Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is SophiaMaria's 2 year Gotcha Day!

Hi Everyone!
Today is my sweet SophiaMaria's 2 year gotcha anniversary with us!! WooHoo! 2 years ago BodieZeffa and I drove to Ohio to meet her & hopefully they'd click and she'd come home with us. Well it was a great meeting and she rode home staring at me the whole way! This is such a great way to ring in the New Year!

I have to thank Col Potter first, and the people who got her from the mill, transport people who drove her, Kathy Cable who took great care of her at Oz and her wonderful foster Mom Bonnie Becker!! Thank you all so very much for helping my little girl.

Bodie and I love her dearly, he pretends not to still, but he's always running after her! I've attached a pic of her last night chewing on a bully stick in bed. Tonight we'll share a big steak, raw for them and medium for me!
Thanks again and Happy New Year to everyone!

BodieZeffa - I'm the Westie dude...
SophiaMaria - I'm the Cairn princess
in Livonia, MI

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