Sunday, December 28, 2008

Capt Carter Gets Transfer Orders to His Forever Home!

Capt Carter, former resident of the Confederate Officers Retreat, has nowt ransferred to his forever home base in Boynton Beach with Britni R and her fiancée Joe. He will be the consulting commander of their home with their other dogs and Britni's horses.

Capt Carter would like to express his appreciation to his friend Col Potter for re-assigning him from the shelter in North Carolina to the Retreat in Orlando, FL. He also said that while he learned a lot about the mill life from Capt Butler, he said that his lifetime owner gave him too many treats and no medical attention so that he was a fat curmudgeon when his owner died and nobody in the family wanted him.

His CP makeover started with 13 extractions from dental neglect, a prescription i/d diet for his stress colitis, arthritis meds for an old untreated crushed ankle and an exercise program to help with the weight loss and overall health.
For a senior officer, his response was dramatic. Over 7 months, he lost apound a month so he is now at a svelte 15 pounds with just the Science i/d and regular walks.

He is confident, strong and healthy; he's not a snugglebunny but he is constantly in motion as he walks with you wherever you go, as well as his regular patrols around the yard and house. And he even let me groom his face with not one snap from those 4 remaining teeth! All that was needed for this12 year old was simple medical attention and care for years of "benign neglect." His bright personality and Cairnness was always there but hidden by pain.
Hip hip HOORAY for the Captain!
Ruth in Orlando, FL

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