Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow-loving Scout

Former Foster Dad says: Sister nka Scout spent almost nine years in a Mill so updates like this make my day.

Above is a really short video link of Scout in her Christmas present. I've never used sweaters before, but the wind off our little lake can be quite cold in the winter and with her hair still so short I figured it wouldn't hurt. People stop all the time and comment on how cute she is. We haven't had to use it a lot because our winter has been pretty warm.

The one big snow fall this year gave us about 6 in. and only lasted a few days. Scout loved it! She dashed in and out the dog door and all around the yard. I try to get her out every day for a walk down to the lake. It's about 20 min. there and back. She is still afraid of big trucks, tree work, any thing loud. I just keep taking her out and eventually it will all seem normal to her. 

In the house she's getting to be quite the little Cairn. If I pet Max, she jumps all over me, even biting my hands to get me to pet her. She flops on her back, pawing the air. It's the cutest thing. She's like a little stuffed animal come to life. 

A few weeks ago she caught one of the shrews that live in the ivy along the fence. She checks every day for them. And if a squirrel dares to come in the yard, she is off like a shot! The other day, when I pulled into the garage, I could hear her barking in the house. She never makes a sound, so I was happy to hear her protecting her home.

She is such a joy, we feel very lucky to have found her. I hope that your winter goes by quickly and that Jacket and Toggle make steady progress and turn out as well as Scout did.


Sarut - One Wonderful Year Later

Sarut on her Piano-keyboard quilt

Well last week was Sarut's 1st anniversary with us. Since the very first night of arrival she has remained the perfect little angel. I will NEVER forget that day, pacing about anxiously waiting for the time to pass until it was finally time to leave for the airport. Still, we arrived there way too early. Daddy couldn't even work all day to make the time go more quickly and had to come home early. I can't believe it has been a year already! On the other hand, Sarut behaves as though she has been in our family since the beginning. She is doing so well and is the happiest little girl all the time! She's truly the most well-behave furkid and just so affectionate...we love her to pieces STILL!!!!!! Thank-you all so much for this most priceless jewel.

Laura & Michael P and the gang

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gruffyn Tales

Foster Mom Bonnie sent to great update from Gruffyn's furever Mom:

Unfortunately no photos...I'm sure everyone remembers how much Gruffy hated to have his pictue taken while here. ;) But, wonderful news from Gruffy's new home with former mill girl Missy Tinker:

One might think Gruffy has lived with us his whole life. After investigating the entire house he settled down as if he owned the place. His favorite place to nap is a back cushion on the sofa, they are squishy down like pillows and he has worked it into a "well" that fits him perfectly.

Missy is acting like his mother! He was in his red jammies for the first time in a while and she had to check him out very carefully to make sure they fit him properly. Gruffy whines when he see the cat and Missy has to go comfort him. Head scritching and tummy rubs may start out with Gruffy on my lap and Missy beside us until Gruffy slides down on top of her. Neither one seems to mind.

Don't know how much weight Missy has lost, but she can now wear her pink polka dot parka: Gruffy feels a little heavier, his ribs and spine don't feel so prominent.

The most interesting thing about Gruffy is the change in his color. The dark gray/wheaten patch now covers most of his left flank and the fur up the middle of his back is turning gray. The fur is still fine and thin and I don't think he will ever get back a thick coat like Missy. Oh and I am amazed at how high he lifts his leg to pee. Soooo high he almost topples over.

He and Missy are getting very close. Right now they are sleeping side by side on the sofa.

He looks so jaunty when we go for a walk, with his head held high and his tail at attention. It's like he knows he is a spiffy dude. Eat your hearts out all you girl dog divas!
I (Foster Mom) asked if she might think about returning Gruffy as we miss him sooooo much and
here is her reply: Ummm, talk to me about returning Gruffy in about 30 years or so.

It makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time.
Bonnie in OH with Cairns Gilly & Janna with our precious Georgie
at the Rainbow Bridge, and foster Twitch aka Bunny

Happy Gotcha Day Kayla la!!!


Three WONDERFUL years!!! We LOVE this little girl.

Lynne and Sadie jo

Happy Gotcha Day Jill!


This week, Jill celebrated her 7th gotcha day.
Mom Mary says:
She came to us as a very scared mill momma, but with a lot of love and patience, she has blossomed into a Cairn princess of sorts. She is still timid around people she doesn't know, and isn't very sociable with dogs she doesn't know. No trips to the dog park for her! She is my heart dog. She is now 13 years old and her hearing and sight are failing, but she still LOVES mealtime ( barks because mom isn't fast enough and does a little happy dance when her food is ready)!
She also loves taking a good nap, and snuggling with mom.

Mary S - Houston, TX
Mom to Jack, Jill, Kenzie (CP) & Kallie (CP)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Even Trudy Lou - now Gertie - Has a New Year's Diet

Trudy Lou, now Gertie, really has settled in to her home in Idaho with her new Mom.

She has a "big" (or should we say "little") sister, Heidi.

Gertie will be workng on her girlie figure with added walks and fewer treats.

Gertie has a wonderful home, and we are hoping for updates to see how her New Year Resolution is coming.

Rocket Man Mahar Talks about His Gotcha Day

Hi ebberee bodee,
today iz my 9th gotcha day.  eggzaktly 9 yeerz fum today my mom anna Donna anna Lenora drobe alla way to Woodbury Commons to gitz me anna mayk me part ub da Mahar famblee.
I wuz stayin at Schwartz's on da Sea at Antee Aly's hoem wif Bincent obernite and Antee Aly drobe me to meet mi noo famblee.  it wuz a day jess lyk today. berry kold anna windee wif a liddle bit ub sno.  I diddnt no wut sno wuz kuz I commed fum texus anna wuz fossered at antee Ann and Unkel wayne inna baginnia.
mi sisstr wants ebberee wo wish me a
I fink Iz gunna its chikun or mebee stake or a pumpkin cheezekake.
Rocky Docky Doo
Central NY State
pee yes.....i lub mi sistr butz i still miss my bruddr grommy cuz we wuz da noo yawk heeroz

Chester Shows off His Soccer Moves

Chester (his original name) has been a part of our family for over ten years. He was adopted via the Col Potter Cairn Rescue network, and as you can see from this YouTube link, he is enjoying being part of the Schneider family. You guys can certainly take pride in putting together a safe and happy environment for your one of your rescued Cairns.