Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Henri Adjust to His Furever Home

Things are going better with Henri. The belly band that Daphne suggested has worked very well. I don't leave him in the laundry room for the long work day any more. I just put the belly band on him. It's better for he and Rosie to be together.

He's a funny little guy - such a devoted little thing. He sits beside me on the couch every evening, and last night it was so cute he was asleep, stretched out beside me and our big Main Coon Cat Chance, jumped up and lay right beside him snuggled up along side his tummy. I wished I had a camera but of course I was kind of wedged in with cat and dog so I just had to enjoy the nice...(I was amazed that Henri didn't move...) so they have bounded very well.. Well, Walk time and lots to do. Thanks again Tibby

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