Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Artie Gives CP a Gotcha Day Present

Dear Everyone at CP,
Tomorrow will be Arties first happy Gotcha Day!!!!

It doesn't seem possible that almost a year has gone by since I took the journey of flying 4 airplanes in less than 18 hours to meet my little fella then known as Scorpion tag #3366 and his wonderful fostermum Tina W and bring Artie to his forever home.

This very special dog has bought our family so much joy and happiness.
His big sister, Ruby, 11 years old and a non CP cairn has gotten in on the is always a constant competition (in a good way) who can meet and greet in the loudest and most possible friendly way, and get the attention. Before Artie arrived, Ruby would act like a cat . So lazy!!!!! just sitting on the sofa, no hellos,..........a younger man was the answer in this case.

So in honour of Artie, and all the work you all do at CP, I cannot think of a better way to say thank you, and it is our pleasure to send CP a check for $500 so that some other Cairn can indeed have the home he or she so rightly deserves.

Thank You again for all the work you all do at CP, and a very special thanks to Tina his foster mum who made this happen and nursed Artie back to health when he was very sick.
Much Gratitude

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bodhi Celebrates One Year in His Furever Home

Today is exactly a year since Foster Mom Donna brought Bodhi (fka Bodacious/Bodie) into our lives.  We changed the spelling of his name to Bodhi, which means “awakening” or “enlightenment”, and he has certainly transformed our lives in the past year.  He really is the center of our little family, and he brings us joy and laughs every single day.

In the past year we’ve traveled with him to TX and AZ by plane and WV and SC by car (not to mention all the rides around town!)  Our parents are constantly asking when Bodhi is coming to visit (oh, and we can come too, if we want...)!  Bodhi does great on the plane in his little carrier under the seat, except for a few weeks ago when we had a jail break!  He nosed the zipper open and took off down the aisle.  Luckily some fellow passengers helped to grab him and get him back in his carrier right away.  Bodhi enjoyed Arizona, but he was pretty confused by the fact that there wasn’t any grass to go on.  He would go out to the yard, look around and then sit down and whine, clearly saying, “I don’t know what trick you’re trying to pull on me, but I’m not allowed to pee here!”  Once we got him on the leash and took him around the block he found lots of vertical surfaces to water.

Over the summer we went to a mountain house in WV and he got to swim in the river, chase after fish and other things in the water, and lay in the grass in the sun and sleep.  There were 4 other dogs there, which was a little rough, but we put him on a long lead and he did better than expected.  On walks and in the water he was perfectly fine around the other dogs, but around the house he was territorial and a bit grumpy.  He’s still very fear aggressive, so we can’t take him to regular doggie obedience classes because he barks at almost every other dog and tries to bite them.  We have taken him to the dog park a few times, and he does well hanging around the outside, and even inside for part of the time.  But he’s always on full alert and any sudden sounds or movements cause him to startle and start barking and lunging.  He watches and whines like he wants to go play with the other dogs, but he just doesn’t really know how.

We’ve been able to manage Bodhi’s skin issues and have determined that when it gets the worst he’s usually also developing some sort of infection. A quick trip to the vet and some antibiotics knock it right out and he’s a happy camper once again.  He still gets a bath at least once a week with his medicated shampoo, which he doesn’t love but tolerates because it then means he gets to run around the house at top speed, wriggling on the ground or couch like an alligator. After he calms down he gets brushed and rewarded with treats.  Speaking of treats, there is almost NOTHING that he won’t do for food.  His favorites are banana and string cheese.  He can wake from a dead sleep and be at the fridge in 2 seconds flat when he hears the sound of a string cheese package.  

Food is the center of two of our favorite  “incidents”:

When we first got Bodhi we were told he had a wheat allergy, and we’ve always been very strict about making sure none of his food or treats have any kind of wheat in them.  He was still having his skin issues anyway, so we did sort of wonder in the back of our minds if he really was allergic to wheat.  We got the answer one day when Todd made himself a nice “breakfast for dinner” of scrambled eggs with cheese and two pieces of wheat toast with butter and marmalade.  I’m sure you can see where this is going...Todd got up to answer the door and within a few seconds, Bodhi had jumped up on the coffee table and wolfed down almost the entire meal!  Within just a few hours he was ferociously licking and scratching at his skin. He spent most of the next 2 days laying on the floor like a beached whale.  We don’t wonder about that wheat allergy any more.

The second story is my favorite, and in a way I’m strangely proud of our little guy.  A friend of ours was over one night and left a closed jar of crunchy peanut butter on the table when she left for work in the morning.  An hour or two later I woke up to the smell of peanut butter in the bedroom.  I went out to the living room and the jar of peanut butter was on the couch, open!  I looked at the jar carefully expecting to see a hole in it somewhere, but instead there were little teeth marks all around the lid of the jar.  Bodhi had unscrewed the lid and eaten as much peanut butter as he could reach with his little muzzle.  His head was covered in oily peanut butter and he had peanuts stuck in his beard.  We wanted to punish him, but he had such a look of illness and shame that all we could do was laugh.  It took him two days of brown rice and boiled chicken to recover, but it hasn’t diminished his love of peanut butter one bit!

Bodhi has been such a wonderful addition to our lives, and we are thankful every single day that we have him.  We’re excited to come home and see him after work and he now sleeps with us on the big bed every night.  People literally stop us on our walks all the time to tell us how cute and sweet he is, and we’ve had several offers to “take him off our hands.”  As if we could give up our little guy!  We’re hoping one day to add a Cairn brother for Bodhi (or maybe five?)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lexie Lou - Interior Designer

HGTV here she comes...

At 5 1/2 months and 9.8 lbs, some one is always busy at my house.  However, this is not my idea of a white Chrismas!
with Lexus/Lexie Lou/previously Polygon

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gracie with Fiyero and Nick in SD

Oval now Olivia Learns to Play and Trust

Olivia is doing great! She is here a month today! She is very comfortable in the house now with all of us. She made a friend down the block who she has "play dates" with. Her name is Layla, she is a maltese/yorkie mix. They are so cute together. She is now walking around a very long block for me (15 - 20 minutes). She will only walk a few houses away with my husband and prefers to stay in the backyard when my sons walk her. She is still very nervous and uncomfortable when someone comes over. She gets excited and wants to go to them but seems scared. Hopefully this will continue to get better. She is very curious and gets into everything! It is hysterical to watch her. We love her so much and are so happy to have her!

Bodie Has His Own Comic Strip!

Is there no end to the talents our CP Kids have?!?!  Check out this wonderful update from a furever Mom:

A lot has happened to Bodie since he was first adopted in July 2008. He has 2 fur siblings, and is a star in a new comic strip drawn by my mom, Elena Steier.

Fall is Bodie's favorite season. The leaves are changing, the walks are longer, and the pine cones are ripe for the picking. Every afternoon, we go out for a walk, and he collects as many little pine cones he can fit into his mouth and brings them home. If he's lucky, I'll forget that he picked up two or three and he'll bring them into the house to gnaw on. But a real treasure for this little guy, is moments after a big rainstorm. He'll pull and pull until he reaches the puddle and he'll run through it splashing water up. Sometimes, after he darted through for a couple minutes, he'll gaze up at me with his big brown eyes wishing that I'll splash in the puddle a little bit too. Pine cones, and puddles, that's all this little Cairn needs to be the happiest dog in the world.

All Divas Love to Shop - Even Daisy!

Diva is now Daisy. The bags on the floor contain  all of Daisy's new stuff including TOYS!  Foster Dad says that this sweet girl is a toy destroyer so we'll see how that goes.

Happy Furever Daisy!

Ladder Tours the Fire Station with His Furever Family

Ladder is heading for Indiana with his new mom and dad. Abbey said her firefighter brother has already arranged for a photo shoot with Ladder at the fire station. Great family! Her parents also have a cairn and actually suggested Col. Potter to them when they decided they were ready for a dog. Yeah Grandma!

Cylinder Takes Shape as Chaffee

Chaffee seems to be settling in to his forever home. Introductions to the other cairns has gone fairly well, and He is soooo cute. We just finished playing fetch with a ball...He is a pretty good fetcher. He is now curled up on a soft bed beside my desk as I sit at the computer.
Take Care, Margaret

Teddy Finds All the Loving and Gives it Too

After a few setbacks, Teddy finally met his new family. Ted is a happy, rolly-poly guy. He was an owner surrender that came in at 28+ lbs and during his stay here lost 4 1/2 lbs (AND has a ways to go stilll!). He learned a few manners and some tricks, too! I'm happy to report that it seemed like a perfect match! His new Mom has a lot of challenges right now - caretaker to her Mom who has Alzheimers (Granma and Teddy were immediate friends), and her husband in hospice care, so I think Teddy will be a big comfort to all and vice versa!

Pam in So Fl

Munchie Delights One and All

Munchkin is delightful!!! She had such a good visit with my girls today, and she was a perfect little cairn guest. I can not believe she is the same dog as the pictures you posted on CRM - what a beautiful coat she has now. They were here for a good 4 hours and they behaved great!! Each waiting their turn for treats, attention, toys, etc.
I have attached some pictures (which also include my Kipper [greybrindle] and Nealie [wheaten]), but since neither of us had a videocamera, it was VERY difficult to catch them standing still. They zoomed around the backyard and finally exhausted themselves. Munchie did find the Cairn Toy Box and jumped right in to get to the toys at the bottom
You can rest assured that she is very loved, and is the center of Marie's world!!
Click here for photos:

On Behalf of Hiz Honor Judge Murphy

The public relations representative for Mr. Murphy Esquire has requested that I forward this press release and picture to our list.  It seems that we have quite a talented member in our midst.

Murphy and Huckabee LLC announced the closing of their Fort Wayne offices effective December 15.

As one of his last acts in office, "the current occupant" in the White House appointed MrMurphy Esq to the bench. Hon.M.Murphy will be serving in the Northern Indiana Federal District Court. The soft spoken barrister was heard rehearsing "off wif his hed". In a brief interview Judge Murphy indicated that he would be handling "da ez casis. Dwugs, interstate fwight, kidnappin, terrowism, and animal abuce. Since dey all gilty wez can sabe lotz of time n muney." In addition to being the only Cairn Terrier attorney in the world, Murphy brings an impressive record as prosecutor; 300 wins and several gone missing during the trial. He has been the center of some controversy surrounding his habit of "marking" defendants after the verdict is read. "I don make dem gilty, I jes make dem pay."

His former business partner MrHuckabee CPA states, " We stil be partnerz. I tiwed of acountin and have accepted a position with Homeland Security. I will gard hiz oners fuzzy butt.
P.S. If you need help deciphering these canine quotes, please write this blog and we will translate.

Flooding New Jersey with Cairns ... What a Great Idea!

Here is a photo of a Cairn Meet Up earlier this month in Jersey City, NJ

From left to right: Setta and CP Daisy, Michael and CP Emerson, Mary Ellen and Foster Hola.
Quite an attractive group!!

Mai Tai Shortens Her Name to Tai

Tai is doing so well! What a time we had today! We had some initial issues with potty in the house if you recall but I solved that by taking her to the dog park. We go twice a day now and she loves it (I guess she trained me pretty well!). She has progressed so much and now is familiar with the regular people there and will go right to them for pets and friendly talk. When we first started going she stayed right with me but is so much more social with people now. I take her to work with me a couple of times per month and she enjoys that - at first she would stick with me and now she will wander out of my office & look for someone to give her attention.

We have taken in a whippet - I posted a question in the Yahoo group a while back about it - and things are going well there. When we first took him in Tai's behavior seemed to regress BUT I believe the real cause was the beginning of the rainy season here. As you know she is scared of thunder and she can easily sense the approach of a storm. The best way to deal with that, I found, was just to sit with her on the couch and cover her with a pillow. The new dog arrival happened at the same time we were getting storms several days per week. Once that period passed, her nervousness disappeared. I took the advice from the Yahoo group and we set up the new guy (Pedro) in a pen in the living room. That is where he sleeps and Tai sleeps in our room. He is young (3 yrs) and though interested in her she showed no interest in him. There are no problems with aggression on either side.
That is how things progressed until today! We went to the dog park as usual and brought Pedro along (he usually goes with Gary later in the day). Tai and Pedro played with another dog there! I wish I could express how happy this made me and how unexpected this was. She has shown virtually NO interest in other dogs - at the park she & I would run around together or she would roll on the grass. Today the three of them were playing (and sniffing and peeing LOL). Then later today at home she and Pedro played together in the house, which hasn't happened since we took him in back in July. She is displaying a true & feisty Cairn spirit. I'm thrilled!

Oh and though I am Mom she adores Gary. He gets all the dog smiles and the bouncing up & down excitement - I get that when I come home from work but he gets it just by walking into a room. I tell him she is flirting with him as she is all smiles and wiggles.

It's difficult not to send a ton of pix! Here is the queen on her couch with our shared boyfriend. The second pic is something new that started up the last couple of days - Miss Tai has decided that during the day she likes to snooze on Pedro's pillow occasionally rather than in her own crate. So here they are sharing the pillow.

The final pic is just because she is so pretty :)

Tracey & Tai

Jambo Got the Right "Chance"

Hi, Monika,

Just wanted to thank you so very much for taking little Jambo in and caring for him after he was rescued. He is an absolute doll - and he and Tess get along very, very well. It was not love at first sight; I think she put him in the squirrel/chipmunk category when he first arrived. She went after him a couple of times and scared me to death. But they are now the best of friends, although when he gets in her face a little too much she does discipline him...she permits him to do things that our fosters last year were NEVER allowed.

He can drink out of her water bowl, sleep in one of her many beds, sit on my husband's lap (as long as she's there too)'s amazing. We will have toy issues, since she is very toy aggressive, but that will work itself out.

He's growing like a weed - I've never seen a dog eat with such joy - and is very smart. He learned "sit" in just 4 five minute sessions, almost has "down", knows "out" and "house"...walking on lead is another matter; he hates the leash and makes no bones about it. Definitely has that "you are not the boss of ME!" attitude when it comes to that. I'm doing home training, but formal obedience classes will start for him in January.

In short - he will be a much loved family addition. I cannot imagine a better match for us and for Tess. You probably know his new name - I figured that since his fire ant bites allowed him to escape from the mill and have a chance for a real life, that "Chance" fit him quite well. He answers to it readily, especially if a Cheerio is involved!

Again, Monika, thank you for him and for all that you do.


P.S. Little Jambo, came in with the "Say Hello Group" and is the little boy who's tummy was eaten up with what we suspect were fire-ants.

A "Tucker" Celebration

Dear Col. Potter,

We just wanted to give you guys yet another update on our "sweetest" of boys, Tucker fka Canada. Tucker celebrated his 2nd Gotcha Day with us on November 8th and his 4th birthday today, November 14th. We can't belive it's been two years already. My how time flies when you're having fun. And believe me, fun is what we're having with our precious little happy-go-lucky Cairn boy and his bossy Westie sister, Zoe. They are the perfect pair. We had never had two dogs at the same time prior to adopting Tucker, and didn't really know what to expect. But, I have to say, adopting Tucker from Col. Potter was a great decision. He and Zoe are just the perfect balance of sassy and sweet, and we cannot even imagine our life without them. Col. Potter saved Tucker's life and Tucker has forever changed ours. Thank you again to all the Col. Potter volunteers who give endlessly of their time and talents to save and rehome this precious pups. It's because of you and our Tucker that we are now volunteering with a rescue group in our state. Keep up the good work. You guys rock!

Patte - TN

And Meatloaf's Too!

The Binns kids are celebrating Meatloaf's 4th birthday today.

It's Somebody's Birthday!

…Happy Birthday dear Lucy Goosey, happy birthday to you.
11 today!
First week in December is her FOURTH gotchya day with us.
Amy & Brian

Dusty and Dougie - Together again

The day was beautiful - a little nippy for Florida, but nice and sunny. Kelly, Devin and Dusty were already in the back fenced area when Dougie (fka Moonshine) came out. Dougie was a little confused, not knowing why there were strangers (and their dog) in his back yard, and why he had to be on a leash. Once the leash came off, he felt free to be himself. He soon realized that the people were really nice and their dog was his brother that he hadn't seen in a month, and probably thought he'd never see again. Shyness was soon replaced with happiness and the little white tails of the little white boys looked like helicopter propellers for the rest of the morning.

Below are two clips of the reunion. The first link is the keeper (although it is really Part 2) and the second link should be considered the Prequel.



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jaymee: Where There's Love, There's Room for One More

Jaymee's permanant address is WV! She had been making little changes, gaining confidence, playing more, but when she decided my lap was her morning ritual, I knew in my heart she wasnt going anywhere.

Jaymee sleeps more, but oh so calmly, not skitterish or jumping and running at slight movements. I think it is a combination of age, plus she is more active with the pack during the day and she just wears herself out a little more.!

And then she started just walking up and laying down beside Darby and Ripley, sort of chilling out with them, touching ever so slightly, that never happened before. (NO one touches Alpha Queen Duncan, unless she decides to sit with/on them!)

I have always called her Jaymee Beth and that is what she answers to.
Jaymee is home in my Heart! And the gang knew it before I did!

Terri, Duncan, Darby,Ripley and Ms Jaymee Beth

Mr. T. Burns Rubber (almost!) to His New Family

Hi everyone,
Mr. T left yesterday with a wonderful family, I tried awfully hard to dislike!! They are some of the nicest people I've ever met, so kudo's to Maryellen L for her efforts on T's behalf.

We met their Westie Rocky, and he is a really sweet and happy boy, who will be getting neutered along with T... LOL... the boys that loose their nuggets together, will stay together.

Ok, so yeah, I sobbed a bit, gave T lots of kisses and sent him on his way.

Funny story, his new family forgot his treats, so Karen D ran out to give them to them before they left, and the family panicked and thought Karen was running out to stop them from leaving with T, and that I wanted him back. The Mom, Nathalie, told Karen, I didn't know whether to burn rubber or what... We did laugh about that for quite a while.

So, as much as my heart is broken, I am happy he is with such a lovely family who will love him forever and I can be a favorite Auntie.

Thanks to all for your support during this very hard adoption for me.

Foster Mom Deb, sad but okay in RI

The Brotherly Love of Moonshine and Dusty

Today, Moonshine got to meet his new family and reunite with his brother. His brother Dusty was SO, so happy to see Moonshine, and Moonshine acted like he was in a dream and would wake up at any minute. They seemed to pick up right where they left off a month ago. Moonshine made sure that Dusty saw all the neat toys and Dusty followed Moonshine from room to room.

Click here for some reunion photos.

Kelly and Devin are the sweetest ladies you would ever want to meet. They are thrilled to have "the twins" and look forward to many hours of fetch, and tug, and walks....and I hope they join up with CPCRN and send lots of updates. Kelly's already promised an update later this evening.

A GREAT match here, Kathy. Thanks!

Foster Mom Becky

Barnabas - the Cairn of Encouragement

A few weeks ago Barnabas met his new parents, John and Sharon. They lost their beloved cairn girl in the spring and were in need of a new cairn spirit. Barnabas seemed to call to his mom through his picture! Barnabas, now Bryn, is an only furkid living in the windy city of Chicago. He has a park two blocks from his home for cairn things like squirrel watching. When the weather is warm, Mr. Barnabas will be enjoying walks on the beach of Lake Michigan (only a few blocks away) ! His new family has quite a history with terriers going back to when his dad was a wee lad in Ireland. His extended family includes two vets for long distance consultations! His new mom reports that he's very sweet natured and being a 'love bug'. She also said he just plays, plays and plays!

Carolynne M.

Fort Wayne IN

Aquarius Joins a CP Family

Foster Mom Amy reports that Aquarius "left the building" today with her furever family. Aquarius will now be known as LuLu and her new family is just wonderful.

Introductions were made by Ken and Geri first with just the new HOOMAN family.  Then after that went GREAT, resident Cairn Muffin (a 10 year old former CP boy who now sadly, is blind) met his new sister.

You know it’s surely good people that will get a Cairn FOR THEIR Cairn.  What a lucky girl, and what a lucky family to be taking in another CP Cairn.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arkie Fox - Already in Love with His Furever Family

From Foster Mom Amy H:
I got all of his stuff ready (blankie,meds,new toys, treats, No-Wolfing-Food bowl, vet paperwork, etc) so we could leave bright and early. Baby, the Grandcairn, went along for moral support. Fox lay on my lap for the entire 1 hr drive. We got there early, pottied at the Collin St Bakery, and then waited for the Forever Family.

When they pulled in, it was like Old Home Week! The Grandcairn hid and growled at the strangers, and Fox did the Happy Dance! And immediately velcroed himself to New Dad, Ron. They seem like a wonderful family, with a 1 acre fenced yard (that had deer last night) so I think Fox is going to like East TX. (They even got new addition babycards made with Fox's pix!)

No kidding, I was kicked to the curb! We took some pictures, but I think he had already psychically checked out of the foster home. He went of with the strangers and could care less that Baby weren't coming along. Maybe it was the big pickup truck, or he just knew they were his Forever people?

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the moral support for my Fox. And thanks to our MM, Theresa C, for finding us a wonderful family.

Foster Mom Amy in TX

I'll try to send over the picture of the happy family.