Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oliver Twist fka Ewan now has a "Happy Face"

The photo on the left shows Ewan's sad little face of confusion when we first got him in late October. The below photos is more recent and shows his happy face, how he LOVES the snow (rolls in it, buries his toys in it).

He started obedience school 2 weeks ago and heels beautifully now, stays while I walk around him, but does not like to sit; can't figure that out. But he catches on to everything else quickly, and is so smart.

He is so loving, not as needy in the cuddling department as when we first got him but still wants his daily quota. Then he is off running in circles, down the hall, around the furniture, up on the bed for about 5 minutes, then he's ready to snuggle in for an hour or two; always ends up in his 'safe' crate before morning.  He had a play date yesterday with a little 9-yr.old Yorkie boy named Spike, and they had a blast after the required sniffing and growling.

You know, I really thought I would not have a hard time as a foster parent, 'cause he was not what I wanted (a black female); but his personality won me over (after my husband had already fallen in love with him). He continues to blossom and grow every day; he will love the backyard this summer with all the birds and squirrels to chase. And we continue to love him more every day.

Thank you CPCRN for the good work that you do!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is Starry Night Thinking?

Fresh from her very respectable run in the Bissel MVP challenge, Starry seems to have several thoughts:
1. Yeah, I won big time - all my favorite toys, or
2. There's enough here to share with ALL the CP kids, or maybe
3. Hey Mom - I need MORE toys!!!!
Guess only Starry Night knows for sure.
Congrats, Starry Girl!

Tasha and Tootsie do Az

Karen O, of Yuma, AZ sent these photos of California Cairns, Tasha and Tootsie.  Some of Karen's cairns (I think she has 6!) are also in the photos. 
It must really be OZ, not AZ!

This morning, I had a lovely visit from Charlene and Bill Myers, along with their girls, Tasha and Tootsie! Charlene and Bill are camping out in the desert appx. 30 minutes from our home, enjoying our 78 degree weather this week. I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of these adorable girls. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ambercup's Adoption Day!

Ambercup, now known as Ella, and her new family!

Happy Forever Ella!!!

Beautiful Belle!


Hello dear friends at Colonel Potter -
Saturday Jan. 30
It's been a great week. Little Madam is settling in very well and now leads the pack on our walks. James allows her to sleep beside him on the hassock in front of the fire ( amazing!) and Rob seems to be emerging from his "now I am a middle child" worries.
Miss Belle has graduated to her own comfy bed beside James rather than her crate - we put it in the garage as she just abandoned it one day. We took that as a very positive sign that she was over her need to hide. She's been to Vancouver on an excursion - visit to the dentist for us - and was perfectly happy in the car as long as her brothers were closeby. They look like Winken, Blinken and Nod all lined up at the window.
The only on-going issue - and one that was certainly expected - is that Belle is constantly on the look-out for food. Her brain tells her that she is hungry even when her tummy is full. Several times she pushed open the door to the pantry where we store the dog and cat food and managed to get the containers open. After several firm voice corrections, she knows that is not part of the game plan and so now cruises by the door - just to check!
We've discovered that, good Scottish lass that she is, Miss Belle loves porridge in the morning - with milk, please. We usually have it for breakfast so the Cairns have a some in their dishes after they finish their morning meal.  If I'm tardy in getting the porridge underway, Belle parks herself in front of the stove until she can see good things happening. I think her reasoning is that if I trip over her often enough, I'll remember to start the cereal. This is one smart little bunny!
She had her first bubble bath this week - loved it- then I gave her a good towel rub and brushed her until she shone. I can't believe the way she will stand on our bathroom counter, admire her reflection in the mirror and let me brush and brush. You could almost hear her purr! 
I can see that having a Colonel Potter Cairn go to a forever home that already has a dog can shorten the adjustment period dramatically. Dilys' dogs and our boys are teaching Belle how to be a dog - something entirely new to her. We've had only one "bathroom" mistake and that was my fault for not allowing her enough time on an evening walk. She really likes to sniff everything before making any location decisions.  Belle watches her brothers very closely and they have been very patient with the little girl when she almost crawls on top of them to see what they're doing!
As I write this, Belle is curled up under my chair, the boys are asleep by the fireplace and the cat is on Glen's lap - with all recognizing that she is the queen. All is well in our world.
Best regards,
Rosemary in Pender Harbour

Twinkle, Twinkle, what a star!


I know it's been a while since we have spoken.  I apologize for not being better at updating you with the pictures of Twinkle, formerly Spritzer, # 4073.   I am sending you this update now so you know how she is doing, and I have attached a picture of her happy smiling self. 
Twinkle is doing pretty good.  She is well loved, and she has quite a personality!  She loves to be outside, and loves to dig in the mulch pile.  I am working on making sure she stays socialized as we have recently had issues with her barking at people who come in the house.  She is doing better, still a work in progress.  She is quite a personable Cairn princess most of the time.  I have taken her to Home Depot and she enjoyed it so we will take her again.  
Right now we have a new foster, which is a new experience for her.  She is being such a sweet, loving foster sister to the new girl,showing her how to play with toys, how to walk on a leash, and how to get hugs,kisses, and scratches.  She really adores playing with her foster sister.  Overall, she is an amazing, precious girl who certainly has her own little Cairn personality with a streak of mischief thrown in. 
Thank you for all you do with CP, I appreciate everything  and especially all advise I can get. 

Welcome Home Tiny Bits!

We made it home safely with Mitzi (a.k.a.:  Tiny Bits).  She is happy with her new crate and is quietly listening to all the sounds in her new home.  There are two pictures attached for you to see.  She wasn't hungry however, so we'll try again in the morning.  She has gone outside to go "Potty" successfully.  She has become very attached to the Hedgehog you sent with her.  It seems like she is treating it as a baby.  It was the best thing you could've given her!  She tucks it in right next to her in her crate.
We want to express our heartfelt thanks, Cathy for the excellent job you have done fostering Tiny Bits/Mitzi.  We can tell she was shown every kindness and love possible while in your caring hands.  The behaviors you taught her have set a foundation for a wonderful addition to our home. 
We will keep you posted on her progress.
Don & Krista

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello from Tallulah Bean!

From Tallulah Bean:

Hi Everbody! 

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while.  Things have been very exciting.  My foster mom brought me to my forever home on January 23.  I was a little bit baffled when she left me with my new mom but after a few minutes I figured out where the warm lap was.

Boy do I love my cuddle times!  Mom says I am the sweetest cairn she ever met.  She loves the happy dance I do with my front paws when she comes home.  I meet her at the front door and make sure she has her daily quota of love and kisses.

We go for walks in my new neighborhood -- so many new smells!  I'm conquering the neighborhood one block at a time.  I'm still scared of the cars though.  Mom says she is so glad she follows instructions and double leashes me.  I have lots of new responsibilities, including keeping that pesky squirrel in line.  I chase him from the apple trees, down the fence line and over to the cedars in the neighbor's yard.  Dumb thing should be glad there's a fence there, I've been known to climb trees!  I love stalking that little varmit.

I have a new bed and toys that are all mine.  I'm trying to convince Mom to let me sleep on her bed but haven't worn her down quite yet... I'm working hard on it though!