Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. Haines Makes Foster Mom a Flunkie

Just so you could all laugh and get a good ol "I Knew it" in there - I adopted Mr. Haines to be ours forever and always.

He is adapting to his new life with everyone very well. Haines wants me to give a big thank you and a Haines hug to everyone that worked hard to get him here to Montana.

Thanks much to Maureen who worked OT to find transport for him and answering all my questions and emails. Thank you too Robin with the Colorado snownoses for all your help! Thank you very very much to Curtis and Beth who took Haines a long long ways towards his new home.

Thank you all at CP for welcoming me and getting me the heck otta where I was.

Love and Hugs,
Haines wid my new family in Montana

P.S. I dednt no it wez gonna be sooooooooo cold up her en the frozn nerth. But I du lik it anyways! Me Momma sez I gotta lern sum insid maners now.


Introducing Mercedy fka United

We have adopted SIX Col. Potter Cairns and we have flunked FOUR times ...... secretly we are trying to chase down Mo's statistics :)

This time it was Mike that flunked.

Yes, he fell for the big brown eyes, the please cuddle with me look, the cute little face and fuzzy big feet. One of Col. Potter's "9/11 Remembered" is now a Key. United is now called Mercedy (pronounced like the car Mercedes-only with a cute little "y" on the end - thank you Julie).

She fits into our pack so sweetly. Her personality has blossomed since arriving here last September. McKinley loves to play with her. The two of them roll and tumble all the time together. It is funny when I call out, "enough, take break". Two little heads pop up and look at me for a second and then they go right back into burying their heads into each other. Mercedy just loves Mike and will hop up and down at his knees to be picked up. Once in his lap, she snuggles into him and looks adoringly into his face.

Let me introduce our new little one, Mercedy
Hugs from Wisconsin,

Joellyn & Mike
with Maggy, Marcy, Muffy, McKinley & Mercedy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Finn (CP's Shooter)

Today is Finn's official Gotcha Day based on his paperwork but I actually brought him home on February 28th. Due to the generosity of Finn's amazing foster Mom, Chris C., my Darbymonster and I met Shooter on Saturday 2/27 and spent the night at their house getting to know the little skittish guy in surroundings familiar to him before bringing him home to NY the next day.

I'd enclose a picture, especially since he was recently groomed and looks wonderful, but he's proving very Cairn-like and uncooperative. He's happy to get belly rubs, Kongs stuffed with peanut-butter or other treats, and loves to lie on the couch and rest his head on or against my leg, but gives me the evil eye and looks away when the camera comes out.

He still loves, loves, loves riding in the car, hates loud noises (snow plows, garbage trucks, the local gun range, not too fond of the dishwasher), loves belly rubs and jumping up onto my bed when he feels like it (he has 4 dog beds, the couch, wall-to-wall carpeting and a nice human mattress to choose from -- he's a typical bachelor who doesn't like to be pinned down).

He's been housebroken since the day I brought him home with the exception of a few digestive system related problems. Except for day one (which was pretty natural and he stopped when I Acckd) he has NEVER tried to mark inside the house.

He's happy to hang out, eat whatever I feed him, loves getting his anti-anxiety meds in bits of cheese and does sits or downs to get them. He is Mr. Easy Going and easily content.

No, you can't have him. He's home and he's staying forever.

Rochester, NY

Click here for an earlier story of Darby and Finn with a photo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kloe fka Libra Doubles Her Happiness

Hello Col. Potter:
This is Kloé, I mean Libra (since that is what you all called me.) checking in with everyone to let you know how I am doing at my Forever Home. Well, I'm doing Great!!

You know, ever since I came to Col. Potter, I never knew how good life could be. You rescued me and got me on the road to recovery. I cannot thank everyone at Col. Potter enough for what you did for me. I really appreciate it.

I have to tell you, my Foster Mom choose the best Forever Home I could have ever imagined. Foster Mom said I would do better in a house with men, well I have a house with two men and I am the number one Female of the den. That is Daddy W on the right and Papa J on the left, with my tongue hanging out in the middle on the day they came to pick me up. The picture of me on the stairs one of the first ones they took of me at my Forever Home.

I am getting more comfortable every day and have gotten used to Daddy and Papa’s work schedule. I get all excited when they get home and even have gotten comfortable with running up to them and letting them greet me when they get home, then I do my favorite game of walking away from them with my tail wagging and getting settled down before I let them give me any more attention. I have gotten use to going right out the sliding glass door when they open it to let me out in the morning and afternoon. When I get done in my big back yard, I come and sit at the door, or stand with my tail wagging a mile a minute, until they come and open the door for me. When the door is opened I sniff around a little bit and then go right inside.

Guess what - There is a big park right next door that I get to walk around in when I go for walks with Daddy and Papa. I have gotten real comfortable during my walks. After the first couple of walks, I stopped trying to pull on the leash and walk right next to whoever is walking me. They got a flexible leash for me, so no I can lag behind and do my sniffing, or walk off to the side in the grass and stuff, but I hardly ever pull on my leash any more. I have learned to stop whenever Daddy or Papa stops at a street corner when we are going to cross. Then as soon as they start moving again, I know it is safe for me to start walking again. I love the fact that they make sure it is safe for me to cross the street before we go.

I got myself professionally groomed the other day and I spent two and a half hours on the table and did not fuss much at all. It felt so good and when I looked in the mirror after wards, I hardly recognized myself! I look so pretty now. The last picture you see is of me after I was finished getting groomed. Can you see the difference Col. Potter?

Well, I better let Daddy and Papa say a few words before we close out for this update. Until next time Col. Potter. Much Love to everyone who helped me get to where I am today, Florence, Betty, Suzanne, Kathy, Laura and an especially big kiss for Foster Mom Kim!! I look forward to every day now that I am really living the life of a dog.

Hello Col. Potter, this is Daddy W and Papa J. We love having Kloé as part of our home and amaze at the love that she has to offer. She as been just the most precious little gods creature we have ever seen. We can see little changes in her each and every day. We know we are only at the start of this journey together and we value each and every day she is in our life. It is so cute to see her get all excited when we see her first thing in the morning and when we get home. To be greeted with a waking tail and kisses is just adorable. She has gotten really good on her walks and gets more confidence every day. Kloé just sniggles right next to us and gives us kisses when she gets her ears scratched or her butt rubbed just right. She always comes back for more.

Both JonMichael and I want to give Col. Potter and everyone involved with your organization a very heartfelt thank you for allowing us the opportunity to adopt such a special Cairn. We look forward to many happy years with Kloé and likely other Cairns as we all move forward.

With Warmest Regards,
Wesley G and JonMichael S
Kloé's Forever Daddy and Papa

Marion and Matoe in Minnesota

Hi. My name is Joleen and I am new to this group. In the past (long ago) I have raised and shown Cairns in both confirmation and obedience.

Recently, my housemate, Ann and I have had 3 Cairns and a Bedlington. 2 of the Cairns, Jake and Shirley, were from shelters here in Minnesota; both passed at age16 over the last 2 years. Xena, the Bedlington, passed just over a year ago at way to young an age.

We still have one of the Cairns, Matoe, who is about 12 and also came from a local shelter at 5 1/2 months of age. Here is where we think she got her name. She came from a home that had 4 kids, all 8 yrs old and under. She was quite red as a youngster and we guess that one of the little kids said when they got her, " she's red like a matoe(tomato)".  Just a guess but its a good story and we are sticking to it.

We recently adopted a CP dog, Marion, and are just about to receive our first foster, Echo, from the hoarder house.

Attached is a photo of Marion with her ever-present blue pillow, and one of Matoe.

About Being a "Foster Flunkie"

In the CPCRN world, as well as very possibly other rescue groups, being a "Foster Flunkie", or "Foster to Furever" is a wonderful title to own! I only own it once but hope there are more in my future. Every Col. Potter kid has a foster parent, but not every parent flunks. Many foster families have flunked numerous times - what an honor! Read Linda's story of being a FF and note that she also has a CP foster boy in residence - wonder if she will "flunk" with him...

My Miles came to me with another CP name (don't remember what it was). Anyway we fell in love with him because he seemed to sad. Read his history from owner to shelter to return to shelter. We just knew he needed us so we adopted him right away.

For months he ignored us, acted like he didn't want to be here and continued to have that sad face. We would all cuddle on the couch and he would not join us. Sat on the door mat with his back to us. We kept talking to him and calling him by the CP name he was given (he was 6 y.o.).

One night, I sat and watched him with his back to us, looking like he lost his best friend. I went and got his paperwork and started reading thoroughly what his history was. Then, there it was, his given name by his owner. I went back into the living room and sat on the couch and called him by his given name, Miles. You should have seen this little guys face! He came running to me and jumped on my lap, tail just a waggin.

Sometimes it's just the little things about these babies that make that light go off. Miles knows every command you can think of, he is the most obedient out of all of my little kids. He no longer sits with his back to us. In fact, he is a big part of us. I can't even imagine a day without him being with us.

Port St. Lucie, FL
Foster Mentor & Foster Home
Promotions Group
Mom to Dude, Redford, Miles,and Oliver
Foster Mom to Bridge (Biggie)

One-Eyed Jack - Still Going Strong!


We adopted One Eyed Jack in 03 and thought you might like to know that he is now pushing 14, but doing very well.

He is a little slower sometimes but still loves to play and ride with me on my errands. He had a small liver problem with age but is on Danmarin which has worked great for the past year.

He is a great Cairn and my boy and we are so glad we adopted him. The grandkids love him and when they sleep over he sleeps with them all the time!!
Anyway thought you would like to know and thank you again for a great experience.
Rich and Jan O
New Windsor NY

Riso's View of His Furever Home

Hey guys, Riso here. I want to tell you how my new forever home is. Foster Mom Judy sure was great and I miss her and Biscuit a lot, but I have been so busy. I have a great big backyard that I run around in all the time. I have to keep all of the squirrels out of here it's a full time job. There is also a little girl dog next door. I like playing with her a lot. She is crazy! She is like a jumping bean. She always jumps over me and walks with her feet on my back. I guess that's what Min Pin's do!

A lady came over a few days ago that was really nice. They said she was my grandmother. Imagine that! She gave me some raw carrots, I love raw carrots! I had to put on the charm then and sit pretty for her. I really liked her so I got up close, rolled on my back and let her rub my tummy - it was like heaven!

I went to the doctor too. I told you I had been busy! I liked all of the people there, they were nice. I was really brave too. I got a shot and a heart worm test. The doctor listened to my heart and looked at my teeth. They did some other stuff too and I didn't even flinch. They kept telling me what a good boy I was.

Ok guys, I have to be honest. I did sort of loose control a couple of times. But I couldn't help it. You know how I hate that mean old vacuum cleaner. It came on and I attacked it. Then one day my dad and I went out to the back yard and the water sprinkler came on. I went APE. I tried to kill it and I got soaked and all dirty too. I had to get my first bath there and I was really good cause I knew I had messed up. My Dad says we will have to work on those things. He is really nice.

See guys, there is a forever home out there for you. I found mine and you will find yours too. It's so nice to be loved and cuddled and get treats and ride in the car and take nice long walks in your neighborhood. Hang in there - those matchmakers know what they are doing..

One of Col. Potters Kids

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hemi's Family Celebrates and Continues the Blessing

Tomorrow will be Hemi's 1year adoption day. We are so happy and thankful to have him! He is a joy and the sweetest Cairn ever as are his brother, Bogie and his sister, Gypsy.

We can't thank Col. Potter and all the wonderful Volunteers that helped us along the way.

We just handed our first foster, Miss. Barbara C over to her new parents and I was feeling a bit sad. Then I remembered how happy we were when we picked Hemi up from the airport on 2/22/10. His Foster Mom had to trust that he was going to a good new home and that we would love him as much as she did. So I've wiped away the tears and put a smile on my face and gave Hemi a big hug and a kiss and he gave me one back!

Thank you all, so very, very much!
Geri & Joe P

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mahaska, now Mosca, is Lovingly Adopted

My sweet older gentleman foster, Mahaska, went to his forever home yesterday after living with me for over 9 months. I almost flunked with him several times myself but then I wouldn't be able to foster anymore. Not because of a city limit but because of my DH's limit! (He thinks TWO dogs in the house is enough! How silly is that?!)
Anyway, Mahaska was lucky enough to be adopted by longtime CP volunteer, Lauren N. She helped me out by taking care of him for 3 weeks - not once, but two times - while I was on vacation last June and again in December. Mahaska put on the charm and she fell in love with him. She will be calling him Mosca (which is what I was calling him.) I have attached a picture of the happy couple:
Thank you to all in CP that made this happy ending possible!

Wendy in Portland, OR

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anna's First Year of Happy Ever After!

Today is the official day that I adopted Anna, 1 year ago. She came to me a very scared little girl from a backyard breeder. I fostered her and of course could not imagine her going anywhere else but my home.
She has come a long way since that day. She gets along with all of the pups here even Maddy, the lab mix, who I have to keep separated from Daisy and Duke.
The first picture is Anna, the second is Daisy and Anna sharing a nap in Anna's crate. Anna has brought much joy to me. I am so glad that I adopted her.

Deb R
Sanatoga, PA
Daisy, Duke, Bianca (all Cairns)
Kody (Alaskan Malamute/golden mix)
Maddy (lab/dalmation mix)
Nanna, adopted from CP, now Anna

Celebrating Napoleon's Gotcha Day

Hi --
I just wanted to share that tomorrow is my best boy Napoleon's 5th gotcha day. We celebrate his birthday tomorrow also and he will be 11 years young. He is my absolute love! :-) Big thanks again to Montez for fostering him and to her husband for putting up with Napoleon biting him and then pretending it never happened. He is a spoiled, spoiled boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. He takes his role as Mom's guy very seriously. One of his favorite things to do is go for a car ride and today we went to Starbucks for a puppachino (whipped cream), then the local dog bakery for some special treats to celebrate his birthday. Hopefully two pictures are attached of my guy!

Thanks, Keren in Oklahoma City with Napoleon -- it's my gotcha weekend, we gonna celebrate all weekend!; Ginger Bells Marie -- I just want some of his cawwot cake; Willie -- gwate, he's gonna be more a pain dan usual; and Bubs -- cake? Did someone say cake?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Very Happy Ever After for Ravenswood – Adopted 2/16/2008.

We learned about Col. Potter Cairn rescue when we adopted our 1st Cairn, Ryder, in December 2006. We were researching care, feeding and grooming of Cairns on the internet and found your web site. What a great source of information, it has been a big help.

In the late summer of 2006 we started talking about adopting a 2nd Cairn and starting checking out the available Cairns when we found Ravenswood. There was something about her that got our attention, maybe it was her bright shiny eyes, the gray hairs sprinkled around the black hair of her face or the reddish highlights around her muzzle, but it was love at first sight.

Finally the day to bring Raven home came. We could hardly sleep the night before we were so excited. The weather that day was snow with freezing rain and we almost got stuck driving up the steep driveway at Raven’s foster home, but that did not deter us. When we first met Raven, she immediately went to her safe spot when we entered the foster home. Lynn and Joe P calmed Raven down and brought her closer to meet us. It was obvious that Lynn and Joe had come to care for Raven a great deal. Gradually Raven became a little more comfortable wound us and Lynn put her on Carlene’s lap. We chatted for a while and learned more about how Lynn and Joe had helped prepare Raven for living with a family and it was quite obvious how hard this was for them to let her go. Little did we know then how quickly and how much we would come to love this little girl.
Raven was very shy and wary when she came home with us, which was understandable. The changes came slowly. For the first 2 months, she slept in her crate in our bed room at night and stayed in her x pen during the day. In the morning Raven needed a lot of coaxing with treats to come out of her crate. Sometimes it would take 10-15 minutes to get her tome come out, only to see her run back to her crate. Gradually she would come out and stay out, because she learned that breakfast was coming soon.

Although we had considered and discussed the challenges of adopting a puppy mill rescue, at times we found the challenges to be a bit more than we had expected. Recognizing our commitment, we persevered and asked for help and suggestions. Thank you Lynn P for all your help!

The changes we slow, but noticeable. After a couple of months, Raven would wander around the house while we were home and investigate. She gradually became much more comfortable with her new surroundings and loves to sit on the couch next to us. At bedtime we would put her in her x pen. One night we decided to let Raven sleep the whole night on the couch and that’s where she has slept every night since.

Each change no matter how small, was an event and another milestone in Raven’s continuing progress. The first time she barked. (6-7 months after she came home with us). The first time she walked freely on a leash. The first time she kissed us on the nose. The first time she did not try to run away when we trimmed her nails, brushed her, trimmed her hair or gave her a bath. All of these are little things with dogs that are raised as puppies in normal, living family environments, but all were quite traumatic at first for Raven.

Having Raven as part of our family has been so rewarding in so many ways. To see her excited and curious when people come to visit. To be greeted by her with tail wagging when we come home from work. Having her sleep on the couch next to us when we watch tv or read. Most mornings she comes to visit us when we are in the bedroom or bathroom getting ready to go to work. Raven now loves to go for walks and rides in the car. She gets so excited when we ask if she wants to go for a walk and lets out lots of arooos! Raven has blossomed into a perfect little lady and we are so happy to have her be a part of our family. Thank you to everyone at Col Potter for the great work you are doing, it is because of you that we met our little Ravenswood!

Love at First Sight - Micky's Gotcha Day

Hi Everyone:

Yesterday I fell in love again! He is an adorable black brindle boy who was lovingly fostered by Chris C in CT.
Luckily, Beth A was visiting & took pics because in the excitement, I forgot to!
Micky traveled quietly (almost!) home to MA & the intros went well. There was lots of sniffing & running around, but everyone settled down to sleep on our bed.
I am so thankful to CP for rescuing him from a shelter. I can't believe no one claimed him, but their loss is my gain! My challenge today will be to keep friends & family away. I'd like today to be a quiet day of adjustment. He's a talkative guy, so I'm sure it won't be quiet!
Thank you everyone at CP for my new sweet boy! Lisa, happy new Mom!!

Bella Writes to Foster Mom

Hi Aunt Mary, It's me Bella,

I haven't written since Christmas so I thought I would drop you a note and tell you all about what is going on in my life. Well in my life, it just gets better by the day. Mommy and Daddy are the best and DeDe is just like a true sister. She is always getting in trouble and blaming me. Just because my paws were the ones that were all dirty when the rose got dug up was just an unfortunate coincidence. Daddy wasn't home at the time so mommy and grandpa had to replant the rose. Daddy has been doing a lot of traveling for his work but he has told me that he is done now and he is very happy for that.

A couple of weeks ago daddy took me to the doctors and all I remember was getting a shot. When I woke up my teeth were all clean and my toenails were trimmed. It took almost three full days to get over the fog in my head so tell all the little cairns "Don't do drugs." I did get over it though and now I am back to my old self.

The weekends are still my favorite. This morning daddy got up around 5:00 and lets us out. After that we get to get in the big bed and snuggle. It is just the best. This morning I snuggled up next to daddy and he pulled the blankie over me and I was just in heaven. When we did get up I had an appointment at the beauty parlor and do I look good or what. You can see in the attached picture. Like the pretty pink bow? I certainly think it brings out the best in me. My beautician's name is Mary also. She is a very nice lady. I see a pattern here. Nice ladies named Mary. Huh!

It is a very nice day here today so when we got home all the neighborhood dogs were out front so we all went out to visit. I am still a bit shy around all them. I pretty much hang out under mom or dad's legs. I like to tangle them up in my leash. I do it on purpose to get attention. Pretty smart don't you think?

Mom and dad went to the fabric store this morning while I was at the beauty parlor. They have been making rope toyzzzz for Pam E like the ones we sent you at Christmas. There is going to be a big sale on fleece starting tomorrow so they went to check it out. It is their little way of helping the fosters. Speaking of fosters, do you have a foster now? If so I would sure love to meet him or her and show them what life outside a puppy mill can be like. Mine has turned out to be the best.

Sure hope you are having a great winter. We are looking forward to spring and being outside in our yard more. If you are ever in the area we would sure love to see you. If we come your way this summer we will give you a call and maybe stop and see you. Have a great rest of the winter.

Till next time.

Frosty Finds CP Family at RescueFest

We were at a RescueFest event here in town -  Rescues get together and promote "Opt to Adopt" -and Frosty came up to our booth!

How fun to see a CP dog here in my town and SO HAPPY!!!!

I felt like I met a celebrity as I have been following Frostys path to Florida!

Gem, Lily and Mac
Winter Park, FL

Karli (fka Dove) - Cuddle Bug Extraordinaire!

It will be a year this month since I adopted little Dove, who I named Karli. I just wanted you all to know that she has become a very special part of our family. She has adapted so well. She and my Scottish Terrier and my cat are best friends. She' s a little cuddle bug. I got her out of Va. She came with a little crooked tail and slight overbite, but a huge heart. When I got her she was skinny and her hair looked like a two year old cut it. Now, she has regular groomimg appointments and her weight is perfect. She had been in a cage for so long that she wouldn't eat unless in her cage. That lasted about 2 days. Now she has the full roam of the house and there is no cage in the house. Just wanted to thank everyone and to let you all know that she has a wonderful home and is truly loved and spoiled.

Thanks again

Sleeping Boys: Duffy (fka Rambo) and Mac in FL

This is a picture of one of my former fosters, Rambo, now Duffy in Florida. His mom sent me this picture of Duffy and his brother, Mac after they spent time at the groomers and had a bath. They ran around for awhile and then got wore out. Mac is also a rescue, but not from CP. Roberta just loves Duffy and said that he and Mac are best buddies. They travel a lot visiting their children who live in many different cities around the country. She said that Mac and Duffy are great little travelers.
Take care,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nellie: Still Beautiful and Celebrating her 12th Birthday

Hello Col Potter!!
We'd like to Thank All of you for giving your time Love and work to all the Cairn rescues. We had adopted Nellie 4/02/2004 !! She just had her 12 year Birthday yesterday!! We wanted to share a few pix of her...she was a Puppy Mill girl..she has turned out Beautiful! We got her when she was 5 years old. She has been A Joy and is FULL of Love!

We also have a Yorkie. Nellie does wonderful with her! We had huge concerns about adding another dog with Nellie..But just as an sparked Nellie to come out of her shell even more!! So as a suggestion to other new parents adopting - another dog may be of a Huge Help to your resident furkid!

Thank you... to ALL of you who work so hard at finding homes for all the abandoned Carins!
Please spread the word to all the Foster Parents! God Love you all! Keep up the good Work!!

Karen and Nellie :)
Nellie's foster mom was Lynell

General Sherman Retires to a Great Civilian Life

Looks like General Sherman, who is now known as Simon, is definitely retiring to the comfortable, much loved life that every Cairn deserves.

You picked a great location Simon!  And don't worry - Foster Mom isn't missing you too much.