Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rescue Angel Pilots

Rescue Angels come in many different types and provide various services. Here is a story about one generous group that helps our rescued cairns get to their foster homes in Vancouver Island, Canada. Once in the foster home, they start to learn love and prepare for their furever homes. Read Hampton's story, then watch for a post-adoption update in the coming months.

Mr Hampton had a bit of a busy day. He entertained a local reporter, who came to see this handsome guy and hear his story. He was a perfect gentleman, of course, and just kept asking for more belly rubs as we chatted about rescue. Our local airline, which only does short flights within BC, flies rescue animals at no charge, and I felt it was important they were recognized for this service. A ferry trip from Vancouver Island to Vancouver, takes 1.5 hrs each way, and with schedules, and busy times, that is often a much longer trip... and it costs about $65.00 one way, so having flown 5 CP kids now, they have really helped us out.
Here's a pic that the reporter took. We are not in a big city, and this paper only is published twice/week. I'll share the article when it is out, and hopefully it went ok.
And, as for Hampton's day. He's so sweet and gentle.. intros to the resident furkids are going well. They are very tolerant and don't seem too concerned by his appearance here. He's eating and drinking well and decided the bowl that had his chicken broth and water needed to be stored in the back of his crate for safe-keeping. Hampton will be in to see the Vet on Friday for some follow up - keep this lovely soul in your thoughts.
Allison in British Columbia Canada

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