Thursday, March 31, 2011

Remembering Olivia fka Balmy

In late Spring 2007, an adorable blond 7 year-old soon-to-be cairn princess started her new life in our home as very quiet foster. She was "Balmy" from the "Spring Weather Kids"; I called her Amy. Sofia and puppy Kiara shared their toys - her favorite was the parrot - and couch with her - she never asked for much. Amy was a skinny little girl with not much of a coat, but she knew what it meant to be beautiful. Soon, her forever Mom and Fursib Oliver the Westie found her and took her home to Boston. Now Olivia in a healthy curly blond coat, she knew love and joy. She had Grandparents to visit. It was the perfect life for a cairn princess, and everything a foster mom could want for her. I was not expecting the following news, but just from reading Susan's message, you know how much Olivia was loved. Run free pretty girl!


With tremendous sadness, I have to tell you that Olivia (fka Balmy) crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She had Lymphoma for about 5 months, and was doing very well in remission, but in the last few days she went down hill very quickly.
She died in my arms on the way to the vet.  She spent 8 years in the puppymill and that took a great a toll on her health.

As you know, she was a sweetheart. Olivia was my first experience with a puppymill dog, she taught me a lot in her gentle way about bravery and overcoming her fears.  When I first adopted her, she was a wonderful companion
to my older and blind Cairn, Ollie. Though they never played, they were very bonded and she seemed to know that she had to "see" for him.  When I adopted Saffy (fka Gershwin) and then Isadora (fka Ghost) she welcomed them and there was never a growl or a fight (well, she made sure nobody got near her food!). Livvy always ate like it was her last meal...she was very serious, not silly at all and was totally focused on me and was not terribly interested in other humans unless they had food!  No such thing as privacy, Olivia followed me everywhere throughout the day, into the bathroom, bedroom, upstairs, downstairs, and of course into the kitchen....there might be food! 

She loved all other dogs,large and small and loved having the two little girls (Saffy and Izzy) with her all the time. She kind of played with them in her own way. Livvy, Ollie, Saffy and I drove from Boston to our only CRAP in Rome NY; she was fascinated by all the activity and of course, meeting all the other dogs. She was very well
traveled and got to go to Portland OR and Montreal with me on business trips (Kimpton hotels are totally dog-friendly).  Though she was never perfectly toilet trained, she tried so hard and we compromised on one pee pad. That worked wonderfully.

All my memories of her are highlighted by her sweet, gentle, trusting nature....her Cairness only came out around her beloved food and the occasional chewy!

I have been unemployed for the last 7 months and while it has been bit difficult for me sometimes, Olivia loved having me home all day. In fact, I am so happy that we got to spend all that time together. She will always be a huge part of my heart.

Susan with a very sad Saffy and Isadora

Fili is Adopted - BIG Smiles All Around!!

Some fosters take a bigger piece of your heart with them.  And Fili is one of those that will surely be missed here.  But he's left this home where he was loved and is going to another where I'm sure he'll be loved even more.
Fili and his mom were rushed to us to foster in December from Houston, TX where they were part of a seizure by the Houston SPCA. They were the worst health condition fosters we've had.  Suudella had conjunctivitis, ear infections, ears scarred/floppy from old hematomas, missing most of her hair, and weighing a pathetic 9.8#.  She had raw, bleeding areas where she was itching constantly.  I don't know how she was able to make milk, but somehow she was still able to feed her little boy enough to keep him alive.  Fili at 25 days old weighed 12.5 ounces - a weight that some of the latest  Col. Potter puppies born attained at about 3 days old.  He was covered with what I deemed "cradle cap" and was nothing but a little skeleton covered with fur.  When we picked them up from the driver that had helped with their transport before us, we gave mom a dish of food.  Mom sat and waited as her tiny puppy made his way to the front of the crate and ate before she gobbled down what was left.
We encouraged Suudella to eat often so she'd have the milk to keep feeding.  They both began to have some energy and a spark of life came into their eyes. I spent evenings after the pack went to bed cuddling my little peanut under my chin.
Nine days after their arrival we took them to the vet as their skin conditions weren't improving and found they had sarcoptic mange, even though the shelter had done two scraping that had been negative.  Suudella was given prednisone to help with her itching and both got antibiotics to ward off secondary infections.  We taxed their bodies with seven weekly doses of meds to kill the mites.  And we treated the whole pack here for the last three weeks as I just couldn't keep them separated any longer - they needed to socialize. We gave the two weekly bathes to help rid their skin of the sticky, flaky, smelliness the mange caused.  I'm sure I have a few more grey hairs from worrying about these two as we nursed them to being healthy.  They have blossomed and changed before our eyes.  Della's bare, shiny tail is covered with hair, as is the rest of her body.  She has gained almost TEN POUNDS, weighing 19.3# now.  Fili has grown incredibly, weighing 9.3# when we took him for his rabies shot last week at 4.5 months old.  He will be a big boy like his mother when full grown :-)  He's a lovely cream color.
Fili has been an amazing foster.  I was worried since he was an only child.  While quarantined away those first weeks, he delighted in us coming to visit their room, us donning different clothes so as not to carry the mites to our pack. When he was ready between 5 and 6 weeks old, he weaned himself and never looked back to his baby days of nursing.  He was inventive in his play - he loves to put his Y Nylabone in his water dish, then dig it out, making it clamor and splashing the water about.  He chased his tail with delight.  And every toy came alive in his eyes and was prey to pounce upon.  We'd change his toys out to encourage him to play.  And Suudella was a wonderful momma, playing with her boy, letting him chew all over her even though you know those little puppy teeth on her bare skin had to have really hurt!  Once we decided they needed to be with our pack, Fili was immediately taken in by our two Norwich boys that just turned a year old - he now had brothers to play with and show him the fun of being a terrier!  This little guy was the easiest to crate train - when in the ex pen in the family room and ready for a nap, he'd turn his bed upside down to block out the tv and noise from the other furkids!  So adjusting to sleeping in his own dark, quiet spot was a breeze, and we honestly never ever had a wet/dirty crate.  And housetraining?  This poor little guy had the worst weather so didn't get much time outside other than playing in the dog run set up on the carport.  We'd put him out after a meal, and he'd quickly potty and was ready to come back inside.  I use the hospital bed pads for pee pads, and we had those down in the far end of his ex pen.  He learned that in between trips outside he'd get big praise if caught squatting on those, so it was almost a game to him to potty and look to us for praise :-) We put down pads in various places in the house when we started to let him run with the pack once he was big enough to understand which adults wanted no part of puppy play, and we'd leave his ex pen door open.  I don't think we had more than a handful of accidents off a pad - he'd be playing and go trotting into his ex pen, get a drink, pee/poo, then hop right out and continue his playing.  Being an only, he really developed into an explorer, having no fear of going to the far end of the house to find something new and interesting. We lovingly kicknamed him our little Fili Monster when he didn't want to come or be picked up and made a game of running and hiding from us, ducking under furniture or around the back side of things where he knew we couldn't reach him easily. His little tail always wagging in delight.
Last night he left with his new dads to start his adventure with his own family.  I'm thrilled they were able to adopt him as they helped get Fili and Della to us that long day back in December.  They've kept in contact with me, applied to adopt, and MM Liz, with Fate & Destiny's help, was able to make it happen.  Almon and David are second time adopters to Col. Potter and second time adopters from us!  They adopted one of Stinger's boys a little over a year ago - little Fizz, now known as Tucker, named after one of Almon's favorite Jazz singers.  Fili will become Bailey, after another :-)  Here's a montage of pics I put together of this dear boy.  None were ever able to capture how beautiful his eyes are - I always told him I loved his little doe eyes.
Happy Forever, little Fili -
Kathy H in MO

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kricket is Aiming for Canine Good Citizen Award

Foster Dad says: Macadie was deemed un-adoptable by a shelter a few months ago but now has a wonderful life thanks to Col. Potter. She's been in this home about three weeks now so i can stop worrying. Ron K

Hi Ron, Sorry for the delay--we have been busy with kids competitions, and  work…the usual..Kricket is doing fantastic-it seems as if she has always been here. Often she is running around the yard and making circles around Champ--he definitely has been learning how to play with her--at first he didn't know how to take her and wouldn't really engage her, but now he has figured her out a bit and they are having great fun.  

She has also met her match with the golden retriever across the street-he is a 1 yo "puppy" and loves to play, and they have been having a couple of rounds of tag with the vocal "play growling" it is very funny to watch.  

Yesterday Madison (my 11 yo daughter) and I started a training class at the Bucks County SPCA with Kricket, and she is doing very well.  Madison has hopes of getting Kricket to pass CGC Award and progress to some agility work, catching a frisbee… Kricket wont be bored. 

We are working on her being calm when we come home so she is learning that jumping up and carrying on is not going to get our attention. So she is getting better at becoming calm, and then gets all the love and attention she could ever ask for.  She is still pulling when we walk, but getting better……no accidents in the house, no problem with other kids, dogs, and she is now respecting the cat and doesn't chase him..the cat will actually sit on the deck when she is there and she doesn't pay him any mind!  So progress!!!!!!!

I know she was the best choice for us and I am so glad she was able to come to us, enjoy the photos and video, when we progress in our training I will send you some updates so you can see how much she has grown!


Adopting Minnie - Adopting an "Older" Dog

PAC Kay R sent the following: 
I thought everyone should read this wonderful letter update from one of our adopting families and one of my first families acting as a Post Adoption Co-ordinator…it not only made my day but many more days after that….Hurrah for all Col Potter volunteers, groups, and adopting families!

Hi There,

I hope that I included all of you who helped us to adopt our Cairn Terrier from Col. Potter !! 

One of you along the line said, "Keep us posted on how Minnie ( Minneapolis ) is doing because we never hear about them after they are adopted.  So, I thought that I would give you an update on our Minnie.

She was 8 years old yesterday.  Minnie is a joy to us and fits into our lives beautifully!  She now has us trained the way she wants things.  For instance, she loves belly rubs and massages as Foster Mom Susan calls it.  The minute I sit down after lunch, she comes for a belly rub and then she settles down for a nap.  But, before her nap ,she sits in front of my husband and "talks" to him because she wants him to move from his chair over to where her bed is so he will rub her a while and then she will go to sleep.

Same thing happens after supper, only she wants a massage then and she will "talk" to me until I pick her up for that.  Yes, she actually talks (makes her mouth go 90 miles a hour)  just like she is saying something to us.  Susan said she did this and I couldn't believe it, but she really does do that.  It is so cute!! Now, she does that to tell us when she wants out which is a BIG help.  She has very few accidents any more since we have agreed with her as to when it is time to go out for a walk or to the potty.

She has 2 or 3 toys that are her favorites and likes for us to throw them so she can run and get them and then play "keep away" with them  She really is a tease.  She still has the "cairntude" at times, but all in all is doing well in every way.  She gets along really well with our children's dogs that arrive here with them when they come for Virginia Tech football games and at other times (5 extra dogs in all!)  And, she knows no stranger!  She just LOVES people.

We just had her to the vet and she said that Minnie was doing well in every way but that she had gained a little more weight than she would like!  It is small wonder because Minnie eats EVERYTHING!  The only thing she doesn't like is celery.  So, now we are trying to cut back a little on the food a bit.  She even is cooperating with that!

We thought that we wanted a younger dog than this nearly 8 year old Cairn.  But, believe me, she has all the energy we needed.  If someone is hanging back about adopting an older dog and you know that they are our age (82 this year) and want a younger dog , we would be glad to e-mail or talk to them about our experience.

Thank you once again for all of your patience with us during the adoption time.  It was about this time last year that we started the adoption process for Minnie.  We do appreciate all of you and bless people like you who care about animals enough to work as hard as you do.  Anyhow, we thought that you might want to hear that all of your hard work for Col. Potter paid off in this instance anyhow.  Thanks so much.

Our love and appreciation to all of you,
Louise and Charlie D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cyrano Finds Furever Love

Famous Lover Cyrano (whose new name has yet to be determined) met his true love tonight -- a little 12-pound strawberry blonde Cairn named Tink (CP's Trinket).  Tink was adopted by Sandi and Bill last fall, and they wanted to find her a suitable playmate.

What a match!  Forever mom Sandi drove to Kansas with her sister Patti (because husband Bill is traveling on business) to meet the little guy.  The rendezvous took place on the dog-walking lawn of a local motel and, after introductions, moved inside the motel room.  Within minutes the two were play bowing, chasing and wrestling with one another.  There are NO PICS because they were running and tumbling around so fast we couldn't catch them on camera!

Forever mom Sandi has promised pics as the happy couple get settled in over the next week or so, and I will share them with CRM.  All dogs and people involved are all happily exhausted...but this match seems made in heaven.  Thank you Deborah C for finding the perfect home!

Nala Surveys Her Kingdom

Here is a picture of our Nala, surveying all of her kingdom!  Actually she was watching me as I fed the horses one morning.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Little Gem - Ruby (formerly Prim)

Growing up with a Cairn Terrier, I always knew that when I was old enough to have my own dog, it would have to be a Cairn.

In December 2010, my fiance and I started looking for a Cairn puppy. After disappointment with two different breeders, I decided to search online for a Cairn Rescue organization. After looking at the CPCRN website, we decided to submit an adoption application. Long story short, we met our little girl, Ruby, at BWI Airport in Baltimore, MD on Saturday, January 22, 2011 and she has brought so much joy to our lives!

Being a puppymill rescue, Ruby was very shy and timid at first, but after 8 weeks, she has developed such a sweet and fun personality. She loves to give kisses and get belly rubs, chew on nylabones, and go for walks. Even when she chewed through my computer charger cable, I could not be mad at her! The only word to describe Ruby is SWEETHEART. She really loves obedience school and playing with all the other dogs there.

My fiance and I will be married on June 11, 2011 (exactly 6 months since Ruby was rescued from the puppymill) and I can't wait to join them in our new home. Many thanks to CRCRN and all the volunteers who helped us find our perfect little gem!

Breanna & Dave
Dillsburg, PA

Jiminy now Luther Flies Home to the Big Apple

Our latest foster boy, Jiminy, was adopted and went to his forever home on Sunday night. We met his new mom, Genevieve, at Chicago O'Hare International and she flew him back to NYC in cabin.

His name is now Luther and he will have the most wonderful life from now on. He is really enjoying life and I shudder when I think he was hours from being PTS, as he was pulled by CP in the nick of time from a kill shelter.

Genevieve has been sending updates and everything is going splendidly. She and Luther are spending this week at her PA farm home and then will head back to NYC next week where she lives half of the year.

Here is a pic of Genevieve and Luther at the airport. ENJOY!

Monday, March 21, 2011

No Blarney from Finnegan fka Manatee!

Someone wanted to wish you a Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day! The boy is doing great! Going to the beach this weekend with mom and dad for a good run and to bark at seagulls J

Most sincerely,
The O’Leary Family

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emerson!

A yummy, homemade, chicken jerky, liver jerky, non-grain biscuit and peanut butter birthday “cake” for the pooch!!

Richard H
Jersey City, NJ

Nala fka Glimmer Rules from Her Furever Throne

As you can see Nala is Queen on her throne. She is just wonderful, we are so happy to have her in our lives.

She went to our Vet on Tuesday and she is in excellent health. We are doing pretty well with housebreaking, she does go outside when we take her out after a while of being in the house and drinking some or eating some, she can go quite a while before needing to void. But actually it's nice,because a puppy would need to go out every hour....
Once again, thanks for the support.

Greetings from Tory

Hi Cairn lovers!

This is Tory. Some of you may remember as the foster Taurus. I moved into my forever home two months ago and I wanted to let you know how it is going.

I love my mama and my forever home! She is always giving me belly rubs and ear scritches. You cairns who are still in foster - don't give up hope - I know you'll find your forever homes, too. My mama tells me that she would never have found me if it weren't for my foster mom & the wonderful folks at Col. Potter, so give your foster parents a kiss for helping you on your journey.

When I first got here, I had a little problem with accidents in the house, but my mama took me to the vet, who found out I still had some nasty worms from my old life. I got some stuff to take that is getting rid of them, and I haven't had an accident since!

I have an Auntie Audrey, but I haven't seen her yet. Mama says she lives in a different state with two giant dogs and one about my size. But she was so excited to learn I had a forever home with my mama, she sent me a welcome home package. I got some good treats and a squeaky toy I just love - I carry it around all the time.

Every weekend, my mama takes me to this dog park in town. It's fenced so we can't get loose, but there's lots to explore and there are usually several friendly dogs there.

I have a yard I love to explore - lots of bushes to check out. There's a big tree that the squirrels hang out in, but I am keeping them on their toes! Check out my squirrel hunting routine: click here. My Auntie Audrey says it makes her smile when she watches it.

Yesterday a box came in the mail - mama said it was for me, but there weren't any treats or toys in it. Just this thing she called a MARS tool. I wasn't sure about it, but she brushed me with it and it was very relaxing. She said it did good things for my coat.

Anyway, thank you Col. Potter for rescuing me from that horrible place and finding me my forever home!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slugger Welcomes His Furever Mom & Dad

Slugger left with his new Mom and Dad a little while ago. When they came, he just "knew" why they were here, or so it seemed. He took right up with them, going back and forth between Mom and Dad and getting lots of skritches and kisses.

Kathy and Bill are wonderful people. They are so nice and it felt very easy to be around them. I know if they spoil Slugger like I think they will, he will be in very high cotton, indeed. Even my Mom's dog wanted to go home with them.

Here are a few pictures of the new family. They promised to keep us updated, and I can't wait to hear how the first night went.

Thanks for a great match, Matchmaker Lisa. You done good!
Foster Mom Becky in FL

Great Homes Come to Cairns Who Wait

Thanks to a couple of wonderful ladies, two little guys who have been waiting over 2 yrs, found their forevers and went to their new homes this weekend.

Crete, our wonderful sweet little old, man found a great home near Chicago with a gentleman who understands blind dogs. Last heard, Crete was cuddled up in his new daddy's arms being snuggled and loved.

Oswego, who came in a very sick, fear aggressive boy, is now a joyful 4 yr old dog residing in sunny California.

Thank you to everyone who has helped these two fellas through their trip with CP. It is a little more quiet in the snownoses house tonight.

Robin and the snow noses

Hobbes, fka Square, Loves His Furever Home

Hi Foster Mom,

Hobbes had a great 1st day! He was a gem on the car ride home...sat next to me and let me pet him the whole time. When he did get up to look around (he spent most of his time laying down), he would hop on my lap for a better view of what was going on.

When we got home, he was introduced to his new yard and home. We spent a couple of hours with him wandering around the back yard and the house, lettting him get a sniff of everything...and of course marking every bush and tree he could find. He could smell the two girls, but since they weren't there, he didn't know what to make of it.

The rest of his day consisted of puppy snacks, playing, and a couple of walks around the neighborhood. By the end of the day, he was exhausted (as were we). We took a nap on the couch and he napped in is new donut (with his blanket)...we were all in bed by 9:00 and he slept peacefully in his crate all night, without a peep.

This morning, he woke up chipper and ready to go! It is kind of crappy outside, but he went out and did his business and then it was straight to the kibbles...right now he's laying at my feet having a chewy....such will be the life of "Hobbes"...

We are very thankful he had such good foster parents. He's a joy and we are very lucky to have him....! We'll stay in touch. Here are a couple of photos of Hobbes day!

Paul and Beth

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Changed World for Tru

You can just see how Happy Tru is at her forever Home. Makes it all worth all the Love, Work and Effort.



A Yogurt a Day Keeps Annie Happy and Healthy

Yogurt Annie

I have been meaning to send this photo in for a while. This is our 18-year old (yes, 18!) Cairn girl, Annie. Her nightly ritual is diving (literally) into the yogurt cup after we have our yogurt. She gets it stuck on her nose every time (we never give the yogurt cup to her unsupervised because we would not want it there on her nose for too long!). Next to her in the photo is Scout, our CP kid (aka Franz).  He has no trouble getting the yogurt out as you can see by the clean cup on the carpet.  We adopted Scout two years ago from CP.
Reesa S

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Akeno Graduates to Furever

Double Cairngratulations to Akeno!! Read what Foster Mom says about this handsome and talented boy:

Akeno has been in CP foster care for almost 18 months. He came to me last fall as his 2nd foster home. The little guy was a little unsure of things and himself but had a really good grasp of the basics. His first foster mom worked with him using NILIF and he remembered it all. After getting to know Akeno, I decided he might have fun in a formal obedience class. I had met a trainer/behaviorist that used a different approach to training and thought Akeno might like it. Boy - did he ever!!! The class was small - four dogs, four people and two trainers. Lots of yummy unconventional treats & the word NO was never used. Akeno thrived on this method and blossomed. In six weeks he learned about loose leash walking, settle, mat, leave it, take it, give it, sit, down, stay, off, on, reliable recall, name recognition, focus, distractions, stranger greeting, dog greeting, agility (hurdles, weave poles, & tunnel) and his own trick for graduation.

Akeno's graduation trick was jumping through a hula hoop. He did four jumps, a twirl and gopher sit for his finale which was met with a round of applause. Everyone marveled at how much this shy, insecure cairn had changed. As part of his class, Akeno got a graduation picture taken by a pet photographer. She only charged $1.00 for the photo.

The trainers gave Akeno graduation presents- a bandanna, treats, and a rope toy. To top it off, Akeno just got the best graduation present of all, A FOREVER HOME!! I always thought Akeno was a diamond in the rough - look at him now, a polished gem!!

Carolynne M.
Ft. Wayne IN