Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Bella

Hi Aunt Mary, It's me Bella,
I haven't written since Christmas so I thought I would drop you a note and tell you all about what is going on in my life. Well in my life, it just gets better by the day. Mommy and Daddy are the best and DeDe is just like a true sister. She is always getting in trouble and blaming me. Just because my paws were the ones that were all dirty when the rose got dug up was just an unfortunate coincidence. Daddy wasn't home at the time so mommy and grandpa had to replant the rose. Daddy has been doing a lot of traveling for his work but he has told me that he is done now and he is very happy for that.
A couple of weeks ago Daddy took me to the doctors and all I remember was getting a shot. When I woke up my teeth were all clean and my toenails were trimmed. It took almost three full days to get over the fog in my head so tell all the little cairns "Don't do drugs." I did get over it though and now I am back to my old self.
The weekends are still my favorite. This morning daddy got up around 5:00 and lets us out. After that we get to get in the big bed and snuggle. It is just the best. This morning I snuggled up next to daddy and he pulled the blankie over me and I was just in heaven. When we did get up I had an appointment at the beauty parlor and do I look good or what. You can see in the attached picture. Like the pretty pink bow? I certainly think it brings out the best in me. My beautician's name is Mary also. She is a very nice lady. I see a pattern here. Nice ladies named Mary. Huh!
It is a very nice day here today so when we got home all the neighborhood dogs were out front so we all went out to visit. I am still a bit shy around all them. I pretty much hang out under mom or dad's legs. I like to tangle them up in my leash. I do it on purpose to get attention. Pretty smart don't you think?
Mom and dad went to the fabric store this morning while I was at the beauty parlor. They have been making rope toyzzzz for Pam like the ones we sent you at Christmas. There is going to be a big sale on fleece starting tomorrow so they went to check it out. It is their little way of helping the fosters. Speaking of fosters, do you have a foster now? If so I would sure love to meet him or her and show them what life outside a puppy mill can be like. Mine has turned out to be the best.
Sure hope you are having a great winter. We are looking forward to spring and being outside in our yard more. If you are ever in the area we would sure love to see you. If we come your way this summer we will give you a call and maybe stop and see you. Have a great rest of the winter.
Till next time.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spock has a New Home for the New Year!

My apologies to Mr. Spock!  I almost a month late in posting the wonderful new of his adoption.  No photo, but this is what his Foster Mom sent:

We are so happy for our little old man Spock. He has had some real trials the past year and just when we thought he couldn't catch a break, he was adopted on New Year's Day and left for his new home yesterday. His new mom and her two resident dogs stayed the weekend with us and what a pajama party it was. Everyone got a trip to the dog park then back home to play some more. Spock will have a great new home with his two new sisters. What a great way to start 2011! Happy tails to you Spock!

Carla in Florida
w/Radar & Pogo

Chuck McQueen's Long Ride to Furever

McQueen was fostered by Karen M in Florida, but his furever family lives in New York.  So here is the story of his looonnnggg car ride home:

Hi Karen,

We arrived at my house at around 1:00 AM this morning,  Chuck McQueen (aka Mickey) is napping on the couch beside me right now, so I thought this would be a good time to write you.

Chuck McQueen (aka Mickey) tolerated his road trip extremely well. Each day of the trip, he became more and more accustomed to the routine. By Friday, he was so accustomed, that he didn't whine or talk when we stopped to pay the tolls. (Before, he would get so excited to see the toll collector). We arrived in North Carolina on Thursday night after 12:30AM. He slept well in his crate right beside my bed. He ate well, as per his regimen and pottied very well too. He loved visiting with our business colleagues in NC before we headed North, and he was his usual highly excited self whenever we encountered other people or dogs. It was very cold in NC, in the thirties and at one point when we were outside, he seemed to be itchy. I was worried because I had adhered to the Prednisone schedule, but then the itchiness subsided. Today he has not been itchy at all.

He was very funny at one point in Baltimore, during one of our pit stops, he seemed annoyed that his water bowl (the collapsible one) did not have food in it (He had just eaten all the food out of his food bowl), so he tipped it over with his nose. When I put more water in the water bowl, he did the same thing again. It was quite funny. I think what happened was the bowl smelled a little like food because I had stored the bowls in the snack pack (with his treats) that you sent along with him.

You will be interested to know he can ascend stairs very well. Descending is a bit more challenging for him though. He can easily ascend and descend the four wooden steps on our back deck and he can ascend the steps (about 10, with a landing in between) that lead from our basement to our foyer. He won't go down those steps though, so we carry him down.   

As for snow, he didn't seem to know what to make of it at first. But then he decided to test it out and walk in it. He didn't mind it. And, he doesn't mind me putting his coat on either. He looks adorable in it. I will take some pictures and send them to you. We walked all around my development today, and since it was very quiet, he walked very well, until he saw a squirrel, of course. And then one of my neighbors let their dog out when we were passing by and Chuck wanted to go over there too. He whined and barked some when I kept going towards out house, but he got over it.

Chuck (Mickey) also took to my family very well. He played fetch and watched TV with my older son. I heard my son making plans with Chuck to watch the football game on TV together tomorrow. My husband plans to join them too.  Unfortunately, my younger son went back to college today, so he will miss this party.

I will keep you posted on Chuck's (Mickey's) progress. In the meantime, he sends you his love and told me to tell you and his brothers that he misses you all so much, but he is happy that he found his forever home.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kaper Certain to Enjoy Cairn Antics!

Hi everyone,
Celia, 12-year-old former puppy mill mama, and I have a new little boy to love -- Kaper (fka KPax). He is beautiful and has the sweetest personality. He is surprisingly well-behaved, especially considering he spent the first five years of his life as a puppy mill breeder.
Some people have asked how I came up with Kaper's name. He was originally named for the movie "KPax" for Karen P. I asked Karen if she had a suggestion for a new name and she came up with Kaper, which she said was a bad spelling for a grand caper. I thought it was a cute idea. I think I should have named him "Dart," though, because of the way he runs ahead of me and darts back and forth:)
I don't think they make them any cuter than Kaper. Celia and I are very happy to have a boy in the house again. I'm sorry I can't send a picture of him yet. I was trying to take pictures of him yesterday but my camera wasn't working. As soon as I get that problem fixed, I'll send pictures.
I want to thank everyone involved in approving my adoption of Kaper and his great foster dad, Ron. We are very lucky to have this handsome, sweet little man. And I want to thank everyone in Col. Potter for all you do to give little guys like Kaper a chance at a new life in a loving forever home.
Ellen in Massachusetts
with Celia and Kaper

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buddy checking in!

Hi Mary,

Val, Phil, Missy and Buddy checking in to let you know everything is going great with Buddy. He now likes to chase airplanes since we live next to an airport and will run up and down the yard as they fly over. At one of the parks we go to they fly model planes and he goes nuts chasing them.

He also loves to bulldoze the snow and bury his head in it, he looks so cute when he comes to the door with his head covered in snow.

He and Missy get along great and were caught cuddled together a couple of times.His allergies are all gone now, it was mostly to poultry, flax seed, and some veggies but with his new diet he never itches. We love Buddy and are so glad we adopted him. Once again thanks to everyone at Col Potter for all their help. I am attaching some pics of Buddy, hope to get some snow pics tomorrow.

Take care
Val, Phil, Missy and Buddy

A Cairn Terrier is NOT a Dog!

I have been informed, by my one and only Max, Cairn Terrier Debonair, that he is NOT a dog and refuses to be treated like one any longer!! This attitude started quite some time ago, but this morning solidified his message...

1. He will NOT be forced to go potty outside in the rain. Instead, he chooses to hold it, or to get right to the edge of the overhang on the deck and tinkle on the bushes that way - never EVER allowing his delicate feet to touch wet ground. Really? How incredibly undignified!!

2. When it is meal time, he will wait quietly at my feet while I fill 4 bowls.  He will, however - and this is very important, so you must take notes!! - He will NOT go into his cage or even sniff at his bowl, until he gets to lick the spoon. I think he wants to make sure we're not giving him anything that will make him more doggy and less people-like.

3. When it is time for bed, Maximum gets a full 10" of bed space between the end table and mommy, OR between mommy and daddy - there is absolutely NO hanky panky allowed and he makes fierce protest at even the slightest of pecks. He gets locked in the hallway for that stuff... and OH does he protest!! We are surprised that we still have a door, to be perfectly honest.

4. He MUST have a pillow - not a doggy pillow, but a real human, fluffy pillow for him to rest his head on when in bed to sleep for the night. Blankets must be pulled over him or he hims-and-haws all night long until they are placed just right over him.

5. Bath is a four letter word, just like any boy his age, taking baths is NOT fun and is something he will do anything to avoid... including getting under the middle of a king sized bed so we can reach him. And even an insanely food driven dog like him will not be coaxed out from under the bed with any type of food... the bath is an evil that big humans cannot possibly understand!

So, there you have it, that's all the evidence that I've collected to date.
What do you think? Cairn ... or … Short Furry Human?

Kim & Steve J

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roland Gets in the Big Game - as a Cheesehead!

This is Ro's first football season. He's heard some talk about The Packers and their "heyday." He doesn't know much about all of this, but then he learned that Packer fans really like cheese...

That's all the convincing he needed. Tomorrow, he is cheering for the Packers

A Tribute to Lacy Lou

Lacy Lou was an owner surrender to Col. Potter and when she came in, she had a couple of small tumors which we had removed.  The diagnosis on the tumors was not good and she was diagnosed with myeloma.  That being said, she was a happy, energetic little girl and we thought she had beat the odds but sadly that was not to be the case.  She started acting more lethargic, not her normal self and foster mom, Lynn, found a tumor on her ribs so she went back to the vet yesterday.  The vet confirmed that the myeloma was back and was most likely throughout her body.  Lynn took Lacy Lou back home for some hard core loving and spoiling.  This morning, she was not able to walk, could not urinate and was very edematous.  We knew it was time to say good bye to this sweet little girl.  So Lacy Lou passed over the bridge at 10:00 a.m. this morning, in the loving arms of Lynn.  She was a very special little girl and was very loved by Lynn.  Please say a special prayer and send hugs to Lynn as today is a very hard day for her and light a candle to help Lacy Lou find her way to the bridge. 

A "Juicy" New Home for SusanD

I am happy to announce that Susan D, now Juicy, left for her forever home this afternoon. She jumped into her new owners hands when they arrived and never looked back when she left.

It is easier giving them up when you know they are looking forward to where they are going and not back to where they have been. Isn't that why we do what we do?

Let me be the first to introduce the newest CPCRN match: Carol and Steven G, Juicy (formerly Susan D) and Diesel.

Kay and Bob H

Amtrak Hopped a Ride to Furever Happiness

Foster Mom says: Just got this update from the forever family of CP's Albuquerque (Abby) now Amtrak (yes this was the dog who got out of my yard and had a ride on a train. Do we do good work or what? From a scared mill momma to a joyful happy carefree cairn.
A year ago yesterday was Amtrak's last day as a breeder dog - she had spent her whole life (almost 4 years) in a crate. She had never seen a house, known a friendly hug, nor walked on grass. She was rescued 1/22/10 by Col. Potter's Cairn Rescue Network and spent months in an Illinois foster home (thanks, Mary & Jim!) learning about life outside the breeding mill before we adopted her last August. Click here to see how Amtrak is doing today (playing with our other Col. Potter rescue dog, Joey). She is obviously doing way more than just walking on grass!   
We are very thankful to Col. Potter, all its many volunteers, and all its donors and supporters for rescuing our much-loved Amtrak and Joey.

Brosnan now Brody - A Very Lovable Showoff

Today was the day Brosnan - now known as BRODY - got to meet his new mom, Connie, and big sister, Emily.  He had his bags packed,was comfortable in his crate in the car and ready to go.  One little problem - the garage door broke and we were trapped in the garage!!  After many trials, and tribulations, we were able to get the door open and 45 minutes later Brody was on the way to meet his new mom.

We met in the middle of cold, snowy, windy Ohio - all of 15 degrees!  Brody loves snow so he was happy (but cold) while the rest of us shivered as we got things done.  Brody put his paws on the knees of both his new mom & sister stretching out for ear scritches when they first met.  He showed them how he sits pretty for a treat just by seeing the treat.  He also showed his talent to sit with a hand signal.  To top it off he got in his big, warm comfortable travel crate on command!  

Brody is a smart boy and likes to show off.  Mr. Brody will have a 2 year old Westie brother and a Border Collie sister.  No lack of playmates or energy in his new home!  He's going to have FUN!!
Brody says thanks to everyone for their love and support!
Former foster mom,
Carolynne M
Ft. Wayne IN

Darby's Looking Pretty and Having Fun in Texaa

Darby (fka Ciao) continues to do GREAT here in TEXAS & yes---- she has a bit of a southern bark now !!  She is feeling very loved & has become much more relaxed around new people.  She did good staying with our daughter while we went out of town.  She met her new Dr. & got a great checkup!  She has had her 1st grooming - just a little trim and shapeup!  

Darby says: "I went to the groomer for the 1st time!!  Her Name is Terry!  She loves me!  I love My new haircut!!"

Darby loves to curl up on all the blankies laying around the house...prefers them over dog beds.  She loves her chewy sticks & Darby loves her BIG backyard...she loves to stretch out & rub her tummy on the leaves & roll in the dead grass...which sticks to her black fur like a magnet!!.......not real sure what those other little animals are....we tell her they are squirrels & birds!!  LOL  She gives lotsa kisses & we give kisses back!!  We are so blessed & continue to thank everyone @ CP & especially her foster mommy & daddy!  She sends her LOVE to everyone!!!    :)
Darby and Her Cousin Teagan

I stayed with my cousin Teagan when my mom & dad went out of town!  That sure was fun!!

Mickey McQueen Goes Home to New York

My little foster boy (Mickey) left today with his new Mom, Diana.  They have a very long drive ahead over the next two days – from sunny and warm Florida to snowy and cold New York with an overnight in North Carolina.

Mickey doesn’t realize it yet, but this little guy hit the jackpot with his new family.  Diana hasn’t had a dog since childhood.  She and her husband have 2 sons in college and they all are excited about this new addition to their family.  Diana and her husband have been busy shopping for all the things Mickey could possibly need – including a few coats and sweaters.  Half of her suitcase was filled with things Mickey might need on the drive home.

Mickey was such an easy boy to foster and even though he came into Col Potter as a stray, it’s obvious someone once loved him and took very good care of him.  And now he’ll find himself in a loving home again.  My cairn boys and I will miss this sweet boy, but we know he’ll have a wonderfully happy new life.

And kudos to our Communications, Home Safety Visits and Matchmaker teams for their promptness in “processing” applications.  Diana told me that it was a fluke that she even found Col Potter and ultimately McQueen.  She had been searching Petfinder for awhile, found a cairn she liked in New Jersey that was with a different Cairn Rescue group, and put in an application.  She waited a month and never heard from them.  So she started searching again and found Col Potter.  So why did she pick Mickey who was so far away?  She said she just fell in love with him from his videos.  She even had dreams of him being at home with her and knew it was meant to be.  It’s apparent that Diana has a lot of terrier traits—one of them being determination  -- figuring out how to get what she wants.

And guess what, Amy – she bought a cookbook from me!

Diana promised to keep in touch and send me pictures and videos once they’re home and settled in.  I can’t wait to hear what his reaction is to that white stuff!

Happy forever little Mickey!

CPCRN Advice for Motion Sickness

We frequently transport dogs who display motion sickness during the trip.  Here is some tried and true advice for that condition.

Do not feed the dog within 3 hours prior to a car ride but make sure he has plenty of water to stay hydrated.  A water bowl, half filled with water and frozen overnight so as to provide one huge ice cube is wonderful in this situation.  Symptoms of travel sickness may include drooling, repeated swallowing, vomiting, panting, and/or diarrhea. Severe vomiting can lead to dehydration and death in dogs, especially in mill dogs which are not in good health to start with.  Take plenty of paper towels or newspapers to shove under him if he starts to vomit (IF this can be done with the car doors and windows firmly shut).  Don’t forget: IT IS BETTER TO HAVE A SOILED CRATE than to risk the possibility of a dog breaking loose during transport.

To prevent this dog from getting sick when you take him in the car, you can administer an over-the-counter, human, motion sickness drug by the name of Bonine, Meclizine (Meclizine Hydrochloride or Meclizine HCL) or Antivert (these are all different names for the same drug). These drugs are usually sold as 25 mg tablets. For puppies under 10 pounds, you can give 6.25 to 12.5 mg (1/4 to 1/2 tablet if 25 mg tablet); 10-20 pounds give 12 to 25 mg (1/2 to 1 tablet if 25 mg. tablet); and over 20 pounds, one whole 25 mg tablet, one hour before going for the car ride.  Kathie R called Poison Control on a trip with a very car sick dog just to be sure this was safe.  She was told that it was hard to overdose on this by giving many times the amount so I would go with the larger amount where two are given.

This medication is good for 24 hours and it does not make the dog sleepy or dopey.  Karen P hint: Bonine can be given the night before and again in the MORNING BEFORE TRAVEL... for a pup YOU KNOW gets sick! That way if you forget the AM  DOSE…they already have some in their system.
Bonnie B hint:  When I help to “dress” OH auction kids going to Oz they get a dose of bonine for their little 
tummies.  I know they're terrified of all the changes in their lives and I don't believe the roads heading to Oz 
are nice, straight super highways. Kathy C used to receive at least a couple of sick dogs every trip until I 
started giving bonine to all of them.  She is soooooo happy not to have several horrible smelling, travel-sick 
kidlets arrive!  And I’m sure the dogs are much happier not to arrive after having been sick in their crates 
hours ago. ;)  Mill kids do not have any experience with cars that is good…any travel experiences in their 
lives would be bad so bonine is not a bad idea for any mill dog.
Do NOT use Dramamine which may make a dog sleepy just as it does with humans.  It is dangerous for a “doped up” dog to vomit as it can lead to aspiration pneumonia if it’s not aware enough to be sure to keep it’s face out of it’s vomit.

Some people find success through giving the dog some ginger snaps.  These are human cookies available in some grocery stores.  Make sure the ingredient list contains real ginger rather than just ginger flavoring.  Despite the long history of empirical evidence, there is still little scientific evidence proving the medicinal value of ginger. Several small studies, however, have gone some of the way toward demonstrating ginger’s medicinal value in controlling or curing motion sickness and nausea.  Ginger may control nausea but it does not control the dizziness that may accompany it.

If it’s absolutely impossible to get Bonine/Meclizine/Antivert then Benedryl or it’s generic equivalent diphenhydramine hydrochloride can be used.  You can safely give 1 mg. per pound of dog every 8 hours or three times a day.  Other vets have told us it is safe to give a Cairn an adult human 25 mg. benedryl tablet or capsule with no danger.  I would definitely cut this back to approximately 1 mg. per pound of body weight for a young puppy though.  This may be of some help with motion sickness as this is a problem with the inner ear. 

The only active ingredient should be diphenhydramine. As many medications that are sold OTC contain other meds, this really is a critical point. This means that Benadryl Decongestant, Benadryl for Colds, etc. are all unacceptable.

Recommendations are to:  drive slowly around curves, avoid frequent lane changes, approach stops signs or red lights slowly (avoid sudden or sharp stops), keep at least one window cracked open to get fresh air, try to prevent your pet from looking out the window, and make sure the temperature inside the car is kept not too hot or cold.

Revised: 7.1.10

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pepper Wiggles Happiness in Furever Home

Pepper is wonderful!  She's been sleeping on John for the last 45 minutes!  Loves to snuggle.  She is becoming more comfortable and feisty each day.  She is learning to play with toys and trying to play with things that aren't toys - my gloves...  

She and Rusty are working it out, too. Pepper is doing amazingly well for the number of kids/people that have been around.  Yesterday there were a slew of kids out her and she got a little nervous - it was a good reminder that we have to take it slow and remember where she came from.

We just love her, though.  Johna laughs because she says Pepper has no control of her backside - it just wiggles and wiggles.  She hardly barks - but last night we had Animal Planet on and it was a show about a dog rescue and when Pepper heard the dogs barking on TV she began barking and wouldn't stop.  We wondered if it brought back some memories???

I love items on Fancy Nancy - every little girl needs a Valentine diaper - don't you think?  The girls said they saw some Fancy Nancy product in their Teen Vogue magazine.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year from Leia!

Dear Kitty, Neola, Deborah, Sharon, Kathy, Megan and Rebecca,
Our darling little Cairn has been with us almost five months now, and I thought it was time for a Happy New Year update to all of you, who helped foster her and bring her into our lives.
In previous emails I’ve gone on and on about how much we adore Leia, so…… rather than bore you, ditto on that J
Each new day brings a little bit more confidence for Leia. For instance, yesterday for the very first time she put her paw on our older son while he was petting and playing with our two other dogs (he adores our dogs and cat). She has been fearful of our three young adult children and she still is if they approach her directly, but if they are looking away she will come right up to them, sniffing, taking food if it is offered. Occasionally she will let our daughter pick her up. You can tell that she wants to be part of their lives but she’s still a little afraid. Yet, every day, the fear retreats a tiny bit and one day I think we will just notice that it is gone.
Leia is our snuggle bunny Cairn, and loves sleeping right next to my husband and me whenever possible. Unlike her brother Wookie, who leaps off the bed the moment his beauty rest is disturbed by the slightest under-cover movement, nothing deters Leia from the bed or the chance for affection. I wonder if she is making up for lost time in the cold puppy mill. Wookie was always in a loving home; he is just the most confident guy who thinks he owns the universe, and he doesn’t need us for affection the way Leia does. She is a lap dog if there ever was one, even when we are typing at our computers. She wiggles around and works her way into our laps until she finds a stable position, and just stays and stays. Of course we love it!
She’s a foodie, just like her bro, so we are using little training treats to shape her behavior. She’s had “Sit” for a couple of months, and we are working on “Come.” We are just about to fence in the back yard (it’s on order) so I want to have the “Come” command established so the dogs will come running when I call. And, I think it’s about time to go to obedience training classes. I feel that when Leia first came to us it would have been too much for her, but now she is a pretty confident little girl and I think she can handle it. In fact, given how assertive she is starting to be with the neighbor dog, it might just be the perfect time.
Leia’s had fun in the North Carolina snow, although the first time when it snowed Christmas Day, it was quite a challenge for her. She kept jumping all around like the little terrier she is. What was this chilly white stuff, anyways??? But, she’s managing to do her business and all is well.
Both Cairns are getting a good amount of exercise and it helps that walking them is one of my true joys and one of theirs as well. I just LOVE being outdoors with the doggies!
Well, ‘til next time……

Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful Bella

Hi. We adopted "Mariah" from Col. Potter Rescue several weeks ago. Her Foster Mom called her "Bella.” That is the name we call her since she answers to "Bella". Before we adopted her we were told she has "problems"... she bites and is very timid with people. She especially loves men and is very wary with women.
We took her home with us and much to our delight she is a wonderful, fun, loving dog. We drove her from her foster mom's house in a crate. She rode in the car with us for 2 and 1/2 hours. Never a peep from her. She was quite content in the car and slept a lot of the way. When we arrived at our home we opened the cage and she jumped from the car and ran into the house, her tail wagging and happy as could be. She ran around the house sniffing and smelling each room and made herself at home. We had bowls set up for her in the kitchen with water and food, she found those and chowed down.
We were told she might regress and hide under the bed and bite us if we tried to pick her up. Yes, of course I had to reach for her to pick her up and she nipped at my hand breaking the skin no big deal I told her "no Bella its okay we love you".
That night she slept with us and licked our faces to show how happy she was. I was very confident we could make friends with her, to trust us and know we would never hurt her.
Her foster parents and I cried when we left their home they loved her and were sad to see her leave but knew we were going to give her a "loving home" and she would be a lucky dog to be with us.
She has made our lives so blessed. She is so sweet and runs around the yard so happy to be here with us. The neighbors have bought her "presents" and she is getting so spoiled...she loves them also and is not one bit shy with them.
Right now I am on the computer and she is laying on the chair next to me very content. She loves to go out in the car with us and as soon as we open the door to the garage and car she jumps in ready to go..
I gave her a shower with me and she was fine with that, I brushed her and cut the hair around her face and she is fine with it....not growling or teeth baring.
I am so happy with her and hope others will take in loving pets from "Col. Potter Rescue". The volunteers are unbelievable and care so much about the pets you would like to adopt. I am so impressed with the whole group of people I have had the privilege of knowing through the emails. They are dedicated people who love the "rescue dog". I will become one of them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Remember Forgets Her Old Life to Enjoy the New!

Just a few months ago, Remember was a puppy mill breeder dog.  When she was rescued bu Col. Potter, she had one more litter to deliver.  That she accomplished most successfully - 2 boys and 1 girl, all CP kids. Now Remie has gone to her own furever home where she will get lots of love and attention!

Her new Mom sent the above photo and this message: 

Thought you'd like to see this cute photo of Remie. She's been playing ball a lot today and even took a long walk with Scout. I was really impressed with how much better she did on the leash today!

Happy Furever, Miss Remie - you more than deserve it!!  
P.S. Her girl Kinsey Hope is being royally spoiled in her new home, and the boy Sirius is living not far from his Mom. Dylan is still in his foster home, waiting for his special family.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I Like About My New Home

Things I Like About My New Home
By Kinsey Hope
I have been in my new home for three weeks now, and there are some things here that I really like a lot!  I like the indoor pool a lot.  My mom calls it my water dish, but I say if it's big enough for me to dig in, it's big enough to call a pool!  My mom gets a bit upset with me when I play in my pool and cause a river to run through the middle of my Xpen, but it's good fun for me!  Then I can roll in the river so my drowned rat impression is more complete.  hahaha. 
I love all the toys here.  I have lots, and I just discovered a NEW toy!  It's like this never ending toy that rolls and dispenses soft paper for pulling and chewing and basically making a HUGE mess!  Cairn Cousins, if you haven't found this amazing toy yet, check the bathroom in your home!  Mom shuts the door now to spoil my fun, but Daddy usually forgets until Mom yells at him that now HE can go clean up the bathroom floor.
Here's a couple short videos of me enjoying my favorite things in my new home.  Enjoy!
Kisses & Nibbles,
Kinsey Hope in Murfreesboro, TN

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rosso Hops a Car Ride to Furever

Well my big red rascal Rosso was adopted this morning and will be known as Bailey. 

He greeted his new family with tail wags and lots of sniffing. He hopped into the car with them and seemed pretty comfortable. The meet and greet a few weeks ago paid off for all of us. I still woke up at 3am this am paranoid that he will escape from them somehow but felt better after they were here for a while. I talked w/his new mom Laura about the Tag program and keeping the numbers updated.

So he starts a new chapter in his life now. It's very quiet here - he had such a presence and a big personality! Thanks to our MM Keren for a wonderful job matching him to the right home who patiently waited for the right dog for them.

A Sister for Charlie's Birthday

Charlie was a Christmas baby...he just turned 11 and got a brand new little sister for his birthday. Her name is Jeepers and she is giving him a run for his money :-) He loves her and his mommies said he has gotten plumb perky and energetic since she arrived. Two lucky and very well loved kids!

Happy Birthday to Meeka

happy birthday animation
It's Meeka's 14th birthday. A mill survivor, she came as our foster and captured our hearts. A quiet little soul but no mouse.. she dances for her dinner and leaps joyfully into her crate twice daily in spite of orthopedic issues from her mill days. She still collects stuffies into her crate and shakes them vigorously if somewhat slow-motion. Join us in celebration of MEEKA.
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Bonnie - The Jersey Girl!

Miss Bonnie was placed into the loving arms of Debbie and Al F yesterday so she spent New Year's as a legal resident of NJ.

I think it's very cool that she now lives less than a mile from our own Maureen H, and on the way to her hubby's work - He's keeping his eyes peeled for a little wheaten cairn out walking, so if someone beeps and waves, Deb, don't be overly surprised!

Took Bonnie a minute to warm up, but she was a doll for having her paws wiped of the snow and ice, and by the time I left she was asleep in Deb's arms.  Me - I thought I saw 2 peas on a pod in the making

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Munchkin's Wonderful Life in Maine

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Well we have had a wonderful Christmas with Munchkin and Dad.
As you see she and Dad dressed up for Christmas Day.
We went to Church, had a wonderful meal with all the fixing's and Munchkin enjoyed her pork bone and some scrambled eggs.

We had wonderful long walks and runs across the neighborhood.
We had a white Christmas too, and received more snow on Sunday and Monday of this week.
The snow was as high as Munchkin.... She and Dad are doing so very well and we do so enjoy them coming for a visit.

Hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful and that our New Year brings much joy to not only the families that have forever friends but to those who will receive their new forever little love.