Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tucker Boy - Adopting an Older Cairn

You know, I knew that opening our house to a new baby would be a good thing but I never knew how I get to watch this 6 year-young cairn boy grow up in front of my eyes. He has been in our house since the end of July and he has grown so much.

He has a routine and does not like to have anything change that. So he really does not like it when I have to go to work early. He does not get his walk until I get home. He is so spoiled, there are times you would not even know that he was a puppy mill dog. He has such a personally also. He loves to attack me right before we go to bed. It is a little game that we play. I put him and his sister Selena up on the bed and the two of them attack me until they get tired and decide that they need to go to sleep. Then I get to read.

Getting an old Cairn was the best thing that I could of done. He is the most wonderful little boy. Thank you Col Potter.
Christine McKedy

Vancouver Wa

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