Saturday, October 20, 2012


Mom and Dad decided to get married on the beach here in South Carolina
and insisted that by brother Mr Spock, also a Cairn Terrier and I be the "Best Dogs"
We even got Black bow ties to wear,although it did slip a liittle and were part of the
wedding party. We were so good, everyone complimented us on how cute we were
and how well behaved we were. Mr Spock got to carry the rings because he's older
(I could have done it because I have learned to be a very responsible dog though.)
I did need a rest after all the activity though.
Life has sure changed since last March when I was rescued by Col Potter.
I now have my own bed, and I don't go in the house.
I get walkies 3 times a day (except when its too hot in the summer then only 2,
but I go in the yard-on the flowers. I met my first butterfly last week,but it wouldn't stay
it jut kept flitting around my nose and Mom and Dad kept laughing. You know it's great
being a dog !!! 

MICK (fka Rammmer)

Dodd and Cosell AKA Cody and Coswell

About Cody and Coswell:
These two puppies (brothers) were the last of a litter Fostered by Lori R. to be adopted ..together!!! This is a wonderful family with two daughters, a Dad who serves in the Military and a Mom who is takes care of the home (a full time job I am sure). Count on the 'brothers' to take good care of the ladies of the house when Dad is gone from time to time.

And their update:
I started taking some pictures the other day while putting up Halloween decorations when the camera batteries died, so I only got a couple of the dogs.

They are doing great. Everything went smoothly while I was gone.

They love the yard and run and wrestle throughout the day. They still bark a lot but now understand to stop when we tell them, the only problem is if it is something they really want to bark at, we still have to get close to them to make them stop or even bring them inside. That's the biggest threat, if they have to come inside, they know they got in trouble.

They still don't understand the concept of a walk. They love to go but they still pull at the leash most of the walk and they won't go to the bathroom at all. They love barking at the geese along the lake though. I wanted to get some pictures during the walks but they won't settle down enough yet.

We have started to groom them with scissors and clippers a little every night to get them used to it. So now they are in a different stage of grooming whenever you look at them. One ear done, one not, some paws trimmed, some not and so on.

Cody (Dodd) sleeps on our bed every night now. In the morning when I let them out, before I can even turn around to give him a treat he's already up the stairs and back in bed. He loves his comfort. Coswell (Cosell) sleeps on our bed too, most nights but still likes his crate occasionally. He's a lot more sensitive and you have to "invite" him over to pet sometimes. Both are very affectionate and loving and are so good around the kids, especially our 4 year old.

Hope everything is going well back with your families.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geordi's Sad Happy Day

Today was a sad but happy day at my house, because Geordi La Forge just went home with his new dad, Mike. You might remember that Geordi and his sister Vanna came into Col. Potter Cairn Rescue back in July due to some unfortunate family circumstances. Geordi is 12 years old and I kind of expected he would be staying for awhile, but imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail (on my birthday, no less) that someone wanted to adopt Geordi. Happy Dancing here for my little red-headed brindle man.

Although I am sad to see Geordi leave, the Matchmakers do such an awesome job of finding just the right homes and I can absolutely say that Mike is the perfect dad for him. And the good news is that Mike would like to adopt another Cairn from Col. Potter after Geordi settles in and has a chance to be the Alpha Boy that he so richly deserves. So, please join me in wishing Geordi La Forge the happiest of forevers. Enjoy your next assignment, Mr. La Forge – live long and prosper!

Penny A Kent, WA with Cairns Buddy and Shasta (CP’s Shanleigh)
And foster mom to Mr. Geordi La Forge who winging his way to Happy Forever at Warp 10

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sammy Meets the Relatives

Hi fossa mommy an daddy an cairn buddiez!!

I sawwy I habn't witten in so long but we has had teknoligy pwoblems.  We gots our computer back today so now I can sez hi!!

Oh boy oh boy I'b had so meny 'bentures.  Momma sed we was goin to gwamma an gwampa's house but I still sed "wat da heck?!" when hers buckled me in da car.  But den I snuggled in ma bed an was weally good for da drive.  Momma sed I'd meet gwamma an gwampa AND hers sed I hab an aunt an uncle!

Well guess wat?  We gots to gwamma an gwampa's house, and dey is hoomans like momma, but my aunt an uncle is cairns like me!!  Can you beliebe it?!  Dere is cairns like me in da famiwy!!!  I fink dey is da doggies I smelled at my partment!  But dey is not big gwon up doggies like me, dey is babies.  I fink Pippa has battewies cuz hers jus runs an chases balls an chases em again an chases em AGAIN!  Oh boy I coudn't keep up if her.  Jack is weally a baaby, momma sed sometimes dey call him Chompers cuz him in his baby-chomp-on-everyfing stage.  Him kept tryin to chomp on me to get me to play if him but I didn't weally want to.  I was weally nice to him dough.  Momma sed him weally liked me.  Him followed me round lots and we ran togedder in da yard.  Oh boy it was so funs.  I got to take my leash off an run an run an run an run!

Momma sed I barked lots but I tod her I was jus tellin da odder neighbor doggies who I is.  Hers said to tell you I was weally good wen hers tod me to stop.  I kept forgettin an I'd bark an bark but as soon as momma 'minded me I twied so hard to be good.  (Ashleigh here!  There are two Belgian Tervuren Shepherds that live next door.  One is elderly and one's a baby.  Their hooman momma is wonderful - we have playdates and she always surprises our rascals with new toys.  When we were in the same yard, Sam was wonderful.  When we were back in our own yards separated by a fence, he wanted to bark again, but calmed down pretty well as soon as I reminded him with an "ack!"  To the back of our yard there are two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Black Lab, and they ALWAYS get Pippa wound up.  They're both very sweet, but when someone, anyone, lets one "woof!" out, they all start barking.. and barking... and barking...  Everyone wants to get the last word -- or woof! -- in.  So anyway, it was great that Sammy responded at all since that's a tough barking situation.  He's a good boy!)

I weally like my gwamma an gwampa.  Dey sed I is so sweet an so hansum.  It was a wittle hard to be at gwamma and gwampa's house dough becuz I was SO TIREDS.  Dose babies just hab too much energies.  I had so much funs but boy oh boy was I pooped.  At night I would jus sit on gwampa's lap an go seepy becuz I knew da babies woudn't wun into me up dere.

I'm gonna let momma send sum piktures now.  Hers said hers hoped for more piktures and bideos but it is hard to corral free cairns an get all free to look at da camera.  Hey! Is dat a jab at us?!  Oh man, I better talk to her bout dat.

I hope yous habbin lots of fun fossa fam!!  I miss you lots but I love my mommy lots too.  She says I'm such a good boy and we do lots of walkin an snugglin.

Cairn kissez and cuddlez,

Gertie Gives and Gets Joy!

Well, folks, it's been almost a year since I decided to come live in Idaho and I think it's working out pretty well so I've decided to stay. Now I'll hand it over to my Mum.

Gertie has really brought a lot of sunshine into our lives and gets along very well with Heidi, her new sister. She has a spot under one of our tables that she loves to curl up in. We've added blankets so it will be as comfortable for her as possible but sometimes I can't even imagine how she manages to squeeze herself in! 

Gertie's eyes have brightened since she came to live with us and her personality has really come to life. We love her dearly and she returns the affection a thousand times over. 

Sylvia C, Gertie's Furever Mon

And her is a work from Foster Mom:

Gertie was "Trudy Lou" and adopted by this lovely English lady in Meridian Idaho.  Trudy Lou was Fostered in KS.  I, as her MM, flew Trudy Lou to her new home in Meridian.  At that time she weighed about 22 lbs!  She now weighs 16! She is so beautiful! Sylvia adopted her shortly after her husband died. She has brought such joy to Sylvia.
Thanks much,
Pam M

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Woody the Pool Guy

I thought I would let you know how your boy Zinger/Woody is doing.  He loves to chase the garden hose and attack it.  He also chases the pool cleaner.  The pool cleaner shoots water up when it gets stuck on the steps or sides.  He goes crazy barking and running around ready for attack when that happens.  Good exercise for him.

 I have been adding Fiber All (it is like Metamucil) to his dinner and pumpkin to his breakfast.  He doesn't poop much and still will not go in our yard.  He just goes when we are out walking twice a day.
He loves people and cries when he sees someone because he is so anxious to greet them with wagging tail and body.  He looks so cute when he does that.  He growls at dogs but not all dogs just the ones that get in his face or come running at him.
He knows each house where dogs live and he stops to listen and look, to see if they are out.  Most of the dogs are behind an invisible fence so he can't quite understand why they don't come running at him.  One sheltie barks in his house when he sees Woody and his owner has to let him out. 
Attached are pictures of Woody attacking the pool cleaner, Woody in a sweater my friend gave him, Woody on his favorite sleeping place and Woody looking into the pantry anticipating dinner.
He is on his flea and tick meds and heartworm meds.  I would not forget them after what he has been through.
He is a joy.  He noses me in the back of my leg when he comes into a room and I don't see him.  He 's very quiet except for barking at trash trucks and the pool cleaner.
I can't decide if he is happier as the only dog or if he would like a mate.  I know he doesn't like noise.  I will have to see how he does in school.

Thanks for taking good care of this sweet boy.  You saved his life.  I think he keeps looking for you...  


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teaching the Look At Me Command

So you find yourself trying over and over again to get your stubborn Cairn to listen to whatever command or instruction you're attempting to give him or her. And your voice gets louder and louder each time you repeat, with increasing urgency, your futile attempts to get him to respond. 

Does this sound familiar? "Buffy....sit! Sit Buffy..SIT...SIT..SIT...SITSITSITSITSITSITSITSIT!!!!!!!!!" And there he stands, oblivious to your demands. What's wrong with him anyhow? Is he deaf? No, let me assure you his hearing is great. In fact, Cairns' hearing is incredibily acute. He hears you alright. But he isn't listening to you at all. Why? Because there's nothing in it for him to do so, and because, well, because he's a Cairn Terrier, with all the stubborn, independent, mischievous attitude that implies. 

So what can you do? How do you get them to listen to you so that you can get them to do what you want, and sometimes absolutely need them to do? I've found a very effective technique, that is very simple to teach. It's the "Look At Me!" command. You see, before you can get most Cairns to do what you want them to do, you have to get their undivided attention. Not an easy task, as we all know how easily distracted they are and how focused they can become on heaven knows what...but certainly not on us. 

The "Look At Me!" command is what I like to call an "interim command," in that its purpose is to redirect their attention from whatever they are focusing on in preparation for whatever follow-up command you want to issue to them. It can also serve as a very powerful "luring" technique (more about that later). What the "Look At Me!" command does is gets Buffy to, as its name states, LOOK at you. That's half the battle with a Cairn Terrier. And it's one you can win easily, I assure you. 

Here's how to teach this simple, and very effective, command: 
* Gather some "high value" treats (small bits of cheese, freeze dried liver, etc., something the dog LOVES that you reserve for training). Have them readily available in your pocket or the palm of your hand. Pick a quiet time, where there are no distractions and get Buffy to SIT.
* Once he's sitting, place the treat between your thumb and index finger, so a portion of it is showing, but the majority of it is firmly grasped between your fingers.
* Stand up reasonably straight, with just a slight bend at the waist (do NOT bend down at the knees, you don't want to be on his level) 
* Place your fingers (with the treat, of course!) just beyond the tip of his nose and draw it STRAIGHT up to the tip of your nose from his. As you do so, say, in a firm and deep voice, "Buffy LOOK at ME!" (emphasis on the LOOK and ME).
* Because you've drawn the treat (which Buffy wants desperately) directly from his nose to yours, by necessity, his eyes will follow the treat toward your face. That's what you want to happen. As soon as your fingers with the treat touch your nose, and assuming his gaze has followed your fingers, tell him "GOOD BOY!" and give him the treat! 
* Do this 3 times in succession, 3 times per day to begin. A total of 9 repetitions. Most Cairns will be so eager for the treat that they will begin anticipating the command by looking at your NOSE as soon as you begin to draw the treat from his nose to yours. THAT'S GREAT! 

But remember to say (in your low, deep voice), "Buffy, LOOK at ME!" as you're drawing the treat toward your nose. When he focuses on it, hold it there at the tip of your nose for a few seconds. Tell him "GOOD BOY!" and give him the treat. Your goal is to get him to anticipate the command by following it immediately AND to lengthen the time he focuses on your nose before you treat him. Ideally, you can hold the treat at the tip of your nose for at least 3 seconds (count, 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000) and he'll focus on your face. He's looking at you. 

Now that he looks at you almost immediately AND he watches you intently for 3 seconds, it's time to begin treating him randomly rather than every single time. Give him the treat 2 out of 3 times (or 4 out of 5), and gradually reduce the number of times you treat him until you no longer have to SHOW him the treat at all to get him to "LOOK at ME!" This will take a week or so of work, but believe me, it's worth every single 90 second interval that you do it. Always POINT at your nose, however, even if you don't have the treat. It will become sign language to him. 

When the command is firmly established in his or her repetoire, you should be able to get him to sit and LOOK at YOU simply by pointing at your nose (if he's already looking in your direction). And if he isn't, by simply saying the command (in your best low register voice!). Now, here's how you use this command after it's entrenched. LOOK at ME! is what I refer to as an "interim" command. In other words, it should be used as a bridge between a dog's not paying any attention to you whatsoever and the command (or direction or behavior) that you WANT him to perform. It can be used to calm an overly excited dog. 

And, as I indicated earlier, it's a GREAT way to "lure" a Cairn. What do I mean by "lure" him? Well, here's a true story. My Cairn, Max, began exhibiting strong signs of wanting to chase cars at a very early age. He'd tug and lunge on his leash whenever a car would approach us on our daily walks through the neighborhood. I tried all the "tried and true" training techniques for breaking a dog's car chasing tendencies. His obedience trainer instructed me to use the "leash correction" on him. I did. It not only didn't stop him, it made it worse. I tried the alpha roll. Another dead end. I tried verbal corrections again to no avail. I had friends drive by and pitch coin-filled soda cans out the window as they passed Max and me. They thought I was crazy, the neighbors were sure of it, and Max was more determined to lunge at the passing cars than ever. His behavior was escalating rather than diminishing. 

Frankly, I was desperate. So, in the true spirit of desperation, I changed courses entirely. I decided to change from negative training, which all the other techniqes were, to a positive approach. In other words, I decided, out of sheer desperation, to REWARD good behavior rather than trying to correct/change unwanted behavior. I resorted to the LOOK at ME! command I'd taught him as a very young puppy. I loaded up with high-value treats and we set out for our walk. Since we live in a surburban neighborhood with many winding streets, you can hear cars coming before you can see them. As soon as I'd hear a car approaching, I'd give Max the LOOK at ME! command and I'd move the treat from the tip of my nose to approximately 1/2 way between his nose and mine. As the car came closer, I'd repeat, "Max, LOOK at ME!" with the treat closer to his nose. As soon as the car passed, I'd exclaim "GOOD BOY!!!! and would give him the treat immediately. The trick, I soon learned was to gain his attention with the "LOOK at ME!" command, hold his attention by showing (luring him with) the treat, then REWARDING him immediately through praise and the treat when he did NOT lunge at the car. Rather than having him continue to SIT while I was "luring" him with the command and the visible treat, I began really luring him with it as I kept walking while keeping the treat out in front of him. I kept PRAISING him as he continued to focus on the "lure" of the treat rather than lunging at the car. And, as before, I'd give him the treat as soon as the car passed us. 

To my amazement, it took only about 4 or 5 cars worth of high-value treat luring before I saw how a Cairn mind works! I heard a car approaching and I immediately gave the "LOOK at ME!" command, with the treat at the ready. I saw Max quickly look toward the car and then back at the treat...and I could see he'd made his decision. The treat was worth more to him than was the car. We were over the hump! Within 2 or 3 days, Max would immediately LOOK at ME! as soon as he heard a car in the distance. I began gradually (and randomly) reducing the times I gave him a treat, until, in a few more days, he didn't get treats at all and he was no longer interested in trying to chase cars. I have since used the same technique to redirect his desire to lunge at and chase bicyclists and motorcycles. I also use it to distract him from other dogs while we're out on walks. I have taught this command to every one of the 10 fosters I've had, and they've all learned it quickly and effortlessly. 

It's truly a wonderful training technique for your Cairn and can be used for so many things. I use it all the time when I want to teach him a new behavior, or when I simply want to gain his attention. Every now and then, when I issue the LOOK at ME! command, I'll surprise him with a treat, just to keep the command interesting to him. Try it with your Cairn. 
And good luck. 
Michele CRM 2/5/05

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prim is now Properly "Ruby"

We just celebrated 18 months since welcoming Ruby (fka Prim) to our family. She is the most friendly, loving, and fun Cairn! However, the past few months have been filled with many trials - the biggest being Ruby's diabetes diagnosis. In March she began having accidents all over the house and drinking a lot of water. After taking her to the Vet for what we thought was a bladder infection, we were informed that her glucose level was in the high 400's and she needed to start insulin immediately. We couldn't believe it! Ruby is in great shape and only 4 years old. For the next few months we struggled to get her regulated on insulin. She requires injections twice daily, and this little Cairn wanted nothing to do with the shots. It was nearly impossible to get our 9 pound Cairn to stay still for just a second. As soon as she saw the syringe she went crazy. We were beyond frustrated because without her insulin she wouldn't feel better. Our Vet actually suggested that we find another home for Ruby because it was just too hard to control her. My husband and I knew that we could neve give her up. She has given us so much love and companionship since we brought her home. We decided to hire a canine behaviorist and she worked a miracle with Ruby. We are now able to administer injections without too much trouble. Even though it's been a difficult few months, we can't imagine our life without Ruby. As you can see in the picture, she is a very happy dog and loving life in Pennsylvania! Thank you CPCRN for helping us find our sweet girl. We can't imagine life without her!

Breanna and Dave
Dillsburg, PA

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Teaching the "Sit" Command

A great VIDEO by Victoria Stillwell on teaching the sit command.  She is using a puppy here but you can do the same thing with an older dog.  Be sure to use yummy treats, like cut up chicken, etc so that they will want to work for this treat.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Director of Foster Homes

Springfield Patch's Top Dog is...Riley!

Photo by Candid Canine Photography
Riley is a 7 year old rescue who was adopted from Colonel Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network. She is enjoying her new life in Springfield. 

From the Springfield PA PATCH

McKissick is a Kansas Cairn

Sweet McKissick left with his forever family today. McKissick gave his approval by giving his new mom and dad lots of kisses. He will be living in Topeka, KS with his new cairn sister Mika. His new mom has already introduced herself to CRM and plans to volunteer!

Rogers, AR

Puppy Mabley Moves to Maine

Mabley's new mom came and picked her up today. She flew down to visit her dad in GA, then drove all the way here to get her new little girl and is returning to GA where she will then fly home to ME!

Mabley will be a northern girl! Her new mom also wants to train her to be a therapy dog and go to work with her.

It will be much quieter here without our "party girl". I know foster dad will miss her sweet little kisses and I think Cosell is missing her as well. Dodd seems to take everything in stride. Libby didn't notice, she has been too busy barking at the fireworks.

Rogers, AR

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Kiara and Ruthie are celebrating because their mom left the camera at the hotel - so no new photos today! We are recycling last year's but the girls are proudly wearing their patriotic bandannas today! Kiara is also wearing her thundershirt for when the boomers start!
Happy Fourth everyone - and thank you to all those who made it possible for us!

A Zinger of a Fourth!

Happy 4th of July!!

Here is Zinger Woody, in his forever home. He has been so busy exploring the back yard. He has looked in every corner of the house. He has found slippers, and where we keep the food in the pantry. He is learning "come" and he already knows "sit." In the picture he is wearing his Col. Potter bandana. He loves his Col. Potter blanket. I believe it helps him make the transition from Sandra's house to ours.

We are totally in love with this sweet cairn. He follows me around the house. One time he couldn't find me so I heard him make a whimpering sound. He even makes a grunt sound outside when he heard the labs next door barking. He rarely barks. Except, he did bark at some fireworks he heard in the neighbor's back yard. I love his markings of black on the tips of his ears and tail.

We will have many happy adventures with Woody.

Again, I can't thank all of you enough. I am so impressed with the Col. Potter Network. An awesome organization, serving the awesome cairn terrier.

Pam G in NE FL

A quick Editor's note about Zinger's bravery and Col. Potter's loving care: At Intake, Zinger was heartworm positive, but now he is living the good life as a lovingly fostered and adopted CP Kid. Quite a celebratory Fourth of July for all!! - kg

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brandon's Trip to Furever

Brandon, Gigi and I set off on our trip yesterday to meet Brandon's new mom.  Jane is a person you feel like you have known all your life - it was an instant friendship. She was delighted to meet the 'legend" Gigi and of course her boy Brandon. 

Brandon's Adoption

We had a great time discussing everything and she got to spend the day with Brandon so next morning's drive home with him was not so unknown to Brandon.  Jane did the crying for me as she left with him!

Brandon's Adoption2
I was able to get 2 good pictures of Brandon hanging out in Jane's hotel room.  He has a great new home and this is their second dog adopted from CP. 

Marie S
Pensacola, FL
Ella - I am being boarded - and missing everything
Foster Gianna - Yippeeee - it is just me and mom

Warning Flea and Tick Products

Please warn Pet Parents not to use Sargents or Hartz Flea and Tick- it can cause serious issues and even death. Please visit:
Please Share!

Kenyon's (aka Dude) New Family

New mom Monica P sent this update to foster dad Ron as Kenyon, now called Dude, meets his fursibs and the whole neighborhood. Willie is the Yorkie (11) ; Grace is the Westie (4 yrs). Dude is in the middle.

I knew if I were you, I couldn't wait to hear how he was doing. When I pulled up in my driveway, the first thing I did was take him for a walk. On the way he met some neighbors and was happy to meet them. Our destination was the vet to meet the ladies there, who were so happy to meet the new guy. He gave them happy kissses and they gave him a treat and hugs.

Then we got home to meet the new brother and sister, and it went excellent, (even with Willie "meister") we took a pack walk with relaxed leashes and met some more neighbors who petted them. I took a couple of pictures of us returning home from the walk and wanted to send them to you right away. Right now they are hot and tired. Dude is laying at my feet on is side sleeping with Grace laying next to him. King Willie is on his pillow.

I already love him so much and I can tell my fuzzles have accepted him like he was always here. They lined up and sat next to each.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cairn Babies - Watchdog & Thief - in a good way!

Sara and Maddie have been with us for almost 2 months. We picked them up in Arkansas from Lori & Mike. They have been adjusting well to their new home. Sara is our little watch dog. Maddie is a little thief and loves to steal any clothing item. Loves to play with her toys. Here is a picture of them enjoying their first day at the beach with "Mom". Very curious about the waves crashing against the shore. Just wanted to share our new "babies" and how happy we are to have them in our home.

Cathy and Scott A in MA

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mick (fka Rammer) Goes to the Dog Park

Bonnie in SC sent this photo of CP boy Rammer, who is now called Mick, with his new mom at the dog park.

Bonnie says, I am the volunteer photographer for the Westie Club of Charleston (cairns, scotties, norwiches also welcomed) and there was a group event today at our local small dog park. I met Mick fka Rammer who has been in his new home for 4 days and was there with his fursib Mr. Spock and his pawrents. This is a picture of him with his new Mom. He has landed in High Cotton and we plan to meet them at the park again next week with Zander, Bea and Neha. Another happy ending SIGH and she couldn't say enough nice things about Col. Potter.

Happy furever Mick!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

King Kirby Rules!

Seems that Foster Mom Gail was missing her boy Halyard (now known as Kirby) so asked furever Mom Julia for an update.

But first, according to Gail's unbiased opinion"
Kirby/Halyard is the most perfect older gentleman ever known. He is kind, gentle and such a great companion. He went to a home in Virginia with one of the more beautiful women on earth who also dotes on this guy.

And Mom Julia seems to agree, sending this great update:
Gail, how kind of you to ask. Kirby has adjusted very well to being the king of the household. He sleeps with me and is not any trouble. He can sense when I'm awake and puts his front paws on my chest to greet me. After I put him on the floor (the bed is too high for his aged legs), he has a big burst of energy and plays with his animals until I get dressed. He then wolfs down his breakfast, goes for a walk where he performs admirably--then home to take a nap. What a life!

He really is a sweet dog. He was attacked in the Peta dog park a few weeks ago by a bulldog and a large dog of indeterminate parentage. They jumped him and I had to call for help to get the dogs off him. He has been afraid to go into the park ever since, which is a shame because he used to love it. But he still gets his walks.

We do call him Kirby or "Kirby Underfoot" because he seldom strays more than a foot away from me. He is so funny about the cat. He looks through Sumo as though he does not exist. I don't think he believes a cat is a real person the way he is.

Thank you again for caring for him so well.
My best to you and your girls.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Midori - Most Adored

Dearest Col. Potter Friends,

We adopted Midori from you almost six years ago and she has been the most adored and amazing creature we've ever had. Because of everything she went  through before we were lucky enough to bring her into our family, it took her several years to become her full, whole, and extraordinary self. She was frightened of almost everything in the beginning and didn't make a
single sound for almost a year and a half. We gently poured love into her every day, and at night I sang lullabies, and slowly, day by day she started to come out of her shell of fear and dread.

Today she is completely happy, plays like a puppy (although she is now 13 years old) loves people and animals, and except for some Saturday mornings when she continues to shake uncontrollably (we think something awful must have happened to her on Saturdays) she is ultra relaxed, calm, and playful and incredibly loving. She is the most intelligent, conscious, dog we've
ever had and every day we thank you for finding her and allowing us the gift of bringing her into our lives.

After eating every meal, she comes up to whoever made the meal and literally kisses that person on their hands. It's very clear she's saying  thank you! At night we put her on the couch between us and she immediately rolls over on her back and stretches out so we can rub her tummy for as long as possible. When we're done she kisses us both again on our hands
and is ready for bed.

It has been the most incredible joy to watch her become her full and whole self over these past years and we feel blessed to have been able to give her the love, safety, and life she so needed.

Thank you all,
Steve and Jane C
Oakland, CA

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bye-Bye Bertie (Lambert) - Hello Furever Home


Foster Mom Susan B. in Murfreesboro, TN writes:
Bertie (CP Boy Lambert) met his new mom, Judy, and her friend Don today. As you can see, Bertie enthusiastically approved of his new mom. After they arrived, he only had eyes for Judy and Don and took turns sitting in each of their laps and getting their attention. Bertie is on his way home now to start his new life. He never looked back. It was another great match made in heaven!

Just look how handsome he is - groomed and wearing his Col. Potter bandanna.
Every happy wish to Bertie and his furever home!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Basque's Wonderful Childhood

Just thought we give an update on little Basque. Now imagine a child that has just learned there are toys and other kids to play you have Basque. This little furkid gets cuter by the minute. She has discovered that her sister furkids all love to play and it is a riot to see the 4 jumping and running together. Basque especially likes Kendall and they both seem to play the longest together and initate all actions. One minutes they are on top of each other, the next rolling on the floor, then running outside chasing each other and more fun. What is interesting is our Mother Superior as we call her, MacKenzie keeps a close watch and barks if things get out of hand. Basque is also having so much fun re-arranging the toys from the toy box to the back yard but did get a warning about touching Rosie's Col. Potter blanket.

Basque has also discovered she can move things with her mouth. As a matter of fact we have plotted all items in the house and any thing between the floor and two feet is not safe. I found her and Rosie both dragging the family room entrance carpet out the patio door to the backyard.....everything and any thing appears to be free game. Even the humidifier was on its way out until Foster mom spoiled the fun and said a stern NO.

Basque is also coming closer to Foster dad and accepting treat from his hand when he is not looking. Tonight Basque surprised us with a new hiding place. While Foster Mom was busy getting ready for Easter Dinner she found it odd the kitchen cabinet garbage drawer kept opening so Foster Mom kept closing it (lucky softly). This went on for a bit until Foster Mom started wondering why Basque had not come around lately especially since Foster Dad and that teenager were busy elsewhere.....the idea hit her to open the garbage drawer all the way and sure enough there was Basque as happy as anything. Basque has also learned how to open the garbage cabinet door but hitting it.

Foster Mom forget to tell Foster dad about this and while foster Mom went shopping Foster dad decided to count tails and came up one short. This caused quite a commotion and an immediate lock down was declared and the neighor Cairn Rescue team (lead by our neighbor an ex-marine) was engaged. A search of the house with Foster Dad in a panic was conducted while the ex-Marine and his band of troops (kids aged 12, 8, 6 and 5 year old) started looking around the neighborhood. (yes we have actually practiced this drill). A short time later Foster Mom arrived home and of course there was Basque fast asleep in her new space. Ice cream for everyone and we went about our business while I saw the family room carpet again go by and heading for the back yard pation door.

Basque wishes everyone a Happy Easter and vows to continue to surprise us! She can now be seen looking for an easter bunny and/or easter squirrel in the yard :-)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Very Happy Rough Rider Twix

Foster Mom Linda B sent this photo and great update:

It was over a year ago that Biggie (Bridge) came to our house to live as a special foster. I think he was here for well over 6 - 8 months. There was a few times during our trials and tribulations with this special boy that my husband would say, "This guy is never going to get adopted. He's probably going to live here forever." But Biggie, now Twix, found that special person. For all of you who helped me along the way I am sure this picture of him with his daddy Wes will bring a smile to you. I had happy tears.

He was a very special boy who found that special person to live happily everafter with.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

BZ Is Sweet Sixteen!


We are celebrating my cairn BZ's Sweet Sixteen! She was a backyard breeder's dog that was adopted at age 4 by a patient of mine. When she was getting divorced & couldn't keep her, I offered to take her. She's been with us for 14 months now. Even though she is bossy, would kill for a toy or treat, is only partially housetrained and struggles with her weight (I struggle, she doesn't care!), we adore her & can't picture life without her! We hope she has many more birthdays! We love you BZ AKA Beatrice Zoe!!
Lisa & Wally, MA

Monday, March 26, 2012

Avi (fka Avenue) and Henry Sitting at the Window ... and so much more!

Avi & Henry's Furever Family say:
I've attached a couple of pictures (sorry for their size) of Avi's (the little black one) first 24 hours in our home. She continues to adjust well, though she did wake up at 1 AM and keep us up for a few hours. She seems to be letting Henry (also a CP kid - click Henry for his gotcha story) be the alpha, but did manage to get up on his favorite perch by the window (the first picture). She walks very well on a leash, runs around the yard with Henry (to his sheer delight), and is already defending our backyard from the neighbors (not that she needs to...).

Joe and Michelle

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Virgil Observes "Wearin O' the Green"

Virgil, now in his furever home, sent Foster Mom this update and she shared it with us. Isn't he the handsomest Virgil ever!

Hi! Here I am with my fresh haircut and St Paddy's -- let's call it a bowtie, not a ribbon. Just got it today from my new groomer Linda. Best cut I've had since moving to Ohio. She had to put a muzzle on me cuz I don't like to have my toes done. But I lived through it just fine.

I got my teeth cleaned a couple weeks ago and had TWO extractions. yikes! Hope my mommy can get up the nerve to brush my teeth so we don't have problems in the future. I like to clamp up the ole teeth and lips.

Still have my sensitive tummy and I take my daily meds like a man. Of course I get some nice, low fat, low sodium deli turkey nestled around them.

Winter has been so mild here which is a good thing cuz I don't like having my feet wiped off when i bring all that snow in with me. It kind of freezes right onto my leg fur. And somehow there always seems to be snow on my nose, too. Oh well, on the nice days we get to take a walk. I love my walks!

Bye for now. Love from your never-forget-you pal, Virgilrigile

 Hi! Here I am with my fresh haircut and St Paddy's -- let's call it a bowtie, not a ribbon. Just got it today from my new groomer Linda. Best cut I've had since moving to Ohio. She had to put a muzzle on me cuz I don't like to have my toes done. But I lived through it just fine.

I got my teeth cleaned a couple weeks ago and had TWO extractions. yikes! Hope my mommy can get up the nerve to brush my teeth so we don't have problems in the future. I like to clamp up the ole teeth and lips.

Still have my sensitive tummy and I take my daily meds like a man. Of course I get some nice, low fat, low sodium deli turkey nestled around them.

Winter has been so mild here which is a good thing cuz I don't like having my feet wiped off when i bring all that snow in with me. It kind of freezes right onto my leg fur. And somehow there always seems to be snow on my nose, too. Oh well, on the nice days we get to take a walk. I love my walks!

Bye for now. Love from your never-forget-you pal, Virgil

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jethro Finds the Beach and a Furever Family

This happy-ever-after photo by our friend Paula of Oyster Town Dog card designs. The couple, Maria and Howard, came into Paula's art gallery in Apalachicola, FL and were gushing over Paula's cairn, Bijoux. Col. Potter came into the mix, Paula did their HSV and Voila! Happy campers! And a great furever home for Jethro!!

Maria, Howard H and Jethro

My new friends...they picked Jethro up at the Tallahassee airport on Tuesday(?) !!! Maria brought him in to meet me yesterday at the gallery. I had Bijoux with me and when she and Jethro was Cairn love at first sight! I explained that, at just 7 years old, he is too young for her and that we needed to get him and Lucy (6) together soon as they have the same energy level. I'm going to try to go down to Indian Pass campground some day this week and they can all do their "cairn thing" on the beach!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrating Hemi's 2nd Gotcha Day!!

Our Sweet Prince Hemi’s (CP’S Hematite) 2 year “Gottcha Day” is 2/22/12. We will never forget the day!

For February, here in Everett, WA, it was was a nice, sunny day. I could hardly sleep the night before! I was sooo excited! We already had our Empress Gypsy - she’s the ruler under her Mom and Hell Boy Bogie, who, if there is trouble to be found, he will find it! We had had both Gypsy and Bogie since they were puppies and they had two litters. So our puppy “fixes” had been more than satisfied!

We found Col. Potter on the internet. We have always supported animal rescue and thought it was time to do more than just donate money. Gypsy is a wheaten and Bogie is a red wheaten. Our hearts were set on a dark brindle.

We started our search in October 2009 with Col. Potter. We went through the the process of completing the application, the reference check and home safety visit (HSV) and wondered if we would ever be approved?! Finally we were! Then the real work began!

We saw several Cairn’s on the website we were interested in and with the help of our MatchMaker, Kathy B, we found Hemi! His Foster Mom, Lynn B, did a wonderful job with him. He has brought us great joy and is perfect!

We have become more involved with Col. Potter since the time we brought him to his forever home. We now help with the reference checks, an occasional HSV (not many in the Seattle area as yet) and Fostering.

We have 3 fosters under our belts (we flunked, once so far). Hemi has helped with every foster. He is kind to them (sometimes too kind because he lets them steal his toys and we think he’d let them eat his food if we allowed it)! Hemi brings smiles and light to our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without him! He is so sweet, loves everyone and we thank Col. Potter and everyone involved for bringing him to our home!

Many people might think Col. Potter's adoption process is too long, too involved but each step helps guarantee than when the right home is found, the forever home knows their new best friend is home forever!

Our Post Adoption Coordinator, Sandy B, was supportive and there for us if needed. Col. Potter is one of the best rescue groups out there and we hope to continue to help with their success! Thank you all so very much, we couldn’t have done any of this without all of you!

Geri and Joe P
Everett, WA

Star nka Clementine Celebrates Her First Birthday!

As you may recall, Tess’s litter of freedom babies celebrated their first birthday this weekend.
We received some photos that I had to share with you.  Star is now known as Clementine and has a Cairn brother Friskers.  Clemmie’s daddy was obviously a Poodle, but she surely has her mom’s sweet soft expression.
Clementine fka Star (Tess' Puppy)

If these photos don’t make you smile – well then you’ve really had a terrible day.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baxter Receives First 2012 Award

Inline image 1

After much deliberation and weighing of all things important (especially treats), at this prominent New York establishment, Baxter the Cairn has been awarded the title of:


This award recognizes Baxter for his tireless service in bravely staving off bands of roving marauders (and squirrels and shrews and other such vermin), repeatedly checking our waterfall for critters and for making sure that no one came and stole the fire from HIS fireplace.

Although employee of the month awards are usually awarded in the first week of a month, the purveyors of the establishment where he works were just too darned lazy to get around to it before now.

If he keeps up the good work he might just be honored again in the future. But he has to keep up the good work. And we have to not be so lazy.

Kathie - Long Island, NY
Baxter dah 1-dah dawg. (I kame pre-spoyld! I'z makin sur dey kepe up da tradishun n iz wurkin! I wuz Harree Hoodeenee n a prebeeus libe.)
Translation: Baxter, the one dog (I came prespoiled! I'm making sure they keep up the tradition and it's working! I was Harry Houdini in a previous life.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm a ...

Kipper fka Slicker Enjoying All Things Cairn

Here's an update from little Slicker who I was so worried about sending on the plane to Wyoming. I've been in touch with his new mom a few times, but I had to share this email because it really touched me.

Marge, MN

Hi Foster Mom! It's me, Kipper, I got a new home and a new name, but I'll always be your Slicker. My new Mom said I could write to you and let you know how I'm doing. I've been here 3 weeks can you believe it? I like it here! My new Mom took me out the other day and I just wanted to lay on the ground and let the sun soak into my bones. It was warm, Mom thought we were going for a walk but I just stopped by the car and sat down. Mom didn't try to make me move or nothing. Since it felt so good to sit in the sun I thought laying down would be even better. That's when Mom opened the back of the car and took a seat herself! We stayed out there an awful long time just soaking up the sun. She doesn't always let me do my own thing but that day she did! 

I get lots of treats. And I get people food once in awhile, but just a taste. I got something called chicken the other day. Boy, was that good! But then they also gave me something called a blueberry, I didn't like that and spit it out. Mom laughed and said that was the first thing I didn't want to eat. But I have liked all the dog treats I get. I got something the other day that was kind of hard and leathery and I could chew and chew and chew on it. It lasts a long time! Sometimes I get bored trying to eat it and I grab it and toss it up in the air and try to catch it. Then I run around the furniture at top speed until I'm out of breath. Mom even chased me the other day and I wasn't even scared! I like her running after me, it's fun! I'm lots faster than her, but she takes short cuts and then tickles me as I zoom past! It makes me run even faster. But I can't do that very long, I just get too out of breath and I start coughing. Mom says she worries about me coughing but that it's probably due to coming from a humid place to bone dry Wyoming. Mom said I'm going to go meet my new Doctor next week and she'll check me out to see why I'm coughing.

I got to go on a long walk at a big park today. I got to meet a Scottie cousin and a Portuguese Water dog and a big lovable mutt. I liked them all. I also got to meet some friends of Mom and Dad's today. I did really well but was a little scared 'cuz I didn't know why they were talking to me. I didn't want them to take me home since I like my new Mom and Dad so much. Dad used to scare me 'cuz he's so big and loud but he takes me out in the morning and feeds me breakfast and takes me out after dinner too. And he likes to feed me treats so since it makes him feel so good I let him. Dad was trying to teach me a new trick the other day. Something called "come" but I'm not quite sure yet what he wants me to do. I must have done it right a few times since he told me I was good and I got a treat but I don't know what I did, I just went up to him for a treat and got one? I don't know but I guess if he wants to give me a treat I'll let him. But I must admit, I like Mom the best. I like to sit next to her and I like it when she picks me up and hugs me. She snuggles into my neck and whispers nice words to me. She tells me I'm a really good boy! I must be since she smiles so much when she looks at me.

I've done really good lately and have gone OUTSIDE for poops and potties for 4 days straight. I've even had to hold it longer than I want since Mom still doesn't quiet get my signals yet but I've been so good! Mom told me if I can make 7 straight days then she will let me sleep on the bed at night! I can't wait! I've been jumping up there and checking out where I'll be sleeping soon. It's so comfy! Much roomier than my crate. I love rolling around on the quilt and pillows.

My new life is just so much better now! I can't believe my good luck. I not only got rescued from being a working boy but then I got to live with you and my foster siblings and learn about being a part of a family. I was scared and sad when I had to come out here with my new Mom and Dad but I'm ever so glad I did!

I want to thank you for loving me and teaching me things and helping me to be a good boy! Tell those other dogs I have my own family now and I have people who love me as much as you love them! I bet they'll be happy for me, I know I'm happy for me.

Love and licks,

Blackberry Visits the Yacht Club

Blackberry has now been with us for 3 weeks and we couldn’t be happier! Blackberry is best friends with our black lab – Alex and the two of them are constantly running around the house playing with their toys.

Blackberry loves to cuddle and he is always searching for someone’s lap to curl up in. Blackberry loves meal time and he “talks” to us to get us to hurry up with his dinner. 

Walks are very pleasant as Blackberry walks very well on a leash and he manages to keep up with his big brother – Alex.

We took Blackberry down to the Yacht Club yesterday and he received a new bright orange life jacket to wear on the dock.

Blackberry is a perfect fit for our family and we think he really likes it here as well as you can see by the pictures attached.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a permanent home for Blackberry!

Dale & Donna B