Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bodie's Winter Wonderland

I've never seen a dog love snow this much. During the first big snow storm in Connecticut, Bodie was peering out the winter, patiently awaiting his first romp through the fluffy cold wonderland. When I opened the door to let him outside, he bursted through the doorway, dove head first into the snow, mouth open. The snow was at least 8 inches high, and covered the pooch from paw to head. He galloped through the snow effortlessly and looked happier than I have ever seen him before. With each step he kicked up a cloud of fresh snow, and he grabbed pieces of it out of the air to indulge. His fur-brother Shaq was mystified with Bodie's behavior. He didn't think snow was all that interesting. But Bodie, he looked like the happiest Cairn in the world playing in his first Connecticut Winter Wonderland. Happy Holidays!

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