Sunday, August 30, 2009

Murder in Rhode Island

It is with heavy heart that I ask you all to light a candle for Stella's beloved Mr. Froggie. It seems he was MURDERED late last night whilst I was sleeping.
Stella and I awoke to a sea of white stuffing and bits and pieces of Mr. Froggie scattered around my bedroom carpet, it is even to horrible to describe the devastation to you all.
The police tape is up, and we are dusting for paw prints and have 5 (five) suspects underhouse arrest.
Mr. Froggies was with us, but a short time, but the pleasure he gave to Stella was unmeasurable, he will not be forgotten. We know Mr. Froggie is in a better place at the Bridge for Murdered Toys.
Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time, due to the extreme makeover Mr. Froggie undergoes to make him presentable for viewing.
Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts.
Deb H in RI, and the grieving Stella (CP kid)
Police drawing done by Penny M in NY

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Use a Treadmill

Duke R. was recently voted off "Biggest Loser" for failing to keep up with his exercise regime.

Frankly, I think he has the better idea!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday was a busy adoption day for several CP kids, including Mr. Salty. Here is an update from his foster mom:

Today Mr. Salty met his Mom, Michelle and fur sister Calla and traveled home to Maryland.
View photos and video in the Mister Salty Album at
(and please ignore the senseless chatter of the humans trying to get the kids to look at the camera). :)
Marie with resident Cairns:

Chloe (Emprez of de Uniberse) and Zeus (De sweetest boi in de wurld)

Congratulations, Mr. Salty. Have a wonderful furever!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kingston is Adopted

A bittersweet day for me as my very own foster boy - the so sweet and well-behaved Kingston was adopted by a wonderful family. He has moved to Columbua, SC where he will live on a "mini-farm" with chickens and goats, another human brother and sister, and Mom & Dad. Kingston will help with "chores" by routing the voles (a mouse-like varmint) from the vegetable gardens. He will also accompany Mom on the early morning milking trips. I think my boy will be well-loved and very happy in his furever home. Love and miss you Kingston! All the best,
Auntie Karen G with Kiara & Ruthie (who can no longer torment you!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Through Portals I Go Free"

In January 2008, following the creation of the Col. Potter blog, we were inspired to start the post-adoption blog including music that relates to what CP does, who we are, and how we feel about rescue & Cairns - with music that expresses our emotional investment. While selecting the music, I had a thought - Wouldn't it be cool to have a "Col Potter" song. One very talented & dedicated volunteer, who just so happened to have a recording studio and many experienced vocalists, took the challenge. Never mind that the "recording studio" was an elementary school classroom, and the vocalists were 3rd to 5th graders . Just like rescue Cairns, they had the "tude" to write music and lyrics for a very original Col. Potter song - guided by their music teacher and CP volunteer Mary N. In the process of writing the song, Mary and her students talked a lot about rescue, and the responsibility of having a pet. The charming lyrics followed those discussions. As is the subject, their music is serious and the words heartfelt. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Handsome Stranger

Charlie (fka Charleigh O'Doyle) is settling into his new home remarkably well, better than we dared hope.

He and we survived the stress of flying home (despite encountering the wicked witch of flight attendants...) and a friend met us at a local dog friendly park near our house so we could introduce Charlie to Lili, our 8 year old grey brindle Cairn princess, on neutral ground. Charlie was a little underwhelmed and more interested in the sights and sounds of the park. But Lili was obviously pleased to introduce her new rescue brother to the locals! She tried to initiate play once we got home, but Charlie seemed disinterested. We (and she) now realize he was just tuckered after a long and eventful day.

After a good first nights sleep and a couple of gourmet meals, by the next morning Charlie was the play initiator. In fact, we have since discovered he is always up for play, including with his fur cousin CJ, a gentle giant who came to spend the weekend recently. Charlie and Miss Lili are still working out their signals and relationship, slowly at first but clearly now. We think formerly being an only child Charlie didn't really know much about Cairn play rules until he met his foster sibs - who may not have taught him the specific rules of engagement where a resident princess is concerned.

Lili received her own CP blankie (a beautiful giraffee that now makes her favorite nap spot snugglier than ever...) and one of the more comical things we witnessed in the first few days was when she entered the kitchen one evening and decided she wanted to snooze on the big bed (where what's-his-name was spending his first days when gated). She took hold of his blankie and dragged it to the middle of the room before settling in on the big dog bed!!

Night time was an initial concern although Lili seldom spends the entire night on the people bed. Both visited and while Charlie seemed content to remain, the princess preferred staking claim to "his" hastily erected, newly bedded, lone crate. Well, it is new, it is lone...and she is a princess. But all in all, apart from mealtime, sharing doesn't seem to be an issue. Lili is an eats to live (yet food possessive) and Charlie is another lives to eat. But Lili's Elvis impersonation lip is now sufficient to keep Charlie at bay until she decides whether to leave him anything. He has some new snuggle beds that she isn't particularly interested in. She has her favorite nap spots and he's selected nearby alternatives. She plays with toys in spurts, but doesn't care for them nearly as much as Charlie does so they are not an issue.

After a week of gate separation when we were out, to avoid any inadvertent dust ups, they are now just hanging out together awaiting our return. Charlie is becoming more comfortable and more Cairn by the day. He is now patrolling the perimeter as opposed to just taking care of business while out in the yard. He loves his neighborhood walks and they took to their walks together immediately. His fur-sib was a tad perturbed at first at his attempts to be the lead dog but that issue melted PDQ. Because he loves toys they have taken to playing an occasional tug of war game, something that was a first for Lili.

Lili at eight is still very active but her activity isn't necessarily a sign she wants to play rough and tumble which, come to think of it, she and Georgie never really did probably because of his impending medical problems. She is prey driven to the point of obsession - indoors and out, and prey can include anything she sees or senses from the mailman to two or four legged passers by to squirrlies in the trees to (heaven forbid) a dog or other animal (real or animated) on TV. Which she watches (so we avoid Animal Planet and any shows or movies featuring potential prey because the big screen HDTV was expensive...). Charlie is interested in and aware of prey outdoors, but not terribly prey driven. She has issues with thunder, although unlike most thunder aversive dogs she appears to want to chase that too...Charlie likes to cuddle closer when it thunders but doesn't seem overly upset by it. A friend reminded us as we were selectively searching for our new boy dog that if we had to do an assessment write up on our existing princess it might be a while before some hearty soul took a flyer on her...and that's since she's matured! Charlie is learning that her running isn't necessarily an invitation to play, although he's welcome to either join her or just don't impede her. He is far more interested in toys, and prone to dismembering the overly furry ones, and more eager to play rough with other dogs or seek attention from his humans. But each is coming to terms with the others preferences, and growing more comfortable by the day, and the fact that they obviously perceive each other as pretty darn cute and interesting company doesn't hurt.

Just this last week Summer finally arrived in New England, so Charlie received his first exposure to our insane Cairn version of the little mermaid. He watched in suitable awe as she single-mindedly battled the underwater hose monster for several minutes as the pool filled, and then attempted to reposition a half full wading pool with her teeth! He snuck in a few sips here and there and finally dipped his toes in after she was finished. Just so she knows she's not the only one bringing new and exciting pastimes to the relationship, Charlie has introduced her to the adventures of eating raw chicken feet... And so he'd no she wasn't naive about the goodness of raw foods, she introduced him to marrow bones...

Charlie loves peoples, of any size or shape, and while at first a little pushy over attention, that too is melting in favor of two dog greetings. And the former one trick pony (the rolling over routine is endearing, though...) is learning that sit gets you treats quicker with less effort!! He and his gf now often flake out puppy spread eagle style just a few inches apart on the kitchen floor if one or both of us is working there. And we've caught each of them sneaking the other a quick kiss every now and again when they think we're not looking... They are both, after all, kinda cute.

We all undertook the process with heavy hearts and a healthy dose of trepidation. Our recently departed Georgie was a darling boy, our first male dog as well as our first Cairn, and the one who then helped raise our Lili from a pup. We still miss him, but Charlie isn't him...and that is the best part. He has a very different look, although both were black brindles, and he has a very different yet equally endearing personality - intent on pleasing all his princesses!!

Thank you Col. Potter for being there and for doing all you, for introducing us to a "dark (and may we add handsome) stranger", and mending broken hearts (including some human ones) one Cairn at a time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day to Nettie Ann

This is Nettie’s 7th or 8th Gotcha Day. For some reason, I can’t remember if she was adopted in 2001 or 2002. She was about 6 when I adopted her, so this makes her 13 or 14 years old.

Nettie was my first foster and I loved her the moment I saw her picture, long before she ever arrived March 2. She hated to be picked up, but now asks to be picked up, as she is doing in this picture – pawing my leg. I loved her so much, that I just had to hold her, and often. Now I can’t sit down without her often deciding that I need to pick her up.

It’s been many wonderful years of loving this girl. She’s doing well other than her allergies, so I am hopeful of many more years. I will be forever grateful to CP for introducing me to fostering, and especially for bringing Nettie Ann into my life.

Thank you.
Sandy in Texas

A Skelly Update

Dear Friends, here are some photos taken today of Mr. Skelly (adopted by Ky and Marge of Bradenton, FL in Sept 2007; Skelly is the light one) and his Cairn "Cousin" Jimmy.

We've been sitting Jimmy; he belongs to a friend in Sarasota who has been traveling in Europe for the past six weeks. Jimmy goes home tomorrow, he has been fun to have as a guest.

The photos also show Mr. Skelly still has "some" teeth after having seven extracted recently at the Vet. That's a lot of extractions, but it will give him a healthier mouth and fewer medical problems in the future.

Cheers. Ky, Marge, Mr. Skelly and Jimmy
Bradenton, FL

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cairn Play

This is a video of Tigger and Wiggles (CP's Erin Renee). Tigger will be 8 yrs. old on Nov. 19, 2009 and Wiggles will be 19 months on August 20, 2009. Wiggles is wearing the tan harness and is the smaller of the two. They play so well together!

Monkey's 4th "Gotcha Day" Anniversary

Forever Mom Denise F in Citrus Heights, CA wrote:

Today is Monkey's 4th Gotcha Day. Last night I took him over to PetSmart and we picked out two toys and one of those spill proof bowls for travel. Not sure what we'll do today but I'm considering picking up a plain cheeseburger and letting the fur-butts (Fred CGC - cairn wanna be, Zoya HRH - cairn princess) share it.

Monkey is multi-talented as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and rally expert.

Happy Gotcha Day Monkey!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Photo of Connie Today

Connie fka Contralto, on the right with fursib Lexi, now enjoy the good life in Florida. Aren't they precious!!

Truman Celebrates His First Birthday

Here is a picture of Truman who turned 1 Yr. old today!! He enjoyed his birthday by going to Puppy Obedience where he received a nice gift from his instructor and got to meet Nancy Buckley, also part of the CRM network!! He is one tired guy.
The wonderful, nurturing Lori and Mike R were Foster Parents to both Betsy and Truman (different litters).
Marti C
Arlington Hts., IL
Betsy, 15 months and Truman, 1 yr.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Contralto's Pups 1st Birthday

Foster Mom Lori shared memories of a year ago and how Contralto and her Puppies are today:
Click here for photos:

Connie and her babies are miracles! Without CP, the pups probably would have died during birth and Connie soon after due to her severe health issues left untreated, on top of the drain of birth. All these babies living happily ever after is the reward and why we volunteer.....foster, drive, craft, fundraise, any the many many other jobs going on behind the scenes. I have had to sit on the sidelines for several months due to health issues, but I hope to once again be able to foster a mill mom and pups.

I have included pictures of Mama Contralto from her forever home, to show how beautiful and happy she looks and to compare her babies to her at their 1st year. Here are some Tidbits from the puppies forever homes...

Teddy (Gospel) - Teddy continues to be very food motivated and has perfected his begging skills. He is really a happy little guy and very active. His favorite toy is a small soft ball that was one was one of my sons baby toys. He also loves stuffed animals, but Teddy’s favorite is his big brother Boomer. They still love to play fight. Oh I almost forgot about his blanket. The one he got from his “Aunties”. He likes to get in his bed and suck on his blanket! He even kneads it with his little paws. It is very cute and he only does it with that blanket at night time.

Jazz - Regarding his toys, the small mouse you gave him is one of his favorites. He loves all toys that you squeeze and makes a sound and also the rope toy that works like dental floss. In fact I try to play a lot with him because he has so much energy that if he gets bored, he chews whatever he finds in his way, STILL WE ARE VERY MUCH IN LOVE WITH JAZZ.

Truman (Hymn) - Truman is a "love machine". He doesn't like to be held, BUT he LOVES being petted and will go over on his back/side to be petted. He is very food motivated and will do about anything for it. Truman still has some fears, but he us doing well in obedience training.

Dixie (Dixieland) - Dixie is doing great. She is the sweetest thing and really is a joy. She loves everybody, especially people. She is still a little quirky, afraid of some things (especially stairs) at first but really doing great. She is in love with my neighbor, a 13 year old boy. She is crazy about him and everytime we leave the apartment she runs to his door to see if she can hear him.

WuWu (Lullaby) - WuWu is still a petite girl at just under 12 lbs. She is still a bratty puppy at almost a year old. She steals clothes off of hampers or chairs in the bedroom. She also loves to steal socks to play with. Can you say major thief! Her coordination is good on flat ground, but she has major issues with steps yet and must be lifted on or off furniture. She is an avid barker! Loves to play tug with socks or toys...growling ferociously all the while. She loves food and fingers are in danger when giving treats(we are still working on gentle and there is much improvement). Quite the opposite of the little puppy that would not eat. She loves belly rubs and attention, but is not really a lap girl. She seems to always be happy/smiling and wagging her tail.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Canada": 12 Months Later

We didn't realize until we looked at the post adoption blog that it was one year ago today that Tucker, formerly known as Canada, was "busted out" of the bad place. He doesn't look much like a PM kid today. Tucker's very proud of his new bandana and is lovin' his new life.
Thank you Colonel Potter!
Patte in TN

Lucy: From a Horrible Place to a "Best Thing"

Thank you for sharing the story of the 25 CPCRN kids, even though it made me cry. My baby girl is in those pictures. Nurture, now known as Lucy, is one of the best things that ever happened to our family. To see those pictures of her, breaks my heart and brought tears to my eyes. She is a pure joy and is super friendly. She loves to run and play with her brother and cousins. She is a fiesty little girl with plenty of spunk. Those pictures are definately in her past. I have attached a recent picture of her playing with her skinneeez skunk, laying in the sunshine in her pink dress. (She loves to wear clothes.)

Thanks CP for saving my baby girl!

Stacie in Houma LA
Archie & Lucy's mom

Willet's Wonderful World

According to Willet's forever Mom, he is doing wonderfully! He has learned so much from his training. He is also a BIG hit with the family and friends. He goes to the office where she says, "Our great niece and nephew (they are 3 and 5) come and visit Willet at least once a week while we are at work. They bring a movie that they say WIllet wants to watch and all three of them lay on the floor and watch the movie while their mom cleans our house. LOL Willet goes to my brother's house on a regular basis and stays overnight. He loves being over ther because they have a fenced in yard and he gets to run around in the whole yard. He just met Bob's brother dog (Miles) he is a 9 y.o. german shepherd and they get along great so good that when he met him last Friday he ended up staying over ngiht at their place. Bob's parents came in town from Florida and absolutely fell in love with him. Willet and I are going to fly to Florida to visit them in the fall." Here's a link to more adorable photos:

CP OASIS was one of the 25

928568429306_0_BG Oasis Intake

SANY0685 crpd

He’s now Opie

Do You Remember a Year Ago Today?

August 9, 2008 – does that date have a CPCRN-related meaning for you?

For TWENTY-FIVE – yes, 25 cairns it has special significance as the day they were brought into the loving arms of Col. Potter!!

Only the day before, we were ten cairns away from rescuing #2000. In a single day we not only got #2000 but began working on our next thousand!!!!!!

These precious kids were named after things that have significance and are so important in our rescue efforts:

C - Canada #3339 - M, DOB 11/14/06
O - Oasis #3340 - M, DOB 11/14/06
L - Love #3322 - F, DOB 8/3/05

P - Potter #3338 - M, DOB 1/12/08
O - Oz #3336 - F, DOB 1/12/08
T - Tenacious #3337 - M, DOB 1/12/08
T - Time #3241 - M, DOB unknown but we're guessing 1/12/08
E - Effort #3242 - M, DOB unknown but we're guessing 1/12/08
R - Rescue #3335 - M, DOB 1/12/08

C - Colonel #3240 - M, DOB 8/21/01 - OUR #2000
A - America #3238 - F, DOB unknown - adult
I - Imagine #3323 - F, DOB 8/23/04
R - Remedy #3324 - F, DOB 8/23/04
N - Nurture #3325 - F, DOB 9/5/03

R - Raffle #3331 - F, DOB 1/25/08
E - Emancipation #3334 - M, DOB 1/25/08
S - Stray #3332 - M, DOB 1/25/08
C - Cash #3239 - M, DOB 8/3/05
U - Unity #3333 - F, DOB 1/25/08
E - Elder #3341 - M, DOB 8/3/05

N - Naughty #3327 - F, DOB 3/10/08
E - Educator #3330 - M, DOB 3/10/08
T - Temptation #3329 - F, DOB 3/10/08
W - Wags #3328 - F , DOB 3/10/08
K - Kisses #3326 - F, DOB 5/8/08

To see photos of that great event, click:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Windy City Kid - Elmhurst

Elmhurst (Elmie is what we still call him) is doing great. He has truly become part of our family and I think he loves it here. He loves car rides and going for walks, chasing a ball, Frisbee or stick. We went on a week vacation to Huntsville in June to Stuart’s parents. One of our favourite things to do is go to the beach. This was Elmie’s first beach visit and he loved it. He went right in the water and swam out to the kids. Unfortunately not all beaches allow dogs so he only got swimming once.

Attached is a family photo taken in Huntsville.

Have a good day,