Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grimsey Now Cassiopeia (Cassy)

Grimsey is now graced with the beautiful and lyrical name of Cassiopeia or Cassy as she is called. She is doing well in her new home and adjusting to all the changes. She was initially terrified of Bill, but is slowly losing some of her fearfulness. She will now stay in the room when he is in there. She lets him pet her, but still has a ways to go before she fully trusts him and bonds with him. Elaine said Cassy can hold her pee longer than any dog she has ever known! Cassy goes out into their dog yard but so far has only pooped. She is not peeing in the house so she must be peeing somewhere. Cassy gets along well with their three other Cairns. Their alpha cairn died not too long ago and one of their dogs has moved into the alpha spot so the dynamics are still a little fuzzy. But no fights or anything hostile between the dogs. Cassy is eating well and is well behaved. Cassy just loves Elaine and loves to be with her. Elaine knows that progress might be slow on the accepting of Bill and they are very aware of having to accept Cassy just as she is and she will get closer to Bill as she learns to trust. Looks like Cassy is in a great home.

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