Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moose the cutie patootie!

Dear Col. Potter,

I have attached a couple pictures of Moose so you can see how special he is.


Oscar is a city kid!

Just wanted to drop you a line now that summer is coming to a close and give you an update on Oscar. We had a great summer in Portland, lots of exploring and enjoying the new backyard. Oscar has adjusted very well and is definitely now a city shying away from loud trucks or anything. We went to to coast a few times as well and Oscar loves the beach...not so much the water but the sand, rolling around in seaweed etc. He had some troubles with his allergies this summer, one time ending up with an infected tail from biting it so much (hence the cone picture), but the scratching biting and flaky skin have been much better in the last week or so with the cooler weather. Overall he's a very happy little boy!

Hope you are both well.

Sarah and Oscar

Vito and his buddy!

Ohhhhh Vito... how cute! All curled up with Gino taking a cat nap!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Perfect Home for Paddington, now Angus

Paddington, is such a delight. He even answers to his new name, Angus . He seemed to know that he belonged to me right away. He follows me around and is so well mannered. Someone did a terrific job of training him. No accidents. I let him have the run of the house--with certain supervision. He sleeps in the kitchen and I never hear a peep out of him all night. I am almost ready to have him sleep with me. I just cannot believe how at home he seems. It as if he had always lived here!!

Many thanks to Auntie Nan for her gifts--the blanket is lovely.

Lots of cairn love from Angus and Jean!

Playful Gouda is now Buddy, the Hunter

Buddy is doing really well and we still have not experienced any problems with him. He has adjusted very well or maybe we just adjusted to him. Probably both. He spends a great deal of time outside where he runs free through the entire back yard and chases squirrels or Christy. They are nice playmates and neither gets too rough with the other; they are pretty well matched. Christy seems to allow Buddy to be the alpha most times when they play. She works really hard to get him distracted enough from chasing squirrels to play with her that she is usually the most submissive one. You should hear the belly laughs we have watching those two at play.

Buddy's attention is on his hunting at this point in time. He is not as interested in anything but going outside and patrolling the yard. I guess I cannot blame him since he has spent the majority of his life in a cage. We sure hate to make him come in but I believe he would live outside if we let him. He reminds me of a child who plays until they drop over from exhaustion. I had to carry him to bed tonight; he was like a little limp doll he was so tired. Christy is running and playing more which is good for her physical health.

We are so thankful to all of you guys who helped us adopt this little guy. He is such a blessing to our family. Thanks again!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sedum is now a Vermonter

Yesterday was Sedum's first full day in Vermont. We hung out on the porch together and she showed a tremendous interest in everything going on around her, especially the squirels and cottontails that hang out in the woods across the road. I also took her and Nikki for a short stroll at the lake yesterday, she had a great time sniffing around the trail and even went in the water! So, in summary, so far so good. It is obvious to me that it is going to take awhile for her to fully trust me (everywhere but the kitchen) but since our trip to the lake she comes to me the minute I call her and grab her leash!

Thanks so much for helping Nikki & me to find Sedum!


Monday, September 6, 2010

CP's Lucy turns 7 - and Gives Back to Her Rescuers!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was Lucy's (CP's Nurture) 7th birthday. I didn't realize it until late in the evening and all she got was some boiled chicken as a special treat with her dinner.

However, today I am going into town and I thought about what I could get her. She loves to wear dresses, but has way too many already, and she has just really started getting into toys, but her and Archie's Cairn Toys toybox is full to the brim. So, after asking her for ideas, she said she would like for me to make a donation to Col. Potter in her honor of her 7th birthday. Had it not been for Col. Potter she may have not seen her 7th b-day.

So, a special thanks to Col. Potter for rescuing my super special Cairn girl Lucy. She is truly a blessing and we have enjoyed having her for almost 2 years now. Many many thanks, and we hope Lucy's special birthday gift and help another mill momma see her 7th birthday.

Houma, LA

Run One for the Gipper - Support Canine Cancer Research

Gipper is a much-loved Westie who recently lost his battle with canine cancer.  That's why on Saturday, September 25th his two-footer brother, Nick, is running in the Bruiser 5K - a race to raise funds for Canine Cancer research.

In honor of Gipper and all the dogs that are battling or have lost the battle to cancer, please join us in the fight and make a donation to the Bruiser 5K. The Bruiser 5K has helped fund canine cancer research at Penn Veterinary Medicine and with your help will continue to raise funds for research that is so desperately needed. Make your donation today to help save the life of a trusted friend and family member.

Nick has a personal fundraising page setup where you can donate online. Just go to and follow the instructions. Any amount is greatly appreciated and it goes directly to the National Canine Cancer Research Foundation.

To read more about the Bruiser 5k click here;

Thank you for your generosity and support. Be sure to check out Nick’s site to see how far he surpasses his fundraising goal!

The Many Adventures of Cypress ... er, Gracie

Hello Stacey - Just wanted to let you know Cypress, now Gracie is home. She is a good traveler, and a great dog. She is getting comfortable and follows Teri around like a shadow. Attached are a few pictures (note that she is sitting on the one couch Teri said she is not allowed. That lasted about five minutes). Thanks for all your help.

Jeff and Teri
Here's an update from Cypress' dad to let us know they made it home safely. He's included some cute pictures. You can sure tell this girl's going to be the center of the universe. :-) (Her collar and matching leash are bright pink with Hawaii spelled out in white embroidery. They were hoping to adopt Cypress as soon as they got home from their vacation. :-)

To explain the 'couch comment', Teri had said there was just one piece of furniture that Cypress wouldn't be allowed on - a couch. lol Apparently that's going to take some training, but I'm not sure who's going to get trained. ;-)

Dear Cuzins,

Everybody's got talents, but I think we found mine today. I have been DISCOVERED! I gotz talent!

You see at my house, Mama has a toybox in the famblyroom. It's a GREAT BIG toybox like Uncle Brian makes. In fact it's JUST like the ones Uncle Brian makes! Yesterday I found it and climbed right in, head first. Down inside it I found this CUTE pink bunny. She's bigger than my head! but I'm a strong little cairn girl, so I held my head REALLY high and brought it over to show Mary. Then I had to go find a whole bunch of other toys to show Mary. I was very busy digging in the toybox for quite a while!

This morning, after I went potty, I got to go in the famblyroom again (this is the DISCOVERED part). I found a fun toy and brought it to Mary and she tossed it away from her. I went and got it for her and she tossed it again! I kept picking up her toys and bringing them back to her and she kept throwing them. She said I was playing fetch and she said I was the BEST fetcher she'd ever seen! We played for FIFTEEN minutes straight and every time she threw it, I'd bring it back to her.

This is a fun game. You guys should try it at your house!

Cypress - Da Monster slowly turning into a princess.

Denver's Rainbow at the End of a Long Road Home

Denver has lived with us since February of this year. It's been a long road teaching her how to live peacefully among other dogs, where to stand by her dish when it's time to eat, how not to push into someone else's dish when they were still eating. how to play, how to potty outside by using a doggy door. But she did it and has actually even learned her sit command. You can just look at her face and know that she has finally come into her own. We thought for some time that she may not get adopted and actually set a date that if no one adopted her we would. She's 7, will be 8 in December. For those of you who have fosters that are this age or older I know how hard it is trying to express their qualities when everyone wants "a 2 year old female".

Tonight is Dee's last night with us. Tomorrow she will meet her new family, they are driving from NC to me, in south Florida to pick her up. They are so very excited and called me tonight to let me know everything that they have gotten for her. Allen says he brought BB for her to eat and is going to order Wagatha's biscuits.

Thank you MM's for find her the perfect home. Cathy is retired and Allen is semi-retired. Dee will have a big fenced in yard to hunt and play. I told her how beautiful NC is and that she might even get to play in some snow. Hope she remembers how she came to us (wild woman) and how much she taught us about patience and understanding. We wish her so much happiness in her new home.

Port St. Lucie, FL

Bijou - Le Petit Chien Qui Parle Francais

Hi Susan,

We think "It's been a week already!" The time has flown for us. CP Boy Brindy, now known as Bijou, has improved so much. Not really improved, just passed greater and greater tests. His health has all checked out fine. He is walking much better in the park, without tugging.

He is such a terrier! He "killed" the angel in less than two days. I bought him a plush fabric bone, with a squeaker. That lasted less than an hour. Kapock all over the couch. You would have laughed. He silenced a tennis ball with an internal squeaker. The squeaker is still in the ball. It just doesn't work anymore. I bought him a Frisbee. He has no interest in it. He doesn't seem to know what to do with it, since it doesn't squeak.

He is getting better on rides. We think he is just very worked up with anticipation and can't wait to get there. He seems to be saying, "Hurry up, Rich. I can't wait." He acts the same about going out for toilet breaks. Especially in the morning after a full night. He now has access to the entire house at night, but doesn't leave the bedroom. No "accidents, so far.

I know I am leaving things out, again. He has just been such a success. I'm so glad I pursued him. He makes me smile all the time. And people love him, no matter if they knew Emma. They think he is so cute, or handsome. For me, Emma lives on through Bijou.

People can't believe he is 11 years old. Even at the vet's, they are surprised when they learn his age. By the way, there have been no leg problems. We let him walk at his own pace. Main focus on walks is to make sure he doesn't tug. He likes to tug with the tennis ball and a soft Frisbee.

He knows "sit", and three versions of "O.K.", he knows when he is getting leashed up and plays a silly little circling game. He knows where his house is, and I think when we are back to the neighborhood in the car. He understands "let's go", "come over here", and he tries to growl lowly instead of bark at night. He also understands "ici" and allez" on our walks. I think his first caregiver spoke French to him. What a guy!

Bijou is one great addition to our family! We love him!