Saturday, October 20, 2012


Mom and Dad decided to get married on the beach here in South Carolina
and insisted that by brother Mr Spock, also a Cairn Terrier and I be the "Best Dogs"
We even got Black bow ties to wear,although it did slip a liittle and were part of the
wedding party. We were so good, everyone complimented us on how cute we were
and how well behaved we were. Mr Spock got to carry the rings because he's older
(I could have done it because I have learned to be a very responsible dog though.)
I did need a rest after all the activity though.
Life has sure changed since last March when I was rescued by Col Potter.
I now have my own bed, and I don't go in the house.
I get walkies 3 times a day (except when its too hot in the summer then only 2,
but I go in the yard-on the flowers. I met my first butterfly last week,but it wouldn't stay
it jut kept flitting around my nose and Mom and Dad kept laughing. You know it's great
being a dog !!! 

MICK (fka Rammmer)

Dodd and Cosell AKA Cody and Coswell

About Cody and Coswell:
These two puppies (brothers) were the last of a litter Fostered by Lori R. to be adopted ..together!!! This is a wonderful family with two daughters, a Dad who serves in the Military and a Mom who is takes care of the home (a full time job I am sure). Count on the 'brothers' to take good care of the ladies of the house when Dad is gone from time to time.

And their update:
I started taking some pictures the other day while putting up Halloween decorations when the camera batteries died, so I only got a couple of the dogs.

They are doing great. Everything went smoothly while I was gone.

They love the yard and run and wrestle throughout the day. They still bark a lot but now understand to stop when we tell them, the only problem is if it is something they really want to bark at, we still have to get close to them to make them stop or even bring them inside. That's the biggest threat, if they have to come inside, they know they got in trouble.

They still don't understand the concept of a walk. They love to go but they still pull at the leash most of the walk and they won't go to the bathroom at all. They love barking at the geese along the lake though. I wanted to get some pictures during the walks but they won't settle down enough yet.

We have started to groom them with scissors and clippers a little every night to get them used to it. So now they are in a different stage of grooming whenever you look at them. One ear done, one not, some paws trimmed, some not and so on.

Cody (Dodd) sleeps on our bed every night now. In the morning when I let them out, before I can even turn around to give him a treat he's already up the stairs and back in bed. He loves his comfort. Coswell (Cosell) sleeps on our bed too, most nights but still likes his crate occasionally. He's a lot more sensitive and you have to "invite" him over to pet sometimes. Both are very affectionate and loving and are so good around the kids, especially our 4 year old.

Hope everything is going well back with your families.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geordi's Sad Happy Day

Today was a sad but happy day at my house, because Geordi La Forge just went home with his new dad, Mike. You might remember that Geordi and his sister Vanna came into Col. Potter Cairn Rescue back in July due to some unfortunate family circumstances. Geordi is 12 years old and I kind of expected he would be staying for awhile, but imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail (on my birthday, no less) that someone wanted to adopt Geordi. Happy Dancing here for my little red-headed brindle man.

Although I am sad to see Geordi leave, the Matchmakers do such an awesome job of finding just the right homes and I can absolutely say that Mike is the perfect dad for him. And the good news is that Mike would like to adopt another Cairn from Col. Potter after Geordi settles in and has a chance to be the Alpha Boy that he so richly deserves. So, please join me in wishing Geordi La Forge the happiest of forevers. Enjoy your next assignment, Mr. La Forge – live long and prosper!

Penny A Kent, WA with Cairns Buddy and Shasta (CP’s Shanleigh)
And foster mom to Mr. Geordi La Forge who winging his way to Happy Forever at Warp 10

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sammy Meets the Relatives

Hi fossa mommy an daddy an cairn buddiez!!

I sawwy I habn't witten in so long but we has had teknoligy pwoblems.  We gots our computer back today so now I can sez hi!!

Oh boy oh boy I'b had so meny 'bentures.  Momma sed we was goin to gwamma an gwampa's house but I still sed "wat da heck?!" when hers buckled me in da car.  But den I snuggled in ma bed an was weally good for da drive.  Momma sed I'd meet gwamma an gwampa AND hers sed I hab an aunt an uncle!

Well guess wat?  We gots to gwamma an gwampa's house, and dey is hoomans like momma, but my aunt an uncle is cairns like me!!  Can you beliebe it?!  Dere is cairns like me in da famiwy!!!  I fink dey is da doggies I smelled at my partment!  But dey is not big gwon up doggies like me, dey is babies.  I fink Pippa has battewies cuz hers jus runs an chases balls an chases em again an chases em AGAIN!  Oh boy I coudn't keep up if her.  Jack is weally a baaby, momma sed sometimes dey call him Chompers cuz him in his baby-chomp-on-everyfing stage.  Him kept tryin to chomp on me to get me to play if him but I didn't weally want to.  I was weally nice to him dough.  Momma sed him weally liked me.  Him followed me round lots and we ran togedder in da yard.  Oh boy it was so funs.  I got to take my leash off an run an run an run an run!

Momma sed I barked lots but I tod her I was jus tellin da odder neighbor doggies who I is.  Hers said to tell you I was weally good wen hers tod me to stop.  I kept forgettin an I'd bark an bark but as soon as momma 'minded me I twied so hard to be good.  (Ashleigh here!  There are two Belgian Tervuren Shepherds that live next door.  One is elderly and one's a baby.  Their hooman momma is wonderful - we have playdates and she always surprises our rascals with new toys.  When we were in the same yard, Sam was wonderful.  When we were back in our own yards separated by a fence, he wanted to bark again, but calmed down pretty well as soon as I reminded him with an "ack!"  To the back of our yard there are two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Black Lab, and they ALWAYS get Pippa wound up.  They're both very sweet, but when someone, anyone, lets one "woof!" out, they all start barking.. and barking... and barking...  Everyone wants to get the last word -- or woof! -- in.  So anyway, it was great that Sammy responded at all since that's a tough barking situation.  He's a good boy!)

I weally like my gwamma an gwampa.  Dey sed I is so sweet an so hansum.  It was a wittle hard to be at gwamma and gwampa's house dough becuz I was SO TIREDS.  Dose babies just hab too much energies.  I had so much funs but boy oh boy was I pooped.  At night I would jus sit on gwampa's lap an go seepy becuz I knew da babies woudn't wun into me up dere.

I'm gonna let momma send sum piktures now.  Hers said hers hoped for more piktures and bideos but it is hard to corral free cairns an get all free to look at da camera.  Hey! Is dat a jab at us?!  Oh man, I better talk to her bout dat.

I hope yous habbin lots of fun fossa fam!!  I miss you lots but I love my mommy lots too.  She says I'm such a good boy and we do lots of walkin an snugglin.

Cairn kissez and cuddlez,

Gertie Gives and Gets Joy!

Well, folks, it's been almost a year since I decided to come live in Idaho and I think it's working out pretty well so I've decided to stay. Now I'll hand it over to my Mum.

Gertie has really brought a lot of sunshine into our lives and gets along very well with Heidi, her new sister. She has a spot under one of our tables that she loves to curl up in. We've added blankets so it will be as comfortable for her as possible but sometimes I can't even imagine how she manages to squeeze herself in! 

Gertie's eyes have brightened since she came to live with us and her personality has really come to life. We love her dearly and she returns the affection a thousand times over. 

Sylvia C, Gertie's Furever Mon

And her is a work from Foster Mom:

Gertie was "Trudy Lou" and adopted by this lovely English lady in Meridian Idaho.  Trudy Lou was Fostered in KS.  I, as her MM, flew Trudy Lou to her new home in Meridian.  At that time she weighed about 22 lbs!  She now weighs 16! She is so beautiful! Sylvia adopted her shortly after her husband died. She has brought such joy to Sylvia.
Thanks much,
Pam M