Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jethro Finds the Beach and a Furever Family

This happy-ever-after photo by our friend Paula of Oyster Town Dog card designs. The couple, Maria and Howard, came into Paula's art gallery in Apalachicola, FL and were gushing over Paula's cairn, Bijoux. Col. Potter came into the mix, Paula did their HSV and Voila! Happy campers! And a great furever home for Jethro!!

Maria, Howard H and Jethro

My new friends...they picked Jethro up at the Tallahassee airport on Tuesday(?) !!! Maria brought him in to meet me yesterday at the gallery. I had Bijoux with me and when she and Jethro was Cairn love at first sight! I explained that, at just 7 years old, he is too young for her and that we needed to get him and Lucy (6) together soon as they have the same energy level. I'm going to try to go down to Indian Pass campground some day this week and they can all do their "cairn thing" on the beach!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrating Hemi's 2nd Gotcha Day!!

Our Sweet Prince Hemi’s (CP’S Hematite) 2 year “Gottcha Day” is 2/22/12. We will never forget the day!

For February, here in Everett, WA, it was was a nice, sunny day. I could hardly sleep the night before! I was sooo excited! We already had our Empress Gypsy - she’s the ruler under her Mom and Hell Boy Bogie, who, if there is trouble to be found, he will find it! We had had both Gypsy and Bogie since they were puppies and they had two litters. So our puppy “fixes” had been more than satisfied!

We found Col. Potter on the internet. We have always supported animal rescue and thought it was time to do more than just donate money. Gypsy is a wheaten and Bogie is a red wheaten. Our hearts were set on a dark brindle.

We started our search in October 2009 with Col. Potter. We went through the the process of completing the application, the reference check and home safety visit (HSV) and wondered if we would ever be approved?! Finally we were! Then the real work began!

We saw several Cairn’s on the website we were interested in and with the help of our MatchMaker, Kathy B, we found Hemi! His Foster Mom, Lynn B, did a wonderful job with him. He has brought us great joy and is perfect!

We have become more involved with Col. Potter since the time we brought him to his forever home. We now help with the reference checks, an occasional HSV (not many in the Seattle area as yet) and Fostering.

We have 3 fosters under our belts (we flunked, once so far). Hemi has helped with every foster. He is kind to them (sometimes too kind because he lets them steal his toys and we think he’d let them eat his food if we allowed it)! Hemi brings smiles and light to our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without him! He is so sweet, loves everyone and we thank Col. Potter and everyone involved for bringing him to our home!

Many people might think Col. Potter's adoption process is too long, too involved but each step helps guarantee than when the right home is found, the forever home knows their new best friend is home forever!

Our Post Adoption Coordinator, Sandy B, was supportive and there for us if needed. Col. Potter is one of the best rescue groups out there and we hope to continue to help with their success! Thank you all so very much, we couldn’t have done any of this without all of you!

Geri and Joe P
Everett, WA

Star nka Clementine Celebrates Her First Birthday!

As you may recall, Tess’s litter of freedom babies celebrated their first birthday this weekend.
We received some photos that I had to share with you.  Star is now known as Clementine and has a Cairn brother Friskers.  Clemmie’s daddy was obviously a Poodle, but she surely has her mom’s sweet soft expression.
Clementine fka Star (Tess' Puppy)

If these photos don’t make you smile – well then you’ve really had a terrible day.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baxter Receives First 2012 Award

Inline image 1

After much deliberation and weighing of all things important (especially treats), at this prominent New York establishment, Baxter the Cairn has been awarded the title of:


This award recognizes Baxter for his tireless service in bravely staving off bands of roving marauders (and squirrels and shrews and other such vermin), repeatedly checking our waterfall for critters and for making sure that no one came and stole the fire from HIS fireplace.

Although employee of the month awards are usually awarded in the first week of a month, the purveyors of the establishment where he works were just too darned lazy to get around to it before now.

If he keeps up the good work he might just be honored again in the future. But he has to keep up the good work. And we have to not be so lazy.

Kathie - Long Island, NY
Baxter dah 1-dah dawg. (I kame pre-spoyld! I'z makin sur dey kepe up da tradishun n iz wurkin! I wuz Harree Hoodeenee n a prebeeus libe.)
Translation: Baxter, the one dog (I came prespoiled! I'm making sure they keep up the tradition and it's working! I was Harry Houdini in a previous life.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm a ...

Kipper fka Slicker Enjoying All Things Cairn

Here's an update from little Slicker who I was so worried about sending on the plane to Wyoming. I've been in touch with his new mom a few times, but I had to share this email because it really touched me.

Marge, MN

Hi Foster Mom! It's me, Kipper, I got a new home and a new name, but I'll always be your Slicker. My new Mom said I could write to you and let you know how I'm doing. I've been here 3 weeks can you believe it? I like it here! My new Mom took me out the other day and I just wanted to lay on the ground and let the sun soak into my bones. It was warm, Mom thought we were going for a walk but I just stopped by the car and sat down. Mom didn't try to make me move or nothing. Since it felt so good to sit in the sun I thought laying down would be even better. That's when Mom opened the back of the car and took a seat herself! We stayed out there an awful long time just soaking up the sun. She doesn't always let me do my own thing but that day she did! 

I get lots of treats. And I get people food once in awhile, but just a taste. I got something called chicken the other day. Boy, was that good! But then they also gave me something called a blueberry, I didn't like that and spit it out. Mom laughed and said that was the first thing I didn't want to eat. But I have liked all the dog treats I get. I got something the other day that was kind of hard and leathery and I could chew and chew and chew on it. It lasts a long time! Sometimes I get bored trying to eat it and I grab it and toss it up in the air and try to catch it. Then I run around the furniture at top speed until I'm out of breath. Mom even chased me the other day and I wasn't even scared! I like her running after me, it's fun! I'm lots faster than her, but she takes short cuts and then tickles me as I zoom past! It makes me run even faster. But I can't do that very long, I just get too out of breath and I start coughing. Mom says she worries about me coughing but that it's probably due to coming from a humid place to bone dry Wyoming. Mom said I'm going to go meet my new Doctor next week and she'll check me out to see why I'm coughing.

I got to go on a long walk at a big park today. I got to meet a Scottie cousin and a Portuguese Water dog and a big lovable mutt. I liked them all. I also got to meet some friends of Mom and Dad's today. I did really well but was a little scared 'cuz I didn't know why they were talking to me. I didn't want them to take me home since I like my new Mom and Dad so much. Dad used to scare me 'cuz he's so big and loud but he takes me out in the morning and feeds me breakfast and takes me out after dinner too. And he likes to feed me treats so since it makes him feel so good I let him. Dad was trying to teach me a new trick the other day. Something called "come" but I'm not quite sure yet what he wants me to do. I must have done it right a few times since he told me I was good and I got a treat but I don't know what I did, I just went up to him for a treat and got one? I don't know but I guess if he wants to give me a treat I'll let him. But I must admit, I like Mom the best. I like to sit next to her and I like it when she picks me up and hugs me. She snuggles into my neck and whispers nice words to me. She tells me I'm a really good boy! I must be since she smiles so much when she looks at me.

I've done really good lately and have gone OUTSIDE for poops and potties for 4 days straight. I've even had to hold it longer than I want since Mom still doesn't quiet get my signals yet but I've been so good! Mom told me if I can make 7 straight days then she will let me sleep on the bed at night! I can't wait! I've been jumping up there and checking out where I'll be sleeping soon. It's so comfy! Much roomier than my crate. I love rolling around on the quilt and pillows.

My new life is just so much better now! I can't believe my good luck. I not only got rescued from being a working boy but then I got to live with you and my foster siblings and learn about being a part of a family. I was scared and sad when I had to come out here with my new Mom and Dad but I'm ever so glad I did!

I want to thank you for loving me and teaching me things and helping me to be a good boy! Tell those other dogs I have my own family now and I have people who love me as much as you love them! I bet they'll be happy for me, I know I'm happy for me.

Love and licks,

Blackberry Visits the Yacht Club

Blackberry has now been with us for 3 weeks and we couldn’t be happier! Blackberry is best friends with our black lab – Alex and the two of them are constantly running around the house playing with their toys.

Blackberry loves to cuddle and he is always searching for someone’s lap to curl up in. Blackberry loves meal time and he “talks” to us to get us to hurry up with his dinner. 

Walks are very pleasant as Blackberry walks very well on a leash and he manages to keep up with his big brother – Alex.

We took Blackberry down to the Yacht Club yesterday and he received a new bright orange life jacket to wear on the dock.

Blackberry is a perfect fit for our family and we think he really likes it here as well as you can see by the pictures attached.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a permanent home for Blackberry!

Dale & Donna B

Mouse's Many Blessings

CP Kid Mouse has joined a household with 2 other CP kids - Sweet Harmony and Zoey, and bigger pooch Cashmere, and even cat Chantilly (not pictures below).

Well, we picked up Mouse tonight at the Charlotte NC airport. What an amazing team to have worked with;the team made Mouse's adoption happen in just three days.

To Foster Mom Judy - You are the best! Mouse arrived safe and sound. Thank you for taking care of him!

To Deborah, and Liz - You constant communication with me is incredible and your follow through impeccable.

To Pamela -- your guidance and advice ensured mouse was safe and sound and properly secure for traveling - You were a wealth of information.

To the two incredible cariing men at the Continental cargo building - you treated mouse like he was a king you guys ROCK!

To the Petco store manager in Charlotte NC - We called the store and you had already closed at 9:00 pm-- but you told us to come on over anyways for a leash and harness - When you heard it was a rescue dog you wanted to help. All three employees made mouse feel special and he enjoyed the special attention.

Mouse is now resting in his crate with the girls drooling all around him.

Our hearts are filled with joy to welcome another Col Potter kid into our home. My husband and I have met wonderful foster Moms and the incredible team of folks behind the scene who put it all together. May each of you be blessed over,and over,and over!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine from Tucker and Zoe!!


Hello Col. Potter,

This is Tucker, or you might remember me as Canada. My family adopted me from you in November of 2008. I haven't sent you an update in a while, so I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU again for letting my family adopt me. I couldn't ask for a better life. As my dogter says, I'm spoiled rotten. I have to say I can understand why they spoil me. After all, I'm pretty cute if I do say so myself and I'm just a little "sweetheart". At least that's what my Mommy says.

I got very sick a few months ago and really had my family worried. I got lots of lumpies all over my body and ran a fever. I was so weak I had trouble walking and barely got out of my bed for weeks. But, through it all, I never stopped eating. Nope, you won't get between me and my grub. Eating's my favorite. So that the dogter could try and figure out what was wrong, he had to cut some of my lumpies out to test them. I had to take some pills, and couldn't go on walkies. In fact, we participated in a parade with Westie Rescue of Tennessee just before the holidays and I had to ride in a stroller. Can you believe it? How embarrassing! Anyway, after weeks of testing, they never figured out exactly what was wrong with me. But thank goodness, all my lumpies have gone away and my fever is down and I'm feeling great!

I'm loving life with my family, my Westie sister, Zoe and all our Westie foster furbrothers and fursisters. Life is good! Thanks so much Col. Potter for rescuing me from that awful puppy mill and giving me a chance at a wonderful life. I hope you like my Valentine's picture. That's me with my bossy sister, Zoe.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hugs from Tucker
Bartlett, TN

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feisty Zoey and Sweet Harmony Find Sisterly Love Together Furever



My husband and I recently loss our beloved Wheaton Terrier "Latte" on 11/4/11- Latte was to us the most precious rescued dog we have ever own. 11 years is a long time . When we adopted "Latte", we also made the decision to adopt her sister Cashmere who is still very much a part of our family . The loss of Latte was extremely emotional as it was unexpected, sudden, and abrupt.

During our grieving period I came across the Col.Potter Rescue group for Cairn Terriers. I had a Cairn growing so we wanted to pursue this opportunity and we knew rescuing would be the only option for us.

I spent a few days reading and viewing every available cairn and my heart kept bringing back to the picture of Sweet Harmony. My husband and I were drawn to her every time we went to the Col. Potter site as well as another by the name of "Keely" - I was particular interested in this spry little cairn . We decided to complete the adoption request for Sweet Harmony first - After a very quick process .. On Dec 9 th we were on our way from South Carolina to Florida to pick her up . Sweet Harmony is a "Puppy Mill" survivor.  I really dislike attaching this astigmatism to her.

Harmony is 5 years old and has lived a life of unthinkable conditions - her little dog soul was broken but yet she is simply the sweetest little girl you could ever image. Harmony is still learning to be a "free" dog and every day she is learning something new... She gives you licks and does the best ever happy dance when she wants her daily treat. When I come home from work she is right at the door performing the cutest little howl greeting and at the same time doing her dance. We love her to pieces.

Just about a week after adopting Sweet Harmony- We applied for "Keely" since we could not stop thinking about her.  So, after paperwork and interview,s we were on our way back down to Florida.. "Keely" was a surrender and only 1.5 years old.  We made the decision to retain her original name which was "Zoey " and the name fits her like a glove.

Zoey is very different from Sweet Harmony. Zoey was very bossy and for little dog of only 12 lbs her energy level was through the roof. Zoey likes all the attention and does not like to share Momma's and Dad's love and attention.

In short, Zoey was a little bully! So with firm discipline, we began to change her little domineering ways.  In just two short months, Zoey has adopted to the laws of the house . She loves to play, give kisses, and loves her new sisters Cashmere and Sweet Harmony. Zoey is particulary drawn to Cashmere. We love our kids dearly -  they bring nothing but joy into our lives and we consider it an honor to have been chosen by them.

By adopting Zoey we have learned that puppy mill dogs need  understanding, patience, kindness, love and security. They are skiddish, do not trust men, may not want to be picked up, show little emotion. These fears and behaviors will break your heart at first and make you so mad .But give them a little time and oh my the little dog who could slowly comes out.

Owner surrender dogs are easily confused -  what would you think if your family no longer wanted you?.. We have been a rescue family all our lives and our family members are the same way. Saving the life of an animal is the most satisfying and fullfilling act any human could do. They deserve a safe home, food and water, treats, lots of toys, regular trips to the vet, a warm place to sleep (our bed), attention, love and even discipline when needed. In return you for all that you give, you will come to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. 

Sisterly Love
Thank you Col. Potter Cairn Rescue for two of the most lovable, endearing little kids . We look forward to providing Sweet Harmony and Zoey the best life possible. They have a forever home and their journey has just begun.
Proud owners of Cashmere,Sweet Harmony,Zoey and our cat Chantilly
Who all live the life of luxury as they were meant too!

"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals" ~ Anonymous

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adonis: Even More Handsome One Year Later

Adonis 5181 5-1-2011a for Ted

I want to add my thanks to everyone who helped the Famous Lovers get to CP from the Ohio hoarder. I fostered and then adopted Adonis (my second adopted foster; Nettie was my first foster and first adopted).

Adonis had his check up and vaccinations last week (clean bill of health except for the luxating patellas). He is the most precious boy to me. He and Nettie get along great. He still has trust/touch issues but they are so much better now. When I get home from work he cries in delight and bounces and gives lots of kisses.

He's still working on his housetraining - he's quite the stubborn and independent boy cairn, so much like a girl cairn, LOL. He is no lapdog, but will play attack my toes under the throw. He's not allowed on the couch, but sneaks up there occasionally when Nettie is down. He's a very smart little boy and I love him dearly. Thank you everyone for helping to save him.

Sandy A in TX

Happy Superbowl Sunday

RAH RAH RAH go wittle football!!! Now bring on the FOOD!!!!

Kayla la and Sadie jo (we no weally watcha da game, but dad does and he on a footyball board...if an he winz we will go shopping!!!!!!!


Celebrating Two Gotcha Days in Massachusetts!

We are happy to be celebrating 2 Gotcha Days at my house! 

MIAWe adopted Mia FKA Roselle from CP in 2009. She was only 7 months old & one of the last of the Windy City Kids to be rescued. When I caught sight of her in a crate in Mo Kesler's van, it was love at first sight! She is a beautiful "dish rag" cairn (Aunt Mary Noll says) with shades of red and wheaton with a dark snout. Her favorite thing to do is chase & eat (yuck) birds, chew on nylabones & drive the old cairns crazy!! Thank you CP for rescuing her & introducing me to the greatest group around!!

Last year we adopted 15 year old BZ from a patient of mine who was going through a divorce & couldn't take her to the apartment she rented. When she asked about surrendering her to CP, I offered to take her instead. BZ is the smartest, sweetest, most alpha cairn I've ever met! I brought her to the vets yesterday for her checkup & no one can believe she's almost 16 yrs. old! She is in excellent health, except we are going to watch one of her molars which may need extraction (I am a dental hygienist, so I'll keep a close eye on it)

Happy Gotcha Day to my fiesty, lovable, happy, wonderful girlies!!! Life wouldn't be the same without you both!! Lisa, MA

Davy Finds the Perfect Furever Home


Foster Mom Deb says:
Well, I had to say goodbye to my sweet little Davy today.
He was adopted by a wonderful couple from Oklahoma, and he will have two older Cairn brothers as well. I think it will be the perfect home for him, and I have to feel good
about that!
Here's an adoption day pic of Davy with his new mom and dad. Enjoy!

Deb in Arkansas

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tess: From Famous Lover to Famously Loved

One year ago this month (2/13/11 to be exact), a batch of 14 Cairns came into Col. Potter – Named the "Famous Lovers" because of their Valentine’s Day arrival. Aphrodite, Paola, Adonis, Cyrano, Heloise, Echo, Francesca, Roxanne, Narcissus, Pierrot, Abelard, Pierette, Juliet, and Romeo.

They all grab you, but one of them stole our hearts, and as soon as we saw this photo, we applied to adopt her.

VERY PREGNANT Aphrodite - At the shelter in OH where all 124+ dogs were taken after being seized from a hoarder. We say + because several of them, were pregnant, one giving birth at the shelter that very day!

Aphrodite waited until she was safe and warm in CP’s loving arms to bring her six puppies into the world, lovingly fostered in Missouri by Stacey and Alice Wagers. Her pups were named Yertle the Turtle, Lori the Lorax, Star Bellied Sneetch, Mulberry, Marvin K. Mooney and Horton, all after Dr. Suess characters.

Aphrodite, NOW TESS - at home in BuddyWorld at Calliope – she is our little “Princess Angel”.
We GAVE her our beloved Miri’s (fka CP’s Lena ) birthday (February 10) and estimate her to be 2 years old. Miri crossed the Rainbow Bridge November 22, 2010 and we believe sent us Tess to fill that hole in our hearts.

SO - A happy second birthday and first gotchya day to you Miss Tess Ami at Calliope.

WE are so lucky to have you!