Friday, September 26, 2008

Bea and Neha are Adopted Together

Today, Beijing aka Bea and Neha's forever Mom came to pick the girls up today and take them home.Video and photos in the Neha and Beijing Get Adopted Album at There are also some photos of Bea and Neha in the Beijing Album.

These two girls meeting each other was "intervention from a higher power". They bonded the day they met and Bea was a God send for Neha. Bea's nurturing and calm nature helped Neha settle down and helped her move past her grief. They started out as best forever friends and now are sisters. Thanks to everyone who helped get them on their forever home journey together.

It's kinda quiet here tonight and Zeus is kinda down. I told him that their will be more girls, but he's not hearing me right now. Marie

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