Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Home Dilly!

We are so very happy with our decision to adopt Dilly. She is a delightful little Cairn! Wilson came to us as our first foster. Our family wasn't certain what we were getting ourselves into other than the fact that there is a Cairn that needs a temporary home. We decided to open our door.

We already have a resident male Cairn, Hershey, who has been with us for 2 years now and is such a pleasure to have in our lives. Hershey is the reason we opened our door to fostering. We just can get enough of one Cairn - now we needed 2!

When we arrived at the airport, our family stood in the cargo area waiting anxiously. Finally, this crate is brought to us and these 2 little eyes peeked out at us! With a sigh of relief we brought Wilson into our car and allowed her to sniff our fingers through the crate door. Once home, we had a tiny, little wheaton Cairn looking up at us wondering "who are you people?" We told Wilson "we are your people, and we will take good care of you". (That includes Viola, our 22-lb cat!)

It took Wilson approximately a week before her anxiety lessened and she became a little more comfortable within our home. So many changes had occured in her life in such a short period of time. Well, it has been a month now and some drastic changes have occured for this little girl! Dilly will now walk around the house freely with more confidence and she will explore other rooms in the house even when her people are not with her.

Dilly also shows a tremendous amount of enthusiasm when someone comes home from a day of work or school. Dilly will run across the kitchen floor, tail wagging, jumping all around making a gulping sound similar to a seal! Her behavior is quite similar at feeding times - we call it a feeding frenzy! She races to her ex-pen and jumps, bounces and boings until her food bowl is placed in front of her.

My husband would ask me daily "what are we going to do with this little girl?" He always somehow managed to incorporate "she's just so cute" into every sentence that came out of his mouth. Mind you, he's always had a weakness for blondes! We finally made the decision to adopt her. Honestly, I can't picture our household without her.

Our family is proud to say that "we flunked!" Dilly is simply a delight! Dilly came to us known as "Wilson" - she paid tribute to the members of the band Heart - Ann and Nancy Wilson. Well, keeping with a musical theme, our family decided to change Wilson's name to "Delilah" - she was named after the song "Hey There Delilah" - a top 40 hit from earlier this year. Please have a listen - it's a great song.

In short, we call her Dilly. Our family also decided to pay tribute to a very special person at CP - our Match Maker Holly. For a woman we have never met, she has become a very important person in our lives. I can not say enough good things about her. She is a remarkable person and an outstanding volunteer, who has given us countless hours of her time and support. So we decided that Delilah would have a middle name "Holly"..... Delilah Holly....... beautiful isn't it?

Dilly, is doing well with our family - a family of 4, which includes 2 kids, a resident male Cairn, Hershey and our resident female cat, Viola.

I hope you look forward to more updates, because as a volunteer with CP, you are guaranteed to get them!!! Thank you Colonel Potter! We are happy to be part of such a wonderful organization!!! So please welcome Dilly to our family and to Canada! It's been a long journey for this little girl but the journey is over because "there's no place like home!" Welcome home Dilly!!!

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