Friday, July 25, 2008

Marti the Love

Good morning-I was going to email you today and let you know that Marti truly is a love. She is doing very well, she adjusted so nicely with her two new brothers. She does try to push them around but they are smart enough to let her go only so far and then she backs off. It is so funny watching them all play. She didn't eat at all Sunday when we brought her home and cried a little when we put her to bed. But I have to say she has been very good, not a problem going outside to do her business, no accidents yet in the house. She watches Monte go swim and I think she will get there too. She is a talker, she listens to the clock chime and then looks at me, and she does a lot of talking when we are fixing her breakfast or dinner.. she is so funny. The food is working out great for all so thanks for all the information. I will send some photos soon. Rosanne

Bodie (fka Bayo) Update

Hi Everyone, Bodie has been a part of my pack for a little over a week now, and he is doing great! He has adjusted to life in Connecticut really well, and he loves to play with his fur-brother Shaq. Him and Shaq love to chase each other around the house, and out in the backyard, and on the golf course. They can't get enough of each other. These two puppies are together all the time. In fact we had to put their crates next to each other because at night they would whine until they were reunited! I'm so happy to have Bodie, and I cannot thank Col. Potter Cairn Rescue enough for bringing Bodie into my life.
Thanks again!

Colby in the Courtyard

Hello! Here is one of my favotite photos of Colby sitting in the Arizona sunshine. Note the way he sits on one hip and sticks the opposite leg out. Very casual and laid back which describes him to a "T". Our sitter says she has never seen a dog as laid back as Colby. When she gets out treats, all the other dogs crowd around and jump up on her for their treats. Not Colby! He just sits back and waits until he is called or handed his treat. At home, he has never shown any aggression to his little brother, our Yorkie, Rusty. If Rusty comes up to Colby's food bowl or water bowl, they either share, or Colby stands back and lets Rusty have his fill. And, when we got Colby, they told us he was a wild, wild boy! They are walked twice a day (on leash, of course) and when we come to a curb or corner, Colby sits down and will not cross until we say, "OK'. One time, he flushed a rabbit from under a bush, the rabbit ran right in front of Colby so he took out after the rabbit until the rabbit ran across the street. Colby almost skidded to a stop and would not go past the curbing. Even we were amazed and we told him what a good boy he was. Colby will be 5 years old in November. He has shared our home for four and we have to say that we have loved every minute of it.
Corinne K and Jesse G in Az

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Raven and the Pot-Bellied Pig

From Forever Mom Sandra: I have to laugh every time I think of Raven right now. She has been attending day care once a week with the boys at a fabulous place that also boards animals. Currently, they have been boarding a pot-bellied pig. At some point during the day they put it into the play area with the little dogs to play. They told me that Raven loves it and chases it all around the play area, wanting to play.

In the evil little movie theatre of my mind I can just see Raven chasing this pig around screaming "Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, . . ." with the voice in the commercials for beggin strips. Lol, I can't help it. I left my camera there this week for them to take pictures, which I have a few, but obviously no one there is a budding photographer. Plus they said Raven became camera shy the minute they brought it out.

Raven is a little doll and has become an accepted member of the pack. She sticks close to Hunter, my Australian, for exploring and running around, but she is also very protective of my Westie, Otto, with autoimmune arthritis. She tells any other dog that bothers Otto to back-off. Plus, she continues to try and get the Cats to play.
Sandy S, Hunter, Otto & Raven (Little Cairn Princess)

Why Seamus Got A Bath

Deer Antie Joanna...I fink maybeez I shuld ansir dat. To my great delite, we hab not had a fosser since Cicero left acuz of horsey shows...anna despite da Mudder Pluckkes teers when Cicero I wuz just finkin "hey Cicero, don't git dat tail ob yours caught in da door on da way out." Howebber, to my great dismay tonight, doin my nightly explorashun frew our liddle backyard forrist, I found a bush I hab not resently peed on. I wuz assuming da posishun anna da Mudder Pluckker says, "Seamus, I wouldn't pee on that, the pees gonna roll back onna you." Well, nashurally, I bin finkin...:silly Mudder Pluckker, I fink I nose a liddle more about peein on bushes dan you do!" Reelly, whut experinse duz she hab in dat area. Again, to my dismay...I bin wrong, Mudder Pluckker bin rite (purhaps a camping trip in her past????)...da pee rolled rite back onna me anna Mudder Pluckker said der wuz no way I wuz sleepin inna bed wif her tonite wif pee on my tummy. To my udder dismay...I hab a baff (anna if I coulda talked, I'd hab reminded her dat Antie Damyell says corn terrorists dunnot need baffs...but all I could do wuz lay my eers flat anna look pityfull).
Sumtyms ya win, sumtyms ya lose.
Seamus (MI)

Casatta and the Christmas Cactus

I decided to water my Christmas cactus, so put it in the bathtub, gave it water and left it there to drain. I had some cute decorative butterfly pics in the pot.
While I was on the computer, I heard a "crunch", and Cassy had a butterfly in her mouth. I took it away from her and went back to the computer.
In a few minutes, I heard another "crunch" and Toby had a butterfly in his mouth. I got it away from him, and then saw the culprit standing on the rim of the tub.
And yes, it was Cassy Louise. She'd jumped in the tub, gotten a butterfly for herself and one for Toby (he can't jump in the tub), and was getting ready to repeat the trick, as there was one butterfly left in the plant pot.
I started to scold her, but she gave me her wide-eyed, coy, pretty look and I just lifted her from the tub and said, "No" as firmly as possible while trying not to laugh.
She loves to jump in and out of the tub. Bailey the cat didn't know that Cassy was such an acrobat, and she got on the back of tub and Cassy was right beside her, so Bailey abandoned the tub as her "safe" space.
I had to move Bailey's cat tower a few feet away from John's easy chair, because one day, I heard a noise and Cassy was on the cat tower! Bailey was hissing and Cassy was pleased with herself, like "look at me, Mommy, I'm up high!"
This girl can jump! Here's a pic taken this morning...
Betty in ArkansasMom of Molly, Toby and Cassy (Casatta)

Denny Dinozzo, now Newman, update

From Foster Mom Bonnie:
Oh my gosh, I just got a wonderful, wonderful update from Denny's new family. This just thrills me to pieces. Here's a link to the photos but I'd advise checking them out after you read the email from his new Mom. :)

Matchmaker Holly R not only found the perfect family for Denny. I was feeling terrible about sending him off after he ran like a twit all over Steve's yard and had the best time playing but was no longer clean and pretty....and Holly's wonderful husband took a day off and bathed him and spruced him all up before they put him on the plane for his new home. Thank you Holly and hubby!Bonnie

From The Forever Family:
Hi everyone,
Well it's been a few days since little Denny joined our family. He is PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!! He's pretty much exactly like Fester except he has a far more beautiful coat, poor Fester's always been a bit baldish since his rough start in life but he's gorgeous in his own way:) We had a good long 'pack-walk' (what I call it when I go out with all three dogs) to make sure everyone knows that the family pack now includes Denny.

Oh, by the way, we decided just yesterday to re-name Denny, he is now Newman. I will give him a bit more time to settle in before starting obedience classes. It feels like he's always been here he fits in so well. He's sleeping at my feet right now, follows my every move just like all my dogs do. It'll take Newman a while before he feels comfortable enough to sometimes let me walk out of a room without following although I think it's mostly just Cairn nosiness;)

We spent the whole day outside gardening and the dogs dug holes, played chase, wrestled and fetched squeakies. At the end of the day my neighbour commented that it was the first time she had ever seen Fester tired out (he was laying down outside catching his breath) so Newman is definitely getting in a lot of playtime! Newman seems completely housebroken, even gave me some pacing to the door when he needed to go, what a good boy! He is so, so sweet. I cut his toenails yesterday no problem, he sleeps in his crate without a peep (all the dogs' crates are in our bedroom, I believe in the 'pack' sleeping together) and the tiny bit of diarrhea he had on his first night here is completely gone.

Newman is not hyper at all! He's just exactly like Fester, super curious about everything, always ready to play and always sparkling with happiness. He settles down just like everyone else in the evening when we sit down to watch TV. It's all about draining the energy, you can't expect a terrier to be a good dog if you don't give them an outlet for the energy. The Trans Canada Trail is just a short drive from ourhome and it only takes an hour to do a brisk 4-5 kilometres and that really takes the edge off and makes everyone feel good, even me:)

We met a group of four very large dogs on our pack walk yesterday and Newman had no issues at all, he just needs to learn some manners, he needs to learn to approach calmly as opposed to yipping and lunging in his efforts to get there as soon as possible to socialize (it's just puppy rudeness that all dogs have to grow out of) Obedience classeswill help with that as well as the example of Beanie and Fester. Once Newman reached the group of large dogs he just proceeded straight to sniffing privates and being quite happy to be there. I've attached some pictures, it sure is hard to get a good shot of dogs moving at warp speed!

We are loving our little Newman and I think he's pretty happy to be here too. Oh, Newman has a magic spot! If you rub his ears he flops right over for a belly rub, it's so funny, he'll do it for anyone what a little doll:)

With much thanks to all of you at Col. Potter for making our family
more complete.
Linda & Russell and the furry ones too, Fester, Beanie and Newman!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Toby Chronicles

This month marks the 2 year anniversary we became Toby’s forever parents! We are still amazed how far along he has come! Toby (formerly known as “Tio”) came to us from a wretched puppy mill with little to no social skills….and was completely distrustful. He has blossomed into a confident, curious -- and smart as a whip lil’ man! He has brought us so much joy and we honestly cannot imagine our lives without him. The pitter-pat of his tiny feet is a constant reminder of how truly happy and content he his. We will never forget the day his foster mom Claudia delivered him to us. He was quite attached to her and I often wondered how he could ever grow to love us like that! Well, he has….he is our shadow. Always watching everything we do with the look of sheer wonderment! Toby has also developed a special bond with his big brother and big sister Dash (Retriever Mix) and Leelee (Maltese). They are like peas and carrots! Especially Dash! They go for a 3 mile run everyday and Toby stays right next to Dash’s hind leg…like a lil’ pilot fish! Toby Finch Carr has blossomed before our eyes and continues to amaze us each day!

Thank you CPCRN for changing our lives forever!
Missy & Hal C, Dallas, Texas

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nativity/Nora - Small Dog Makes Good

Dear Friends of Nativity/Nora,
It's been six months since her Instantaneous Godparents, Mary and Mike Pesek, so kindly assumed her care from her long-suffering Foster Parents, Kay and Robert Haight, that cold day in January in St. Paul. What a difference half-a-year makes to little Nora/Nativity.

Friday Nora and François (Frankie), the bichon frisé, and Bríghe (Bree) the bichon/cairn cross, went to Cherry Creek Dog Park for a morning of, er, "Rocky Mountain High in Colorado." For 2.5 miles she cheerfully met dogs of all sizes, sniffed horse droppings, and inhaled all the smells she could. When she returned to our little car (no Big Trucks, alas, Mike) she was one pooped puppy.

We stopped by Heavenly Dog Washery afterward, and she emerged sweet-smelling and ready for a three-hour nap (which we shared). She is quite the snuggle dog with both of us, her doggle-buds, and a few of the cats.

Nora is totally bonded to both of us, plus to her "sibs." (We are glad that she's also micro-chipped, altho she is never outside a fence unleashed.) She often came back around today while we were hiking to make sure we were present to, and totally appreciative of, Her Royal Cairnliness. Nora danced, head high and tail wagging her whole rear, as she made her way thru the dust and vegetation. Little streams were made for prancing across, but even horse droppings were not as important as Mom and Dad, (and, possibly, treats).

We're down to the "Two-or-Fewer-Pees-on-the-Floor-Weekly Plan"; a strict schedule that does all of us good. She has learned "Sit; Stay;" "Okay-Go;" "Up-up-up;" "Down-down-down;"; "Drop-it;" "Good-Dog;" "Hurry-hurry-hurry;" and "Shake" curriculum. Although she is the youngest in terms of training, she has a clear sense of mission; her jobs are to Kick Bree's Hindparts and to Alert Every Person in Our Home to Any Action on the Block (bark, growl mutter). What a hoot! We thank you all.
The photo is (left to right) Bree, Nora/Nativity, and Frankie. Do you know how hard it is to get 1.5 cairns and 1.5 bichons to sit still?

Sigrid & Richard, "parental units"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The July 2008 Rome, NY CRAP

The "CRAP", or Cairn Rescue Annual Party, is a Col. Potter invention. You see, the people in this group like to PARTEEEE - so they thought of a way to combine social activities with money-raising. Why, they even charge $5.00 for guests to hold a 3-month-old puppy!! Not to despair - all the money raised from auctioning cairn chatckies, dog paraphanelia, etc. goes to rescue and rehabilitate more cairns.

This month, the BIG event was held at the home of Steve & Cheryl in Rome, NY. Here are some links to photos of the cairns who were lucky enough to gather there. Photos were taken by several people.

They are such great pictures! Enjoy

Dog Diapers & Housetraining

Occasionally we have a foster or forever kid who needs a little extra protection. Lucy recently asked the group:
I don't know what size diapers to get for Tromso to help her with her housebreaking. She only weighs 16 lbs., but the diapers I got last night for 12-18 lbs., were way too small for her. I'll keep them in case I get a puppy at some point. Someone said at one point to get "onesies" for my cairn to help her with housebreaking.

Here are some suggestions:

Lucy, Onesies are little one piece cotton baby clothes. Usually short sleeved, no legs, snap at the crotch. We put them on over the diaper to keep the dogs from taking them off. Also, put them on backwards. ie: tag on baby usually goes in the back but on our dogs it goes in the front and their tail goes out through the middle of the snaps. I buy my onesies at the dollar stores. I'd buy 18 - 24 months for a 16 lb cairn, and to really keep them on you can put on the diaper, then the onesie, then put the harness over the onesie to secure all. You might use tape on the diapers you've purchased ie: masking tape. what is most important is that the diaper catch the wet. With the onesie securing it you could use the diaper more like a kotex pad. Hope this helps. Colleen, CO

A Onesie is also helpful in keeping furkids from scratching if they have skin allergies. For potty training, girls can be fitted with diapers (Pampers, etc.; you have to cut a hole in them for the tail) or you can get a product called 'Potty Pants' at pet stores. There are different brands, some require putting in a pad to absorb the urine; the 'Potty Pants' are waterproof and don't require the pads, and they can be washed. Of course, they are more expensive than the others. You can look for products for potty training at dog product sites; just google dog potty training and you will have lots to look at. If you get a onesie (or more), you may be able to use the diapers you already have if you can find a way to safely keep the diaper in the right place inside the onesie, but I would guess it would move around too much and safety pins are not safe at all.I found the most helpful part of potty training was to make sure my guys go outside every two hours and to stay out there until they potty, give lots of verbal praise, and a treat immediately when they potty. Good luck! Lois

Buy the Simple Solutions "diaper garment" for girl dogs. You can buy them on the CP mall, for $12 (or $10 for 2 or more) which is about $10 cheaper than they sell them at PetSmart (usually about $20). You put in a sanitary pad, then put the garment on and close it with velcro. It works wonderfully well for my girl Princess. Here is the link to the CP mall, where the diaper garment is sold. A size Small is probably just fine. Patti in San Diego
Thanks to all for your words of wisdom!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rose of Tralee

PostAdoption Coordinator Sandy send us this update:

Rose of Tralee, what a beautiful name for a beautiful dog! Rose is settling in and getting to know her forever mom Barbara's loving kindness. Though Rose has been very shy and quiet, Barbara is working very hard to develop a healthy, kind and trusting relationship with Rose. Rose has been through so many changes and she feels very safe in her crate and pen.

I reassured Barbara that it is just fine for Rose seek her safe place there and as she feels more confident she will venture out. Rose has picked out a place in their living room where she can watch what is going on and is comfortable there.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Louise of "Thelma and ..."

Louise (NKA as Libby) was rescued withThelma and was my foster. Libby was a tiny 11# when she arrived (and still is), but was not malnourished like Thelma was. Libby is missing her right rear foot (looks like a birth defect). Anyway - she was adopted by someone I work with so I get to see her regularly. She came for a sleepover this week to get some bonding time w/her other Cairn cousins and to play in a fenced in back yard. She is doing great - loves her mommy and her mommy loves her. She made herself right at home when she was here and jumped right back into the pack.
Denise H, Milan MI

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Best Friends Sleep Behavior - What's "Normal"?

A Lovely Lucy (fka Thelma) Update

From Foster Mom Sheryl C:
I just got an update on one of my fosters Thelma now Lucy. When Thelma came here she was a very unhealthy 7lbs and we did not know if she would make it. Well 3 months later she left here at a very healthy 14lbs. She really broke my heart the day she left here.

From Forever Mom:
Okay I got my act together and am sending photos of Lucy. Sorry it took me so long to get them to you. I have been taking them but did not find the time to actually upload and send them to you. Lucy is doing very, very well. Tallie has taken to her and the two of them are like two peas in a pod. Tallie is deathly afraid of thunder and lightning to the point she hides in our closet. We cover her up and Lucy stayed with her and checked on her all night long. It was so endearing. At one point, Lucy sat on Tallie so she could be close to her during the storm. What a great time we are having with them. Lucy has the run of the yard and has just as many hiding places as Tallie. They chase the squirrels but just sit back and watch the birds and even smell the flowers.Enjoy the photos.

Donna and the gang

PS Lucy loves my grey slippers!

How to Remove a Tick

Here is a good instructional post from Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff. The weblink is:

Removing a tick from your cat or dog is easy if you just follow these simple steps:
  1. To remove an attached tick, use a pair of fine-tipped tweezers or special tick removal instruments. These special devices allow one to remove the tick without squeezing the tick body. This is important as you do not want to crush the tick and force harmful bacteria to leave the tick and enter your pet's bloodstream.
  2. Grab the tick by the head or mouth parts right where they enter the skin. Do not grasp the tick by the body.
  3. Without jerking, pull firmly and steadily directly outward. Do not twist the tick as you are pulling. Using methods such as applying petroleum jelly, a hot match, or alcohol will NOT cause the tick to 'back out.' In fact, these irritants may cause the tick to deposit more disease-carrying saliva in the wound.
  4. After removing the tick, place it in a jar of alcohol to kill it. Ticks are NOT killed by flushing them down the toilet.
  5. Clean the bite wound with a disinfectant. If you want to, apply a small amount of a triple antibiotic ointment.
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly. Please do not use your fingers to remove or dispose of the tick. We do not want you in contact with a potentially disease-carrying tick. Do NOT squash the tick with your fingers. The contents of the tick can transmit disease.

You can also try Rid-A-Tick, an adhesive patch that you cover the embedded tick with so it will back out of your pet's skin. Once an embedded tick is manually removed, it is not uncommon for a welt and skin reaction to occur. A little hydrocortisone spray will help alleviate the irritation, but it may take a week or more for healing to take place. In some cases, the tick bite may permanently scar leaving a hairless area. This skin irritation is due to a reaction to tick saliva. Do not be worried about the tick head staying in; it rarely happens.

Hershey and the Mailman

Oh what a morning! We are out basking in the beautiful sunshine this morning, Hershey and I. Quiet, peaceful...when suddenly the mailman arrives! Goodness, Hershey begins barking like a wildman! Always has, it's the dreaded mailman. I command "inside" and he runs for thefront door, hasn't stopped barking, slides across thelaminate flooring and slams into the sofa table! I tellhim "relax!" Oh ya, like that's gonna work right?

I go out the front door and the mailman says "Ma'am, you have a package, please sign here." Okay, I sign for it and go inside. Well, what have we here but a package from CP - my order!!! Well with excitement I tell Hershey, "be nice to the mailman, he brought you Christmas!" He's trying to tear open the box, I can't even cut the packaging open.Together we fight the packaging tape and finally the box is open.

On the top, is a squeaky toy telephone! Well, if that just isn't the cat's meow! Now Hershey is running amok all over the house. He comes back and digs through the box, and finds a ball. Gives it a lick and runs back for the toy phone.

THEN.... I introduce him to the MARS TOOL!!!! Let's see how you like this my boy... I start grooming him and he rolls submissively on his back and soaks up the attention!!! He loves it.... so far!!!!

Kari in Winnipeg,
and Cairnadian Hershey

Colby's 3+ Years Happy Ever After

Here is an update from Colby in Surprize, AZ, who was adopted in December 2004:

Colby is all grown up now. He will be 5 in November. His hair has gradually turned from the silver that he was when we got him to a black face and mottled colors on the rest of his body. He is such a good boy.. We just adore him. Jesse gets up at 4:30 AM during our hot summer so that he can take Colby out for a long walk of about 2 miles. Colby loves to look under every bush to flush out the rabbits. This spring, he caught six baby rabbits at different times while the neighbors cheered him on. He is so obedient that even if he catches his prize, if we tell him to drop it, he does immediately. While walking, when we come to a corner, he will sit down and wait until we tell him it is OK to go. Once, when a big rabbit ran from a bush and crossed right in front of Colby and dashed across the street, Colby chased him to the curb and stopped dead in his tracks because he knew he wasn't allowed to cross the street. Even we were amazed. Jesse and I have taken to spelling certain words because Colby understands so many. Jesse says that Colby is the smartest dog he has ever owned. I have to agree. Best wishes to you. Corinne in AZ
(Sorry - no photo - but I will see if I can get one - kg)

Suellen and the Shoes

Hello everyone, Foster Mom to Miss Suellen reporting. Suellen has been my foster for almost eight weeks. Her adoption is pending and she is staying with me until after her forever mom returns from her vacation. Yesterday I purchased a new pair of shoes. Seemed like an odd thing to buy but I was waiting for my daughter to have her wisdom teeth removed and the specialist told me to go shopping and get something at the sidewalk sales. What a world we live in. I can spend money at the same time my daughter is like a lamb to the slaughter. Sorry, I digress. I did but a new pair of shoes, first one in about a year and they were so lovely I wore them home. Apparently Suellen did not approve of my choice and was quite suspicious of me. This morning she would not come out of her kennel when I approached her in my purchase and so I promptly changed shoes. This however did not draw her out. Treats and kisses did not work either. Apparently I had crossed some barrier I did not know existed. I walked my other dogs sans Suellen and when when we returned home she quietly came out of her kennel to greet me. Not the usual exuberance. I noticed the first thing she did was to look at my feet and smell them. The old sight and smell met with her approval and she ran zipping around the house. You forget sometimes what sensitive creatures these are. She is happy now and I guess it will be a while before I am able to wear those lovely new shoes. I guess I should have sprung for the ruby slippers.
Marian in B.C.
Foster moms to Hobbsie, Aussie and Suellen

Resident terrors Joey and Sophia

Demodectic Mange

I was just contacted by a forever family (actually they were Foster Flunkies!!) saying that their puppymill girl was recently diagnosed with demodectic mange (demodex).

Here is a link from the Long Beach (California) Animal Hospital that discusses Demodex.

An excellent source for treatment is the website (
To begin addressing the demodectic mange skin condition:
- feed a raw diet,
- add to the diet the B-Natural’s supplements Berte’s Immune Blend, Berte’s Ultra Probiotic and fish oil. These will help even if you do not feed a raw diet.

A good article on skin issues:

I've asked the family to update us on their little sweetie, so we'll post that as we get it.

Starry Night's Quilt

Auntie Debbie, I love you so much! You made me feel so special, when I got a package in the mail with this beautiful quilt in my favorite colors! As you can see, I love to lay on it and slept on it last night, all night long. Momma read the card to me and it said you made this for me because I have been through a lot of surgeries this year, and you aren't kidding! Momma took me to the vet today for something called a health certificate, so we can fly to the NY CRAP. I was so worried that I was going to have another surgery, but thankfully I came home. I get to take my quilt with me to NY!
Thank you so much for making me feel special! I love you very much!! Hugs, Starry Night in AZ

Puppy Tory's - now Ava - Adoption Day

Tory left today with her forever mom, Leigh. She will also have a cairn sister named Lizzy to teach her the ropes in her wonderful new home. Tory seemed quite content with her new mom right from the start. Leigh has already joined CRM, and hopefully she will find time to post when Tory is napping. See photos:

Today was adoption day! I've been in the process of adopting a Cairn puppy from Col. Potter and the big day finally came. Ava (formerly "Tory", one of Lexington's pups) made it home safely and is adjusting to her new home. Thanks again to her WONDERFUL foster mom, Lori! She is well adjusted and adventurous, smart and sociable. I've posted some new pics of our first day together. Lizzy is an almost 8 year old Cairn I rescued when she was two and she's just not so sure yet about Ava...I expect they'll become the best of friends with time. I'm sure I'll be posting later with many questions about this new baby in our home. Stay tuned...Leigh, Lizzy, and Ava S in AR

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dere Aunties & Uncles,
Mommy is always so busy, so I must take it upon myself to tell u about my favorite foster brother Reggiano "Reggie" A little over 2 weeks ago Mommy & Daddy went to drag race in Indianapolis. Which worked out better for them than me. hrmph. You see they did not take me:( They could take some little girl Neha wif them but not me. I should have gone cause they were gonna go & see Reggie. You see he moved to Indianapolis...So I should have gotten to go. But I digress.

Well Mommy says Reggie is doing really well. He loves his foreber Mommy, Daddy & hooman sissy berry much. He did member Mommy & Daddy & gave them lots & lots of kisses. Mommy was berry happee about dat. Anyway Lauren Reggie's sister sent us a bideo I want to share wif you.

I also finded out today dat Reggie gots himself a gurlfriend. Mommy said I could share part of dis letter from Lyn (Reggie's Mommy). My Mommy says letters like dis are why foster Mommys can let their fosters go:

Reggie found a girl! I have been walking him a lot and a guy stopped me who has a female cairn that just turned a year old. She has been over to play a couple times now and they are pretty wild. He doesn't seem to bark at the dogs that he has seen before, just new ones. I guess thats progress. He shares his toys and water with his girlfriend Daisy , I just make sure that the kong is put up before she gets here.

So that is what my foster Brother is up to chasing girls. Mommy said he was a ladys man. He eben held da doggie door open for Nebbie cause she could not figure it out. Now she can do it but, if Reggie would not have taught her she still would not get it. They say blonds are dingy let me tell you about that little brunette Nebbie...
Wags & Kisses,Shelby LB, Saint Louis MO

Monday, July 14, 2008

Addy's Chicken Farm

From Foster Mom Karen O:

I just got an Addy update from Sherry that I just had to share. I love that 2 of my former fosters, Heidi with Lois, and now Addy, are living with chickens!! If there were two girls I would trust around them, it would be Heidi and Addy. But don't worry, both Lois and Sherry and Patty are cautious with the girls and the hens. :) I had to laugh about the starfish, as Addy did this to me a couple of times at our house, with MacKenzie's collar and a bowl she took out of the cabinet, when I was in the kitchen.

From Forever Mom Sherry:
Hey Karen, Since you like hearing about the kid, my emails to you are kind of serving as my first few weeks journal of Addy's new life in the mountains. Addy has had some more "firsts" today and she keeps making me giggle. Just now, and also earlier, she was walking around the house just checking things out. She was even looking at the walls like she was looking at the pictures and wall hangings up there. This browsing and sniffing makes me slightly nervous, because lickety split she's liable to take a squat. But today's the first time she's really spent time scanning the entire house. Another first just happened right now...after looking around she came into the living room and laid down by Trixie! So far she's followed us around the house, but if she's resting she's always on her blankie by the wood stove. She's getting some confidence!

Patty and Zoey headed down to Scottsdale this morning, so we all went for a walk early...a mile and 1/2 today. For the first time, Addy was sniffing the ground and taking interest in the surroundings. She usually has her head right at our heals and just keeps trucking along without paying attention to anything. Like you said, she does get really excited about food and does the happy dance right alongside the other girls.

Trixie is like a big Baby Huey and frequently trips over Addy, then looks around like "Hey, what happened?" Addy's taking treats from us, and if I set it on my leg she'll come right to me, but then grab and run. She wanted treats so bad she was up on her hind legs prancing for a few seconds. Earlier today I was doing laundry and I kept hearing her tags jingle and figured something was up. I went in the living room and Trixie was trying to get something from Addy. The little squirt ran all over the house until I cornered her in the laundry room and got it. She had a dried starfish in her mouth that was up on the shelf in front of the fish tank. It was about 18 inches above her head so I'm thinking she had a little help. So I gave her and Trixie each a chew bone, and she zipped all over the living room and kitchen with it, around and around the table, her first big burst of energy.

She spent hours chewing. That made me happy because there was no interest in anything to chew before today. I guess I better watch what I wish for!! Monsoons are definitely here; rain every day. Addy doesn't seem to mind the rain and will go right out in the rain to potty. But she is afraid of the loud thunder and will come over and sit by me if it's thundering. She's not the least bit afraid of the vacuum cleaner or other loud house noises though. I'm just rambling now, so will save more for later. It was just a big day for firsts! I'll send you some more pics when I'm at work. Thanks for letting me go on, like you had a choice. ;)

Remembering Millie Mae with Much Love

I just wanted to share. Our hearts still have a big hole in them. Happy anniversary Miss Millicent. We hope you’re happy and pain free at the Bridge. Amy - Calliope in Northeastern PA

Walter Learns a New Sport - Rock Fishing!

Walter took his first trip to the river this weekend. He loved the water! He swam and chased a soft frisbee but his favorite thing was rock fishing. He would paw around the rocks under the water until he found one he liked and then he would stick his face in the water and scoop it in his mouth and carry it to the shoreline. He made a nice little pile of rocks . . . on top of all the rocks already there. Sorry there's no pictures of this fascinating sport - DH was off fishing and I couldn't handle Walt on a leash AND a camera at the same time. (I know that sounds totally lame after Lori took pictures of wiggly puppies on their blankets - I'm just a wimp I guess.LOL) Poor little boy wore himself out - he's totally crashed on the floor under my feet right now. AND the Listerine spray worked GREAT! Even Ed was amazed that they didn't smell like wet dogs after I used it on them. Got to order him a life jacket so he'll have it for our next trip. Fun!!
-- Angel R in Burke, VA with Chewy (Hey! - I got my paws wet - doesn't that count?!) and Walter (CP kid & Champion Rock Fisherman)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marti and Her Forever Family

Today begins the rest of Marti's life. She is on her way to her new home with her mom and dad.Marti took to Dave and Rosanne like she knew them forever. Happy life little girl. Bon Voyage.
- Foster Mom Penny

McCain now Maisie in New Brunswick Canada

McCain, known as Micki around here, is safely in her new home in New Brunswick Canada. She is now known as Maisie, and reportedly had a long but good trip, supported by a few wonderful people along the way. Thank you Marsha S, Susan D, and Holly R, who made the trip easier on Maisie, but also easier on John and myself. Micki/Maisie was here for almost 4 months and managed to worm her way deep into our hearts. Maisie is now sister to Clybourn, adopted in November, another wonderful and sweet Cairn who resided with us briefly. Both Clybourn and Maisie got a head start at the Oz project with Kathy Cabble. Lucky dogs, lucky family! I am attaching a pictureof Micki/Maisie, hanging out on Rocky/Maple. Rocky outweighs Micki by 6 pounds, but she didn't let that stop her!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Miss Molly Jolie - 3rd Gotcha Day

Hello to ALL the Volunteers:
Our Molly Jolie has been with us for three years as of this date. What a joy she has brought to our lives, and we are so grateful for this group of dedicated and loving people who made it possible for her to be our little princess.
I am reminded today (as often I am) of the people who gave of their time, money, and care to not only help her but so many others. We feel so very fortunate to have been allowed to give this precious girl a good life. She is now nine years old and runs things here just about as she chooses, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Waking up each morning with her little black face giving kisses with that little tail fluttering behind makes life so much richer.
"Thank You" is far from adequate -----
Mary B and Norman D with Gus and our little Sunshine Girl -Molly Jolie

About the CPCRN PostAdoption Blog

Wow!! And Good Morning from the blogmistress, Kiara & Ruthie in sunny, humid and hot Jax Fla USA.
The Wow! is for the number of blog visitors we have had - almost 3500 in less than 8 months!! Yes, I know that is not unique visitors but I am still thrilled to know that so many are following our happy-ever- after stories! I am convinced that it is Col. Potter's "holistic" approach to cairn rescue and adoption that truly makes it an unique organiztion.
This blog will keep evolving, but today I have a simple update: our own email address - Please feel free to use this email to send photos, videos, update, and requests. We're looking forward to receiving your message. All the best!

Adair's (Addy) Adoption Day

Alright, it will be 2 weeks on Sunday, since Addy went to her forever home. Sherry and Patty met us on our first stop, up in Flagstaff, AZ, to finalize the adoption. It was much closer for them to travel to Flagstaff (2 hrs), rather than to Yuma (6 hrs) from their home in Show Low, AZ. I want to thank Matchmaker, Bev S for finding Addy the most wonderful forever home! Sherry and Patty were smitten with Addy the moment they met her. They were going to change her name to Maddy, but they told me they kept going back to the name I gave her, so she is officially Addy. Sherry and Patty have 2 other dogs, which are much larger than Addy. I was a little concerned about this, because when Addy met a black lab at Petsmart, she was terrified. I had a friend of mine bring her large dog over, so we could work with Addy and her fear. Well, as you can see from the pictures they have sent me, Addy is NOT afraid of their yellow lab! I have read somewhere that sometimes dogs are afraid of large, black dogs, because they have difficulty "reading" their body language in their eyes, so maybe that was the problem with the black lab that she encountered, as my friends dog was light in color, too. Of course, if it didn't work out with Trixie, I would have been more than happy to take back this little sweetheart. :) Enjoy Addy's Adoption Day!

Puppy Brent (now Finley) Goes Home

From Whelping/Foster Mom:
Brent's Mom came to pick him up yesterday. She is as cute as he is! :) And I know he is going to be way loved. He was a good kid on the trip and kept his crate clean. He made me proud by keeping it clean all night too! And went to the door to go outside! YAH KIDDO,, YOU DID LISTEN! :) Of course there will be "accidents" but it is nice to know that my work has him started off on the right foot. Welcome to your HAPPY EVER AFTER LITTLE MAN.
Now Auntie Kpee instead of Foster Mom.

From Forever Mom Rebecca:
Here's our new puppy! Welcome Finley Brent Mehok to the family! We picked him up yesterday in Biloxi, MS, and I drove him home today all the way to Houston. He was very good in the car and is currently passed out in his crate. Sweet boy! We adopted him from the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network, and we're very proud to bring him home!

Monday, July 7, 2008

CH Cairncroft Yankee Rebel of Wolfpit - YAHOO!!!

Saturday was CH Cairncroft Yankee Rebel of Wolfpit's 4th birthday. He had two walks and we played in the yard. We will take him shopping in the next couple of weeks. He received his Championship Certificate from AKC on his birthday, too.
Nancy B -- Lake in the Hills, IL

Bucky (fka Biscotti)

I took Biscotti to the groomer's yesterday for a bath & haircut. When I went to pick him up, the girl at the counter said, "We love him!" Anyway, here are some pictures. Well, look who's following him now --- his duck! He will even look at the camera now!! Sometimes ---- Judy

Carol Lea Benjamin Training Advice

Graphic Training Articles

- Teaching Your Puppy to Listen

- Housetraining

Hi from Gracie (fka Courtney)

Gracie and Willy continue to get along just famously. As a matter of fact they had their annual checkup on Saturday and the vet was very amazed when he asked me "who is the boss" and I said "Honestly, neither". Willy is so sweet and easy going and Gracie is so timid and laid back there are never any fights ... over anything.

She still is a big chicken liver about noises, cars and new places. She is very relaxed on her bed, our bed, Kens chair and ottoman ( a major daddies girl )...where she sits with him every night...and out on our screen porch where this picture was taken.

I gave her a little haircut about 6 weeks ago and she sat like a little angel for me. She likes when we turn on the central air because she hates when it gets above 76, just like me! No more toe cysts after that second one right after she arrived here. We still have to put an ex-pen around her bed when we leave because she will run into the doorway and piddle if we don't. Most likely nerves because somebody is almost always home with her and she never pees in the house then.
Forever Mom Carol L

Freeloader now Dexter

Freeloader, now Dexter, and his sister Izzie

Scarlett and Minnie "DO" the Fourth

Foster Family cares for 131 Cairns

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) has many amazing volunteers - the Intakes Team who search 24/7/365 for cairns in need of rescue, the Transport Team who has logged more miles than the shuttle moving kids from horror to sunshine, the OZ Project as a stop-over for stressed kids, the Medical Team tha offers nutritional and behavioral support, Home Inspections and the References Checkers, the MatchMakers we all know and love, PostAdoption Coordinators who provide lifetime support to forever families, and of course many, many Foster families.

One very special family in Kansas (where else would you find so many cairns?) is now fostering their 130th and 131st cairns - over a 7-year period I think. These kids receive great care, socialization and love while they are with their foster parents. Kaaren just shared this:

I spent some time today bringing the photo album of the Col Potter cairns that have passed through my home up to date. This is the link:
-- Kaaren J - Tecumseh, KS

How's that for an Independence Day celebration!! Big fireworks as lots of thanks from all of us at CP!!


Big celebration here in Maine today as we celebrated Truman's Gotcha Day!! Hard to believe he ever lived in such sad sad conditions - Thanks to Col Potters he was rescued and now lives the High Life in Maine!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"PUP"sicle Recipe

Spanks da man has a very clever Mom who offered this suggestion (see photo of Raven enjoying her cool treat):

Take a large plastic container (like Cool Whip) and fill it with crushed ice. Then stir in the veggie treats. The crushed ice will keep them suspended so they all won't fall to the bottom.

Add just enough super cold water to come to the top. (Pour some on more crushed ice and let it sit for a few minutes so it gets really really cold. You need to do this so it doesn't melt more than a very small amount of the crushed ice.)

Then quickly put in the freezer. When it is frozen solid, just put it outside on a plate that is larger than the block of ice.

Our kids will not turn it down because it is not off the ground. Once they find it I know it will be a hit. (I would put it near some water for the first time).
Kathie - Long Island

How A Veterinarian Diagnoses Our Fur Kids

I subscribe to the Long Beach (California - where a huge piece of my heart is, another part left at the Old Pointe Loma Lighthouse) Animal Hospital's monthly e-newsletter. This month's main article is about The Diagnostic Process. I think it's very informative and wanted to share.

As veterinarians we are frequently asked how we can figure out what is wrong with a sick animal, especially when it can't talk to us. This is a good question, especially when you consider the large number of species we work on. Our patients can range from a 20 gram (it takes 454 grams to make up one pound) bearded dragon we have in the hospital at the moment, to a Great Dane that came in last week that weighs over 220 pounds.

To further add to this diagnostic dilemma, many different diseases have the same symptoms. As a matter of fact, it is so rare for a specific set of symptoms to occur in only one disease, that a medical term, called pathognomic (the G is silent when you pronounce this word) is used. Ultimately, it is our training and experience that allows us to come to a correct diagnosis.

It is a proper blend of the art and science of medicine. Our training starts in veterinary school, in essence, the same thing as medical school for humanoid doctors. Veterinary school is only the beginning though, and as thorough as it is, really just gives us a basic understanding o fthe disease process. It is in the years of practice after veterinary school that we learn the art of medicine.

Ultimately, making a correct diagnosis revolves around what we term the "diagnostic process". It is a methodical and thorough approach that takes into consideration several important parameters:
1. The type of pet and its age
2. Information on observations owner's have madeabout their pet's behavior
3. The results of a physical exam
4. The results of diagnostic tests
5. Whether or not the pet got better when treatment was started.

If you follow the "Medical Services" link from our home page you can learn much more about this area.
Visit now at:
From the doctors at the Long Beach Animal HospitalWWW.LBAH.COM 3816 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach, CA 90804 USA

Friday, July 4, 2008

Is Your Dog Happy?

Here is an interesting article on by: Dr. Nicholas Dodman

What is Pet Happiness?According to the English dictionary, happiness is a feeling of contentedness, well-being, pleasure, or good fortune. It is not, as curmudgeon Ambrose Bierce once said, an agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another [though some humans do seem to derive pleasure in that way]. With dogs, who essentially wear their hearts on their sleeves, contentedness and well-being is a far less complicated affair and is plain for all to see - as long as you know what you are looking for.
Read the entire article:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nicky's Summer Vacation

Just wanted to pass along an update and pictures of my former foster Picnic. He has been in his forever family for a whole year now and is living the good life! Sharon and Kelsey do not plan on having human kids and adopted Nicky to be their 'baby'.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. We were on vacation last week at myparents' shore house and I attached pictures of Nicky on the boat, at the bay with Mommy, and in his lifejacket! Enjoy!
Thanks again and take care, Sharon

And speaking of the Bumstead kids ...

... (so glad to hear of Tootsie's puppy-mentoring, Beazley's (mis) adventures, and Cora/Cookies wonderful update!)

Gracie (fka Daisy Bumstead) and I had a terrific adventure of our own last week. We flew all the way to Scranton, PA and attended the Poconos Earthdog Cluster! We were hoping that Amy and Rocky would join us, but maybe next year.

Gracie was the perfect little traveler, not a peep out of her Sherpa, but we cheated and RAN thru the Atlanta Airport to get from Concourse A to Concourse D because the people mover wasn't operating! She was very good in the hotel, (she got to sleep on Mom's pillow, she's not even allowed upstairs at home because of the kitties) and got see her very first bunny.

She was a little superstar at the training day, was crazy for the rats in their cage and loved the attention (the ONLY Cairn among 50+ Westies, almost as many Border Terriers, lots of Scotties and Dachshunds and a number of Norwich, Norflok and even a Glen of Imaal Terrier). No problem with the tunnel (maybe her agility training?), but was a bit leary of the rats while she was in the tunnel. Of course, whe was one of the youngest attendees - both judges said she was a natural and showed great promise! We had a ball, the humans were great, and I'm considering bringing both Grace and Henry to the Maryland trial in September.

If you can, give Earthdog a try!
Pam in So Florida.
p.s. the Bumstead kids turn 11 months old this Sunday! They all say hi and thanks to Foster Mom and Dad in Arkansas!

Cassata in the Garden

Hi All...
Cassy is an industrious little girl...and bossy, too. When all three kids go out the deck door, Cass leads the pack as they rush across the deck for the steps to the back garden. She makes sure that she gets down the steps first, as befitting a little princess. I thought Toby was fast, but she's faster.
Once they get in the yard, Cassy "supervises". If Molly fence fights, Cassy helps, and sometimes, she's the first to sound the alarm that our backdoor neighbor's dog is outside. If Toby wants to run like a wild boy, Cassy runs, too. They dart like fireflies and dash around the garden at warp speed and I have several flattened plants that just happened to be in their way.
It's such fun to watch them play. We still take our daily walk, up and down the hills near our house. I think these walks have helped me as much as they have Cassy. Cassy is like a flower, unfolding before my eyes. Shows what CP and the love of a foster mom can do! Thanks, everyone...and special applause to Stacey. Betty in Arkansas - Mom of Molly, Toby & Cassy

Advice for Pets Being Treated for Struvite Crystals

Bladder Stones and Crystals
By Lew Olson • December 2002 Newsletter
Bladder stones and crystals can be an aggravating problem, both in dogs and cats. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be part of these conditions, but not always. The main topic addressed here will be on bladder symptoms, as kidney stones are much more rare in canines.
Read the entire article here:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Snickerdoodle - Happy in Vermont!!

Snickers is doing great. I love him. He and Brodie get along fantastic. They play in the backyard together all the time. Last night they chased each other around. I have attached some pictures of Snickers in the backyard soaking up the sun with Brodie.

An Update on the Boy Cairn Named Miracle

In May 2006, Col. Potter rescued a boy we named Miracle. It was a "miracle" that he survived a vicious pit bull attack, and then a maggot infestation while NOT being treated for his wounds in a county shelter. But CP "determined to give him every chance at a normal cairn life". His foster parents Deirdre and Kenneth, and his Vet nurtured him back to health. Many "Guardian Angels" donated to the cost of his care while CRM members provided emotional support. You can read about those early days here:

For his whole story, please see For those who are not squeamish and want to see it all please see But be forewarned, this is beyond what most will be able to see without having a very strong reaction.

Several months ago, I received a request for a Miracle update, and finally his forever family sent this heartwarming report:

This is written for those who cared for Miracle before we knew him, who love him, and who made his entry into our lives possible… Miracle is our middle Cairn child of three we currently are blessed to have with us. He lives with Rion, a darker Cairn who loves to patrol our back yard, and Khaki , another rescued girl who has a dear heart. The three of them have formed a sort of pack and we sometimes joke that we don’t have three dogs but maybe one with 12 legs.

Rion and Miracle like to rough house together, pouncing on one another. Khaki (also a CP kid) plays big sister referee, barking at them to cut it out after they go on more than a few minutes. The two boys listen to her and knock it off after she sounds the alert.

We call Miracle by two nicknames; one is the Love Sponge. If you sit down, it is usually within 30-60 seconds that Miracle is up by your side ready for some love. He will stay near you to receive all the love you want to give. In the mornings, he wakes up with his tail thumping on the bed, nothing else moving. You must rub his tummy a few times before he will move and get up for the day, kind of like jump starting a car. Or at least he has trained us for this routine. He has also figured out how to get within range of petting by jumping up on the back of chairs and sofas as you pass by so that he is within convenient arm’s reach for ear rubs and back strokes.

The other nickname we have for Miracle is the Bunny Rabbit with Teeth. He loves to lie on his back and play with you. All you see is a bundle of white fur, black paw pads, a pink tongue and little white teeth. He snorts and wiggles as you play. He thinks this is wonderful fun. He also loves to 'kill' the blanket that came with him in his kennel. For some reason this blanket just never dies. Miracle will spontaneously drag the blanket from his bed out into the hall, then growl, snort and shake it from side to side as he kills it. We’ll put the blanket back into a dog bed, where it lies dead for awhile, then mysteriously comes to life again and must be killed anew.

Personally, the biggest impact Miracle has had is his tremendous journey physically. To see such a little guy go through so much and to come out on the other side with such joy for life is amazing indeed. This is an incredible reminder for me as I have struggled this year with many physical issues. His attitude has been a good reminder about how to approach such challenges. Anyway, that is a little peek into life with Miracle. We are very grateful for all of the love, care and funds that it took to bring this little bundle of pure Cairn into our lives. We have been richly blessed.

From Miracle's Foster Mom Deirdre:
When I first met Miracle, he had more scar tissue than hair. I was supposed to only have him for a day or two and then move him on to Valerie in Wisc. Well, I kind of dognapped him. I called Mo and Valerie and pleaded and whined about how I didn't have a foster and how Valerie had lots of stuff to do ... and Miracle kind of stayed with us.

Mo called. "You know," she said, "he isn't out of the woods yet. We could still lose him. And even if he makes it, he could lose his leg. Are you sure you're up for that?" I looked at his poor broken body as he lay napping on his pillow in the X-pen we had set up near my desk. "Well," I said, "I won't be happy about it, but I can handle it."

Once Mo hung up I went over to Miracle. "You know, buddy boy," I said to him as I gently scritched his good ear. "Auntie Mo doesn't know about our secret weapon. Baylee's going to look after you just fine." And she did. I don't know how Baylee knew that Miracle was ill. Maybe it was his scent, or maybe she could tell by his limp. But she lay next to his x-pen, sat next to him in the yard, and walked next to him when he went out to do business. As he got got better, she backed off. When he was well enough to play rough and tumble and to "kill" the toys, it was Tia he played with. But Baylee was always there, watching. And if the play got too rough, she just gave her one deep "Woof," and things calmed right down. Lynda has done an outstanding job telling Miracle's story in pictures. But when you look at many of those pictures you will see Baylee -- right there next to him.

Lisa is his Angel. She brought him into rescue. But it was Baylee who looked after him and nursed him back to mischief.
Here is the link to the You Tube video:
Here is the link to the blog series Lynda did: