Thursday, December 25, 2008

CC, the Christmas Cairn (aka Blackbird)

Hi all,
Merry Cwistmas from CC the Cwistmas Cairn
(aka Blackbird from the Freedom Fliers III).
My mom sez dese are not da bestest pictures of me,
but I am a cairn in motion 24/7.
When CP rescued me from the mill here in GA,
I was only 11 months old. I had already had a
witter of babies even dough I was jest a baby myself.
Now, tanks to CP, I gets to act just like a kid
and I'm taking full vantage ob it.
My foster mom and dad call me CC.
I am sure (as the inquisitive cairn people that you are)
you wonder why dey would call me such a stwrange name.
Well, that is because Christmas Cairn is too long
for dem to say on a wegular basis.
I am Christmas Cairn because today on the 25th of December 2008,
I am turning one year old in fweedom.
Today is my burfday, today is my burfday,
Merry Cwismas ta me, Merry Cwismas ta me.
I aweady gotted my pwesent.
It iz my fweedom.
It iz da bestest pwesent any pwincess gurl could hab.
So I wishes you all da best of the holiday and
tanks fer eberyting dat you all did
so I can be speendin my berry first
Chwismas and my berry first burfday
in Hvenly freedom.
Merry Cwistmas to all and to all a good nite.
Lubs ya all, CC the Cwistmas Cairn
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