Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where the toys are...

...someone waits for me, says Gabby, who has found her way to her new forever home with Amy and Brian.  

But Wait! That's no toy, that's a bandana!
 "It's my bandana," says Wookie."  "No, it's mine," growls Fabio.  
"Whheeeee," says Rocky, "can we play with it, Mommie?"

So it begins, and Gabby is off and running with her new family of--how many is that?? 
Well, according to the best of sources, Amy and Brian have adopted, count 'em, Six Doggies:


How much more special can it get? You go, Gabby girl, you've got it made in the shade with a most wonderous forever home!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rocky M Introduces His New Sister Mandy

my mum diddint tell me she had sumpfin goin on wen we gotz hoem fum r cairn pardee. Yestadee she putz me in unkel stebe's kar anna Grommy's krayt too anna off we goez down da rode agin. I faut we wuz goin to annudr cairn pardee. boy wuz I ebber suprized. we gotz dis heer gurl (ugh) anna she bee putz inna my bruddr's krayt and kame hoem wif uz. now she beez sleepin in Gromz krayt anna playin wif alla hiz toiz. She iz a messy gurl kuz she getted alla toyz anna putz dem all ober mum'z nyce kleen roomz. Mum prolly will fink I diddit.

maybee I will lyk her kuz she shure is purdy.

Rocky M
Central NY

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loutre is Now the Playful LuLu

Lulu is now a member of a pack. She joins Ceylon (CP) and Bear - all Cairns. Sounds like Lulu is going to be an alpha little girl. She somehow manages to get almost all the toys and is an expert at de-stuffing. She has gained a little weight and at a recent vet appointment weighed in at 10.8 pounds. She has brought a lot of life into the dog party. Bear, their 12 year old Cairn, is starting to play some around Lulu. Ceylon and Lulu just love to play. Lulu is tightly bonded to Sharon and this is wonderful. Bear and Ceylon are Robert's dogs. Turns out that just after they adopted Ceylon, Sharon had to leave because of a family emergency, and when she returned home Ceylon had latched on to Robert. So Sharon just loves that Lulu has bonded so tightly to her. These dogs have a wonderful home.

Marvin and Buzzy: A Two-fer Gotcha Day!

Cairnadians* Susan and Paul L know a good thing and decided to keep it going.  Susan and Paul live near Vancouver, BC. They have had 4 Cairns before....two of them rescues from California ...  who all lived to a ripe old age. Their last furkid one went to the bridge about a month ago, and their house was not a home without at least one Cairn in it.

An online search led Susan and Paul to Col. Potter and they were matched with Marvin and Buzz who were being foster in Canada.  And just look at these happy faces!

Marvin and Buzz could not be any luckier than to find themselves living in this cairn-trained home.  Susan and Paul have arms that are just meant to hold Cairn Terriers.

Many wishes this lovely family for a long, healthy and happy life together.

*Cairnadian - a cairn-loving Canadian

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to Our Best Friends

CPCRN is mourning 3 memorable cairn kids who recently left for the Rainbow Bridge.  Run Free Little Ones!

Lady Wabansia, one of the WCKs, had kidney failure and finally last week her daddy had to help her to Rainbow Bridge. Ken, her dad, just got off the phone with Michael who did his best to console him, however Ken is devastated. Lady was truly his "lady love" and went everywhere with him. He had relocated to Indiana recently to be close to his adult children and Lady was loving her new extended family.

Benny came to us in May, 2006 and was my first exposure to rescue - I had no idea what I was getting into. He was a scared PM boy that spent the first 7 1/2 yrs in a mill. He came with a lot of baggage. Over the past four years his progress was measured in baby steps. He was never interested in toys - but loved his bully sticks. He had no interest in playing but he and Heather had a meal time ritual where she wold try to engage him in play - and he bowed his head and wiggled his tail. He liked big dogs and would carefully go up to them and sniff them but that was it. He remained afraid of many people - but in the last 12-16 months decided that the house was his - and would run to the front door when the doorbell rang barking his head off. I held him and told him how much I loved him and what a good boy he was and he went peacefully. We buried him in the back yard and had Lexi and Heather check him over. His CP blanket and one of his bully sticks is buried with him. Benny would have turned 12 in July.

Winston came into CP with a dirty, torn toy called Roadkill Bob. I found a new replacement for him shortly after he arrived, but he still preferred the old, original Bob. Throughout his life with his forever mom, the original Roadkill Bob had to be mended many times, but remained his favorite toy. He was definitely not your typical Cairn. He didn't run, didn't chase prey, didn't bark much. Winston was a lover! There wasn't another living creature -- human or animal that he didn't love. I can still feel his kisses on my cheek, my lips, my forehead, my hand ... and I hope I never forget them.

Tales from Tallulah Bean

Hi All! Tallulah Bean here. Tomorrow is my three month anniversary. Mom finally got some photos of me developed. Hope you can see them okay. Sorry we don't have any of me at the park -- we spend a lot of time there. I love the trails and running on the grass. At home I love my cuddle times (when I'm not stalking the squirrel). There are advantages to being an only dog! My groomer says that I am a sweetie. She washed, stripped & clipped me -- I even had my nails done without complaint.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hanna is Already a Winner!

Hanna, fka Hubbard, is at her forever home and is "doing fabulous," her forever mom, Taron, says. She says she is still a bit apprehensive, but things are getting better on all fronts.

Hanna seems to like taking over her brother Kwanza's crate. "Hey," Kwanza, protested, "it's too hot for both of us in here." But Hanna isn't budging, and the two of them provide a good laugh for Mom.
Mom, reports that Hanna still likes some of her alone time, but she hangs out at the top of the stairs, watching the action below. And though she is still a bit shy, she will sometimes sit with the family until bedtime.
Also, the walks are getting much better, though Hanna still isn't too keen on that leashee thingee. But, Mom says, she did "mark" on one of her walks which is a real good thing for her, and she is much-improved in her tail-wagging endeavors. Go Hanna. And look at that bow and bandana! She's quite the fashionista.

Hanna is not 100% yet on the housebreaking, but she's getting better.  And in the meantime, Taron says, "She's already a winner in my book!"

Cabot: On Duty

Cabot is still in his loving foster home, but he knows what his job is - to be "on guard" and watching for that furever home.  Stay tuned for that update on this blog soon!  Great job Cabot, you handsome boy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The New Zander with Gal Pal Neha

Zander has been on thyroid medicine and is like a new dog, feels good, more social, integrating himself into the pack. Neha misses Foster BG (now Guinness) but is very happy to hang out with Zander and they have started taking walks together. As you can see, they love the door and the full view window.
Bonnie in SC, Mom to CPs Bea (lying in the back window) Neha and Zander

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Congrats to Napoleon for His Big Win in OKC Nosey Parker Contest!!

Napolean will be the "cause celeb" next Saturday at a big "Paint Your Art Out" event in Norman, Oklahoma where he will be painted with NoseyParker.  Congrats Napolean!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beach Baby!

British Columbia's newest Cairn resident, Hoka,
LOVES the beach! Who could blame her!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dubuque Becomes a Buckeye!

Dubuque/Doobie is the second lucky CP Kid to become an Ohio resident this weekend!  Her new name is Eubha.  Here is a photo of her in the loving arms of her new mommie.

Tobosa Has a Furever Family!

Tobosa was adopted yesterday and is now a resident of Ohio. Here is a pic of Tobosa and her new family.

Guinness - the Perfect Graduation Gift!

Foster BG aka Snickers has been adopted! He joins the small but ever growing group of second generation CP adoptive families. His new mom is Margeurite D, who just graduated law school and applied for him by name.

Her parents adopted the late Rooster Cogburn and Prophet so cairn rescue runs in their family!

BG's new name is Guinness.  He  will be settling in Atlanta for several months before they move to Montgomery. He will also be spending a 2 week vacation in New York later this summer.

As you can see by the pictures, Marguerite and Guinness hit it off wonderfully and he was very comfortable with her.

Thanks to Deb C for the matchmaking. He was our foster for 9 months and we will miss him but as I told Margeurite, we were the perfect foster home for him and she is the perfect forever home.

Bonnie in SC, Mom to CPs Bea, Neha and Zander - Foster BG is on the road with his new mom.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kerwin writes to say...

...Got-cha days are ggrrrrreat!!  Kerwin says thanks to Col. Potter for rescuing him and giving him a forever home. To celebrate his 5th Got-cha Day, Kerwin was treated to an eggy breakfast and a brand new bone. But he says the bestest thing in the world is his wonderful forever family.  Arooooo!