Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gotcha Day for Skye

Hey everyone! Skye #3342 went to her forever home today! She has been my foster girl since Aug 2008 and it was a joy to share my home with her. Her new family has everything a Cairn princess should need and then some....? She will have playmates and a Doggie Daddy (and Mommy), even a handmade doggie couch! Have a happy life my little Fudgy.......mumma and Scooter will miss you!
Carla in Green Bay Scooter (the best foster brother ever!)

Contralto's Journey to Forever

Connie left today to start her journey to forever home. Deb S picked her up tonight and will be flying her to FL to her new mom Linda who also adopted CP Lexington. Connie couldn't have found a more wonderful home, but it was still very hard saying good-bye to this sweet and special puppy mill mom. Even now my eyes start leaking.
A bit about Contralto and her family.........Contralto arrived here Aug. 9th very pregnant. She had eye infections, ear infections, covered in scabs with skin infection, had worms, and her blood work showed her liver levels were way off and she was anemic. This poor girl was a medical mess, yet 24 hours after arriving she gave birth to 5 puppies, who all survived. Connie tended them without hesitation, even though she had to be totally miserable. The puppies had a hard time with worms contracted from Connie which caused loose stools, and then with weaning, refusing to eat solid foods and drink water, which led to constipation. They were behind in weight and development during this time. Contralto and her puppies were the hardest mom and litter I have fostered so far. They were extremely time consuming, with Connie's baths and medications, plus trying to entice her and the puppies to eat.....preparing buffets of food in hopes something would appeal to them. It seemed like for every step forward, we took 2 steps back. Plus there were many many trips to the vet, but what was really hard was the constant worry that the kids might not make it. I had many discussions with my mentor Danielle on my concerns and what course of action we should take. Never did Danielle/Col. Potter hesitate on any vet visits, medications, blood work or special foods for this family........and Contralto and her families expenses ran into the thousands. There are rescues who don't take on the sick and old for this very reason. The adoption fees don't even begin to cover the expenses of these kids, and that is where all of you make a difference with your donations. Contralto and her foster family want to thank everyone of you for making it possible to save her and her family for life and freedom. Lori and Mike and ConnieRogers, AR

Click here to watch Connie and her puppy WuWu playing:

Thursday, January 29, 2009


As soon as Rooster and his new mommy drove out of the driveway (see the next blog entry) we hopped into the car and took off to pick up our latest foster who was at a vet's office in Carrollton. Deb C had been kind enough to B&B him for us and he'd just had the big snip that morning. He came to Col. Potter via sheltie rescue (This ain't no sheltie!) who had graciously accepted him as an owner surrender. His poor little mom is probably still in a MO puppy mill and he spent the first 6 months of his life sitting in a pet store in GA. What a sad beginning...three homes in 14 months! Little did I know history was about to be made...Hubby (the reluctant dog owner :-) was fixin to FLUNK fostering 101 BIG time!!! When that little ragamuffin came trotting out we just looked at each other...he was so sad looking with his dull blown coat and dreadlocks. We took him home and while he was laying in my lap I couldn't resist plucking some of the long dead stuff off his head...a bit later there started to emerge a most beautiful, and bright eyed little fella. I couldn't believe how easily this stuff was pulling out and how calmly he was reacting to my grooming....he had only been here a couple of hours! It was the most amazing transformation! I delightedly emailed his pictures to CRM and Mo became as smitten by this little charmer as we were. Two and a half weeks later Tim reluctantly confessed his failure and we applied to adopt him. We have done nothing but laugh over this entertaining little scamp ever since. Here he is talking it up on his Utube video:

Happy Gotcha Day Rooster Cogburn!

One year ago today we sent a very special little dog off with his new mom. Terry D drove all the way from VA to claim her little cowboy Rooster Cogburn. From here they went to Atlanta and then on to Athens so he could meet his new human sisters and from what I heard he made quite a hit with both of them. Rooster was one of those dogs that really grabs your heart strings and was very hard to let go. He came from a shelter in Jacksonville where he was slated to be PTS because of a serious and very painful eye injury. Col. Potter heard about this sad little throw away and he was rescued, boarded with a wonderful vet clinic and cleaned up, and cleaned up, and cleaned up....he was really stinky from what we were told :-) Then that horrible eye was removed and some of his other medical problems were addressed. The vet hospital where he stayed fell for his gentlemanly charms and during the day kept him out in the reception area where he was loved on by the staff. It was clear they hated to see him go and everyone had to come out and say goodbye when we picked him up. Shortly after we got him home he developed some additional problems and a bladder stone was discovered and surgically removed. Thanks to the generosity of all of his guardian angels he was finally pain free and healthy. He was one that we had to think long and hard about letting go and I truly believe had the forever family not come along he would still be here. He was the perfect house guest and we still miss him.
Bobbie B in GA

Chess (now Ghillie) finds His Happily Ever After!

Chess and I went to meet Donna at a park halfway between Seattle and Portland. She is so wonderful! He will have a fantastic life with her. I am so happy for Chess - I mean Ghillie. Ghillie is the name for the special lace-up Scottish dancing shoes.
Thank you to Kathy H, Keren McL, and everyone else that helped this adoption happen!
Wendy in Portland, OR

Checkers - I gotz a nu home!

Yes - Checker boy went home with his new family. His mommy Krysty is thrilled beyond words. This guy has landed in tall cotton! He's a real people dog and his mom is a real people person so they will have lots of fun together. She's hoping to eventually (after some training!!) do Pets on Wheels visits with him and I think he'll be great at this. I also found out that he is in a real Scottish home! I knew his dad is a Scot but what I didn't know is that Krysty's maternal side is Scottish and participate in the Highland Games near Pittsburgh every year. She even took bagpipe lessons! His dad Barry works at the British Embassy and on Fridays everyone brings their dogs to work. So Checkers will be going to the British Embassy! How cool is that?! I think Krysty needs to get him a proper Scottish plaid harness to wear for the occasion! We're very fortunate because Krysty only lives about eight miles from me and is within walking distance of my mom's house, so I'm sure I'll get to see Checkers again. Our house is so quiet and calm now that Checkers is gone. Its amazing how one little puppy-like dog can change the dynamics! It was a wonderful experience and we would like to foster again in the future. Unfortunately right now I need to get through my audit and tax return which means lots of late nights working. I would be lying if I said Chewy and Walter are missing Checkers. They were so happy to cuddle with me in bed this morning without a cute, squirmy, kissy thing hogging mom's attention. Sigh - I will miss those kisses.
-- Angel RoederBurke, VA
Chewy (Bye Checkers - don't let the door hit you on the way out)

Walter (CP kid) (But Checkers - you STILL haven't played with me)
Checkers (TA-TA - I'm off to the Embassy!)

Update on Mac fka Pratt

Mac has becomes quite the sunworshiper according to his Mom, Martha. "Mac is so funny now. He has a schedule every morning after he eats, goes potty and takes a short snooze, he goes and sits in the sun that comes through the dining room window onto the great room carpet right at the foyer. That is his way of telling me to open the front door so he can get some rays through the glass storm door. He then sits/lays next to the wall just inside the door as that is where the sun hits at that particular time. As the sun moves, Mac moves to his next spot to get full benefit of the sun. He is really a cold natured cairn; loves his blankey." For Newbies He was a Kansas shelter stray with a terrible yeast infection and is now living in Florida. I have attached intake and after photos.
-- Kaaren J - Tecumseh, KS

Bronwyn's Adoption Photos

Two weeks ago Bronwyn was adopted by Pam & Gary Burns of Endicott.... and I forgot to take pictures. Well, Pam helped on the transport getting Swan to her furever home today, so I got a second chance. It was wonderful to see Bronwyn/Bronny/Brownie and to hear how much she has her new family wrapped around her paw.... Not to mention that they all ask each other ... "Do you know where Bronnie put my shoes ?" Anyway - here are a couple of shots of Pam with Bronwyn today

A First Gotcha Day Anniversary for "Gary" Cooper

Just was happy to let you all know it is our "Gotcha Day" here in Omaha. It was a year ago that I laid my eyes on Cooper-fka Gary-for the first time as his foster mother, Laura B, put him in my arms. He is such a sweet gentle soul! He has become such a little darling, in spite of his WMD (weapon of mass destruction-his p__ shooter) and marking-his only fault. Love him to pieces. Maxi, my resident girl dog, loves him and they play well together. My cat Bella likes him too-they actually play together-they are the same size-she's a large long furred cat and her 10 punds match his 11 lbs. He has been very accepting to Bart, my new CP Cairn foster flunkee. Just in the last 2 weeks they have begun to play wrestle. I don't think I could ask for a better fur family. January 19th will always be an anniversary to remember. Thanks Laura for the great job you did. You gave Gary Cooper a great start in life!! Some photos:

diane h in omaha ne

Ruby and Max

Here is Ruby (Rupee) and her new brother Max. She is currently playing hard to get. He's trying to entice her to play and she just sits and stares at him. I've posted adoption day photos in the Rupee album at

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Happy Family!

Sherry W, one of our Post Adoption Coordinators, has a new addition to her family... Vida! Here is what Sherry had to say about this little Cairn. "I'm a sucka... for this little pup I just adopted yesterday. Just wanted to give you all an update on Vida's first day in her forever home. It was a long day for her, as she flew from O'Hare to Phoenix, and all flights go through Houston. She had a lickety split plane change in Houston and had no problem making the connection. From the time her plane landed in Phoenix, it was only 15 minutes until I had her in my car. She was driven straight from the plane to the pickup area in a truck, and there was a little piglet in the next crate. I walked in and the guy said "Are you the pig?". Really, I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I said "No, I'm the dog". Foster Mom called her Maxi because that was her given name before CP, and we're calling her Max right now, because "pad" always comes to mind after Maxi and I just can't do it. (sorry if you know a Maxi) We will rename her, but just not sure enough to submit a name change yet. Leaning very heavily toward Zelda, Zee for short."
Max is just so darned cute and loves to snuggle. I sat on the couch last night and she was in my lap before I even knew what happened. And she was immediately put back on the floor! We haven't had a puppy for years and I forgot how much they're like a little human kid. Play, pee, sleep, eat, play, pee and poo, sleep, eat. She cries and walks around restlessly just before she zonks out. She sure does like to play rough, with dogs or people. We're having a blast! She's already stolen my heart! She's a great addition and has added some much needed playful energy to our home.

Thank you Col. Potter!!!

Connie, WuWu and Tootsie

I have been down with the flu, so haven't been up to doing much, but I did snap a few pics the last couple days. The first one is the couch where I had been resting. And yes, I was on there with these 3 space hogs, although not too comfortably. I also tried to get a couple of pics of Connie prancing proudly with the football she has claimed as hers, but my camera isn't quick enough. The last pic of WuWu is with a fuzzy toy in her mouth kneading with her front feet like she is nursing. She will do this 2 or 3 times a day and always with a fuzzy toy and in one of the round doggie beds.
Lori in Rogers, AR

Rocky's 6th Gotcha Day

Hi, here's a montage I created to celebrate Rocky's 6th Gotcha Day.
Happy Gotcha day Rocket Man - one of the Heerooz!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freedom Flier Magpie has found a forever home!

A quick update on Georgie Girl, formerly known as Magpie, one of the Freedom Flier kids.
Mom writes "Georgie Girl is doing great. We went on a small road trip this weekend, overnight at good friends and she was so well behaved and had everyone won over. She is so much different than Gus that is our very crazy 16 month old cairn terrier – he is either on or off in the energy department. We are working on the house training and she hasn't had any mishaps in the house except for the first day which is amazing. We are working on getting her to sit for treats and her meals – she is very excited when it comes to food."
Georgie Girl is settling in nicely to her new home. Her new family adores her!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Willet's Gotcha Day

It's been a busy couple of months for us but in the middle of all of it, Willet's new Mom and Dad found him. He went home to Ohio on Sunday with his new Mom, who flew out to pick him up. Her good friend Val met her here and we had to watch her to make sure she didn't take Willet home with her. ;-) He is a charmer!

Word from new Mom last night is that he traveled like a dream and the flight attendant even let Belinda keep the Sherpa on the seat next to her during the flight. Guess they must have thought he was pretty special too.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible, especially Bev O, his matchmaker (and who also did the HSI), Deb S, who wrote the contract, Willet's blanket aunties Carol L and Karen A, foster mentor Karen O, and to everyone else who makes all of this possible.

Special thanks to Foster Dad Mark, who had a hard time letting this little guy go and to our resident herd who did their best to teach him how to be a real Cairn.
Here's a link to a few photos of Willet on his Gotcha Day:
Denise in Albuquerque with Rowdy, Rissa, and Mandy

Finley's First Christmas

Hi all...I owe everyone some pictures, and I've finally got around toposting them. Finley is now 8 months old, and full of it. He's very good on his walks and loves to play "destroy my bed" at least once a day.

We drove to OH, and Finley did not like the car ride at all. For anyone else who has a nervous/barfy doggie in the car, we used something called Happy Traveler (herbal pills from the fancy petstore...chamomile, tryptophan, valerian, st. john's wort) and they really helped him relax and sleep in the car.

Here are some photos:
ps...even though Finley had a thorough groom before we left, the lackof humidity made his fur "blow up" when we were in OH, I promise he'snot nearly as scraggly as he looks here!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Felicity and Coconut Go Shopping

Felicity goes ashopping tra la tra la:
A Play in two parts

The scene: Phydeaux, the local wonderful pet store....3125 square feet of dog and cat food, toys, pet furniture, pet clothing and scads of pet treats in wire baskets on counters, floor and in between.

Enter, stage right: Felicity and Coconut, colorful leashes at the ready.

Owner status: lighthearted, carefree because neither furgirl has ever shown interest in the rawhide and bully sticks at the lower levels. Paint stupidity on owner's face.

The action: Felicity, girl of never chews, sneaks two bully sticks and a rolled salmon skin treat from the lower shelf, chaws through the wrapping then lays on top of them all, presumably to keep anyone in the store away from these treasures.

The side action: Coconut, feigning ignorance, delicately removes another salmon skin treat from the basket and enjoys a gentle chaw herself.

Timing: Less than 2 minutes into this play and the owner has purchased $9.47 worth of treats, all with broken seals (now) and scented with cairnfume.

Scene fades to the home:

Action: Coco contentedly chewing on salmon treat under the coffee table and removed from ambush. Felicity carrying treat stick like a cigar, stopping every once in a while for a gnaw, then pacing room to room to find the best chewplace.

Can't find the camera. Can't afford the film now, anyway, bought too many treats (vbg)

Gail in NC, maid to Felicity, mattress to Coconut

Question and Answer Period:
Q: Never in a million years would I have ever thought that a bully stick is what it is! It's kind of gross...but not...all at the same time. Do you guys buy these at pet stores or something?

A: Bulls are very reluctant to surrender them voluntarily. That's why I never let my 5 cairns go out at night with sharp instruments and a step ladder.

Hymn is now Truman

Our sweet little Peanut(Hymn) (Contralto's pup) has left for his forever home in IL with his mom and dad. They are also the parents of our foster Betsy (of Lexington's pups), so Hymn will have a sister to play with. Hymn's new name with be Truman, which I think will fit him perfectly! The house sure seems empty, if that is possible with 7 dogs here...LOL Lori and Mike Rogers, AR

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nina's Adopted!

Well, I inexplicably burst into tears when I was supposed to be taking this picture - sorry! I met Nina's new mom, Lauren Henry of Urbana, IL and Nina's yellow lab brother yesterday afternoon and all went well. I know that Nina will get lots of attention and good care from Lauren and she will gain a playmate in Cody. All the things a foster mom hopes for. Cody is gentle soul who seems a little sad so I hope little Nina can cheer him up a bit. He was a refugee from Hurricane Katrina who was abused somewhere in his previous life. Nina was from a puppymill and although she is a little shy with new people, she is a warrior who has a way of getting what she wants even if it means climbing on the back of your head to look out the window or jumping on chairs to walk on the dining room table. She is a great lap buddy for those times when you want to curl up and watch TV, too. Not a fan of the snow and cold weather either! We will miss her jaunty walk and happy dance at mealtime. I look forward to pictures of her when her coat grows out to match those ears. Thanks to all who helped rescue and place Nina in her new home. I hope her forever life is a happy one.
Mary Jean (IL)

with resident cairns Maggie, Casey & Duke

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Furever to Teacher & Filipa!

Just a couple of pictures of Teacher nka Kipper and Filipa nka Nealie's adoption day. Kipper is coming around nicely to her new Mommy. Nealie is of course just fine. They will soon be flying to their furever home - together - in cabin!
Karin M in ST Louis MO with resident cairns Shelby LB, Nebbie, and Dookie
saying Happy Furever to Fosters Teacher and Filpa

Caring for Unsocialized Mill Dogs

Kathy B sent this link to a VERY good article with photos:

The authors are Michelle Crean and Eilene Ribbens, with special thanks to rescue and shelter workers who have contributed their experiences and knowledge.

"I'd love to say that every puppy mill survivor only needs love to turn it into a wonderful family pet. But that would be a lie. Love is definitely needed in large amounts, but so is patience. The damage done during the years in the mill usually can be overcome, but it takes time and dedication."
-- From "
Rehabilitation of a Puppy Mill Dog" by Michelle Bender and Kim Townsend

Esther now Bella in Virginia

Hi family & friends, here in VA, we spent a good part of their Christmas vacation bonding with our newly-adopted Cairn Terrier, Bella. If you're not familiar with the bred, notable Cairns include Todo of the Wizard of Oz. She came to us through a wonderful rescue service, with the foster home name of "Esther", but we decided to change her name to "Bella". A few photos are attached. Bella is about 4-years-old and apparently she spend her first 4 years in a puppy mill or another kind of commercial breeding facility. As the photos may suggest, she's still somewhat shy and timid, so--in addition to the bonding time and being patient--we plan to get her (and us) some quality training. Given that her only training came during the few weeks she spend at her foster home, we're pleased she's doing as well as she is. Our vet says Bella's in good shape, especially considering her sad history. Bella enjoys her walks and has had only a few "accidents" while in the house. She's eating well and also enjoying the time she spends in her crate in the corner of our family room. (When we're home we leave the crate door open so she can come out when she wants to--which she's doing more and more.)
Happy New Year!

Canela's Birthday

Well today is Canela's Birthday, she is 11 years young today. Canela will be having a big Birthday party on the weekend.We are calling it a "MILLER BIRTHDAY PARTY", because all the dogs that are coming are CP's rescue dogs. There will be 5 millers having fun.We are having a special cake made for Canela with her picture painted on it.This may be her last birthday so we will make it a GREAT one...and next year we will have an even more special one for her...Here are pictures of her party:

Spanks' Day (in his own Cairn-lish)

Hi dere eberee1,
Iz me, Spanks da Man. Todae iz a speshul dae 4 me n mi famiblee. Iz 4 yeerz todae dat I cumz 2 lib heer. Yup. Todae iz mi GOTCHA dae. 4 yeerz go dey got luhkee. I fink me 2.
Dere iz gonna B big selabraytin roun heer. Tonyte deyz habin fiss 4 dinah n I git sum jus 4 me. Buh iz naht lyk odda timz wen I git da hallibutt (daz fiss) wif sum Corn fuud. Tonyte I jus git all fiss. Dat be wonnaful.
N guess wat ellse???? Nex week, onna Mundae, iz mi birfdae. I be firteen. Yup. Den I be fissully a teenakker. N sinz mi fokes be Jewiss (watz dat?) wen Iz firteen I posed 2 git a bar mitzvah. (Watz dat agin?) Now I heer dem speekin bout iz buht dey sae dat I wud hab 2 reed sum hee-brew (iz dat sumtin 2 drink?). I don no bout reedin no hee-brew. I hab nuf prolemz reedin d'Inglish.
Buh I no dat mi fokes ab sed dat dey neber herd, inna all ob eternity, dat da rabbi eber sed 2 da kyd dat dey naht bar mitvah cuz dez didn reed da hee-brew rite. Sew mabee derez a chanz. I heer dat dere be presentz n partyin inbolbed sew mabee I wud lyke dis.
Dis iz da en ob dis e-male cuzI hab to go n prepar 4 all da hallibutt.
Lubs,Spanks da Man

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eddie in Nova Scotia

"Just an update on Eddie. He is doing great. He spent his first Christmas being spoiled and much loved. His picture does not really tell you just how excited he was. He certainly is settling in very well. When we go for a walk, his head and tail are held high, he certainly is becoming a very confident guy. He leads me down the road now instead of me doing the leading. He sleeps all night on his bed which is next to my side of the bed but he certainly enjoys the comfort of our bed as well. He is settling down with my Dad and their daily routine -- out for a walk, pee breaks, etc. and he is doing well with my hubby and son, but there is no question that he is my dog. After supper, he follows me around constantly and waits until I sit down. I don't even have myself seated on the chair, and he is getting snuggled down on my lap. It is quite funny. We have a snuggle and then he seems very happy. He has made friends with Hunni. She comes in from outside and the first thing she does is rub up against him. They now eat together. Eddie has made a few attempts at playing. The other night he went over to the toy basket and picked out a toy and started to chew on it. That was exciting to see! He loves tarter busters and would challenge anyone who got too close to his."

"He has made two new Cairn friends and enjoys spending time with them. I took him on a fun day at a run where they tie a plastic bag onto an electric track (this replicates a rabbit) and the dogs take turns running after the "rabbit". Eddie truly enjoyed the spirit of the game and enjoyed watching the other dogs but fell a little short when it was his turn to run after the rabbit (he actually did not do anything) but it was fun to watch him. He "talked" a lot at the event and was exposed to a lot of other breeds of dogs."

"There are so many things that occur and new and exciting changes every day that it is hard to remember everything. I am so pleased with the progress that he has made. We really could not have asked for a better pet to add to our family. He is well loved and cared for. He is a joy to have around. "

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Maggie and Star's Greeting

Hello All. This has been my first year with Colonel Potter. We are proudly owned by two CP kids adopted in 2008. Maggie (FKA Obama) was adopted in May 2008 and Star (FKA Tick) was adopted in December 2008.

2008 also brought us our first grandchild, Lauren Gray Rogge. I know you all love pictures so I have attached a link to our family. Maggie (age 3) is a more typical puppy mill survivor. She has a few more quirks then the very young Star (10 Mos). Maggie has been much more of a challenge. As long as you have a throwing arm to throw Star's ball, she is perfectly happy.

Maggie is quite shy and is not greatly fond of men. She has come leaps and bounds with my husband but he still is not allowed to pick her up or even put her harness on. She is thinking about it though so I expect it to come one day. She does allow and demands an endless amount of "skritches" from him though.

Although Maggie dislikes men, it usually amounts to just keeping her distance from them. However our visiting Marine son, Patrick, posed much more of a challenge for her. The first two times Patrick visited, Maggie barked at him constantly. Her total dislike for him was obviously apparent. Before he came home for Christmas, I sought help from Maggie's foster Mom Alice. Thanks to Alice Bartlett's Garlic flavored Microwave Toasted Hot Dogs, Christmas went a lot better. The second Patrick walked through the door, Maggie's hair stood on end, and the constant barking started.

Poor Star had no idea which end was up!! Star is NOT much of a barker but she even barked at him. Patrick sat down and I gave him a bowl of those toasted hot dogs and made Maggie sit between us. Patrick moved very slowly and very gently and made her work for every morsel. The barking quieted very quickly. Did she ever learn to like him during the week he was here?? Not really but she didn't bark constantly. Patrick is very fast and pretty noisy so that bothered her. She still barked some but I think more to get his attention hoping for another bite of something.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2009!
Bob, Cindy, Maggie and Star
Emporia, Kansas
Click here to see the pictures:

Itz Offishul--Ize Be Edgcated!!!!!!!

Deer Antiees and Uncs, Yep itz offishul. ize gradeeated todas. Mom and Ize benz goin to dese classss at Petsmart and toda wuz da last day. Ize gotz me a diploma--sees me in the pictur. Mom is bery prowd of me. But forgets dat. Itz dose treets Im after. What else wud a smart corn terror like me (a gradeeate Ill hab yu no) be intrested in? Huh? Im no dummy! Ize dun so gud dats weze alredy started da next class. Ize gonna be a perfeshnul student. Da pay is gud! Lots of treets!! Hehehehe Lubs, Kenzie in TX

Cairn Fitness Trainer - Wiley and Arlen

Recently, Arlen seemed to be having more trouble than usual jumping up on the couch to cuddle. We "adopted" Arlen a year ago from our oldest son. When we adopted Wiley from Col Potter in August - we had Arlen neutered before Wiley arrived. We expected a weight gain but he has gone from 11lbs when we took him last February to 16.6 lbs when he was weighed at the vet on Friday. We took him in because he was having more and more trouble on the stairs, etc. and wanted to make sure there wasn't anything physically wrong - other than his weight gain. Vet says he is ok - but time to work on the weight issue.

The purpose of this story is to tell you that if I had any doubts that our cairn boys understand EVERYTHING we say - I now have photo proof!
We took the boys out Friday afternoon, I told Wiley that his big brother needed extra exercise because he was getting too heavy. Minutes later I took this series of photos and added the captions! Wiley, our shy-timid boy has been Arlen's shadow for the almost 5 months we have had him. His Cairn-A-Tude showed up Friday!
Deb in Latham NY
Arlen - I don't want to exercise
Wiley - Arlen's Personal Trainer

Bronwyn's New Home

Miss Bronwyn found a great new home today... Complete with a teenager who has a toy, chips and plays a mean guitar. What more could a little cairn want?? Pam, her new Mom, and I met at my office so we could be inside (as opposed to being 2 snow-women passing in a parking lot). During our conversation, Bronny tried to make off with Pam's purse! I told Pam to apologize to her son for me right up front. I'm quite certain Bronwyn will keep him on his toes.

Maisie's First Gotcha Day!

Foster Mom Karen O in Yuma AZ (as in the magical place called "OZ") sent this wonderful update on her foster girl Rusty/Flopsy - who was a VERY frightened puppy mill girl - now the very happy Maisie. Never underestimate the power of human love and true cairn-i-tude!

Hi Mommy Karen - I have soooo much to tell you! First of all, we've had lots of special days. First we had something called Christmas and there were lots of special treats and I learned that when they're very special, they're called presents. Everyone got presents and I got the best present . . . my very own bed! It is like a big donut and I can curl up and stretch out and peek over the side. When Mommy Sheryl gave me this special treat I got in it right away and didn't get out. Later she wanted to move my bed and called me to come out and I said "Nope! I'm staying right here" so she had to pick up the bed with me in it to move it. I had a ride!

Murry got in with me just to check it out. He got his own bed too, but it was too small so it went back to the bed store and he is waiting for his big bed to arrive, so sometimes I let him have a quick nap in my bed. After our presents we went for a walk on the beach. Can you believe that dogs are allowed on the beach only at certain times of the year? Who makes up these rules?

That man called Jim came back to visit for a while and he's not so scary anymore. One day we took a nap – Jim, mommy Sheryl and me. I was in the middle of the people sandwich and just to make sure Jim didn't try something sneaky. I put my head on his tummy so I'd know if he was up to something. (He wasn't, but you can never be too sure.)

We've had lots and lots of snow so mommy Sheryl puts two coats on us and then we can play outside longer. Mommy Sheryl says I should tell you that I can sing a beautiful soprano. Actually, I have my "arriving at the dog park" song and it goes like this:

Hurry, hurry I can't wait.
Open the door to my crate.
Get me out before I burst!
Really, I should be first.
Please hurry with Murry,
I'm in a rush to scurry
Here I come – let me loose,
Sniff and run – is that a moose?

And . . . mommy Sheryl is driving me nuts whispering things to me . . . she keeps telling me things, like yesterday was "Meeting Day" whatever that is . . . she said it's the day we first met. Then she was going on and on about today being something called "Gotch'a Day." At first I thought she was sneezing! She says it's the day I officially joined the family here. That is definitely better than sneezing. To celebrate we went for a really great walk in the snow and we are sending you pictures of it. And some pictures of us just hanging around the house.

Just so you know, I'm really happy here. My buddy Murry is a great friend, and the kitty loves me – he likes to touch his nose to mine and then rub up against me. Every nite when we go to bed, we all get a little treat before we go to sleep. It's the best.
Lubs – Princess Maisie

From Forever Mom - hard to believe our little girl has been with me a year. She is such a sweety. And the way she took to her new bed was a delight . . .as if she knew it was just for her. It's the first bed that is just for her. She's been sleeping in 2nd hand beds since she arrived. She likes to sleep with her head resting on something, so her new bed is perfect for this. She has made some interesting progress in the past 2 weeks. If I'm sitting on the couch and call her to come to me, she actually will come over. It used to be she'd just look at me. Also, if I'm on the floor and call her, she'll come over to me. I see this as another major step forward for her. Jim came the day after Christmas for a week and she was very relaxed around him – not giving him the slice eye at all. She is also doing a very nice "sit" at evening treat time (not to be confused with bedtime treats!) All in all, I think she's great and I'm more in love with her than ever. She and Murry have bonded well, they keep an eye on each other in the yard, and although they don't play, they definitely enjoy each other's company, especially on our walks. Thanks for doing such a great job with her.

To love and be loved, is to feel the sun from both sides. -David Viscott

Saturday, January 3, 2009

December 20008 Adoptions

Apple now Finlay in OR
Billy the Kid now Willy in WA
Bugsby now Gus in FL
Captain Carter in FL

Darter now Harley in LA
Declan in CA
Dixieland in NY
Dollar now Dolly in FL
Elder now Charlie in WA
Emancipation now Manny in AZ
Empress Sissi now Trixie in PA
Esther now Bella in VA
Gannet in NC
Gracelyn now Sally Grace in MN
Guido now Toto in NM
Gull now Miss Betty in GA
Gumdrop now Gummy in British Columbia Canada
Honey Pie now Honey in WA
Joplin now Lucy in VA
Kory in VA
Lebkuchen now Tink in CT
Luise in OR
Lullaby in AR
Magpie now Georgie Girl in British Columbia Canada
Michio in VA
Nougat now Peanut in MI
Oriole in NY
Priscilla now Lilly in NY
Queen Ranee in PA
Quincy Ann in IA
Razorbill now Lucie in SC
Rudolph now Potter McBarkley in TX
Samael now Odie in FL
Servus now Duffy in TX
Sitara now Tinker in MA
Skylark now Megan in British Columbia Canada
Soho now Sophie in WA
Starling now Sookie in NC
Stray inNY
Tick now Star in KS
Tock now Hobbes in CO
Wigeon in SC
Worship now Misty in AZ

Blynken now CoCo in Her New Home

I am so pleased to announce that the Lovely Miss Blynken is now livingthe high life in CO with her new parents and wonderful new cairn sis,DeDe. Jim and Cindy are the best family and are already discussingwith CP different volunteer opportunities. The MatchMaker team was terrific and once again found the best home possible (thank you Sydney!). We miss Blynken, now CoCo, but are delighted that she is enjoying her new life.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Good News: Gospel is now Teddy!

Teddy (Gospel) left with his new family this afternoon. He will be a TX cairn and have his very own human boy and a Boxer brother to pester. Teddy's new family loved him at first sight and Teddy of course was so excited by all the attention that he annointed the floor:) Lori Rogers, AR

An Update on Abilene now Abby

Hi, Just a quick report on my new baby, she was lying with all four up in the air until I moved for the camera.
This girl is doing so very well, still just a bit skiddish, but much better. She still gets her toy when she comes to get petted, just like foster mom taught her. If there was ever a close to perfect cairn this one is it. A couple nights ago we had a bad thunder storm and the minute the first thunder she started shaking and was very scared. So I just sat her by me and she hid her face.
Marilyn S
Canyon Lake

Cairns and Agility

'My name is Pam, and I'm an agility addict!'

There, I've said it! Playing, training and trialing with my dogs in agility is about the most fun a person OR a dog can have!

So, what is agility? Well first and foremost, agility is a team sport! The handler does the 'steering' to guide the dog around a course of agility equipment as fast and accurately as possible. The fastest dog with the least faults wins!

Agility obstacles consists of various types of jumps, tunnels, an A frame and dog-walk, teeter, weave poles, and a pause table. There are a variety of games, including a standard course with all of these obstacles, an all-tunnel course, an all-jumpers course (really fast and furious) and games of strategy, where the handler decides on the path. Teams are broken down into classes based on size (size of the dog J ) and level of experience, though you're really always competing against the clock and the course that the judge has designed.

But agility is much more than that - it is a chance to spend time with your dog and is a bonding experience like no other! It takes months and even years of training to perfect technical and communication skills and come together as team, but the journey is a ball! And the end result is like a magical dance! The human aspect is an added plus - hanging out at agility class or trials is fun for the 2-legged member and its great exercise for BOTH of you.

I got started a few years ago after Charlie, my 'Benji Terrier' pup, had eaten a couch, 2 cell phones, and several of my favorite lipsticks - it was clear that the boy needed a full time job! We completed a basic obedience class at the local dog club, where he was a C student at best. We next took an intro agility class. Charlie loved it and was the class superstar - and we were both hooked! Soon after, Quincy joined the family, then Gracie and Henry, CP kids, joined the party. Now all 4 kids are in various phases of agility training, with Charlie and Quincy competing, and Grace and Henry taking intermediate classes. I'm teaching an intro class myself (and all the kids take turns being 'demo dogs'). We train 4 nights a week, and on weekends, we're at some kind of function: agility trial, or Earthdog, or tracking or something dog-related.

If you're wondering how little Cairns do in agility, well, one of the most titled dogs in the sport is a Cairn named 'Redwood's No Place Like Home' (aka Dottie) with a MACH 12 (Master Agility Champion, Level 12) - folks, that's nearly unheard of! And she's only 9 and still competing.

This year at the AKC Invitational's in the 8" jump height, 3!!! Cairn Terriers were in the top ten (of over 90 dogs). Cairns are tenacious, energetic and OH SO SMART. No need to drill over and over like some of the breeds- nope, do it once, 'Got It, Mom, lets try something harder!' So get yourself and your Cairn off the couch and give agility a try! I highly recommend that you find a local trainer and observe a class or a trial first, then sign up for an intro class to get you started. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Pam in So Fl and the agile pups, Charlie, Quincy, Gracie and Henry

Snow Falling on Cairns

Check out Grommy and Oliver in the snow. Oliver barks a lot so I'm hoping the whistle will help. Notice the body language with these two boys. They are in competition for 2nd place in the pack.
Penny M.
Central NY
Home to the NY Heeroz