Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Eberbodi,
wishin u a good dai.
welcum to freedom all r cuzins maibee sum exta tweets tuday !!!
bless all dose who has gone to the bridge.
Lubs an a puppi kissees
Kayla and Sadie

Sunday, May 24, 2009


It’s been a busy week of welcoming “Champurrado” into our home and lives. He’s a wonderful little fella and we are enjoying him and his fun antics as he plays and snuggles and learns his new environment and people. He and ZB (another rescue dog, a cairn mix) were instant best friends.

Our first week, we had him to the vet (excellent health) and then to a consultation with our local dog trainer to talk about working with the two dogs and getting on a good schedule to help him transition and ZB to adjust to having a brother in the house. We’ll be signing up for basic obedience training when the next class begins, and in the meantime are working on sit, down, off and stay. He is learning fast and doing great!

I will keep you posted on our progress and send more pictures soon.

Hugs and happy dogs - Viola, Rus, Champy & ZB

Friday, May 22, 2009

Peach is Loving Her New Home

Peach is doing great. Her attachment with my family has gone very well and we are all now one happy pack! Here is Peach with my daughter, Jordan.
Joe H in Jacksonville FL

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beaugey Beuvoir on the Louisiana Bayou

Here's an update on Beaugey Beauvoir ... formerly known as Beauvoir. Beaugey is now the very besest friend of Gonzeaux here in Prairieville, Louisiana by way of his Biloxi, MS foster home.
We found Gonzeaux's best friend through the website. The screening process Col Potter uses is extensive. They even inspect the applicant's homes to make sure their rescued animals have the best possible lives. We feel blessed that our beautiful boy Beaugey is getting the happy life he derserves.
Robbie and Vivian S
Jacob Winston, Gonzeaux and Beaugey

Monday, May 18, 2009

For Dot "Hope" Springs Furever!

This is really a remarkable story - one full of cairnitude and Col. Potter happy ever after. Maybe have a tissue handy while you read it!

Two years ago, Joyce answered an ad in northern California for a cairn puppy. They went to a filthy home where the woman showed them 7 month old Nick (whom they adopted immediately to get him out of there). Joyce asked to see Nick's mom and was taken outside, where she met Dot. Horrified at Dot's condition, she offered the lady $1000 for Dot but was refused.

Fast forward to a few months ago: Dot was taken to a Vet to be pts; the vet refused and called Col. Potter. Joyce found out we had Dot and immediately applied to adopt her. Meanwhile, Dot and her son Nick were at the same Doggie Daycare. When Joyce came for Nick, Dot jumped into Joyce's lap as if she remembered her from 2 years ago, somehow knowing she would now be going home with her "furever". Finally, that dream has come true!! Here is what her Mom reports: (that's Hope top-left, Nick right)

I just had to let you know how Dot, now Hope, is doing. She has been with us since Sunday morning and is a totally different dog than described, much to our delight. She plays with Nick - a constant streak of two little dogs running in circles around the furniture chasing each other. They roll around on the floor and have been sleeping on the couch all snuggled together. I think it just took her awhile to heal and now that process is almost complete we see her true personality. I am so glad we have her.

We wanted her no matter what her personality was, but are excited to find such a whirling dervish of a little fur ball. There have been a few moments of jealousy when they thought the other was getting too much attention. Nick was not sure about her taking his toys from his basket and playing with them. Only took a day and a half for them to be playing with them together.

She may never get over her obsession with anything edible. She gulps and inhales her food, like there will never be any more.

Thanks again for all of your help with this. We could not be happier.

Joyce W

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Copper now Tavi is Welcomed Home

Copper is now Tavi and is in his furever home in Chartlotte, NC. His parents, George & Mary, say:

"Yes, he is just a little dear. We could not have hoped for anything better. He is such a good eater and a good sleeper and enjoys chasing the squirrels in our back yard. He doesn't bother going down the steps, he just flies off the deck. I do worry a little bit that it will take a toll on his knees and legs down the road. I took him to my vet and the vet detected a slight heart murmur but he said it is nothing to worry about at this time."

"He is not much interested in playing with the toys I got him but he will chase a tennis ball but then wants to chew the fuzz off it and this caused a mild stomach upset. He is a good walker, does well with other dogs and loves adults. He is a little skittish with children because of their noise making and rambunctiousness."

"Overall, however, he is a sweetheart and had a good upbringing thanks to you folks. The first two times we left the house we gated him in the kitchen and he was perfect. Since then we have given him the run of the house and he has responded in great fashion."
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Artie the Adorable

Always a favorite cover guy - the ever-charming an dashingly handsome -
Artie aka King Arthur of Camelot

Martha's First Birthday

Here is Betsy's sister Martha celebrating her first birthday!

Betsy Turns 1 Year Old

Hi, All! Attached is a picture of Betsy, one of Lexington's pups, who were born May 13, 2008.
Lori Rothmeier was her foster mom. Her siblings were Percy, Tory, and Martha.
She has been a joy, although today she has been picking on her younger brother, Truman, 9 months, and being toy possessive.
She must think she is the birthday princess!!
Marti C, IL

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kipper and Nealie - Compassion in Action

Just had to share this picture. I know I'm extremely prejudiced, but. . . . Kipper had an appointment at the Vet's yesterday and after her exam and tests, Nealie decided that she should get up on the exam table and "comfort" her sister. (If the truth be told, she thought Kipper was getting just a little too much attention.) At any rate, all the techs and girls in the office had to come in and ohhh and ahhh over how much they loved each other. One of the techs snapped this picture on her cell phone and emailed it to me. Have you ever seen anything cuter???

Kathy T
Fort Myers, FL

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tucker is Spoiled Rotten Too

Hi Everydoggie! It's Tucker. I just wanted to let all my friends at Colonel Potter know I've been with my forever family for 6 months now. And, you know, I think I'm really going to like it here. I'm doing great, still a little shy and afraid at times, but I've made big progress.

My Westie sister, Zoe and I get along really well. Sometimes we get a little jealous if Mommy pays too much attention to the other, but we never, never fight. We just bark, make little growly noises and paw at Mommy to make her pay attention to us.

I LOVE to go for walks, so much that I get a little too excited sometimes and pull Mommy a little too hard...we're working on that. Mommy takes us to the pet store about 3 or 4 times a month and that's a lot of fun! Mommy says my hairdo is looking's getting thick and coarse just like it should be. I think it's all the good food, supplements and stripping. By the way, I'm a really good boy when Mommy bathes and grooms me, all except for the teeth-brushing thingy...I don't like that at all.

Oh, and guess what, NO MORE BELLY BANDS. Yippee! I still don't tell them when I need to go out but as long as they keep me on a regular schedule, I don't have any accidents at all.

Mommy wanted me to let you all know that I am such a sweet and loving little boy and she's so happy that Colonel Potter found me.

Here's a picture of me with my sister, Zoe. We're a pretty cute pair, huh?

Hugs,Tucker Blaze (fka Canada)

Finley's First Birthday!

We adopted Finley (fka Brent) the third week in July, but he stole my heart the first week of June.

My husband said we couldn't get a puppy until after we were married on May 24, 2008. So when we returned from our honeymoon, I started looking.

And the I found Col. Potter. And then I found our pup! I just knew it was meant to be after Brian and I had spent so much time in Biloxi, where Foster Mom Karen was taking such good care of these new pups.

I emailed my application in, had my interviews, and my home saftey visit was conducted by Momma Dee and her husband. We were approved for adoption, and we were able to take Finley home at 9 weeks old.
As luck would have it, I was working in Hattisburg at the time, and I was able to bring him home to Houston the next day.

We've had such a wonderful time watching him grow up, and he's now a very handsome young man. Even though he is a little naughty from time to time, it keeps things interesting!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GoodBye Tarkio - Hello Chewy!

On Saturday we packed up Tarkio's belongings and headed off to meet his new family. First we stopped and picked up Mr. Salty and he hitched a ride with us to Richmond, VA. After handing him over to Joy, we met up with Tarkio's new family. I was worried about how he would do and if he would be scared, but it went very well. I think he will be very loved and once he gets settled in he will have two boys to play with and hopefully wear him out! I think they will be surprised how active he is for an "older" cairn. I will miss his sweet little face and his cuddles (I already do) but I'm so happy he has his own family and a great life ahead of him. Thank you Col. Potter and everyone who was a part of his journey from puppy mill to high cotton. Attached is a picture of Tarkio - now Chewy - and most of his new family. Notice they are all redheads (including Dad who wasn't in the picture) so Chewy will never even know he was adopted.

Henri Visits the Seniors' Center

Foster Mom for Tibby, now known as Henri, sent this wonderful report from Henri's, forever Mum about Henri's first visit to a local Senior's Centre. He passed the screening test last week with flying colours and now seems to be a big hit at the Centre itself. It's so great to hear of the joy he's bringing to people's lives and the joyful life he's living. Here's Tibby's account.

We just got in from The West Van DayCare facility...Henri was a hit!!! (as usual). A very welcoming Staff and friendly environment. One lady in particular kept patting him and asking about him. At one point the Staff said I could let him off his leash ... well, he thought he was the ant's pants...walked around the whole facility, trying to get into the kitchen.
At one point the lady who was patting him was following him around everywhere and then he started following her. The Staff thought it was great. They said she was getting a lot of exercise. I just kept getting glimpses of his tail going by.
It was so cute..every so often he would come back to me and then head out again..We had a wonderful music session, which Henri loved. He sat on my lap for most of it and one of the members said she thought he was smiling at cute.
I think it went really well, and Henri felt very relaxed there. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Lighting a Candle for Miss Brandilu

Our most senior senior, Miss Brandilu went to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday morning. This June 28th she would have been 19. The past 2 months have been difficult for her and her family as her strength and mobility failed her to the point that she was eating lying down. But prior to that she was still poking her Mom in the leg to get a move on with her dinner and chasing lizards around the pool.

Miss Brandilu was briefly known as Maranda/Miranda (depending on my typing) when I decided that if you have put 3 owners in nursing homes and been known as Brandy all your life, there's no sense in changing at this point!

What a DIVA! This senior dog learned all the diva tricks that Silky could teach her --and we wondered what they did while I was at work--so when the "couch potato" crossed the street in the Williams arms to her forever home (across the street), she whipped out that tiara and proceeded to rule her new domain. She didn't take disrespect from anybody including nose bites on a Gordon Setter mix and Heidi, her 26 pound Cairn rescue sister. Brandy's top weight was 14 pounds soaking wet.

Vicki R was her original CP foster mom and then she came to me in one of Monika's transports from Kentucky, where Alice was her transport mate coming from Lynells. What an incredible circumstance that both of them went to the Rainbow Bridge just a day apart. These ladies touched so many lives, so many hearts and made such great spokeswomen for CP and all the great things that our volunteers do everyday. Each of these seniors lived a great and fun 4+ years in their forever homes!

Candles are lit for Brandi to reunite with Alice, Ethel; and Ann and her former owners who made sure she was well placed when they could no longer take care of her.
Orlando, FL