Cairn Confederate Officers Home in Orlando FL has accepted a new forever home assignment with Ruth and Joe S in Miami, FL.

He is now an official UM Hurricanes supporter with an orange and a green Col Potter bandanas and spoiled by TWO humans all to himself.

"This is the best assignment any Col Potter cairn could ever have" Capt Butler is quoted to have barked this morning while he and his family had a snuggle fest and the orders were made official.

Thanks to all of the Col Potter volunteers who helped to make this dream happen for a veteran of the puppy mills. Capt Butler will be the only cairn in his new home; Ruth and Joe will be his senior officers but, being a "high cotton designated base", duties and commands are expected to be light with lots of love.

Congratulations to Capt Butler, Joe and Ruth, Bev S (matchmaker), Joanne S (placement director) and Valerie Kleine (intakes officer who placed him in the Confederate Home) for a job WELL DONE!! Happy dances all around!

Ruth in Orlando, FL(who was too busy talking to take pictures--how silly!)
with furkids Silky, Agosto, and Capt Carter (who is maintaining order in the Cairn Confederate Officers Home)

Sophie Soprano Sings In The Sun!

Sophie is such a beautiful soul and we love her soo much! She is progressing in an amazing way...she has forever sang her last sad song!
It was just dumb luck that I captured this moment with the camera!

Baby and Sophie are becoming very close in a such short period of time. Sweet Seeeesters!

Terri B in Fl.
Mommy to Baby Dumpling and now Momma Sophie Soprano.


Hi everyone! I know you have been anxious to see pictures of our new baby- and I do mean baby! He is just one of God's most precious gifts. In just a few short days he has brought so much laughter! Many heartfelt thanks to those that helped to bring this little boy to us.
Pam M

Home to Cairns: Winston , Lotte, Nickie

NANNY, now known as GINA

We were so excited today at the Nicolay household! Gina, the re-adopted Nanny, joined in today with Millie and Beamer for play. They were all outside to potty and Millie and Beamer started to play, wrestle and then run. The next thing we knew, Gina was running and pushing with them.

She was barking and chasing and having a wonderful time. I think she forgot that she is a 13+ year old gal and was finally joining in the fun as she was running up and down the entire backyard with her new found friends.

Millie and Beamer always watch out for her when they are outside. When we are ready to come in they will go round her up and lead her to the back deck as she is really very deaf and half way blind. They really do watch over her. So glad she had fun today.
Happy in IL.,
Millie, Beamer and Gina with Mom and Dad (Joan and Neil)


Lucy is such a little love pot. We just adore her. Recently, in the middle of the night, she woke me up by licking my fingers and palm! Don't really understand what she was trying to accomplish, but she approached this task as though it were a project that she had to finish!

Her face is so precious, I can't stop kissing her! I have also started to let her run free in the back yard, without the long leash trailing behind. She runs like the wind, but always wants to keep me in sight. If I go in the house, she comes in after me. I'm looking forward to seeing her reaction to snow! Alice, this morning she took the orange ball from your house and had it in her mouth while she was racing through the yard.

She continues to only be able to settle down by staying on my bed, or the couch, with her back to the headboard or the back of the couch. She will never just lay on the floor or calmly walk around the house. She will go up and downstairs by herself, but only to find me if I have left the room she is in. And when she is moving locations, she is running and sliding on my wood floors.

Lucy gets along fine with the cat, as I have to close them both up in my bedroom during the times I am away, as I'm afraid my mother-in-law might open a door to the outside and one of them might escape. They appear to be getting along quite well – not bosom buddies, but comfortable tolerance. Bella and Lucy sleep in bed with me at night, and sometimes actually give me enough space to sleep comfortably. This is not often, however.

Hope you are both well and happy! God bless, Bonnie


For those who remember Beacon, here's an update. I've attached a couple of pictures, too. She was born with genetic defect. She has an abnormally small trachea that collapses deep within her chest. She came to me as a 6 month old puppy and the vet hospital asked us to try adaptive maintenance, rather than surgery, because the surgery was too risky. She came with me to the CA CRAP this spring. She was adopted soon after that to a dad and a cairn brother who only had 3 legs. She quickly took charge of her brother Jack and they are inseparable. Beacon's daddy has been sick this fall and had to have surgery. I was checking up on him this week and here's part of his reply. It was so sweet, I share it with Dan's permission:

"Beacon has been such a wonderful comfort over the past few weeks. She knows something is wrong and does her best to take care of me. Several days ago I took the bandage off and she became very upset. When I sat down in the recliner, she jumped up on me, put her paws on my chest, pushed me back into the chair and closely examined the wound. The entire time she's looking me over, she's making a moaning sound. Since then, she doesn't leave my side.

Jack's been very comforting too, but not nearly to the extent that Beacon is. Beacon has been my best medicine......better than any of the prescriptions the doctors have given me."

Aren't you glad we rescued her? I am. Thanks everybody.
Stacey - in thankful tears

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Foxy Lady and a Furever Home

My second foster went to her forever home on Saturday to a wonderful Mom & Dad. She was so frightened and I felt so guilty, but I have already had a report from Mom and Dad that says she is doing better. I knew that she was so afraid and such a shy little girl. She had started to play a bit and take treats from my hand instead of me having to put them on the floor and turn my back before she would eat them. Thank goodness (Mom and Dad say they understand all this and will have so much patience with her. I knew the longer she stayed here that it would not get any better for her to be moved once again because of her fears.

Thanks to my matchmaker, Deborah C, for finding her such a loving and patient home -- and also one that has had six cairns in the past. This is their first puppy mill girl, but they love cairns and I know they will love her.

I am so in awe of all of you that do this over and over for these babies. I am still so in tears. I keep thinking about Bonnie and her sending a very afraid and shy Sunnie to me and how she must have felt that Sunday morning when the call came that Sunnie was lost. I can't imagine and hope I never have to do anything but imagine.

Anyway -- long story short, here are the first pictures of Foxy -- they are keeping that name because their last little cairn princess named Abby, they always told her she looked like a Foxy lady. Imagine the chills we both got when they found out that was what we called this Foxy.

Hugs to all,
Susan C. in Ga.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wiggles Joins Tigger in Her New Home

Wanted all to know that Wiggles (fka Erin Renee) went home to her forever home on Saturday. She was adopted by a couple who have Cairn experience - they wanted a playmate for their 7 y/o Cairn Tigger.

She is going to be soooo spoiled!!! What a lucky dog! She was a sweety to foster and will be missed here.

Thanks to all!!! Especially the matchmakers who found such a great match for Wiggles!

Tina W. in Dubuque IA

Monkey Reports on Java's Adoption

Hi everybodies, Monkey here. I helpted Mom once again wid a tranzpert. Dis time it wuz fur my fosser brudder Java. We tooks him to Yreka to meets his new Mom Susan. Mom gots sum piktures uf him afore hiz Mom gots dere, den she gots piktures of him wid Susan. Susan's brudder Bill came long wid Susan.

We gots up really early an lef da house afore 6 am! We gots ta Yreka a liddle affer 10 am and gots ta walk round afore Susan gots dere.

Frum my esperience wid fosser dogs afore, I taut he might be lebing us anna I wuz glad it was cause he has hiz berry own Mom. Its really nice ta habe a Mom.

Monkey CGC, MB-RE - cairn athlete
Citrus Heights, CA

Update on Belle Star

Here is a great update (photos to come later) from furever mom Susan in Topeka, KS:

Ms. Belle (Bellie Boo as I find myself calling her) couldn’t be doing any better! You can tell how comfortable and secure she now feels. We are back to 2 long walks each day and she absolutely loves them. Her tail is erect and wagging the entire way and she doesn’t want them to end. Lots of the time she is leading the walk, even in front of Sydney. You would be so pleased to see how well she is doing.

We are going to Nashville for Thanksgiving, from Tuesday through Saturday, so Belle & Sydney will be staying at Woof’s Play & Stay. Sydney stayed there for 2 weeks in July. It is an awesome place, with very caring people who run it. The dogs have their own “rooms” for sleeping at night with raised beds and free play areas during the day, divided into 3 areas by size of dog.

Belle already visited last Tuesday for ½ a day to become familiar with the place. She interacted very well with the other dogs her size and everyone there knows her “situation” and was very careful with her and gave her lots of love. They all fell in love with her. She & Sydney will stay together at night in the same room while they are there.

I need to send you some pictures. I will give her your love. I ‘m anxious to see the calendar!

Thank you again for bringing Belle into our lives. She still has a little trouble with Tommy (and other men also, I have noticed). Tommy is trying his best to gain her trust. Take care and thanks for keeping in touch.

Happy Weebles Week - Happy Birthday Weebles!

There's a very special celebration in Biloxi
Weebles, who will celebrate his birfdaze on Sunday the 23rd, will be FOURTEEN YEARS OLD! .

Now lots of cairn kids celebrate their 14th birthday, so what makes Weebles so special? Well read his loving Mom's story about how Weebles (as in "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down")

Back before I knew it was not good, we bred our female cairn Tia Marie with our male Dusty. She had three litters - Katie Sue is her daughter and Weebles, a year younger, is her son.

When Weebles was born, Tia shoved him to the side. I made sure he was warm, fed, and survived. But I knew something was wrong. I kept going to the vets with him and being told I was a "worry wort mom".

Well at about six weeks, the vet could not ignore the fact that his little head bobbed like the little things you put on the dash of your cars back then,, and he wobbled,,, and couldn't walk in a straight line. But he was compensating,, he stood in a corner to eat,,, bracing his head into the wall,,, to keep from falling over... he pee'd and poo'd with his front legs splayed out and his head on the ground for balance.

At six weeks he was totally house broken (wish in his old age he would revert! giggle). But the vet did not want to give him shots, worm him or do any vet care for him. Said it was a waste of our time and money as he would not live. We needed to put him to sleep!

Well, our Baby was not getting a dirt nap ... NO WAY. We fired that vet and moved on. Enter Dr. Elizabeth Brown! She fell in love with our little man. Little was known about Cerebral Ataxia at that time but she researched and did a lot to advance what is known,,, all for Weebs! :)

Any time we would go to the vets,, that boy would wiggle down and RUN to whatever room she was in,, and sit by her side wherever she went! They loved him at the clinic and he spent a lot of time there the first year.

So here we are ... 14 YEARS LATER :) ... my little kid survived! And this week we are celebrating our man Weebles!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Patti Page Sings for Rescues

In a bid to promote the adoption and humane treatment of pets, Patti Page has recorded a new version of her 1953 hit, "Doggie in the Window." The veteran pop star, who will turn 81 on Nov. 8, is contributing the song to the Humane Society of the United States for use in its campaigns to save and care for homeless animals and stamp out inhumane "puppy mills."
New lyrics for the familiar tune were written by Page's publicist, Sanford Brokaw, and Chris Gantry, composer of the 1968 Glen Campbell classic, "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife." The revised song will be used in public service announcements and can be downloaded from the Humane Society Web site.
Currently celebrating her 65th year in show business, Page will release a new album, Best Country Songs, on Nov. 22. Her autobiography, This Is My Song, is due out in January. 11-13-08.
"Do You See That Doggie in the Shelter"
Do you see that doggie in the shelter
the one with the take me home eyes
If you give him love and attention
he will be your best friend for life
In each town and city across the nation,
there's so many dogs with no home
Hungry with no one to protect them
lost is this world all alone
Collies and beagles by the roadside
puppies and dogs in the street
Once they are rescued by a shelter
they'll finally have something to eat
Doggies and kitties who are homeless
with sad eyes and tails hanging down
Let's do what we can to show them kindness
and let them know they've been found

Glory Bee is now Cookie

As promised, attached is a picture we took today of Che and Cookie with me in Spanaway Lake Park. Cookie has really progressed and we are happy with her. She and Che get along very well together and everyday she is more independent and learning to be a normal dog. Also, since she is eating well, her fur is turning silky and healthy. I hope she has forgotten about her horrible past in the puppy mill. And I believe she knows that we really love her. I hope you like the picture. Paulina

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jake & Cody (fka Booties & Blanket)‏

Hi, Just wanted to send a picture of our boys enjoying our patio. They are such a joy !! Cody is our "flower child....he loves to chase butterfies and nuzzle flowers (with the tip of his tongue out) ! Jake is our "give me a break" guy, trying to teach Cody how to behave properly ! Everyday is a new day for us ! They are in obedience school and doing very well. Our trainer is a very gentle guy and has taught us some neat ways to kind of trainer! They heel, sit, down and, most of the time, stay. We're working on recall works with treats so we're working on praise. Next is stop! This will be a challenge for the boys who go all out, all of the time !! They are wonderful and we are so very grateful to you all for bringing them to us.

October 2008 Adoptions

October was a very busy month - 34 Cairns found their furever homes, including 6 who were adopted by their foster parents. Congratulations to all!

Abilene now Abs in TX
Barbie in British Columbia Foster Adoption
Belle Starr in KS
Bib in TX
Bobolink now Cubbie Bear in WI
Bookkeeper now Rexi in MI
Bronte in OR
Cardinal in MD Foster Adoption
Cash in FL
Cheers in KS Foster Adoption
Durango in TX
Educator now Skylar in WV
Effort now Les Effort in OR
Ghali now Miss Maggie in OH Foster Adoption
Glory Bee now Cookie in WA
Grogan in WA Foster Adoption
Homemaker now Lucy in NJ
Jeep now Trouble in MA
Lexington in FL
Lil Abner now Redford in FL
Mllion now Charlotte Marie in MA
Nod in TX
Nurture now Lucy in LA
Pewee in GA
Randall in IL
Remedy in PA
Rosefinch in OH
Stewardess now Tess in GA
Tromso now Tommy Girl in IL
Unity now Penny in PA
Van Gogh in MI
Waitress now Lucy in WA
Warbler in MO Foster Adoption
Welder now Charlie in KY

Opie fka Oasis is 2 Years Old!

Opie fka Oasis (Tucker's brother) is also 2 years old today (see the next post for Tucker's photos).

Happy birthday to both of these sweet little boys!

With love from Mom Karen M and Fursib Frosty (who is also a CP Kid!)

Tucker fka Canada's Adoption Day

Tucker and Zoe have posted some of their new photos and adventures on the Terrier Club. Check out A hard day of play
It looks like Tucker and Zoe are going to be best buds.
Robin (RI)

Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day, Sophie!

My sweet, sweet Sophie turns 12 years old tomorrow and will celebrate her 3rd Gotcha Day on 11/19.

She has come so far in the last 3 years - from a scared little girl who wanted to hide to a social butterfly who is always looking for someone to go visit with.

She is still very quiet (she has barked 7 times in the 3 years she has been here) and does not understand about toys but she is happy, happy, happy and absolutely loves being patted and rubbed.

Her ACL has healed fine and we are back to a normal routine. Took her camping a couple weeks ago and hope to go again soon. She loves meeting people and other dogs in the campground.

Thank you all again for having allowed me to take her into my home and my life. Special thanks to foster moms Karen P and Monika for all that you taught her so that I have the perfect little girl (Diva?).

God Bless Col. Potter

Susan R and Sophie in St. Augustine Florida

Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Get Great Photos of Your Dog

If our adopted kids updates are the heart of this blog, then their photos are the soul. So I thought readers might enjoy these photo-taking tips. Lauren in Portland, OR originally posted it. Thanks Lauren!

1. Take the photos outdoors, on a fair day, before 10 AM or late afternoon, or indoors in a bright and well-lit room or next to a bright window. Don't point the camera directly at the window – shoot so that the window spills light onto your pet. Avoid taking photos outdoors at high noon.
Control the flash: If you must use a flash, select the 'low' level to minimize Green/Red Eyes, and have the dog look off to the side a bit (see #3)

2. Take the photos in a place where your pet is comfortable "being him/herself", in your yard, in the park where you walk your pet, in his/her favorite chair, etc.
Drape a solid color towel or sheet over the back of a chair or the photo area before you bring your pet there. You can also tuck a leash down behind the chair cushion if you don't have help holding your pet.

3. Have help if possible. If someone else can hold a leash, while you crinkle some cellophane or squeeze a squeaky toy - up and off to the side so your dog won't be looking directly into the camera, much nicer photos are possible. If no help is available: attach the leash to a table leg or post, or push it down behind the chair cushion, or put a rubber backed rug on the washing machine and tie the leash to the faucet or something stable nearby, so Fido stays put while you make noise a little off to the side with the hand that's not snapping the camera. (Yes! You can do it!)

4. MOST IMPORTANT: Get down on the floor or bring your dog up to eye-level to take your pet’s photos. You should be looking straight at your pet from the camera. Even sitting on a chair improves the angle of the shot. A timid dog looks more frightened when photographed from above.

5. Zoom in to get close-up photos without getting too close to your pet. An ideal photo for portraits has the pet filling over half of the picture, with the surroundings filling the rest. Use a plain background, a solid color sheet or towel in a contrasting color to your pet works best. The exceptions? Mid tones of red, green and blue work best for dark dogs. Plain white can look stark; a pastel is better.

6. Take many photos. Don't keep moving around trying to get the best shot; just keep snapping. Then pick the best photo from the bunch. You will do your puppy proud with the pictures you get with these methods!

Toby’s Yummy Pumpkin/Cake Mix Muffins

OK, I think my mistake is an honest one. After all, we usually are talking about dog food and treats. So when the following recipe was posted to our group, I planned when I could make it for Kiara and Ruthie. Still, I scratched my head when Bonnie mentioned adding raisins, and made a mental note to leave them out for my peace of mind. Then my "ah hah moment" came when there was the post of how a Cairnadian member served them to a two-foot visitor. So although you may share these with your four-footers (assuming you don't add any raisins), they really are for us humans. Try them and let us know what you think - Kathy already did!

Take one 15 oz. can of pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)
Mix it into 1 box of cake mix (Toby, who adopted Bonnie's CairnTerrier foster girl Melodie Marie, LOVES the Duncan Hines spicecake mix, Bonnie loves carrot cake mix).nothing else (NO egg,water, or oil)!!
OPTIONAL: Add 1/3 cup of golden or regular raisins (Bonnie added raisins and loved it)
Stir until mixed well. It takes a little while to get mixed because it's quite thick, then just scoop and drop it in muffincups in the muffin pan (it makes 12 good sized muffins).

Bake at 350 until toothpick inserted is clean - about 25 minutes. No fat (unless you frost them) and lots of fiber and they taste amazing! They are NOT overpoweringly pumpkin tasting. ;)

Kathy's comment:
OK - I'm not a pumpkin pie fan, but I made these tonight using a carrot cake mix, a handful of pecans, and I jazzed them up with a container of the pre-made cream cheese frosting. YUM! They drove the furkids crazy while baking, and I did end up giving a bite to Sadie and Fergus, the only two that are still up with me :-) This has our stamp of approval! Thanks for sharing this easy recipe!
Kathy H in MO

Pics of Katie, CP's Buffy, at Home

Furever Mom Kimberly proudly presents her new love bug Katie. There are also a couple photos of the new foster, and of course a few pics of Humphrey. Kimberly said that they had to take the photos quickly while Mr. Mackie was outside. "The camera often causes an "episode' with Mr. Mackie and I don't want to subject my new foster to Mackie at full crazy just yet."
Click here for the photos:

Nala Sends an Update

Hello Foster Mom Deb!
It's me, the greatest carin princess Nala! It's getting cold here in NJ, with the leaves falling and all crunchy under my feet as I go for a walk with my grandma in the afternoon (I love to run in the piles and make a mess!)

My mom recently lowered my afternoon insulin dose to 3 units again and I feel great! My family is amazed that I'm running around more, especially the boys! They were used to me napping all the time, but now I chase them around the house and the yard! We like to hang out on the closed front porch, sitting on the couch and looking out the window.

On friday, we were just looking at those fuzzy grey things running around across the street and we saw my mom's car! We started barking, telling my grandma that my mom was home. My grandma is the best. She's always looking on the internet about new diabetes treatments for doggies and she talks to the vet about what can help me. So far, she's been right and I feel like a puppy again!

I'm so spoiled now. I love for my family to carry me around, especially if they're going to put me to bed and cover me with a warm blanket. The boys keep talking about this cold white stuff that's coming soon...can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.

How are you and the rest of the cairn bunch? Tell them I said hi and I miss all of you!

Love, Nala

Hi Deb. As you can see, Nala is adjusting nicely here in Belleville. Since the move from the town house, all of the dogs have been happier and I'm glad we made the move. We just started Nala on 3 units of insulin at dinner, and so far so good. She's an entirely different dog now! She runs after the boys, plays all the time and even barks with the boys. She joins in the doggie chorus when my mom sings to them, and she loves to cuddle up with my mom. She gets "upset" when she doesn't see my mom for long periods, but once she's home, Nala is ok again.

Pictures to follow. Hope all is well in NM.

P.S. My mom said to thank you for her for your excellent care of Nala.....she's in love with the dog!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Cairn New England Weekend

I wanted to share some pictures of my trip to MA this weekend to visit my FIL who lives north of Boston.

On the way we delivered the precious Goldeneye to her new family by way of CT. I was sad to see her go but her new family was thrilled to get their new girl. That's her with her new family to the left.

Then we had the opportunity to visit former foster Clovis ('07) who lives near my FIL and who has definitely landed in high cotton.

Last but not least is my CP baby Bristol (Airman '06) who was just too cute for words in the autumn leaves. Doreen - Glad to be back home in MD

Kitten - The Cairn Clotheshorse

Hi everbuddy! My Auntie Betty sent me a package! It was full of pretty clothes, and I wanted to show you how gorgeous I is.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grandpa Dean is now Dean!

Grandpa Dean went to his forever home this past weekend. As you may remember, he was released from a breeding facility in New York. He was adopted by Jane and Mark and their son, Robbie.

He has a kitty for a brother and is doing very well in his new home. For being an estimated 7 or 8 years old, he has adapted quickly to life outside the mill. Dean is truly blessed to have found such a loving and caring family and I am so happy for all of them. See more photos here:
Thanks so much to Liz R for helping get Dean in this home and to all those that have helped Dean along the way.

Kim C

Largo, FL with Ozzie, Breck and Glynn

Arithmetic Multiplies His Blessings

For Arithmetic it all adds up to a wonderful furever home. Arty is living the great life in Texas and doing very well on the leash. He is learning to heal quickly, hasn't had any accidents and he even played a little yesterday morning. I am so happy to have him in my life!! Thanks everyone for rescuing him and making it all possible.

Canada's Adoption Day

Foster Mom sent this update with pictures:
Saturday we drove down to Paducah to meet Canada's new parents. His new name will be Tucker Blaze. He will have a little Westie sister, Zoe, who just turned a year in Sept. Tucker will be 2 this Friday. Here are some pictures.
Stacey in MO

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brodie Sends a Happy Thanksgiving Wish

Brodie, who was adopted in September and now lives in Pennsylvania, is doing great! He turns his head every time his Mom points the camera at him, so no recent photos. But Brodie (fka Kaleb) and Fergus have become best buddies, playing and even sleeping together in the giant dog bed.

Brodie has settled into life with the Dennis boys. He defers to Sedge and Fergus, and bosses Robbie around just as do the other boys. The great fun on walks is picking up walnuts (yuck!) and carrying them along on the trip. I guess they look like balls.

Budgeting High Pet Care Expenses

What do you do if your best friend needs expensive medical care but the sum is not in your bak account? Several of our friends have used the Care Credit card,

Here are some of their reviews:
I just used mine totake care of Princess's $800 dental bill. It was wonderful to have and know I could take care of my little girl's needs and not worry about it.

I used Care Credit when Dude had a pin put in his hip, he was 11 months old. The orthepedic vet actually turned me on to it because I didn't have $1600 for the operation.

I just had to charge Jack Daniel's $900 bill from a lesion removal on his gum that needed plastic surgery to repair.(luckily, not cancer - yay!)

Visit the website for additional information, to find participating providers, and to apply.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Olivia, Saffy and Ollie Vist Crane's Beach MA

We all went to the beach today and I wanted to share some pix. This is a beautiful beach not about 20 minutes from my house. I went today with my neighbor who has a rescued beagle named Ethel. They allow dogs on Cranes Beach in the winter. It is a protected area, we had to get "GreenDog" tags so we all could go on the beach and we are legal now and can go back anytime. Saffy loved the water but declined to dip and she wanted to roll in lots of skeevy-looking things in the sand....Olivia stayed waaaaaay far away from the water and pretty close to Mom but loved all the smells. Ollie had a great time smelling everything. Now they are all pooped out and fast asleep.
Hugs,Susan, Olivia, Saffy and Ollie

Click here to see the pictures:

Wiley and Arlen at Home in New York

Hello from upstate NY! Deb, Rob, Wiley and Arlen are playing in the leaf piles today! Wiley arrived from his loving foster mom Kathy on August 6th and we can not believe he has only been with us for 3 months. It feels like we have been together forever! He has come a long way in those three months and each day brings a new surprize! Today he started grabbing Arlen's (his older brother) lead in his mouth to get his attention and lead him around the yard, eventually Arlen gives in and will start to play chase. Kathy also warned us that Wiley was a toy killer - that poor little chicken toy - may it rest in pieces :) Well, we just wanted to make our first post, and Wiley wanted everyone to know that he is healthy, happy and very much LOVED! Here are a few more photos:

Peep Goes Home

Mr. Peep, Jaeger's best buddy, made a long journey from his Georgia foster home to Indiana where he met his new Mom & Dad. Experiencing quite the climate change - wind, rain, sleet, snow & temperatures in the low 30's - Peep now called Murphy found a warm safe spot in Mom's arms.

Jaeger Meets His Mom

Baby Jaeger met his furever mom Pam M. Looks like true puppy love! Congrats to the happy family!

Happy Birthday to Starry Night

Foster Mom Karen O sent this happy update:

Today was Starry Night's 8th birthday! This little one came to me for fostering 3 years ago this past July. She was rescued from a MO puppy mill by Lori R., along with 3 others.
Starry Night was my first attempt at fostering, but I knew by the second day that I was in BIG trouble; she wasn't going anywhere!
I say "big trouble," because when I signed up for fostering, Tony told me there was no way I was going to be able to let a foster go. Well, I have been able to prove him wrong, many times since then, with the exception of Holly!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Add Your PostAdoption Video to Our YouTube Group

  1. Sign into YouTube with your YouTube ID and password.
  2. Upload the video to your YouTube.
  3. Go to the Col. Potter YouTube page either by clicking this link: or by doing a search for Col. Potter on You Tube.
  4. Click on the groups link under our banner.
  5. Choose the CPCRN PostAdoption group.
  6. Click Join This Group on the upper right.
  7. Click Add Videos on the upper right
    The videos you have uploaded under your YouTube user name will be displayed.
  8. Click on the box next to the videos you want to add to the group.
    Then select Add To Group.
    There should be a green strip across the top of the page confirming that "
    your videos have been submitted to this group".

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finley Brent is 6 months old!

Hi Everyone!
Just a quick update to let everyone know that Finley is now 6 months old. He's big (15 lbs), red and gold, and full of trouble.

He recovered nicely from his neuter, and has been running zoomies ever since. Finley loves his walks, loves his wubba, and loves his elephant from Ms. Dee.

He can "sit", "down", "go to your room", and for jerky he will even "come"! We consider that a miracle, as we've never known a terrier to come.

Enjoy the pictures and my first video attempt with my camera.
Thanks for letting us adopt him!
Rebecca and Brian
Spring, Tx

An Ode to Pedicurez

An Ode to Pedicurez - in proze
by Margaret Agnes Wagers (Maggie, da Emprus ob de Entir Uniberz- aka a Cairn Terrier!!)

Da Pedicure! Da Pedicure!
I do so lub da pedicure!
Furst my mama holdz me
And cuddlez me
And den she tellz me how lubbely I ams.

Den we talks abowt my feetses,
How pretty and danety dey is.
Mama rememberz me hows I habs to be careful
In da wintertimes,
Soz to not slipses on da ices.

Den I cuddleses on her lapses,
And lay on my backses for her to clips, clips, clips da hair
Arounds my pretty nailses, and betweenses my pretty footpads
Wif her tiny scissors
To makes my feets so pretty.

Soon I seez da dremel appear
Ahhh, da massager obs my feets.
Mama holds my toezes one by one and touches dem
Wif da dremel
And buzz, buzz, buzz, my nails be shorter!

As I layz on my back, wif my tummy to da sky,
I don't cares dat eberybuddy can seez my tummy.
I don't cares about da hair clippings scattered across it.
Da massaging is gud,
My mama lubs me, so soon I will be pretty.

Den jes when I tink dat hebben iz reeched,
And I cud lay in mama's armz forebber,
All my toezes is finished!
Da dremel fallz silent.
Mama sitz me upright and letses me jump down.

I shakes, shakes, shakeses and checks outs my feetses.
I can seezes dem! My toes are exposed!
No more shaggy hairses to get in my way.
No more long nails.
My pedicure in finished......I can't waits for next week!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Curious George Goes Home

Foster Mom Wendy sent this update with photos:
Hi! Curious George (gray brindle in the photos) went to his new home yesterday. He has a great new mom and a fun new fur-sister. His new sister is named Betty and she was adopted as a puppy from CRUSA two years ago. She and George hit it off and started playing like crazy right away. I will miss him but it makes it all worthwhile when I saw how happy Maureen was to take him home with her! Thank you to Marlene who took care of him before she sent him to me, to our matchmaker Allison, and everyone that helped to make this sweet boy's happily ever after come true.

Wendy in Portland, OR

Bailey and Gracie

Former foster mom Robin in Blackhawk, CO had to share this is an update on O'Hara now known as Bailey and Dream who is now Gracie who now share their furever family.

They are both happy like clams. Getting much better with their potty routines. Bailey is GREAT on the leash but Gracie still has too much puppy exuberance to be very good. Their new favorite toy is a plain water bottle that they kick around & "kill". Bailey is starting to vocalize & will even initiate getting scratched behind the ears.

We love them so much. Enjoy the pictures.

Ann & Bruce

Economy and Feeding Your Dog

B-Naturals Newsletter – November 2008
Economy and Feeding Your Dog
Lew Olson, PhD Natural Health

It is rather an oxymoron to put these words together, but in this month’s newsletter we will explore how to pinch pennies and still feed our dogs a nutritious diet. This question came up recently on my K9Nutrition list and seems to be a question many folks have at this time.
For saving money on cooked or raw diets, I look at the following criteria:
- Storage
- Volume
- Bargain Hunting
- Learning how to ‘do it yourself’

For the best buys for preparing home cooked or raw meals, volume is often the key. Generally the more you buy, the better the price. Of course, this also means having storage space, such as a freezer. While the initial price of a freezer may seem daunting, it will pay for itself over time. While a used freezer may seem like a bargain, a new unit can usually be purchased fairly reasonably during sale season. Having good freezer space means you can buy in volume, which brings us to the next criteria.

Buying in volume often means a better price. And it can mean being able to stock up on food items when they are on sale and during seasonal price reductions. For instance, I buy large quantities of pork during the summer and early fall, when the prices can be lower. And turkey necks are often less expensive during the holiday season. And when chicken leg quarters go on sale, it is nice to be able to stock up knowing I have plenty of freezer space.
Meat can keep a long time if packaged and frozen properly. I buy freezer zip lock bags on sale, and these are invaluable for long term storage. Home cooked meals can be made up in large quantities and frozen in reusable Tupperware or zip lock freezer bags. These can be easily marked for identification and date of packaging.
If you have friends who also feed raw or home cook, it can be advantageous to buy meat in large quantities in groups, to get a better price. Some cities offer ‘food co-ops’ for just this reason, so be sure to check your area for such groups.

Bargain Hunting
Buying meat in 30 or 40 pound boxes is usually the most cost effective. It doesn’t matter if the meat is frozen, as these can be thawed, repackaged and refrozen with no problem. I use large rubber tubs or large ice chests to place and thaw the meat. This generally takes a day or two and is less messy than using the bathtub (yes, I have done this in past, but I don’t advise it!). I thawed 90 lbs of meat last week which included turkey necks, chicken necks and pork ribs. I simply wait until they are loose enough to separate and package. I buy these in case lots from a local raw food outlet (Bones2go in Houston, Texas) and if you don’t have such a place where you live, your local meat manager at your grocery can often order some of these items for you. Sometimes all you need to do is ask! Most meat departments are used to custom ordering for their customers. I have also shopped at ethnic supermarkets, such as Oriental or Hispanic stores to find certain types of meat not found at most main stream grocery stores.
Also, I always make an attempt to be nice to the meat manager. It usually pays off, as they will oftentimes call me if they are ‘long’ on certain meat products or they let me know of a certain sale that is coming up.

“Do it yourself”
This topic can cover a variety of areas. For those feeding cooked diets, it means learning to prepare meals in large quantities to save time and money, but that still offer a wide assortment of foods. During my Bean’s last months in renal failure, he needed a special diet of low phosphorus foods. His condition caused him to have nausea, and I had to change his meal selection frequently as he wouldn’t eat the same thing twice in a row. I cooked up about eight different varieties (you wouldn’t need to do this for a healthy dog, probably more like 3 or 4) and I would package them into meal size portions and freeze them. The night before, I remove the selections for the next day to thaw. While it was time consuming to do this, it saved time in the long run as I made enough for two weeks at a time. Plus, I was using enough quantity to save money by buying the ingredients in bulk. Another time saver was to freeze the vegetables and then put them in a bowl to thaw. They simply turned to mush, and could be used ‘as is’ without grinding or pulverizing.

For recipes on making home cooked diets, go here:
Raw diets are less expensive if you make them yourselves. Often we use premade in the beginning, until we gain more confidence. They are also more convenient. Large dogs do fine on whole raw meaty bones (leg quarters, chicken necks, pork neck bones, turkey necks, chicken wings and pork ribs to name a few). But dog owners with smaller breeds often prefer ground raw meaty bones. If this is the case, it may be time to look at investing in a meat grinder. And while I don’t have vegetables added in my recipes, you can add up to ¼ vegetables to a raw diet to help cut some costs. Vegetables that can be used include cabbage, zucchini, dark leafy greens, yellow squash, broccoli and cauliflower. *If* you need to add weight, and your dog doesn’t have any yeast problems, you can also use sweet potatoes and carrots.

Meat grinders can vary in price, according to size, capability and durability. The more expensive models are faster, and often have reverse speeds and a larger throat (chute) opening for volume. You can also grind vegetables in many of these. For folks looking to grind large bones and large amounts, you will need to go for a larger chute opening, larger plate (at least #8 to #12) and stainless steel for cleaning. Wattage power is also important for large volume use. I am going to list websites for some of the more popular models and I would advise studying these with consideration to the amount of use needed.

Some sites offering grinders include:
Northern Tool
Lem Grinders
Cabelas (Food & Food Preparation Section)

For recipes on making raw diets, go here:
Another way to save some pennies is to make your own yogurt. It is an animal protein and is counted in the protein part of the meal. This is good for raw and home cooked diets. The recipe is:
Take one gallon of milk (preferably whole milk) and bring to a light boil. Put the milk in four quart containers (plastic or glass) and add about three tablespoons of readymade yogurt or add active cultures. Cover the containers and place on the stove or refrigerator and let sit for 24 to 48 hours and the yogurt will be ready to serve!
You can also use leftovers from your own dinners to add to your dog’s meal. This would include any meat or vegetables. Occasionally if I have found a good buy on a roast or large cut of meat and I make enough to have leftovers for my dogs.
This article is geared towards fresh food diets (home cooked and raw) but let me also address the issue of commercial diets. When it comes to commercial pet food, in either dry kibble or canned, I would not recommend skimping on quality to choose price over content. Ingredients are always important in commercial diets. This includes not only looking for brands that offer high quality animal proteins, but also the least amount of ingredients on the label. Avoid foods that contain fillers, such as beet pulp, peanut hulls and numerous grains. Rather than reduce quality, reduce the amount fed and replace with yogurt, canned fish, meat and eggs. You may add up to 50% of the diet in fresh foods to kibble. If adding fresh food to the diet isn’t an option, then switch protein sources every month or so. An example would be to feed a beef based diet one month, and then switch to lamb, and then chicken. Variety is important in any diet, and switching helps your dog to receive a good selection of amino acids and minerals that can vary from protein source to protein source. Limiting to one protein source (or food source, such as commercial dog food) can also lead to food allergies in some dogs.

For tips on mixing fresh with kibble:

I hope everyone finds the tips in this newsletter useful. If anyone has any additional tips or suggestions, please email me with your ideas and I will include them in future newsletters. I know that most of the B-Naturals newsletter subscribers would enjoy hearing any suggestions on this topic.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to give thanks to all your furry companions with a big kiss and hug!