Tuesday, May 31, 2011

McDuffy's Memorial Day Photo

From Karen O in Yuma AZ: I wanted to share a couple I took of McDuffy by himself in front of the flag.  He is such a good boy, putting up with all of the girls' antics.  McDuffy was my first CP adoptee.  He was being fostered up in Medford, OR, so I flew up there, stayed the night with his foster mom, and flew back home with him.  I think it created a special bond between the two of us, as he's always been a momma's boy.

All I can say is "WOW" Handsome to the max!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Henry Ready for His Next Best Life!

Saturday, we got up at 3:30am to get the pack here fed a light breakfast and pottied, and we packed up the van with 3 of our kids AND HENRY C - it was his special day!  We drove through rain and drizzle and April-like weather (was forecast to be a high of 82, but we only saw 69 degrees, and that was for a few short miles) to Iowa City, IA.  Joe and Michelle, Henry's new parents, drove from St. Paul to meet us there, halfway for us both.  We met at a park where we could get the kids out on a grassy area, and because of the weather, there were few people there, so it was a quiet and wonderful spot to meet.
Joe and Michelle are two of the warmest, quietest, calmest people I've ever met.  And it was obvious they had already fallen in love with Henry.  We handed them Henry's leash, and they let him come to them on his own accord (which for outgoing Henry, greeting them took only a few seconds).  We let the kids investigate the new smells and wander around while we talked.  We had to laugh - Henry's bandanna - even though I'd rolled it a few times to make it smaller - became like a sling for his left front foot as he kept stepping into it and catching his foot, so he'd hobble around until one of us saw him caught and released it.  We took our pics and then took his bandanna off so Henry could maneuver more easily.  Michelle asked about grooming, and I'd taken my favorite tools - a pin brush for just quick clean-ups, a metal comb, my 32 tooth Mars, and a regular bristle brush for the last brush to catch any hair that's clinging.  I showed her how to use them on one of our kids that I hadn't done anything with in quite a while, and she'll be purchasing the Mars and probably the comb off the Mall :-)
Joe and Michelle are both professionals - no children - and Henry will be their first dog since they married, and their first Cairn! They'd done their research on breeds and decided that the Cairn's energetic personality was the dog for them and their active lifestyle, and they wanted to do the right thing and adopt a rescue dog.  Henry's the perfect dog for them as even though he came from a breeder, he's young and few little mill issues. For such a young dog, he can be a little lover, spending time on your lap to get loved on, in between finding things to entertain himself (stealing items from a low trash can, prancing thru the house with your dirty laundry, shredding a napkin left on a sofa table, relocating your shoes, etc. . . . ..LOL).

And Joe and Michelle are undaunted about his bobble head - which since he was a little stressed from the long ride, he did have a bit of a head shake a few times, so they got to see it before we'd gone.  Joe works until noon during the summer, so Henry will have short days alone for a while, and they'll be able to work with completing his housetraining.  We talked about the area they live in and our love of lighthouses and found they do frequent trips up the shore of Lake Superior, and they like to visit Split Rock Lighthouse, so I know a picture of Henry with Split Rock Lighthouse will be coming my way over the summer. LOL  And they've told us if we ever come up their way to make sure we plan to stop and visit!
We completed the paperwork, handed his bag over to them, and it was time for us both to get on the road and start our five hour drives home.  I don't believe Henry looked back - he was content in Michelle's arms and ready for the next chapter of his life :-)
And I did ask about his name.  They think Henry fits him perfectly and are keeping it :-)
So Happy Forever, little Henry C!  We'll miss you but know you're where you were meant to be -
Kathy H in MO

Every Toto (and Darby) Needs a Dorothy

An update on Darby in Texas:
6 months ago this weekend our lives changed---Nov. 28th 2010.  This marks the day we picked up Darby/Ciao ar the Dallas Airport.  She flew in from Penn. where she was in Foster Care with the B's.  She was rescued in October from a puppy mill, was quite confused scared.  In spite of that, she has been such a WONDERFUL dog!!  We can't tell you how she has changed our lives.  Darby is our 4th cairn.  Our last Cairn, Matty, died unexpectedly in Oct.  We were shocked and sad but knew just the right dog would come along to join us in this journey called "LIFE"......

Then we found out about Col Potter and after a lot of anticipation We were told we could have Darby!!!  God knew who we needed!!!  She is perfect!  Our 1st Cairn was Silver black Brindle, our next 2 were Wheaten; now we had come full cycle and we got Darby, a Black Brindle.  She is beautiful!  She is so dark we can't see her around the house at night!!!  She has learned to get out of our way so we don't trip over her!!!  She is so smart and so wants to please!  She looks to us as the folks she use to dream about the first 2 yrs of her life!  She is our Toto dog and we are her Dorothy!!!

She does well at the Groomers and loves to be brushed and thinned with the comb from Col. Potter.   She has been groomed 3 times and some golden fur is peaking through her black pretty!!!

Darby found out it DOES snow in Texas !!!  She finds it very COLD and is very curious about it!:
Darby loves to nap on sheets and blankies which we, of course, keep in every room of the house!  

She LOVES her bones and spends a lot of time chewing on them and laying on her couch blankie!  She will chew on one for awhile and spend the rest of the night running all over the house finding a safe place to bury it.  Moving it from place to place!!

She LOVES her backyard and plays with the squirrels and birds!  She is very polite she will NOT scratch at the door to come in....instead she will sit 3-5 feet away from the door and wait patiently for us to notice!!  And she doesn't feel like she has to bark at the neighbor dogs or the wind.  Our other Cairns were very scared of storms--you would think the world was coming to an end!  NOT DARBY!!!  Rain, Wind, Thunder, Lightening even Tornadoes----NO BIG DEAL !!!  WE LOVE THAT!!!!!!  She even takes the yard guys in stride!!  I guess the main thing that gets her barking is the doorbell and she is still a little nervous with people coming into the house.  MUCH better than at first!  

Darby's most important job is chasing the squirrels between the tree and the fence.  The squirrels yap at her and tease her all day!!  She finally decided the best way was easier to just sit under the tree to "stay in control" of those squirrels!

Our daughter's cairn, Presley, spent the weekend 2 weeks ago, and they spent a lot of time looking out her favorite window and spotting the squirrels in the backyard.

Darby is so loving and doesn't take her new home for granted.  She greets us every time we come home or even come into the room with kisses.  She has the funniest way of getting our attention---she will CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP her teeth together REALLY loud!!  It's Hilarious!!!  and Yes it does get  the attention she is looking for!!!  She  also dances on her back feet and flaps her front paws!  That works too!!  She loves to cuddle, have her tummy rubbed and her unconditional love is truly a Blessing!!  We humans should be dogs sometimes!!  



Vicki and Steve B in Texas

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Narcissus Blooms and Zooms in Her Furever Home

Narcissus (now Sissy) is happily in her forever home. Her new moms came all the way Tennessee to pick her up. They have e-mailed a few times indicating Sissy has adjusted well and loves to play chase with her new brother Tobey. They also indicated Sissy was the main instigator!! It was hard to say good bye to her, but it is so nice to know she is happy and being loved and will be forever. 

Foster Mom Mary B
Kenosha, WI
Zoomer and her new moms

Aon Visits Foster Mom

After several very happy years in his furever home, Jenni L's foster boy paid her a visit.  

Jenni says "And he's an adorable little guy!"

Pranks Takes Her Throne as Princess

Pranks, now known as Princess, has moved to her fur-ever home in Topeka, KS.

Don't you know by her new name that she has landed in high cotton?!

She has moved right in like she knew it was home at first sight. Her new mom, Marjorie, just loves her to pieces.

Lynn B. in KC, KS

Star Meets Her New Family

Puppy Star, of the Dr. Seuss group was escorted by Foster Mom Alice from St. Louis to Conneticut. 
Star's family was waiting eagerly for her. Brother Graham was excited because he got out of school early to come to the airport! 
Star was excited because she got to wear her favorite pink dress!!

Kasey Loves Toys, Walks and Cheese!!

Kasey was a puppy mill mom and still has some issues we're dealing with.  She was in a wonderful foster home in New Jersey for about 5 or 6 weeks before we got her.  It's sort of weird because she is still nervous around my husband - won't play when he's around and really doesn't play with me - but she plays with her toys when I'm in the room.  However, she seems to love to go for walks with him and she's his best friend whenever he's got CHEESE!

For the most part, she finds a corner of the sofa her safety zone and that's where she usually is.  She just turned three last weekend, but sometimes seems older - I think just because she doesn't play as much as our other dogs did.  She loves to ride in the car, but doesn't look out the windows like our other dogs loved to do.  When we first got her she didn't like to go for walks and we had to carry her in and out of doors - she was just afraid of doors I guess.  Now, for the most part, the "door thing" is solved.

Kasey is still a “work in progress”, adjusting to a wonderful life outside the mill. But she is a cairn and that cairn-itude shows more each day!

Furever Mom Donna B

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Abbie Rose - as Pretty as Her Name!

Foster Dad sent a before and after photo of Abie Rose was adopted last Nov. and is now a resident of Pearland Texas.
She cannot be a cuter!!
Ron K
Carpenterville. IL
Abie before
Abie now

Tess' Wonderful Life

Tess fka Aphrodite (famous lovers group) is one special little girl.  Barely out of puppyhood herself, she came to Col. Potter with a litter of her own on board. She safely delivered 6 babies - 3 girls and 3 boys - who were named after Dr. Seuss characters.

After nursing, raising and weaning the puppies found their own furever homes. Then it was time for the Mama’s wonderful life to begin. First Tess flew in cabin from Missouri to Pennsylvania where she joined Brian and Amy’s large clan at Calliope -Wookie (aka “Fabio” and Cairn wannabe), Wookie, Lucy, Missy, Rocky and Gabby - these 2 youngest are Tess’ bestest playmates  Click photo for an updated album of the clan.

Amy also sent a few recent back yard videos:
Tess video 1
Tess video 2
Tess video 3

Tess surely landed in some well-deserved high cotton and now gets all the loving and playing for a very happy furever after!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Juliet NKA Gypsy Update

An update on Gypsy as sent to her foster mom, Deb in New Mexixo:

Hi, Deb,
Well, we've had her for one week and the progress is amazing.  She still tests the furniture rule all the time, part of that is her wanting to look out the windows.  We are opening the door and she can see out the storm door, that helps. We decided not to use the doggie door (Yuma doesn't fit) and she is doing very well sitting at the door when she wants out. 

We have learned that she is very timid and shy with new people.  She barks and puts her tail between her legs.  Your scent rag worked wonderful for us, we never saw that reaction.  We have been ignoring it (this is with friends who are dog people!!) and she seems to settle.  She has taken treats from one neighbor and from a dog trainer.  

We took her in for an evaluation with a trainer and have begun to use a clicker.  She has one more private session and then will begin group classes some time after the holiday.  She also has an appointment with my homeopathic vet on Tues.

She is tolerating the dogs on the other side of the fence much better, but the rabbits still make her a crazy person. Chasing a large ball was a great suggestion, it distracts her from even the rabbits!!!!!!  She and Yuma have started to play, yesterday their best day.

She is wonderful and we love her.  More later, Joyce

Starry Night is 11 years Young

I can't belive how quickly time flies!  Six years ago, Starry was my first foster girl, thanks to CP and Lori and Mike R, who were brave enough to venture to this mill in the middle of nowhere.  She still loves that camera. :)
Karen O
Yuma, AZ
MacKenzie, McDuffy, Starry Night, Holly, and Bree's Mom
Media Team, Home Safety Visit Coordinator, Zazzle Team

Backpack now Kasey's Birthday

Remember BACKPACK?  Well yesterday was his third birthday, first birthday in freedom – and his name is now Kasey. 

Divinity's Amazing Life

Adoption Day 2009

Today is the second anniversary of my adopting Divinity.  So much has happened since we got together two years ago. The attached picture was taken by Divinity's foster mom two years ago today as we were getting to leave her house for Divinity's new home.
During our second year together, many things have happened:

Visit Divinity's own blog here: and read more about her wonderful life.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laments of a Gardener (and Cairn Mom)

It's a gorgeous day here in northern NJ. No rain for a change - 70 degrees, sun. Great day to do a little pruning and planting annuals while the 4 cairns enjoy being outside.

Aside from the crater in the lawn left by Becky, the lawn is looking luscious. Well, there are those numerous but small dirt hills that seem to have popped up overnight. Hmmm...looks like ants hatching.

Oh well. On to some pruning. Go to the shed and grab the tools. Wait, Becky is doing a poop. Have to scoop that up or I'll tread on it. Have to go get the scooper. Now that's done, let me put the scooper away.

OK back to pruning. Wait, Zibby is doing a poop. Better pick that up or Becky will snack on it. Have to go get the scooper. Now that's done, better put it back or I will forget where I left it.

OK back to pruning. Do a quick cairn check. Everybody here? Good. Becky is chasing bees. Yogi and Casey are waiting for the birds to drop of that tree. Zibby is looking out the fence to see what's going on.

Back to pruning. What? ANOTHER POOP? Must have been Casey. Better get the scooper or, well, you know. Better put it back,too.

OK back to pruning. Here is Zibby coming to say hello. Wait, what? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is definitely on purpose! UGH! Back to the scooper. Yes, yes, I put it back.

OK NOW back to pruning. It's getting late already. What's that buzzing sound? What is Becky chasing now? Bees...what are all these things flying around suddenly???

Oh no...wasps...from the holes...hundreds...time for everybody to go inside and take a nap.


Peek-a-Boo Sarut Thanks You!

I’ve heard there are a lot of people who are wondering how Sarut is doing today. Is she happy?
healthy? well-cared for? LOVED?  Did the little dog in that horrific rescue photo even make it or was she kindly put out of her misery?
    Well I know alot of people couldn’t bear to look at that first photo of Sarut and, I admit, she was in terrible shape, even deemed “unadoptable.”  To me she looked gorgeous and I wanted her from the start.  I could only see what I knew she could become with the love and care she deserved; I saw my best friend in disguise.  Because she was so beautiful to me, I was afraid hoards of people would want her and I wouldn’t have a chance at adopting her.  I carried her picture with me everywhere, asking friends and family to pray for her and also to pray for my husband and I to be chosen as her family.  We knew she had very poor vision and may even have to lose her eyes, but we wanted her so much!  She was missing 22 teeth, but we were willing to do whatever it took to help her eat well.  
We rushed to fill out adoption forms, prayed, waited, paced, and went through the processes; home inspection, phone interviews, references, even some begging.  What a day it was when we received approval!  A friend was hired to fly Sarut in coach from Texas to her new home in Ohio; no cargo trip for our princess!  Little Sarut trembled all the way home but, as soon as she got inside, she knew she was home.  She knew where the water bowl was and got herself a nice, long drink.  Then she met her three dog siblings and six cat siblings.  She immediately loved them all and the feeling was mutual.  
Ever since that first night home, Sarut has been enjoying her furever home and family.  She has brought a sense of completion of our little pack and so much joy and love into our home.  To this day she has not done one thing wrong- not one!  Although her vision is poor, she is not completely blind.   The infections and ulcers in them are completely gone.   Due to malnutrition and a severe case of mange, she had thin fur and bald patches.  She now has a full coat of thick, shiny lustrous hair which she fills out rather well, as she has gained nearly ⅓ of her weight since being home.  She learned to play with toys for the first time during her second day here and also enjoys playing with the other dogs and her cats.  We did away with her crate after only a few days because it became too small right away; she had her best friend Nygel, a Mini-Schnauzer, and a three-legged cat, Amir, and Christopher, an orange Tabby, all sleeping in there with her.  With her toys and blankets in there also, it was clearly too much!  
    It is truly amazing how friendly and fearless Sarut is considering her past.  The first 6 ½ years of her life in a puppy mill were horrible.  Yet, she often has a cat eating from her bowl with her and shares her toys with everyone.  She loves to be held and kissed, isn’t afraid of anything or anyone; even likes storms!  Her tail wags constantly these days, even while she’s sleeping.  Her current activities include dive-bombing off the couch onto the large Chow sibling, tug-of-war with Nygel, napping with the cats, playing “chase” with the Greyhound, and watching T.V. with Daddy on his lap.  She really loves it when Mommy makes snacks for T.V. time and gives bellyrubs.  Racing through the yard then dipping in her pool is so refreshing on a hot day.  And oh the fancy clothes she loves dressing up in!  
     Sarut is no longer the horrible, pathetic little mill dog in that rescue picture.  She has been completely transformed and so have we.  She is a living testimony of the miracles that can occur when loving, caring people band together for a good cause.  She is so happy and spreads this joy wherever she is.  While holding her, many people claim to feel “something magical.”  We know what this is, don’t we?  This precious little princess is the best little darling in the world and we are forever grateful to Col. Potter for seeing her potential.  They saved her even though she was deemed “unadoptable.”  Not only is Princess Sarut healed, she is healing.  How tragic to have overlooked such a priceless life in this magnificent little girl!!  We cannot even imagine being without her.  So how did she turn out?  Is she loved?  Is she healthy?  What do you think?
Please "friend" Sarut Cairn Potter on Facebook and follow her wonderful life.

Duke's Tenth Birthday

I groomed Duke a little, all I did was use the Furminator (he has a very thick undercoat) and the  metal comb and I could not believe how much hair I got out of him.  At least he looks a little less like a Yak. 

Suudella is Dearly Loved by Foster and Furever Homes

While I've loved all my fosters, there have been a couple of very special ones along the way. And Suudella was one of those. She was in such sad shape when she arrived - weighed 9.8# at the shelter in Houston - had about 1/2 of her hair from untreated sarcoptic mange, her ears scarred and floppy instead of standing from years of untreated infections. And towing a 25 day old puppy that only weighed 12.5 ounces along beside her. There was a dark cloud in her eyes where the sparkle should have been - a look of despair at what the future would hold. If there ever was a dog deserving to find "the good life", she is definitely one.

We nursed her and her son Fili back to good health. She put on weight, and her hair started to come back in. She was a great mother to Fili - nursed until he decided to make the switch to big boy food a little earlier than I would have liked, and she played gently with him, teaching him how to be an independent and happy boy.

She started to trust, and her tail started to wag - and what a great wag she has - a side to side slow movement of contentment. You could cup her head in your hands and rub her muzzle and her cheeks, and she would close her eyes as if she thought she'd died and gone to Heaven. She was an easy foster as she liked to take up a quiet spot in a bed behind the chairs or under a table where she was out of the way of the rowdier ones in the pack. She got along with all the other kids here, and the only time I ever heard a negative sound out of her was when she was sleeping and another furkid would come wake her up to try taking her spot. She'd give them a sharp chirp of a warning to say LET SLEEPING DOG'S LIE! 

Not often did she bark, but when she did, it started with a funny baying like a hound dog - something she must have imitated from a dog in the mill. She's walked great on a leash, sauntering along beside you, enjoying the trip out to see new things, taking it all in stride.

Last week, Deb e-mailed me that a home in NC was interested in her, and I was anxious to talk to this home, but I was also dreading the thought of this girl leaving. This home had it's challenges as she's a senior and didn't know how to use a computer, but she's got a great neighbor/friend that coached her along, and we did a LOT of talking on the phone to help make this adoption possible. There were a couple of snafu's getting the adoption completed, but today Della flew to NC to be with her new mom Rita and dad Lenny. And I couldn't be more pleased.

Rita is originally from Great Britain, and she's been an absolute joy to work with. They lost their Toto about a month ago from heart disease at the young age of seven. They have a Cairn girl they adopted from a shelter that they've nursed thru having sarcoptic mange, and Rita wanted to help another older dog. Rita's neighbor had suggested she look online for a Cairn rescue, and that's how they found Col. Potter. When she saw Della's picture, she said that's the one. And when she read her story, she knew. Fate and Destiny surely had something to do with this. Rita put in her application, worried that someone would beat her to Della, and she's been like "someone having a new baby" ever since (that's what she told me tonight when she called).

She's checked on Della every day, looking at the website and watching my videos on youtube, with the help of her neighbor. She had her contract faxed in within hours of receiving it. She's bought a couple new dog beds, more toys, and new collars and leashes to have on hand. We've talked almost every day since the match a week ago. A couple of nights ago she called with a concerned sound to her voice. Even though we had discussed it, the horror of the thought of what type of a life Della had come from had hit her, and she asked with a shaky voice - "yours is the first home she's ever been in, isn't it?" And then we talked again about what these kids go thru in a mill, and how they are truly deserving of a life of retirement and love.

I've been in tears all week with two leaving within 24 hours, but Inky is young and I love that she went to a second time adoptive family. I hadn't realized until it was finalized that I was so attached to Della. But she showed me this week that she was ready to move on and be in a family with fewer dogs. When we went to the vet to get her health certificate, we belted her leash in the seat and let her ride where she could look out the window. And she was like a kid in a candy store, watching and absorbing everything new. At the vet's office, her tail wagging side to side never quit. She stepped right up on the scale(weighing in at NINETEEN pounds), she wagged and smiled and would have liked to have checked out every dog that came thru the lobby, but she stayed right by my side as I quietly gave her that command to stay here. I swear she smiled at everyone. And she closed her eyes and enjoyed Dr. Bouse examining her and talking to her and telling her she was a lucky dog. She didn't want to leave the exam room and put on the breaks, and I had to give her a tug and tell her it was time to go home.

When we arrived home, I put her out in the back yard to potty, and I talked across the fence to my neighbor. Della watched me as I talked, her tail wagging side to side, and then she started rolling in the grass on her back, and pulling herself across the yard on her belly, giving herself belly rubs. What a happy, silly girl.

Today, we let her ride to the airport out of her crate since she'd be in it so long, and she rode part of the time on my lap - I could feel her muscles getting shaky standing on me so finally sat her down in the van floor, and she sat the whole way on a quilt that was there between Barney's and my seat. At the airport, she never flinched once while out for her final walk before getting in her crate, and there were lots of planes taking off and delivery trucks bouncing thru the parking lot. I called Rita when we had her checked in, and she had given Chico a bath and was about to shower herself and they were going to the airport an hour before the flight was to arrive. That tickled me to hear of them prepping like they were expecting someone very important. She'd been up since 5 this morning, giddy with excitement about her new girl arriving. LOL

So when Rita called to let me know they were home and safe and how happy she is and how beautiful they think Suudella nka Molly is and how her tail is wagging side to side, I know she's where she was meant to be. Rita has fallen in love with her I think just as much as when a mother takes that first look at her newborn.

Jody the neighbor has promised that she'll take pics of Della with her new family and send them to me :-) I can't wait to put a face to Rita's voice. She told me that she wished we lived close because she'd love to come over and help with the dogs. And I believe she truly would. And I think we'd be the best of friends because she's truly a dog person.

And I'm at peace tonight, knowing my Suudella is dearly loved :-) This is what it's all about and why we foster.

Thank you to MM Deb C and to Kathy T for getting the contract done with such short notice -
Kathy H in MO

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Kayla La La fka Mancala

Furever Mom says:

Furever Mom says: Just thought I'd share a picture of Kayla La La fka Mancala, rescued in Dec. 2008 by CP. She adopted me Jan. 2009, Kayla La La is a very happy little girl and a joy to be around! hard to believe she was a mill girl, happy and full of life, energy and always a smile! She has a cairn sister named Sadie Jo, they ZOOM and play all day, that's their job and they do it well! LOL
Lynne, Kayla La La and Sadie Jo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cotello's New Family

Foster Mom Pam wrote: Well, my sweet Cozi didn't hardly give me a backward glance, he was too excited to jump in the car with his 3 kids and new parents. I guess anybody who would drive 6 hours one way with their kids in tow might be worthy of my little guy.

This is Brett and his family live in SC near CP Member Bonnie. He is an ED nurse at Bonnie's hospital where they met in October at a disaster drill event and when he heard Bonnie had cairns he couldn't wait to hear more! 

Bonnie says: The family had been a little while without a dog and had decided on a cairn for the breed. We talked quite a bit whenever I made my rounds and he was working in the ED and often visited the CP site. I did their HSV. He is a great guy and his wife and kids couldn't be nicer or more loving. They even wanted this little guy when they thought he might be blind in one eye. It's a wonderful lesson for his kids on rescue and a great addition to their family. We plan to have some doggy play dates.

From the photo, it looks like Cozi might already be planning some fun with his oldest sibling of the two-feet variety!

Daffodil Has A Birthday!

Our special little Daffodil is 9 years old today.  This July we will have had her for 5 years.  She is JJ's daughter and litter mate to Tulip.  So happy Birthday Tulip !  A true CP family that was rescued - thank you everyone.
Daffy is getting along well - new baby steps all the time - she is such a joy.  In one picture she is waiting by the fence to chase the big dogs next door and the other is treat time with sister and brother.  She does not like her picture taken!!

Marlene T.
Liberty (Kansas City), MissouriMom to CP's Daffodil (Daffy), Eden (WCK) and Holke/Scooter da man
CP's Rainbow at the Bridge running with First Cairn - Sniffer