Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Angus (and Mary) Saved a Human

Macy and Angus
Mary, Mom Dee and Angus

I am Mom to 2 Cairn Terriers, Macy and Angus. I've had my rescue, Macy, for almost 4 years. While at the dog park one day, I met Mary S, a foster mom for Col. Potter. 

I had never heard of your organization and we talked for quite a while. She has since been a wonderful friend and Cairn mentor to me.

I have viewed the CP website pretty much every day since because I love to see 'adoption pending' and 'adopted' next to these sweet babies. And I've made a few donations along the way. I saw Angus listed as a cross posting for the Houston SPCA and fell in love with his picture. I was so afraid something bad would happen to him in a shelter and emailed Mary as fast as I could. She checked and said that CP was standing by if they needed to take him. I couldn't get him out of my mind. I thought about him and felt anxious because he was at a shelter. I even dreamed about him. I first saw him on the website on a Tuesday, went to see him twice on Wednesday and adopted him on Friday. Mary was so sweet and met me at the SPCA when I adopted Angus. I think CP foster moms must be the best!! I know Mary is for sure!

My wheaten Cairn, Macy, is still adapting to her new brother, but I see progress every day. She and Angus are night and day in looks and personality....except they both LOVE people.

I just wanted to thank Col. Potter for cross posting with shelters. If not, I would not have the sweetest little guy in the world.


Dee T

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gotcha, Gotcha, Gotcha Day!!!

Today is Bea, Zander and Neha's Gotcha Day - a triple celebration for 3 cairns in SC. 

We adopted Bea and Neha together 3 years ago as they had bonded in foster care and when we decided to adopt Zander 2 years ago we had the contract dated for 9/24 so they could share the date! 

DH helped but he needs to get some pointers from Tony O. 

Bonnie in SC

Scout Turn 18!

We have cause to celebrate today.  Scout turns 18!!  Talk about Cairntude, this guy has it.  He's had Cushings over half of his life and has heart problems on top of that, he's lost most of his eyesight and hearing, but his nose works great and he still loves his food.  

We carry him up and down the steps as he can't see to navigate them (he took a tumble down an entire flight one day; scared me to death!)  He still loves to go for car rides and roam around the yard with the breeze blowing thru his hair.  With winter a few months away, hopefully he'll be able to play in the snow once again and make snow angels.  My husband has had Scout since he was a puppy (I'm sure he's a mill dog) and fell in love with the breed as have I when we got together.

Besides Scout, we have Cali, 6, Cubbie, 10, and Wrigley, 3. Cubbie and Wrigley were fosters of mine that showed up on our doorstep and never left. So, here's a toast to Mr. Scoutie -- hopefully you'll be with us to see your 19th! I've attached a photo of the herd and Bill all piled on his chair. Scout is the wheaton on the left, Wrigley is the redhead, Cali has her head on Bill's leg and Cubbie Bear is in Bill's left arm. Our kids. How dull our lives would be without them!!

Roberta in WI

Teagan Has a New Home

On Friday, I drove the lovely Miss Teagan to Memphis where I put her into the arms of her new family. It was a happy day. Here are a couple of pics. The first was taken on adoption day. The second is one of her at her new home today. As you can see, she has settled right in!
Foster Mom Deb in Arkansas

And a story from Deborah C who did the home safety visit:

This is so great, I did the HSI for Jan and David and they are wonderful folks and are already totally in love with this girl. 
The back of the couch is every cairn's favorite resting spot!

Jan was so funny when she called to tell me they were home. She said that Teagan was accustomed to getting a treat after going out and Jan not completely aware after only adopting her a few hrs before "forgot" this important deed. It seems that Miss Teagan went to her bag of important things foster mom Deb had sent along with her and removed the box of treats and brought them to her new mom and dropped them at her feet and looked at her as if to say, you need to get with the program! lol...Jan said she promptly gave Teagan the treat and then told her husband that not only do they have a car that is smarter than them, a phone that is smarter than them, they now have a cairn that is smarter than them too! I got a big chuckle out of that one cause it is soooo true...these kids are incredible!

Have A Blessed Day,
Deborah C

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rothko goes HOME!!!

It actually happened last weekend, but read on and click HERE for more photos.

This afternoon my sweet, shy foster Rothko met his forever Mom & Dad. They drove 3 hours to get this shy boy at my house to help Rothko be comfortable. Well, it was love at first sight for all three of them! Rothko now Roscoe greeted all with open paws. His mom gave him a new toy which he destroyed with delight in no time at all. His foster sister Gabby joined in the carnage adding to everyone's entertainment. The cairns played while we all laughed at their antics. Roscoe's new mom said "He's more than I expected. He makes my heart sing!" to my ears!

Roscoe has a new brother Reggie, a schnoodle, who has been depressed since the death of his cairn brother. Roscoe & Reggie would have none of the planned slow introduction and are best buddies. I've had two updates already!! Roscoe has a new nickname - "Roscoe the rascal"!! The little guy emptied the toy boxes and has run laps through the house. Apparently he forgot he was shy! His new parents had been following Rothko/Roscoe on the website for some time and picked him out as the boy they wanted to be part of their family. How lucky all of them are!!

I'll miss you Rothko-Roscoe and all your hugs. You now have a family all cairns dream of! Happy forever my sweet boy!!

Ft. Wayne IN

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Foster Flunking is Fun!!

Foster Mom Joleen McC tells us:
Well I sent the paperwork to adopt Starlite yesterday, first foster "failure" for me, but that was the idea when she came since I LOVE black brindle girls.

She is really doing wonderfully, plays with Marion (CP Ann - adopted her) and Echo (CP foster). 

Just wanted to share a little VIDEO of Starlite I took yesterday. She is really learning to love toys.

Joleen McC
Starlite (CP)
Marion (CP)
Echo (CP foster)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foster Frannie Finds Furever!

An adoption story from Foster Mom Allison in BC:
This lovely little girl has an amazing new home.
Frannie will live an hours drive away from us, with her Mom and Dad, and Cairn sister.
New Mom's friends threw a "Frannie" shower and I'm very certain she is going to enjoy becoming a Cairn Princess! 
New Dad asked me how Frannie would address future correspondence to me.. I replied "foster Mom" would work.
This reminds me of why I foster.. so many amazing homes out there, waiting for a Cairn to cherish.  
The Cairns have a chance because of CP and all the incredible volunteers behind the scenes. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here's Zoe - Playful, Smart and a Fashionista!

Our beautiful Zoe, the former PM Momma known as "Goldenrod", has been home with us for one month and we are so in love with her it brings happy tears!! She is an amazing and wonderful little girl...happy, affectionate, playful and brave about trying most new things. She is filled to the brim with Cairnitude, tho usually listens when told "No" if trying things like my camera or shoes for chewability and taste.

She has been increasingly brave about exploring the house....has climbed the stairs several times, tho still prefers to be carried....well, she is a Cairn Princess, after all! 

Has navigated the yard in ever expanding paths instead of staying close to the front door, as she did in the beginning. Has met several neighbors and their dogs with some reserve, but much curiosity and tolerance.

Zoe's play repertoire has also grown. Her Dad taught her the joys of tug-of-war using a stuffed long-tailed skunk. Sadly, the skunk lost and is awaiting medical attention and stitches from Mom. But Mom's are nothing if not resourceful, so a new tug-of-war toy was fashioned from a tube sock and a chew Zoe's favorite. She recently started playing ball, tho it's never certain if she will bring it back or just pounce on it and try to chew it...either way, it's fun for can actually see her great big grin!

Like all Cairns, she loves to chew....sometimes that included Mom if we were playing too hard. She now has many chew toys as alternatives, including a nubby bumpy ball she favors most. I also looked for another form of entertainment and, voila!...the little red rubbery treat gripper was discovered! Zoe worked that little toy every which way...including tossing it around to try to get the residual treat bits to fall out...well, i did tell you she was smart.

Zoe has a lovely little wardrobe since we are continuously dealing with little skin bumps and occasional scratching. The Vet says the bumps are hives probably caused by grass allergy, which Zoe loved rolling in til this news. I apply hydrocortisone cream to any bumps and dress her in something that covers her front legs/chest, where the problem areas are most prevalent. She is also wiped down with unscented baby wipes every time she returns from the yard/grass, as well as eating a limited ingredient diet.

We want to again thank everyone at CP for bringing us our Zoe....she has truly brightened our lives and brought great joy back to our home. Next on the agenda is a Cairn sibling to play with Zoe...and us!

Harriet K in Baltimore

Celebrating Harvard's Most Excellent Life

Though much too short, Harvard, or just "Harv", had a wonderful life as a CP Kid!

Harvard was born January 2, 2005 and spent his first 17 months in a puppymill. He came to Valerie as a foster. Harvard could not handle crating at all, I remember Valerie loosing a lot of sleep the first few nights due to Harv's letting her know how unhappy he was in his crate!

Some of us had the pleasure of meeting Harvard just recently at WI POOP. He was a very sweet, happy boy, one that you couldn't help but be drawn to; a handsome black brindle, more black than brindle.

He had many, many interests on him while in foster care. The first four matches all would have required him to be flown in a crate. Knowing he could not handle this, they were not approved. When the fifth match came, Valerie told John, Harvard's Dad, and John replied "I'll have to kill them". Valerie asked who he was talking about, and he replied "Anyone who tries to take Harvard". So the decision was made that Valerie and John could not let Harvard leave, and he was made a permanent forever furkid. Harvard could not have had a more perfect match!! He found his bit of heaven in the WI Dells.

Harvard made his way to the rainbow bridge after bravely fighting a short battle with pancreatitis.
Harvard is gone far too soon, far too quickly, and leaves a huge hole in Valerie's heart. Valerie adores her boy. Please hold Valerie and Harvard in your hearts while they take this journey. Please light a candle for Harv so he can find his way to the Rainbow Bridge, and in honor of his short life. Please always remember him, and the joy he brought to Valerie and John, and all who met him. He will be deeply missed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day, the first Monday in September and the official end of summer. 

Today we celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.

AAAAH, Abbie, today I'm resting. We've done enough work all summer! Chasing all those birds really tired me out! Happy Labor Day everyone!

Love, Gem (Susan's girl)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maisie at the Shore

Foster Mom Karen O says:

I just had to share these pictures Sheryl sent to me of my former foster girl, Maisie. She is actually smiling!!!!

Some of you who were at the NY CRAP will remember meeting Maisie, Sheryl, and her mom. Maisie was originally featured on the blog "From a Pauper to a Princess". Click the link to read her story.

Click the Video that Lynda G put together. I cry every time I watch this. She was the most terrified mill foster I had, and I laid in an expen with her in our backyard for hours, just trying to get her used to my closeness and touch.

She was here for over 9 months and required a VERY special home. Sheryl had been following my foster reports for 3 months on the available Cairns page, before she applied to adopt her. It was just meant to be and Sheryl has continued to work miracles with Maisie. I am absolutely thrilled with how much Maise has progressed.

Recently, Maisie visited this lakeside for a relaxing stroll and cooling dip. What a new wonderful life she has!

Sarut's New Dress

You may remember Sarut, who exceeded puppy mill pitifulness when she came to Col. Potter.  Well, look at her now in this sweet little dress - Cover Girl gorgeous!

Now, Sarut could not have a better life. She lives in NE Ohio splendor with a Mom & Dad, fursibs (including Sasha the rescued Greyhound), and several kitties who are Sarut's best friends.

Doesn't get any better than that!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sister - now Scout - has a Brother!

Furever home to Foster Dad:

Ron, She's here! and is the sweetest thing! We're calling her Scout. She was a little nervous at first, but is getting over it pretty well.

Potty in the run, meeting Max, checking out the house - all went well. She has already learned how to go out the dog door. Coming back in is a little harder, but this is just day 1. We are so happy and in love. Thank-you for all you've done.

Here is a pic of the 2 of them. 
Thanks again,

The Gift Named Midori

Thank you Colonel Potter for bringing this wonderful little muffin into my life seven years ago! She is still everything I wanted and more! Having been a sad, scared, neglected mill momma for the first five years of her life, I am truly amazed at where she is now! She has taught me more about love, bravery, and loyalty than any human being I have known.

Thank you for giving her such a wonderful start to her new life, and for allowing me to be the forever mom to such a special little girl. My life is much richer today, because she is in it! She turned twelve years old just yesterday, and while I can see signs of her slowing down, and we are dealing with a lesion on her spinal cord that can not be cured, I am hopeful that we still have many happy days ahead of us. I am ecstatic to say that she has had more happy days outside of that mill now, than she had sad ones inside of it. Every day of freedom is a gift, and I can see how grateful she is mirrored in her beautiful eyes whenever she looks at me.

I love my little peanut more than words can express. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I've attached a picture of Midori - such a princess she has turned out to be!

Courtney S
Woodstock IL
With Midori and Jack Daniels