Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hattie's Kids are 2 Years Old

Hi Evorybodies,
I wanted to tell all my brothers & sisters happee Birfday to us today! We are 2 years old. Mommy says my brothers & sisters do not post. But she said they might just lurk & read what others have written. So I hope they all know I am finking of dem & hope them the best for their birfday's. I got a big dog bone cookie & meat pizza for dinner.
Fank you Col Potter peeps for rescuing my Mommy Hattie so I could be born in freedom & live the good life. Foster Mommy Lori & Foster Daddy Mike thank you for spoiling me soo rotten my Mommy wants to give me away daily. In fact she tried the other day & Daddy said where ever I go he would go too so if Mommy gives me away she gets rid of Daddy too:)
I also want to send my prayers for a swift finding of Nugent. And to let everyone know eben though Mommy & i do not always post we light candles & say prayers for everyone.
Yay Nod! Yay Twins! Mommy finks you are cutie pies.
Wags & Kisses, Shelby LB

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  1. Hi Shelby!!! it's me your Sister Maddy(Maycay) down in Texas.I'm two too,but I've crammed 22 years of fun in,and hope all my brothers and sisters are as happy and healthy as me,for a long long time.Texas Size Puppy Kisses,Maddy