Monday, July 27, 2009

Countess, now Tess

Hi everyone-

Well, it's been a week since our new girl has been in her new home. She has made remarkable progress in her short time here. When she first arrived she wouldn't come in or out of the house on her own, couldn't or wouldn't go up or down any of the stairs, ran away when we tried to put her leash on and froze when outside on her leash, didn't eat, and was afraid of EVERYTHING. Our little guy was not to crazy about her being here, but when I reminded him that I was the pack leader things have been uneventful (which is good). Tess wants to play with him desperately, but he is still getting used to the idea. I have caught him playing with her when he thought nobody was watching.

Over the past couple of days Tess has been excited to go outside and is going to the bathroom outside much more consistently and in a shorter amount of time. She has also mastered the all of the stairs, although it is not at all graceful! The two are taking walks together and are figuring out how to stay out of each other's way while walking. Her personality is starting to come out, she is so lovable and cannot get enough attention. The advice and tips in the articles we were given about integrating a new dog were so helpful and made our transition much smoother.


Meghan & Matt

Smudge Goes to School!

Please click on the link. Thank you to Smudge's "Aunt Jana" for making this slideshow at the puppy kindergarten.

http://www.onetruem shared?p= 927914fd90ba9059 47e87a&skin_id=701&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_ url

Belly rubs for Smudge,
His Aunt Jana

Well Gaaw-aawl-ly!!!

Stonewall, now alias Gomer Pyle. age ~7 from a puppy mill in Missouri somewhere. He is serene and peaceful and shy; doesn't know how to be a dog. Not a mean bone in his body - won't chase cats, ignores rabbits, hasn't quite learned how to go up & down steps, or jump, or run, or do doggy doors and is not fully housebroken - kinda like a big retarded
puppy in strange circumstances.

He has good teeth, perfect bite, slightly longer ears than digger; and his tail curls up more. His leg muscles aren't too strong due to being caged his whole life. He is hard to walk because he stays too close and has almost tripped me a couple times. He prefers a harness for leash time and balks like a mule if I hook to his collar - think that was used
to do something he didn't like in his past....

He came with his own collar, harness, squeaky toys, leash, dog id tag, sleeping pad, and 5# of dry dog food. And now maybe I've seen everything - 2 cans of Newman's Own Dog Food! Have never seen that in any store. He has explored the whole house and finds it cooler to stay inside - it is supposed to hit 100 outside sometime in the next 3-4 days- no end in

He barks when he hears neighbor dogs outside; but has yet to hear the coyotes at night. He loves to snuggle in my lap and I'm not sure if I want to encourage that too much - especially in hot weather. Noises scare him but he learns quickly and doesn't flinch after the first instance - ice machines in the fridge door and coffee bean mills are the best examples so far.

He rode well in the car, didn't make a peep and slept a lot of the way. He has eaten almost a cup of dry food and 1/3 can of Newman's Own so far. He didn't like an imitation bacon flavor Vita Snack but very delicately chewed up an Alpo Snack he got as a reward for coming in through the
doggy door. Trial and error will determine which little snack he takes best for a reward. I guess priority items now are doing the doggy door, finding a good place to do business and navigating steps. He and Bob the cat mutually ignore each other; Bob is slightly standoffish with me - Jealousy? But he goes about his business as usual around the house. This afternoon, during the TV baseball game, will brush him - and he has no qualms at all about me picking stickers out of his fur and off his feet. He has no concept of being snappy or snarling like my old dog.

More later,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Little Tess, not so little anymore, is living it up here in Canada with her mom and dad at their summer vacation spot. From these pictures one can certainly tell that life is good for this little Cairn!

Babs is One Lucky Lady!

Dear Lynn and Mary:

I think it's time for a Riley update. I'm sure you're anxious to hear about our new life together.

What can I say? She's just a lovely little lady. There's nothing that makes me happier than waking up to that little face staring at me first thing in the morning (as she perches daintily on my chest).

She's happy, peppy, incredibly well behaved, a great watchdog, an eager eater, a great playmate, and an all-around excellent pal. She greets all my friends with great enthusiasm, gets along famously with my grandbabies (ages 4 and 9) and their chihuahua and Bichon, and is just sheer joy to have around.

My housemate, Steve, frequently takes her on long walks, and she is an avid music enthusiast when Steve gives his blues guitar lessons on the deck. I have to confess that I got a bit jealous because one night she went upstairs (that's where Steve lives) and spent the night with him. So the next night I solved the problem by placing a gate across the stairs, and from that point on, she has been sleeping with me. Silly, I know, but I missed waking up to that wonderful little face, and Steve didn't seem to care one way or the other, so . . .

I've never left her alone at home for more than a couple of hours. She really didn't want to get into the crate last time, so I left Animal Planet on TV, and she was just fine when I got home. She's about the most un-neurotic and well-behaved dog I've ever had.

I can't thank you enough for providing me with such a delightful little buddy.

I'll keep you posted. By the way, her "talking" has yet to take place, but I'm greatly looking forward to it!

She's a wonderful, wonderful little girl.

Love, Helaine

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stephanie - Manny's Mommy or BFF?

Stephanie decided that Manny needed a mommy since we don't know anything about his real mommy (he's a puppy mill rescue). With a little help from me, she became his "mommy".

Watson fka Woolcott is Quite the Ladies' Man!

It has been two years since we adopted Watson formerly known as Woolcott. He is lounging at my feet right now.

He has made such progress. He now can alert us to when he needs to go outside and do his business by sitting a tthe back door. We haven't had any accidents inside for over six months. He is sleeping through the night though not in a crate. He made it clear that he was not a crate kind of guy. He prefers a bed right next to ours.

He loves cuddling and will follow me or my husband from room to room. He travels great in the car with his seatbelt harness. Though he can be shy with men, he loves the ladies and will greet every female guest who comes in our home.

Thank-you for making it possible to have this wonderful little guy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eva Advances in Agility

Eva's moving beyond the Beginner and into Intermediate Agility Class after this month. As you call tell from these pics and videos, WE have a long way to go/my handling is 99% of the problem. But, we are having fun and hope to keep learning and improving!! My friend came to class last night and kindly took lots of video footage and pictures-
Thought some of you would enjoy.
Jana in PA

Bow's Gotcha Day #6

Well for those of you who remember that little ornery, rambunctious puppy with too much energy on his hands, Bow, he has been with us for 6 years as of yesterday!!!

Wow how time flies!! And what a wonderful, well-behaved gentleman Bow has turned into. He's smart, handsome, energetic when it's appropriate, and snuggly when it's appropriate, but still barks too loudly for my neighbors' enjoyment!

He still does not like other male dogs in his face, and is very wary of strangers bending over the top of him. That kind of interaction with strangers still makes the fear aggressive monsters in his closet creep back to the surface. But. . . I work hard to shield Bow in any new situations -- that include new dogs and new people.

He has won the hearts of his agility instructors -- they love his live-life-to-the-fullest cairn attitude! He loves his new baby sister Ivy -- she can usually entice him into a wrestling match! Bow loves to do freestyle -- and playing in the sprinkler and hiking are still his MOST favorite activities!

Thanks to all of you who helped Bow come into Col. Potter and then to come into our home! He's certainly brightened it up and made it more lively. Bow's taught me almost more than I wanted to know about terriers, but he's made me a smarter woman!

Happy Summer and hugs to you all,
Heidi and Bow in California

We "Gotcha Daffy"

Happy Gotcha Day Miss Daffodil!! It is hard to believe that 3 years ago Daffodil (Daffy) came into our lives. Matthew and I drove from Missouri to California to Foster Heidi J's house to pick-up our little girl. Karen O was our MMer then -- thank you ladies. It was a match made in heaven.

Daffodil is pictured sleeping with her big sister Eden. Daffy is on the right -- our sweet little girl...still shy, still barks some at Dad and is still most content in her bed. We love her so.

Blessings to CP and Blessings to you our sweet Daffodil,,,you could not be more loved than what you are today.Mom and Dad, human Brother Matthew. Sister Eden and Brother Scooter.

Marlene T in Liberty (Kansas City), Missouri

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jasper fka Lord Randall Taylor is home in Portland, OR

Lord Randall Taylor (now known as Jasper) went to his forever home today. He will live the good life with a terrific forever mom, Melinda, and two new brothers (of the two-legged variety), Sean and Sam. They live pretty close by so I will get to see him in the future. It was very hard to see him go as I love him A LOT but it helped knowing he is going to a wonderful home. Thank you to all who helped with his rescue and adoption! (yes, Denise, I sent along his red Kong ball. Thank you again for sending it to me. It is still his favorite thing!)
Foster Mom Wendy in Portland, OR

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Twister is now Tuffy

Our precious new boy arrived safe and sound this morning, thanks to our Matchmaker, his Foster Parents and all the other wonderful volunteers of CPCRN. He is absolutely the most amazing little fella and was instantly named "Tuffy". I guess we felt that after all the changes in his life that he's had to make, he has to be a toughy to still be so sweet and adapt so beautifully. I think he's making a remarkable transition. He has totally explored the house inside and out, took a long walk around the neighborhood, leaving lots of massages, has played catch like a NY Yankee and has done his "job" outside twice. I've already gotten several kisses! You were so right about sending him cargo on Continental. They seem to be very caring when it comes to pet travel and Tuffy didn't appear traumatized upon arrival. Plus, they delivered him to the pick-up area very quickly after the flight arrived, so he didn't sit around anywhere waiting to be delivered to us. Thanks again, for all your help in getting this little bundle of love into our arms.
This is why we do what we do!

(pictures will be posted asap)

Dr. Jon writes about Senior Dogs

Dr. Jon writes daily for The following article was recently posted there and I thought you'd enjoy it too. We know how special our cairns are; especially those fosters for whom we are seeking forever homes where they will know love, maybe for the very first time. For more info, from, search on "senior" for a list of dog and cat article.I hope you like the article!
You have probably heard the story about "Stump", the Sussex Spaniel who won the world's most prestigious dog show- the Westminster Dog Show.

Why is this such a cool story? It's because Stump is the oldest dog to ever win the Westminster!

When we think about aging in humans or animals, most of us think it is a state of decline. But this 10-year-old beauty really made people stop and rethink their views on aging.

10-year-old dogs are considered "senior" dogs. So Stump's win at the Westminster Dog Show would be like a senior person winning a beauty contest or a marathon. Talk about a "perfect 10"! Very cool indeed!

So what does Stump's story tell us? Well, it just goes to prove that, with good nutrition and good veterinary care, "10" may be the new "6"!

If your dog is senior dog or soon will be, here are some tips on Making the Transition from Adult to Senior Dog.

And while you're at it, check out these other good articles on senior dogs:

What to Expect as Your Dog Ages

I have one more article for you. It tells you how to care for your geriatric dog. It is a very good article that goes through detailed recommendations for his home care, veterinary care, vaccines, nutrition and more. Go to: How to Care For Your Geriatric Dog.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. What is the real way to compare the ages of dogs and people. Are those sayings about "doggy years" true, or are they myths? For the real scoop, read Dogs and People - What is the Age Comparison?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bolero now Brodie

Quick update on our Brodie boy (fka Bolero). He is really at home now, had his second appointment at the groomers as you can see he looks beautiful. And he had his first appointment at the vet, since the vet is female he did wonderful. The stiffness in his back legs is almost un-dectable, due to the puppy massages and exercises. His pads have callused over so we will see what this winter brings. He has learned to sit up and beg with the best of them. Although he did seem very scared I took him to the vet seperated from Aila, I worried he thought he was going to be given away, but was very happy when he returned to his homestead, he play fights with my husband and son, and even takes toys back from Aila now. He has a great love for many peanut butter cookies and will even climb onto my chest to take them out of my mouth. Him and Aila have become quite the pair we thought they would be. He has truely found his one true home, and is the sweet boy you knew he would be. He still prefers me over anybody but seems just as content with Justin or Dan when I am not around. I guess for the most part I can say he is happy and SPOILED, he weights 18 lbs, and healthy. The vet feels this is a healthy weight for him. Thank you so MUCH for allowing me the privilage of having and loving this little boy. With warm regards, Cindie

Shipwreck is now Skippy

Do you remember reading about Shipwreck becoming a Col. Potter Kid? Here is a link to that story: Now, as Paul Harvey would say, "is the rest of the story". Shipwreck is now Skippy and lives with his furever Dad Paul in Attleboro, MA. Paul writes:

Skipper has adapted well here in Attleboro, MA. He runs around
the house and the yard; always wagging his tail and quick to roll over for a

Occasionally he will bump into a door,
chair or wall or if I call him he sometimes cannot find me because of his poor
eyesight but he is a sweetheart.

He follows me around the house when I
move room to room. He howls for his food in the morning and jumps on his hind
legs when I get his bowl. I call him 'Skip' or 'Skippy' and then the tail starts
And this is why we do rescue.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Charlie Block/Metzger fka Charleigh O'Doyle Gets Adopted

We had the nicest day. This morning Tim and I drove to a Cracker Barrel just south of Atlanta where we met Charleigh's new mommies who flew down from Boston to pick him up.

It was a perfect adoption! He took to them immediately and they thought he was just the sweetest and most handsome little boy.

We could not have chosen a lovelier home for him!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tucker Figures It Out!!

Well, it took 7 months, but I think Tucker has finally figured it out. Tonight he rang the bell to go outside and potty for the very first time! We are so proud of him. We've tried and tried to get him to ring the bell, but he's always been too afraid. I guess he just picked it up from watching his Westie sister, Zoe. Needless to say, he got lots of "good boys", scratchies and a treat. This news was just too good...we had to share it. That's our boy! Patte in TN with Tucker fka Canada

Mardee Celebrates Canada Day

Here's a picture of Mardee enjoying the beach at Ambleside, West Vancouver on Canada Day. Thanks to Joellyn for bringing him all the way from Wisconsin on June 26!

Another Cairnadian Ceres Sends an Update

I had to bring you up to date on the progress of our little princess Ceres, for it's after her first anniversary with us, and it feels like she's always been here. We are amazed daily when we watch her and interact with her- just how far she's come.
It's incredible that she was considered unadoptable at one point, for a more loving and content dog there never was! It brings tears to our eyes as we realize what a unique personality was hidden among her fears. Her tail never stops wagging, she plays incessantly with her meriad of toys and personal treasures - like my slippers and Marts' old work shirt.
She goes off to her crate like clockwork every night and any time after midnight when either of gets up, she joins us on the bed and sleeps with her chin on my shoulder, or even on my cheek sometimes. We go" walkies " every day the weather permits, and she dutifully does her business, often she decides she wants to run - almost pulling whoever has the leashes off their feet.
Her joy is absolutely infectious, and it took her months before we discovered she has a voice and will chat at great length with us. Her favourite game is belly rub and she's always willing to come on the couch where she flips over on her back to get her way. We love her to distraction - I guess you figured that out! and our only wish would be for a little brother for her.
Oh yes, she travels like a dream - quietly in her crate whenever we put her there, never barks in hotel rooms or our relatives homes, and we just introduced her to boating which she took to like a duck to water. Just yet we don't know if she's a swimmer, I plan to explore that soon.
All in all, the miracle of her has charmed our lives, and we consider her a precious gift from heaven come to replace the two other Cairns we loved and lost. Just had to share that sucess story of a sad scared little dog who was like the butterfly coming out of a cocoon.
I'm hoping within a few months we can introduce her to a little boy foster with the aim of adopting another rescue - I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll accept a playmate now that she's secure here.
Thanks to all the Colonel Potter folk who made her rescue and survival possible!
Pat MacQ

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Wishes for a Happy Canada Day - courtesy of Dilys, former CP kids - Captain Jack, Davy Jones and Barbie! Cairns don't land in high cotton in Canada, but maybe we could say they have landed with their bums in the butter.

First Gotcha Day for a Princess

I can't believe it has been a whole year since Chloe joined our little family. On June 29, 2008, after leaving her foster mommy Marie in VA very early in the morning, she finally arrived in upstate NY in the late afternoon. Needless to say she immediately let her new brother Gilly know that she was a Princess and to "stop sniffing me!" To this day he is cautious around her, even tho she has never told him off again! There were a lot of new scary noises here and she was very fearful at first, but she watched big brother and followed his lead in everything. Now a year later she loves to meet new people, go for walks, and to snuggle. Some sudden noises still scare her and she is fearful when coming in the back doors, almost as if doors had been slammed in her face. Toys are her passion and now she spends a good deal of time destuffing them, so that my floors often look like a stuffing factory blew up in here! But her true Princess nature comes out on walks. At least one time she puts on the brakes-"I'm a Princess and I will not walk any further--you must carry me" so she gets a brief carry and then it's back to a regular walk. It's hysterical to see: 4 paws firmly planted on the ground and a "you can't make me" look. Yes, she has everyone wrapped around her little paw, her brother looks at her like "oh give me a break!" and off we go on a happy little stroll.
Thank you Col. Potter for letting me adopt this sweetie.