Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cairn Babies - Watchdog & Thief - in a good way!

Sara and Maddie have been with us for almost 2 months. We picked them up in Arkansas from Lori & Mike. They have been adjusting well to their new home. Sara is our little watch dog. Maddie is a little thief and loves to steal any clothing item. Loves to play with her toys. Here is a picture of them enjoying their first day at the beach with "Mom". Very curious about the waves crashing against the shore. Just wanted to share our new "babies" and how happy we are to have them in our home.

Cathy and Scott A in MA

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mick (fka Rammer) Goes to the Dog Park

Bonnie in SC sent this photo of CP boy Rammer, who is now called Mick, with his new mom at the dog park.

Bonnie says, I am the volunteer photographer for the Westie Club of Charleston (cairns, scotties, norwiches also welcomed) and there was a group event today at our local small dog park. I met Mick fka Rammer who has been in his new home for 4 days and was there with his fursib Mr. Spock and his pawrents. This is a picture of him with his new Mom. He has landed in High Cotton and we plan to meet them at the park again next week with Zander, Bea and Neha. Another happy ending SIGH and she couldn't say enough nice things about Col. Potter.

Happy furever Mick!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

King Kirby Rules!

Seems that Foster Mom Gail was missing her boy Halyard (now known as Kirby) so asked furever Mom Julia for an update.

But first, according to Gail's unbiased opinion"
Kirby/Halyard is the most perfect older gentleman ever known. He is kind, gentle and such a great companion. He went to a home in Virginia with one of the more beautiful women on earth who also dotes on this guy.

And Mom Julia seems to agree, sending this great update:
Gail, how kind of you to ask. Kirby has adjusted very well to being the king of the household. He sleeps with me and is not any trouble. He can sense when I'm awake and puts his front paws on my chest to greet me. After I put him on the floor (the bed is too high for his aged legs), he has a big burst of energy and plays with his animals until I get dressed. He then wolfs down his breakfast, goes for a walk where he performs admirably--then home to take a nap. What a life!

He really is a sweet dog. He was attacked in the Peta dog park a few weeks ago by a bulldog and a large dog of indeterminate parentage. They jumped him and I had to call for help to get the dogs off him. He has been afraid to go into the park ever since, which is a shame because he used to love it. But he still gets his walks.

We do call him Kirby or "Kirby Underfoot" because he seldom strays more than a foot away from me. He is so funny about the cat. He looks through Sumo as though he does not exist. I don't think he believes a cat is a real person the way he is.

Thank you again for caring for him so well.
My best to you and your girls.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Midori - Most Adored

Dearest Col. Potter Friends,

We adopted Midori from you almost six years ago and she has been the most adored and amazing creature we've ever had. Because of everything she went  through before we were lucky enough to bring her into our family, it took her several years to become her full, whole, and extraordinary self. She was frightened of almost everything in the beginning and didn't make a
single sound for almost a year and a half. We gently poured love into her every day, and at night I sang lullabies, and slowly, day by day she started to come out of her shell of fear and dread.

Today she is completely happy, plays like a puppy (although she is now 13 years old) loves people and animals, and except for some Saturday mornings when she continues to shake uncontrollably (we think something awful must have happened to her on Saturdays) she is ultra relaxed, calm, and playful and incredibly loving. She is the most intelligent, conscious, dog we've
ever had and every day we thank you for finding her and allowing us the gift of bringing her into our lives.

After eating every meal, she comes up to whoever made the meal and literally kisses that person on their hands. It's very clear she's saying  thank you! At night we put her on the couch between us and she immediately rolls over on her back and stretches out so we can rub her tummy for as long as possible. When we're done she kisses us both again on our hands
and is ready for bed.

It has been the most incredible joy to watch her become her full and whole self over these past years and we feel blessed to have been able to give her the love, safety, and life she so needed.

Thank you all,
Steve and Jane C
Oakland, CA

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bye-Bye Bertie (Lambert) - Hello Furever Home


Foster Mom Susan B. in Murfreesboro, TN writes:
Bertie (CP Boy Lambert) met his new mom, Judy, and her friend Don today. As you can see, Bertie enthusiastically approved of his new mom. After they arrived, he only had eyes for Judy and Don and took turns sitting in each of their laps and getting their attention. Bertie is on his way home now to start his new life. He never looked back. It was another great match made in heaven!

Just look how handsome he is - groomed and wearing his Col. Potter bandanna.
Every happy wish to Bertie and his furever home!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Basque's Wonderful Childhood

Just thought we give an update on little Basque. Now imagine a child that has just learned there are toys and other kids to play you have Basque. This little furkid gets cuter by the minute. She has discovered that her sister furkids all love to play and it is a riot to see the 4 jumping and running together. Basque especially likes Kendall and they both seem to play the longest together and initate all actions. One minutes they are on top of each other, the next rolling on the floor, then running outside chasing each other and more fun. What is interesting is our Mother Superior as we call her, MacKenzie keeps a close watch and barks if things get out of hand. Basque is also having so much fun re-arranging the toys from the toy box to the back yard but did get a warning about touching Rosie's Col. Potter blanket.

Basque has also discovered she can move things with her mouth. As a matter of fact we have plotted all items in the house and any thing between the floor and two feet is not safe. I found her and Rosie both dragging the family room entrance carpet out the patio door to the backyard.....everything and any thing appears to be free game. Even the humidifier was on its way out until Foster mom spoiled the fun and said a stern NO.

Basque is also coming closer to Foster dad and accepting treat from his hand when he is not looking. Tonight Basque surprised us with a new hiding place. While Foster Mom was busy getting ready for Easter Dinner she found it odd the kitchen cabinet garbage drawer kept opening so Foster Mom kept closing it (lucky softly). This went on for a bit until Foster Mom started wondering why Basque had not come around lately especially since Foster Dad and that teenager were busy elsewhere.....the idea hit her to open the garbage drawer all the way and sure enough there was Basque as happy as anything. Basque has also learned how to open the garbage cabinet door but hitting it.

Foster Mom forget to tell Foster dad about this and while foster Mom went shopping Foster dad decided to count tails and came up one short. This caused quite a commotion and an immediate lock down was declared and the neighor Cairn Rescue team (lead by our neighbor an ex-marine) was engaged. A search of the house with Foster Dad in a panic was conducted while the ex-Marine and his band of troops (kids aged 12, 8, 6 and 5 year old) started looking around the neighborhood. (yes we have actually practiced this drill). A short time later Foster Mom arrived home and of course there was Basque fast asleep in her new space. Ice cream for everyone and we went about our business while I saw the family room carpet again go by and heading for the back yard pation door.

Basque wishes everyone a Happy Easter and vows to continue to surprise us! She can now be seen looking for an easter bunny and/or easter squirrel in the yard :-)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Very Happy Rough Rider Twix

Foster Mom Linda B sent this photo and great update:

It was over a year ago that Biggie (Bridge) came to our house to live as a special foster. I think he was here for well over 6 - 8 months. There was a few times during our trials and tribulations with this special boy that my husband would say, "This guy is never going to get adopted. He's probably going to live here forever." But Biggie, now Twix, found that special person. For all of you who helped me along the way I am sure this picture of him with his daddy Wes will bring a smile to you. I had happy tears.

He was a very special boy who found that special person to live happily everafter with.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

BZ Is Sweet Sixteen!


We are celebrating my cairn BZ's Sweet Sixteen! She was a backyard breeder's dog that was adopted at age 4 by a patient of mine. When she was getting divorced & couldn't keep her, I offered to take her. She's been with us for 14 months now. Even though she is bossy, would kill for a toy or treat, is only partially housetrained and struggles with her weight (I struggle, she doesn't care!), we adore her & can't picture life without her! We hope she has many more birthdays! We love you BZ AKA Beatrice Zoe!!
Lisa & Wally, MA