Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Shortbread Christmas Eve Gift

Shortbread wanted to go out earlier than
anyone else this evening, so we went out.
When I came back, Jack was in
my chair - promptly transferred to my lap.

Jack jumped down, hung around for a few scritches,
then laid down for a nap next to my chair.

Shortbread came up to me for scritches, paws on
my chair arm. I talked to him a little about how it is
to come up to someone and get loves and scritches,
and he smiled. Great big smiles for me.

What a lovely gift to give someone, don't you think?
I'm so lucky - thank you, Col Potter.

Lois in CA
Heidi - Ahem, we do it this way
Jack - Look! Look! Look!!! Mom, LOOK!
Shortbread/Sandy - I lobs eberybodys!
The Girls - Hmmm there's someone new here,
he doesn't appear to notice us


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