Monday, December 29, 2008

Servus Finds his Furever Home

Ha! I don't want to jinx it, but this seems to be a wonderful home, fitting him to a T, and close by.... After a year and three months, it's about time, but I've often found that the right home becomes ready when the foster dog becomes ready. Servus has finally settled down and is on the road to being more normal all of a sudden, and then at the same time this home felt he would be a good fit for her and her female. We had a meet and greet, and Servus basically ignored both, but she understands fearful dogs and knows how to work with them. All my fingers and toes are crossed and we have Mary Knoll, the Matchmaker, to thank as well. I recently took in a young cairn male stray and Servus has been totally unaggressive - intently interested, but not aggressive. That is a completely unexpected reaction, since at first Servus was very male aggressive. Just goes to show you that these fosters grow and learn and change. They need lots of patience and time to come out of their shells, and they will do this. It's important to give them the time they need, which is sometimes not so long, and other times a bit longer than we expect. Once they feel safe in our homes, they learn to adjust, to grow, and as long as they are loved and don't feel threatened by our dogs or our actions (no yelling), they can become all they were meant to be. **I** am soooooooo excited!!! I will be heartbroken, as Servus (Sammy to me) will be very hard to let go. He has been on a very long journey, but it's what CP is all about, saving cairns and helping them to find a wonderful new forever life. Thanks, Karen!

Sandy in Houston TX with Servus Servus' first photos Servus' most recent photos

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