Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update on Sam (fka Carlin)

Greetings All !! Well it's been two weeks since Sam (formerly Carlin) has been with us and we cannot tell you how much we love this little guy. He is such a cuddly little teddy bear that just loves to give kisses and curl up next to you for belly scritches. We really loved the foster name Carlin, but we decided to keep Sam as he responds so well to it, and seems to prefer it.

We had an interesting ride ride back from CT when we first brought him home. Though his crate seemed nice and comfortable and Daisy was by his side he barked, howled and cried the entire 2-1/2 hour ride home. It was rough going and nothing we could do would soothe the little guy. But when we arrived home, and we took him out of his crate, he took care of business outside right away, (in the backyard Christine, can you believe it ??), and he followed Daisy into the house as if he always lived there. He explored every nook and cranny with his tail wagging a mile a minute. He has been the perfect little gentleman with Daisy.

The first few days he was constantly trying to "mount" her to initiate play but she growled at him which prompted him to get off right away. He has learned that he cannot initiate play with her that way and they have both been play bowing, head butting and doing the paw swipe thing. Daisy, who never learned to play with other dogs, is now learning to play from Sam. Sam, who never knew how to play with toys, is now learning from Daisy, and loves to toss around a Nylabone and chase after it. The squeeky and furry toys still don't do much for him, but they are both learning from each other a little more each day.

Sam's absolute favorite thing is going up to the Park to meet all the other dogs and people. Daisy was the favorite at the Park since she came to live with us last December, but now it is Daisy AND Sam !! Everyone loves them both. Sam is learning a great deal about play time and socializing with all the other dogs, small and big alike. Our dog walker just loves him too and she is always telling us what a lovable little gentleman he is, and how wonderful they are together.

Their breakfast and dinner are still fed to them on the opposite ends of the kitchen, as Daisy, not Sam, tends to want to steal his food, and though she is not growling or aggressive with him, she will quickly eat whatever is still in his bowl if he doesn't eat it all, and quickly. Sam still waits to be invited before jumping up on the sofa or chair next to you. And Daisy now lets him sleep on the bed with all of us with no problems.

We will still occassionally put him in his separate gated room, if either of them need to relax and get a time out from the other, but they are really comfortable with each other and we are needing to do that less and less. He does still have issues with car rides, and cries and howls no matter if they are short or long, so we are trying to figure out how best to calm him. Sitting in back with him, giving him treats or constant loving doesn't seem to help. We've even tried playing different music in the car, but still no luck. The only time he seems peaceful and happy in the car is when he is sticking his head out the window catching air, but that is not always safe or possible and he doesn't always put his head out even if the window is open. We are open to ANY suggestions that can help !!

His hair is growing back and we can see lots of little peach fuzz coming in even at the base of his tail and on his back knees. A lot of the dark skin areas are starting to turn pink again as well. So Christine's (Foster Mom's) change in his diet seems to be a huge success. Some bald spots may never fill in, but it certainly doesn't bother him. He's such a handsome and happy go lucky little fella.

Daisy and Sam both went to Shea Stadium last night to watch the Mets play at the "Take Your Dog to the Game" night along with our new CPCRN friends John, Carmen and Tally Steele. They paraded nicely with all the other dogs around the perimeter of the field before the game and stayed the whole 9 innings happy and content. It was a lovely evening (except for the Mets losing) enjoyed by all. Hopefully the attached pictures can be properly viewed... In the pics with both Sam and Daisy, Sam is on the left, Daisy on the right.

A million thanks to ALL of you, especially Aunt Kathie for her persistence (VBG) and for telling us about Sam, and Foster Mom Chris who just gave him so much loving and great care!! CPCRN rocks!! More updates and pictures to follow in the near future. our best regards to all,
Kimberly, Frank, Daisy and Sam

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