Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sir Charlie Forever!

Written by his New Dad

Sir. Charlie nka Charlie has landed in Forever!

I felt very sorry for the poor, thirsty, bedraggled dog that had spent well over twelve hours in a crate (including one and a half hours on the ground after the plane landed – grrrrrr!) by the time he arrived.  It has been all uphill since! 

Charlie loves being silly…

…and he loves a little romp!

I sent his Foster Mom, Janet, two emails from Charlie later that night.  The next day, I brought him to my office and everyone fell in love with him.  He is a charmer of the first order!

Time to roll in the clover some more!

He loves going for walks and he loves going in the car.  I think the wide open spaces are a revelation to him!  On our first evening, when the sun was setting as we returned from our last walk, I sat in the rocking chair on the front porch and Charlie sat at the edge of the porch, ears pricked watching some cattle two fields away, as well as the birds and squirrels running around in the yard.  There was a line of mature wild turkeys walking along a hedgerow, and he followed them with his eyes, but didn't make a peep.  He never tested the leash and was tranquil and in some "zone".

What is that in there?...
…Ohhh!  Now I see!  Thanks for the lift, Dad!

Later, he found the plumped up blanket next to my bed and slept like a log from 9PM through 6AM.   Charlie is AWESOME!!!!

Charlie fka CP Sir. Charlie is Happy in Forever!

NOTE:  Robin Holland, a NY photographer/friend, took these wonderful photos of Charlie getting acquainted with his new life.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eulogy to a Puppy Mill Angel

Miss Ida

It is with sadness I write to tell you that Miss Ida died lying next to me this afternoon.  For those of you who do not know her, Miss Ida was purchased at an auction by two wonderful CP volunteers.  The day she was to be spayed the vet tech noticed a bunch of fur in the corner of her cage.   She had pulled out her hair to make a nest and gave birth to one pup... Lil' Georgie.   We were blessed to have them as our first Fosters, and immediately flunked - TWICE!! Ida was a wonderful mom, to her pup and to the pup we adopted a year later, Timofey.

I had concerns adopting an older dog from a breeding establishment, but she soon won me over with her sweetness.  After an initial getting acquainted period (grass under her feet, enough food, someone to pet her) she blossomed.  She became the official greeter of the dog park, never knowing a stranger.  She loved her two stuffies and never tried to destroy them.  They were her babies and she would often carry them to bed.  She ran after squirrels, keeping up with the pups most of the time, until lately.

Ida began to have spells, probably small TIAs.  She was 13.5 years old.  We had a hard time last week and thought we would lose her then, but she rallied.  Today she was weak but wanted to go with the others to the dog park.  I carried her and sat with her while the others ran around.  Then when back, her breathing became labored and she looked worse.  I sat next to her bed and began reading from Jon Katz's Going Home, Finding Peace When Pets Die.  I reached a particularly lovely passage and began to read aloud:

"…When I let Rose go I tried to see her death as a liberation for her.  She did not need to meet me on any bridge, or join me in the afterlife, although that would be wonderful.  She had done enough.  She was simply free to go.  I imagined her running through golden fields, herds of sheep stretching to the fenceless horizon…"

And just as I read this passage Ida took her last breath.  Our vet was in the office and confirmed her death.

She was all sweetness.  We will always remember her.   Georgie and Timmy are very low key.  They were also present, and continue to smell her bed and collar. 

We thank all the Col. Potter family for the chance to know and love Ida.

Alice in Topeka
Mom to CP kids now in their forever home, Miss Ida, her pup, Lil' Georgie and the newest member of the pack, Timofey Archibald.
Retired foster mom...for now!
Originally owned by Imperial Cairn Princess Hobbes and her good buddy, Toby, now crossed over the bridge

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who's the Boss?

Alpha: adj. Having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy…

Size does not matter! This Cairn Terrier puppy is all Alpha all day long!
Are you Alpha in your home?

Are you sure???

Alpha is an attitude, not a raised voice or a raised hand.  It flows from within and its message can be silently transmitted by a simple Look.

Left to their own devices, dogs are naturally pack animals, and, as with any pack, there must be an Alpha dog to whom the other dogs defer.  The Alpha can be male or female, and any sign of weakness can set the stage for a take-over by the next most confident dog.

When you bring a puppy or a Rescued dog – Cairn Terrier or otherwise – into your home, you must be certain, from the start, that everyone understands that you are the Alpha pack leader.  Just as the Alpha dog controls the pack with their attitude, confident look, and correction, as needed, you will tell your puppy, with every look, every action, and every move, that you are Alpha, not them.

When you give your puppy a toy and when you pick it up and put it away, you are saying “I am Alpha!”

When you ask your puppy to “Sit!” for a treat, you are saying – as you make them wait just a bit – “I am Alpha!”

When you pick them up and gently maintain control, you are saying, “I am Alpha!”

When you gently touch your puppy’s body while they are eating, you are saying, “I am Alpha!”

When you calmly correct a puppy nip or nibble, you are saying, “I am Alpha!”

If you doubt yourself or are hesitant to respond to any infraction, you will lose your Alpha status.  Any sign of uncertainty, and your Cairn Terrier will step right in – have no doubt about that!

Doing even simple training exercises, every day, you will keep things clear as to who is the boss.

Cross-posted courtesy of BB & Bobby


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kelvin Fetches Forever!

Contributed by his Foster Mom

CP Kelvin gives Two Paws Up to New Mom & Dad!

This past Sunday, Kelvin’s new parents came over to meet him.  He greeted them at the door with a tail wag and paw on the knee, and then he showed off his fetching skills, quickly tricking them into pitching for him for at least an hour! 

Ky and Marge are lovely people and I really enjoyed meeting them.  I wasn’t thrilled to let go of Kelvin, but I felt a lot better knowing that he had such great new parents. 

Kelvin was so excited about everything that he didn’t even look back (the little snot!), as you can see in the picture of the group as they were getting ready to leave. 

So long, little fella – things are really looking up for you!

Central Florida

Take a Look at Kelvin's Intake Story:

Kelvin takes Comfort with Col. Potter!

Kelvin, a Handsome 9.5 year old Wheaten Male

Monday, July 1, 2013

Roxanne Marks Six Months at Home!

Pawtributed by Roxie aka CP Roxanne 

Roxanne Loves being Outside!

Roxie here!  Yes!  It’s me!  Well, O.K., you might know me as Roxanne!

Anyway, my Mommy and Daddy didn't think they would make it at times, but I am still here - and I think they Love me!  Don't think for one second that I made it easy for them, but I am cute and they just can't help themselves!  I know all you Cairn lovers understand! 

Roxanne (right) joins sister Rye, also a CP girl, watching the garden grow!

Roxanne (right) sister Rye, also a CP girl, and brother Jasper on the road!
After six months at my Forever Home, I can tell you that I Love to be outside (if it is not raining) and I would probably never come inside if Mom didn't make me!  I also Love stuffy toys, and I hold the record, Mom says, for de-stuffing and/or de-squeaking them!  I’m proud of that! My favorite treat ever is Cheese, and I really, really Love belly rubs!  Guess what?  I even Love belly rubs from Daddy!

Roxanne ready to Graduate from Rowdy Rover!

I have been working very hard on my training and I recently graduated from Rowdy Rover!  My trainer was very happy with my work – but not as happy as my Mom and Dad!

Roxanne, brother, Jasper, and sister Rye – and maybe a treat or two off camera!

In a very strange way, my Mom recently got some pictures of where I was rescued from – Ohhhh… I really don't like to remember that place!  I’m not going to show you because it just makes me too upset, but, in a way, it is good that my Mom and Dad and my trainer saw them because they can understand my fears a little better when they look at these awful photos.

Oh!  Almost forgot!  The “strange” thing is that my human sister is getting married soon and it just so happens that her Matron of Honor – whatever that is – lives in the very town I was rescued from!  Not only that, she lives next door to one of the Volunteers of the local ASPCA involved with my rescue – me and 99 other dogs, all stuffed into a crowded, filthy little house!  So this volunteer is very happy to find out how well I am doing, and she sent my Mom the bad photos.

So, I am happier, Mom and Dad and happier, and I believe we are all well on our way to finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  …or was it the Wizard?  I guess I’ll have to ask Mommy to read that one again!

Roxie - On the Road to Happy!!!
Well, thank you again, everyone at Col. Potter who helped me find my way home – and look for me here in another six months!